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AKA Sole Survivor Recap

Jessica and Trish take Will's body out to a spot on the seashore where Jessica's family spent their summer vacations there. The two women look at the sea afterward and Trish points out that Will didn't have any family. Jessica says that she's sorry about what happened to Will, but she can't happen down IGH from a jail cell and that's where she'd be if the cops found her with another body. Trish figures that Will would understand, and they go to wipe down his car and ditch it. Trish finds guns in the back and says that she'll keep them to defend herself from what they're facing. Jessica figures that she has to go through Trish's files, and Trish says that she has an idea.

Later, Trish calls in her therapist, Tiboldt. He tries to hypnotize her while Trish looks on, and Tiboldt warns Jessica that it's hard to hypnotize someone who is resisting. Tiboldt tries to walk her to a safe place, and Jessica admits that she doesn't have one. Trish says that Jessica remembers seeing a meat-faced creature, and Jessica says that they don't exist. Once Tiboldt leaves, Jessica tells Trish to go through her fan mail and see if someone else reached out to her. Griffin arrives and complains that Jessica didn't call him when she found Trish. He asks if Trish got the stories, and Jessica quickly leaves.

Steven and Linda meet with Jeri and tell her that they found out about her medical issues. Linda reminds her that they all signed a contract requiring that they disclose medical conditions that could affect job performance. They have a buyout package for her, and Jeri says that her name is coming off the firm over her dead body. Linda point out that Jeri has always been a liability, and Steven says that they have a fiduciary duty to protect the firm. Jeri still refuses to leave, and Seven warns her that if she doesn't reconsider then they'll have to force her out.

Jessica goes to her office with Trish's files, and Malcolm tells her that they're screwed. He shows her an eviction notice from Oscar, based on the fact they're running a commercial business out of a residential building. Malcolm says that there's something going on with Trish, and Jessica tells him that she's going to handle it. She goes to Oscar's apartment, and Oscar and Vido answer the door. She says that she's prejudiced, but Oscar points out the superpowers, cops, and accidental deaths. The landlord agrees with Oscar, who gives her 30 days to get out.

Griffin and Trish argue about her going off without backup. He figures that she's in over her head, and admits that his ex Sergine was worried about being left behind. That was him the night before, and Griffin asks if she's a target. Trish warns him that he might be because everyone knows that she cares about him. She tells Griffin to stay away from her until they close the case, and Griffin says that he's going to go because he needs some time.

Foggy comes to Jeri with the buyout proposal the other partners had him draw up. He tells her not to let them discriminate against her because she's sick, and says that they can fight it. Jeri refuses to accept his help and insists that they're not friends. She insists that he can't help her and tells him to exercise some discretion and ignore the problem. Foggy warns her that she's going to need people, and Jeri tells him that she's going to try.

Back at her office, Jessica drinks and goes through Trish's files on IGH.

Jessica dreams that she's in a bed with an IV hooked up a bottle of whiskey. Ashes rain down from the ceiling, and Jessica pulls out the IV and goes to a door. Before she can open it, the creature grabs her from behind and throws her to the floor.

The next morning, Jessica wakes up on the floor. Malcolm calls to her, saying that he has something. he tells her that she was right. Oscar has a past as an ex-con forger, and the landlord Eugene replaced their old super Fernando with Oscar. Jessica figures that Oscar has something on Eugene and tells Malcolm to find out what. Once he leaves, Jessica sees a photo of a door like the one in her nightmare. She goes back to the abandoned clinic, finds the door, and opens it. Inside is another lab table. There's a name printed on the wall and Jessica blows dust on it to bring it out.

Jessica gets back together with Trish and says that the name was Leslie Hansen. Her 20 years of web presence have been completely wiped out. Jessica admits that Trish was right, and warns that things get dangerous when they close in. Trish says that she loves Griffin, and Jessica assures her that she looked into Griffin and found nothing.

The two women go to Hansen's address, Jessica having found it from her medical school loans. When nobody answers the door, they break in and Jessica figures the place is too clean. A neighbor comes in and says the place has been rented, and says that he saw a woman moving boxes down to the basement a week ago. Jessica and Trish go to the basement and check the storage cage, and smell mold coming from an incinerator. Inside is ash and a human skull, and Jessica finds a purse among the boxes and checks it for ID.

Malcolm goes to Eugene's townhouse and tells the owner that he's there about Oscar. He explains that Oscar is trying to evict Jessica, and Eugene says that Jessica called him an entitled prick of a slumlord. Eugene figures that Jessica sent Malcolm there because he has some charm while she doesn't, and says that his boyfriend Keo is moving from Cambodia and shows him a painting of Keo. When Malcolm says that Oscar is biased, Eugene tells him that if Oscar wants Jessica out, she's out.

Jessica breaks into the Riverbank Medical Center and goes the morgue where Maury Tuttlebaum is working. She sneaks past him and puts the skull on a table, and then accesses the morgue computers. The password is written on a post-it note, and Jessica brings up the information and then texts a waiting Trish that she's on. Trish goes into the morgue and asks Maury for a flavor. She wants to catch someone responsible for a dismemberment, and recites the DB number that Jessica sent her. Maury brings it up and Trish asks for the ID when it comes in, in return for a reservation at an exclusive restaurant.

Back in her office, Jessica goes over the case and remembers the monster. Malcolm comes in and explains what happened. Jessica goes to her bathroom and tosses tampons into the bowl so it jams up, and then calls Oscar to fix it. When he arrives, Jessica escorts him in, steals his keys from his bag, and goes into Oscar's apartment. Vido asks where her dad is, and Jessica claims that Oscar told her to keep an eye on him. Jessica asks to see Vido's toys, and while Vido goes to get them she searches the apartment. She finds several photo booth photos and pockets them as Oscar comes back and tells Vido to go to bed. Once he does, Oscar tells Jessica to get out. She asks if he forged Keo's password, and says that she doesn't care what he does as long as he tears up her eviction. Oscar tells her to prove it, and invites her to turn him in. As she goes, Jessica says that she didn't know Oscar was on parole when she brought the cops up. Oscar says that Vido means everything to him and asks if Jessica has anyone like that.

Trish watches Whizzer's video and Griffin comes up behind her. She elbows him in the groin and draws her gun before she realizes who it is. Griffin wonders why she even owns a gun, and doesn't believe her when she says that she's always loved guns. She apologizes and Griffin says that he came by to make sure that she's okay. Trish says that she isn't and all she can do is wait for the phone to ring. She admits that she's in over her head, and Griffin tells her that she has a platform and other leads could be listening. Trish kisses him and goes to lock up her gun. Once he's alone, Griffin takes out a flash drive and downloads the Whizzer video file.

Jessica wakes up on the floor after another nightmare, and finds Jeri at her door. Jeri gives her a legal complaint from Pryce and admits that she's repping him. She thought it would get Jessica back, and tears it up. Jeri says that something happened and she thought she'd take another approach. She asks for five minutes of Jessica's time, and Jessica lets her in. Jeri explains that she needs Jessica's help finding leverage against her partners to prevent them from pushing her out of the firm. She finally says that she has ALS and it gives her partners cause to invoke the medical disclosure cause. Jeri figures that it's ironic that she spent her life amassing power to protect her and now she's dying. She admits that she's alone and all she has is her firm and the respect of her colleagues. Jeri plans to spend all of her money before she dies, and figures that her partners have dirt.

Trish wraps up her show by going off-script and says that she wants to acknowledge famous doctors. She asks anyone who knows Hansen to call in. After the show, Trish wait for calls and one finally comes in... from Hansen herself. Trish takes the phone and Hansen says that they should talk.

Trish calls Jessica in and tells her about the call, and how Hansen wants to meet with her alone. Jessica refuses to let her go, but Trish says that Hansen wants to meet with her. Her friend agrees, takes a photo of her, and says that she's sending it to TMZ so the paparazzi follow her. As Jessica goes, she calls Malcolm and tells her to make sure that Trish doesn't leave.

Jessica goes to a bar and drinks, and Hansen comes in and sits in a booth. The PI sits down with her and says that Hansen is talking to her. When the doctor tries to leave, Jessica shoves her back and insists. She asks why Hansen reached out to Trish, and Hansen says that Trish was spreading lies so she was going to tell her the truth. Jessica reviews how Hansen siphoned patients to IGH and 17 years ago, she sent Jessica to IGH. Hansen says that everything Trish said about IGH is wrong, and Jessica points out that they're cleaning house. Jessica doesn't buy it and Hansen points out that she survived and that's all that mattered. The PI points out that Koslov and Will died and wonders if she or Trish are next. Disgusted, she tells Hansen to go.

Malcolm arrives at Trish's apartment and points out that Trish never responded to his texts after she confronted Max. He asks if she's going to use the video, and Trish hopes that she won't have to. Maury calls and says that the skull is Dr. Leslie Hansen. Trish tells Malcolm to help her sneak past the paparazzi, figuring that Jessica needs her.

A few minutes later, Malcolm comes out with a camera. The other paparazzi offer him money for his tip, and Malcolm claims that Trish is at Griffin's place. Once the paparazzi run off, Trish pulls up in a car, and Malcolm gets in. They drive off as one remaining paparazzo takes their photos.

"Hansen" stays and tells Jessica that they were saving lives and the powers were a rare side effect. IGH brought Jessica back from the dead, and Jessica says that they should have let her die with her family. Hansen says that she survived for a reason, pins her in the booth with the table, and runs for it. Jessica slams gets free and slams her into the door, and "Hansen" trips Jessica and shoves her across the floor. Jessica gets up and chases her out into the street, where she's bumped into Malcolm and Trish as they arrive. The paparazzi followed them and snaps a picture, asking if Malcolm is Trish's new boyfriend. Hansen runs off and by the time Jessica gets out, sees "Hansen" climbing over a nearby rooftop. The PI grabs the paparazzo's camera and brings up the photos of Hansen.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 18, 2018

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