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Apparently Dead Recap

Ash enters the community chapel and approaches Brandy, who is standing at the altar. He apologizes for being late and gives her the flowers he grabbed from the vase at the entrance. Brandy points out that Ash barely knew her mother and he doesn't have to do the dad thing, and says that Privett offered to put her up for now. Ash assures her that he'll keep the seat down, and Brandy agrees to give him a second chance if everyone else can. The funeral director says that they have a private airing for family of the deceased, and says that they reattached the head.

Realizing that's a problem, Ash grabs a fork and goes to coffin where Candy is lying. He sticks the fork in to make sure that she isn't possessed. As Ash goes, he turns back and discovers that Candy's corpse is gone. Ash goes back to the coffin and looks in, and Candy grabs him and pulls him into the coffin. The lid closes, and Ash realizes that he's locked. The Deadite Candy grabs his feet and says that it's just like old times, and she climbs up on top of him. Ash manages to knock the lid open and holds the photo of Candy in front of her face, and sticks her tongue through the mouth. Ash rips the picture--and her tongue--off of her face and they struggle. He yanks her jaw off in the struggle and re-decapitates her with the photo frame. As Ash gets up, he hits the lid support. It falls and knocks him unconscious.

The director brings the coffin out but there's no sign of Ash. Brandy asks the director to wait for five more minutes, but he insists on starting. Ruby is there as Privett, and asks if there's anything that she can do. Brandy thanks her for being there and the organist begins. The teenager goes up to the coffin and reads her eulogy. The coffin shakes for a moment, and Brandy hears it but goes back to the eulogy. The coffin keeps shaking and Ash finally shoves the lid open and climbs out. He apologizes to the mourners, grabs Candy's severed head, and tosses it back in the coffin before closing the lid. Ash takes a seat and tells Brandy to go ahead. Brandy walks off crying and the director thanks everyone for coming.

Once Ash is alone, Ruby expresses her condolences and removes her veil to reveal who she is. Brandy comes back and says that it's her guidance councilor, and Ruby plays along. Ash insists that Ruby made Rachel and Candy into demons, and Brandy says that she can't do it and goes to get her stuff and move out. Ruby tells Ash to back off or she'll hurt Brandy, and walks off.

The coffin falls off the stand, spilling Ruby's corpse out on the floor. Kelly, Pablo, and Dalton arrive and Ash tells them that Ruby is back. Pablo goes into a trance as he sees the masked woman standing at the front of the church and everyone disappears. She tells him that he's in danger from Ruby, and says that he must go to get the Kandarian Dagger from the cabin because it's the key to his salvation. Pablo suggests that they meet up sometime, and the woman tells him to accept his destiny.

Meanwhile, Dalton insists that they kill Ruby and Ash tells him that they need the Dagger. Pablo snaps out of his trance and says that the Dagger is where the cabin went down. Ash tells them to go get it while he tries to talk sense into Brandy.

That night, Kelly, Pablo, and Dalton drive to the cabin site and start digging where the cabin stood. Pablo finds the stuffed elk head and insists that the dagger is there.

Ruby drops Brandy off at Ash's house, and she says that she's going to say goodbye to Ash and then go to Ruby's place. Once Ruby drives off, Brandy goes to Cheryl's old room and lies on the bed. Meanwhile, Ruby goes to the town cemetery and reads an incantation from the Necronomicon over Brock's grave. Once she leaves, something claws its way up out of the dirt.

Brandy puts in a cassette into the tape player and looks through Cheryl's clothing and sketches.

The corpse walks out of the cemetery and enters the house. It takes a shower in the bathroom to clean off the dirt and rotting clothing. Ashley hears the noise and goes to investigate. She sees the muddy footprints leading to the bathroom, and as she reaches for the doorknob the door opens on its own.

Ash pulls up to the house and goes inside. He hears Brandy talking to someone in the living room, and looks in to find Brock sitting with her. Brock watches the video of Ash's commercial again and shares a laugh with Brandy. Ash demands to know why Brock is there, pointing out that he's dead. Brock insists that he isn't dead, and Ash points out that Brock died in a car accident. He asks to talk to Brock in private.

The trio keeps digging but doesn't find the dagger. Pablo hears something in the woods, and Kelly finds the Dagger. As she turns to the others, the demons move through the woods toward them. Pablo says that they need to leave, and everyone runs in different directions. The demon force grabs Dalton and slams him into a tree.

Kelly looks for Pablo and Dalton, and finds Dalton impaled on a tree. He says that it was Pablo who did it and he set them up. Dalton tells Kelly to give him the dagger, reminding him that he warned her about Pablo. When she hesitates, Dalton screams at her and Kelly realizes that he's possessed. The Deadite tears himself free and lunges at Kelly... and Pablo smashes into the corpse with the truck. Kelly draws the Dagger and checks out the truck, and finds Dalton and Pablo gone.

Brock gets a beer and Ash demands to know what his game is. His father says that Ruby asked him to check in on Brandy after she brought him back to life. Brock grabs a can from the refrigerator and throws it at Ash. He ducks and the can hits Brandy as she comes in. Brock attacks him and tries to slam him into the stove burner, but Ash smashes his father's corpse into the burner instead. The two men fight, and Brock throws Ash across the room.

Brandy wakes up and comes out as Ash grabs his chainsaw. She sees Ash cutting open Brock, spraying Brandy with blood. Ash finally notices Brandy and says that he can explain, but she wishes that he was dead and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 11, 2018

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