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Booth Three Recap

Ruby drives down the highway, moaning in pain as the evil within her tries to crawl out. She tells it to let her get off the road. Two hitchhikers step out on the road to flag a ride, and Ruby almost runs them down. She brakes to a halt and the evil within claws its way out. The two hitchhikers come over as they hear her screams, and see blood spray out covering the inside of the car. The male hitchhiker cautiously opens a door and finds a disemboweled Ruby in the driver's seat. An umbilical cord extends into the back, and he looks in the back. A small baby is on the back, and he picks it up and leaps onto his face, tearing at it with his teeth. The blood flows up the umbilical cord to Ruby, who wakes up. She bites through the umbilical cord and comes out and, smiling proudly, and tells it that it may be born from Ash The hitchhiker tries to crawl away, and Ruby stomps on his head.

The next morning, Brandy lies in Cheryl's bed and looks around, terrified, at everything in the room. Ash comes in and asks if she slept okay, and Brandy tells him to go away. He admits that he can't bring Brandy back, and says that the high school councilor Miss Prevett left her a text. Brandy insists that she needs to see Prevett and asks Ash to give her a ride to the high school.

Pablo asks Kelly why she's took off without a word and came back with Dalton. She says that she needed to stay in the fight and that's all that it's about, but Pablo wonders why they're just hearing about the Knights of Sumeria. Dalton comes in and Pablo asks what's in him for fighting evil. The Knight says that his Brothers have been fighting evil for many centuries, and it all goes back to the Dark Ones. The most ruthless of them, the Demon Woman of Fire, cast the others out. Dalton's ancestors stole the Necronomicon and a sorceress named Kai was seduced by the power of Book but her soul was taken and bound into it. Only the Prophesized One can abolish the Dark Ones, so the Knights are sworn to find and protect him until the foretold battle against evil.

Ash comes in and tells Dalton to stop bowing, and then tries to talk about his new fatherhood. Kelly points out that he might have more kids, and Ash spits up milk on the thought. Brandy goes out to the car, and Ash says that he has something to check out and asks Pablo to open the store. He says that they have to multi-task and leaves.

As they drive to the high school, Ash awkwardly offers his condolences about Candy's death. He talks about how they had sex on their wedding night, and Brandy turns the radio on so she doesn't have to hear it. When they get to the high school, students are putting down candles at Rachel's shrine and the police are nearby. Ash suggests that Brandy mislead the police so they don't get involved in a double-murder investigation, and Brandy gets out.

All of the students stare at Brandy as she comes in. She remembers Cougy attacking them and the lockers bleeding, and Candy's decapitation. Brandy goes to Rebecca Prevett's office and Brandy collapses into her arms, crying. Prevett--Ruby--assures Brandy that she can always come to her and asks what happened. Brandy describes how Rachel turned into a monster, and Ruby says that she believes a lot of strange things happen in Elk Grove. The girl says that Brandy is her father, and Ruby says that she has Brandy now.

In Ash's trailer, Pablo is sharpening his axe when a voice whispers to him. He figures that Ash's lizard is talking to him, but it doesn't say anything. Pablo clutches at his stomach in pain and pulls up his shirt to discover that the marks are spreading on his flesh. He sees a white tribal mask on the pullout sofa, and when he picks it up, the sheets shoot up into his face. A naked woman appears, wearing the mask, puts a knife to Pablo's throat, and says that only Pablo's uncle the Brujo can save Pablo from the evil etched into his skin. Kelly and Dalton come in, and Pablo sees the marks on Pablo's body. He points out that they're Sumerian writing, and tells Pablo that he's been marked by evil. Pablo storms out and Kelly insists that they're battle scars. Dalton warns that eventually Pablo will turn into a demon, but Kelly insists that Pablo can handle it. The Knight warns that ether Pablo kills them or they kill him.

Brandy tells Ruby everything and Ruby points out that Ash shot his sister Cheryl in the face with a shotgun. She warns that Ash has killed a lot of people and asks if Brandy feels safe with her father. Before Brandy can respond, the police come in to get the girl and Ruby tells Brandy that they'll talk again soon.

Ash drives to the sperm bank and the receptionist Mrs. Lam tells him that Brock had great sperm but they couldn't use it because of syphilis. The doctor Marci come in and gives Ash a cup for a donation, and Ash explains that he needs a favor. He asks if anyone has asked for his sperm, and reminds her that he's the hero of Elk Grove. Marci warns that it's against the law, and Ash offers her a 20% discount coupon at the store. She demands and gets 30%, and she brings up the computer records. While he waits, Ash looks at one of the porn magazines the clinic provides for encouragement and tells Marci that while he's there, he'll do his part. Going to the back, Ash enters Booth Three and prepares to make a donation.

In her office, Ruby casts a spell over the Book to destroy Ash's seed and prevent any more progeny.

At the clinic, the lights flicker and Lam freezes as she reaches into the freezer containing Ash's sperm. Marci comes in and approaches her, while in the booth, the model in the magazine comes to life. Meanwhile, Marci discovers that Lam is frozen. After a moment she snarls and bares her fangs.

The centerfold reaches out of the magazine and grabs Ash by the throat. She slams him into the wall as Lam slams Marci's head through the booth wall. Ash manages to pry the magazine off and throw it away, just as the possessed Lam bursts in and yells that the demon seed must die. She attacks Lam and he slips on the sperm, and throws squirts sperm at him. Lam leaps at the freezers and destroys the samples, and then chokes Ash with a tie. He manages to grab a loose canister of nitrogen and shoots Lam in the face, freezing her so that he can shatter her head. The centerfold model grabs Ash by the crotch and vows to rip his balls off. He throws the magazine in a cabinet and slams the drawer on her hand, and then limps out.

Kelly catches up to Pablo at his food stand, and says that she had to go off and forge her own path. As she tries to fist-bump with Pablo, Pablo asks why Dalton keeps eying him. Kelly explains that Dalton thinks the evil is inside Pablo and asks if he's good, and he says that he does. Ash pulls up and Kelly asks why there's sperm on his crotch. He says that evil is after his offspring, and he won't let it take Brandy.

That night at the cabin, Ruby checks on her offspring in its crib. The female hitchhiker is handcuffed to a sink, and begs Ruby to let her go. Ruby says that her baby is destined to be the next Prophesized One. When the current One is killed by his own flesh and blood, his powers go to the next on line. Ruby sorts through the other hitchhiker's dismembered parts and finds a part to give to the baby to eat.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 4, 2018

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