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A Dark Knight: Pieces of a Broken Mirror Recap

Jim goes to a brothel and the madame assures him that they're known for their discretion. He shows her a photo and asks if Bullock was there, and the madame confirms that he was. Jim asks her to have Harvey call him if he comes back again and leaves.

As Jim walks down the street, three tweakers break into the abandoned Chinese shop. They search for drugs, and see a woman wrapped in a cocoon. Ivy rips free of her cocoon and looks at the thieves.

At a diner, two men ask Alfred if they know him. When one of them questions Alfred, he asks why they think that he's not from around there. He pays the waitress, Tiffany for his meal and leaves. The three men who watched Alfred follow him out down the street.

Lee tells the residents of Narrows that they have to stop stealing from their fellow residents and protect themselves. When one of them insists that they do what they do to survive, Lee asks if that's all they want to do. She says that she's been running a clinic for nine months and treating their children for diseases that don't belong in a modern city. In the back, a man plays with a toy plane. He winds it up as Lee says that they're living in a prison of their own construction.

The head tweaker asks who Ivy is, and she says that her name was Ivy. When he reaches for her, Ivy grabs his arm with one hand and gags him with the other. He collapses and plants grow out of his mouth. The other two tweakers run away, and Ivy sees her new face in a mirror.

The three men confront and Alfred and demand his money. Alfred insults him and when the leader attacks him, Alfred easily knocks him down. Jim arrives and orders them to leave, and asks Alfred if Bruce is with him. Alfred admits that he lives nearby and how he got there is a long story.

Lee asks for the chance to prove that she can turn the Narrows into a safe place. The residents applaud her, while the man in the back--the Toy Maker--activates the plane and flies it at Lee. Grundy slaps it out the window and it explodes,. Jim and Alfred see the explosion and run inside, helping the people out of the building. Lee, Edward, and Grundy take off in their car, and Ivy watches them, smiling.

The fire department arrives as Jim and Alfred clear the building. Jim tells his men to canvass the witnesses, and Lucas arrives to help Jim. Alfred says that Jim can call him, and Jim and Lucas go inside. Two of the attendees say that it's just another day where someone is trying to kill them. Lucas finds the wing of a toy plane and notes that it's covered in plastic explosive residue. He figures that whoever built it takes pride in their work and has historical knowledge. They figure that the assassin was targeting someone specific and wonder who was the intended victim.

At the club, Edward tells Lee that they need to make an example of the killer. He figures it was one of the Narrows residents, and says that it might be best to burn the Narrows down. Lee walks out and Edward promises to find the killer and have Grundy pull them apart. Grundy is staring at his hands, and Edward leaves him to it. Memories of Grundy's life as Butch flash through his mind, and he remembers that his real name is Butch.

Alfred returns to the diner and everyone applauds. Tiffany pours him a free drink, and the leader comes over and says that he wouldn't have run into a burning building like Alfred did. He and Alfred shake and they share a toast. Alfred notices a bruise on Tiffany's temple and she claims that she fell.

Jim and Lucas go to Krank Toys and Models, and Lucas explains that it's the only place that manufactures its own antique tows. They go inside and Cosmo Krank comes over and asks if he can help them. They ask if he recognizes the plane, and Cosmo admits that they have them. but it was altered. Jim asks where Cosmo's father is, and tells Cosmo to go get him. Once the boy goes, Jim says that he just has a bad feeling. Griffin's father Griffin watches from the shadows and use a remote to trigger a toy soldier. It opens fire on them and they take cover as Griffin runs out the back. A toy robot rolls toward the two men, and Jim throws it back down the hallway as it explodes. He and Lucas then run out and see Krank getting into his car. Jim prepares to shoot, but Cosmo steps in the way and says that he can't let Jim hurt hm.

Back in the shop, Cosmo says that his father hates to be disturbed. He doesn't know who the target is, and Lucas asks if anyone came in. Cosmo remembers that three days ago he heard Griffin talking to someone in his workshop, and Griffin repeated the name "the doc". As the two men leave, Jim tells Lucas that he's going to talk to someone who knows who the doc is. He gets a call from Sofia but ignores it, and drives off as Lucas greets the arriving policemen.

\Ivy walks down the street and sees dying plants near cars emitting fumes. She realizes that the Narrows is killing the plants, and sees a couple leaving in a taxi. Once it drives off, Ivy breaks into their apartment and looks through their expensive clothes and jewelry. She puts on one of the dresses and finds fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Ivy eats ice cream instead and turns on the TV. There are newscasts about manmade disasters destroying the plants. A commercial for the Sirens Club comes on, and Ivy recognizes Selina, Barbara, and Tabitha... and remembers that she hated them.

After the diner closes, Alfred escorts Tiffany home and talks about Whitechapel where he grew up. He explains that he was in the military and when he left, he found he found himself. Then he met Thomas, who changed his life and brought him to America. Tiffany's boyfriend Gil Rooney pulls up, and Tiffany explains that Alfred was walking her home. When Gil thanks Alfred, Alfred grabs him and says that he knows who is beating Tiffany. Tiffany stops Alfred and says that she'll handle it, while Gil picks up Alfred's signet ring that fell off in the struggle. He then orders Tiffany into his car and drives off.

Lucas goes to the morgue and the coroner shows him the body of the dead tweaker. He explains that the tweaker was poisoned via the mouth, and something is growing inside the tweaker's body: poison ivy. The coroner cuts open the corpse's chest and plants grow out of it.

Ivy goes to Sirens, while Barbara and the others survey the crowd. Selina sees Ivy and finds her familiar, and Barbara sends her to quiet down Bruce and some of his friends who are partying. Selina reluctantly goes over and tells Bruce to have his friends reel it in. Brue tells her that she fired Alfred, but Selina says that she doesn't buy Bruce's act. Two men start fighting over Ivy, and Tabitha beats them both down. She tells Ivy to leave, and Ivy tells her that she's rude. As Ivy goes, she waves to Selina. Barbara wonders who Ivy is, and Selina realizes that it's her old friend.

Later, Jim comes to Barbara's office and asks if she knows the doc. Barbara says that she knows the doc and the person is with Edward at Cherry's. She warns Jim to be careful about searching for something he might not want to find. As Jim goes out, Harper calls and says that she's at a murder scene and Alfred is the suspect.

When Jim arrives, Harper explains that Tiffany was beaten to death. Gil was at work all night, and says that Alfred made advances to Tiffany and got rough. The police found Alfred's ring near the body, and there are impressions of it in Tiffany's face. Jim goes over and has Alfred confirm that the ring is his. Alfred insists that Gil beat Tiffany to death, and advises him to calm down. Jim points out that Gil has an alibi, and Alfred vows to kill him while he gets a statement from Gil. Harper calls Jim over and says that she has an old lady who saw Alfred and Gil fight earlier. When they turn back, they discover that Alfred has slipped away.

When Tabitha goes into Barbara's office, she finds Grundy waiting for him. He speaks normally and says that her beating him restored his memories. He says that he's a monster and turns off the lights, and explains that he came there because he remembers that he loves her and still does. Grundy realizes that Tabitha doesn't share his feelings and leaves.

At Cherry's, Edward tells the crowd that Lee is there to fight for them. Jim comes in and watches as Lee steps out and everyone cheers her as the doc. She sees Jim and they look at each other for a moment. Lee then says that someone tried to kill her and she doesn't kill who. She figures that someone doesn't like her trying to unite the Narrows, and says that a united Narrows is a strong Narrows. Edward approaches Jim and says that Lee has his full support. Jim warns that someone will try to kill Lee again, while the audience continues applauding Lee.

Afterward, Lee approaches Jim and he wishes that she would have contacted him. She tells him that she's been busy, and Jim explains that someone is trying to kill her and the assassin is on the loose. Jim asks why she's partners with Edward, and Lee admits that he isn't her first choice but the universe has funny ways. Once Lee leaves, Jim takes a look around and Edward glimpses Griffin in the crowd. He draws a gun and goes after the man as he runs. Outside Griffin disarms Edward and says that he's been trying to get to him.

Alfred finds Gil in a bar, grabs a beer bottle, and slams it into Gil's head. He beats Gil and the men who come to Gil's rescue. They subdue him and Gil draws a knife and prepares to kill Alfred while claiming self-defense. Harvey comes out and knocks the attackers out with a baseball bat. He explains that he works at the bar, and Gil insists that he has an alibi. Harvey figures that one of his friends is his alibi, and the man hastily denies knowing anything.

Selina breaks into Ivy's stolen apartment and Ivy greets her. She says that something wonderful happened to her and scratches Selina's hand. Selina chokes as the poison spreads through her veins, and Ivy tells her that it's her essence. She explains that the poison lives within her now, and gives Selina the antidote. Selina drink sit and recovers, and Ivy says that she has to trust her. She insists that she's been reborn and will never be underestimated or ignored again. Ivy offers to help Selina like Selina helped her, and says that they should make Gotham their bitch.

Griffin tells Edward that he paid him to kill Lee, using his alias of Riddler. Edward remembers everything as Griffin asks if he wants him to finish the job. Riddler said that Lee was holding him back. Jim arrives and as Griffin goes for his gun, Jim shoots him dead. Edward claims that Griffin said he was a lone wolf, and Jim calls for all available units. He congratulates Edward on bringing Griffin to justice, and Edward sees Riddler in a nearby mirror, laughing and saying that he's back.

Harvey pours Alfred a drink as the police take Gil and his friends away. Alfred explains what happened, and Harvey offers a toast to Tiffany. Jim comes in, having heard the call on the radio, and assures Alfred that they'll get Gil to confess. He asks Harvey how he's been, and puts Harvey's badge on the bar. Jim says that he's missed Harvey, and Harvey says that he's missed begging Jim not to get involved with Sofia. He figures that Jim came there to confess, but Harvey isn't interested in being Jim's confessor. Harvey hands the badge back and tells Jim to leave.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 3, 2018

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