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The Book of Little Black Lies Recap

Jeff is punching a bag and remembering what Gambi told him about getting his father killed and how the Asa will come after Jeff and his family. After a moment Jeff punches the bag across the room as his eyes glow with electricity.

Back in the house, Jeff calls Bill as Black Lightning and asks why some destroyed the evidence after he passed on the lead to Bill. Bill doesn't know what to say, and Jeff tells him that he's a good man who works with bad men. He warns that Green light is destroying everyone in its path, and that someone dangerous to Freeland is behind it. Jeff vows to take out Green Light, alone if he has to. Bill asks what he needs from him, and asks if Black Lightning knows who killed Lady Eve. When Jeff points out that there are men in Bill's department looking the other way, Bill says that he'll use his vacation time to investigate. However, he asks Black Lightning to make sure his family knows the truth if he ends up dead in an alley. Jeff promises that he won't let Bill die, and Bill hangs up.

Anissa goes into Jennifer's room and finds her in bed. Jennifer says that what she did to the phone couldn't be real but it had to be. Anissa tells her that she's not going crazy, and tells her that she knows because she thought she was going crazy when she broke the sink. She explains that she has powers and figures that Jennifer does as well, and says that she's Thunder. Jennifer figures that Anissa is screwing with her, and Anissa demonstrates by lifting up Jennifer's bed. She says that Jeff has powers too and is Black Lightning. Jennifer runs downstairs as Jeff comes out, and she tells her father what Anissa said. Jeff stares at her and Jennifer realizes that it's all true. She's furious that Jeff has been lying to her and storms off. Jeff wonders what Anissa was thinking, and Anissa goes back upstairs.

Later, Lynn and Jeff confront Anissa. Anissa insists that Jennifer had to know the truth, and asks Jeff what lies his parents told him. Lynn says that they held back certain information to protect them, and Jennifer should have consulted with them first. Anissa apologizes but figures that she owed Jennifer. She says that Jennifer will be all right, but Lynn reminds her that there are people trying to kill Black Lightning and now Thunder. Anissa apologizes again and leaves, and Jeff tells Lynn that he would lay down his life to protect them. She tells him that it doesn't make him feel any better and wonders if they could have done things differently. Jeff laughs and admits that they could have been better at all of it, but at least they'll have a chance to be better at it with their grandkids. He refuses to let the person framing him distract him from his mission.

Anissa comes back in and asks how they stop it, and Jeff tells her that they have to find out who is at the heart of Green Light distribution. He warns that Gambi can't be trusted with it, and says that they start with Alvin's research. Lynn tells them that there was research and a reference to a bribed politician in Alvin's file. The politician was Tobias Whale, and Jeff says that he's going to get his hands on the court records. He tells Anissa to stay and keep an eye on Jennifer, but Anissa says that either she'll sneak behind their backs or they can let her help. Lynn tells both of them to be safe.

Lynn goes into Jennifer's room and says that she knows what Jennifer is going through. She admits that she doesn't have powers, but says that she's there if Jennifer needs someone to talk to. Lynn tells Jennifer that she loves her and leaves.

In his office, Jeff and Anissa go through the files and Anissa finds a reference to BendsCORP. There was a check made out to Alvin from BendsCORP in Alvin's files, and the letters GTC were written on the check. Jeff remembers that Alvin wrote GTC for "gotcha", and figures that BendsCORP tried to bribe Alvin to remain silent. Now they need to find out who incorporated BendsCORP from the public records, and Anissa goes to check it out.

As a man, Thomas Hildago, gets into his SUV, Gambi jams an injector into his neck and asked who could create a directed energy weapon that could mimic Black Lightning's power. He explains that he injected black mamba venom into Thomas' neck and he has the antidote, and will give it to him when Xxx gives him the information he wants. Thomas writes down a name, and Gambi gives him the antidote and leaves.

That night, Anissa gets mask for her and Jeff. They go into a law office and demand that the lawyer Teddy Evans answer their questions about BendsCORP. When he refuses to talk, Anissa says that she pulled all of his phone numbers and eventually she'll figure out his passwords. Meanwhile, Jeff summons a lightning ball and threatens Evans, who quickly says that he can help them and hands over the information.

Later at home, Anissa approaches Jennifer and says that she's lucky. She explains that Thunder and Lightning fought and that's how she found out who their father was. Then she thought about all of the powers that she could help, but Jennifer points out that the last march she went to ended with her boyfriend's spine being severed. Anissa tells her that's who they are and she needs to think of it as a blessing from God. Jennifer says that they don't have a choice but Anissa insists that it doesn't matter as long as she can protect people. Anissa notices that Jennifer is watching a video of a man singing Thunder's praises, and Jennifer points out that she has more fans than Black Lightning does. The creator of one site says that Anissa is challenging the patriarchy of female superheroes, and Jennifer shows her the site.

In his workshop, Gambi contacts the man whose name Thomas gave him, and the man tells him to take up another hobby. Gambi decrypts the scrambling and traces the connection, and identifies the man as Caleb Scott. He threatens to call the police on the unlicensed weapons that Caleb has, and says that he needs to know where someone got a particular weapon. Once has the information, he'll lose his information on Caleb.

Bill watches from a rooftop and takes photos of a meeting between Cayman and the men he's selling the energy weapons to.

Once Caleb gives him the information, Gambi breaks into a building and lowers a camera down through a vent. He sees a number of cylinders holding the bodies of human beings, and remembers watching one of them using his superpowers years ago and telling Martin that he found another one.

Later, Gambi calls Jennifer to the tailor shop and she says that Jeff told them that they can't trust him. She asks what happened between Gambi and Jeff, and Gambi says that he held out important information from Jeff and people are in danger. He explains that he used to work as a scout for the ASA and helped them find young people with powers. Gambi says that he found the bodies of the people he scouted years ago, and warns that it isn't safe for Jeff or Jennifer to be out. He insists that Black Lightning is the only one who can bring the ASA to justice, and asks her to tell Jeff. She agrees and starts to go, and Gambi insists that he cares about all of them and would do anything to protect them. He gives her a duffle bag and says that the contents are for her, and tells her to be safe.

Later, Anissa puts on the Thunder costume Gambi made for her and meets with Black Lightning. She explains that Gambi made it for her and that he cares for them. Anissa points out that Jennifer thinks Jeff lied to her, and Jeff insists that it isn't the same thing. He warns them that the people they're dealing with are beyond the law, and taking down their lab will declare war. Jeff tells her to save herself if something happens to him, and Anissa agrees.

At home, Lynn tries to talk to Jennifer. When Jennifer walks away, Lynn tells her to sit down. She says that there was no right time to tell her, and they hoped and prayed that they made the right decision. Jennifer told her that she didn't make the right decision, and Lynn explains that Jeff stopped being Black Lightning and he only came back to save Anissa and Jennifer from the motel. They didn't know that Jennifer would have powers because Jeff didn't inherit his powers. Anissa admits that she feels like a freak, and wonders who will want to be with her. She figures that Lynn broke up with Jeff because of his powers, and Lynn admits that it's true. If Jeff didn't have powers then they'd be together, and so would Anissa and Chenoa. Jennifer tells her mother that she doesn't want to save the world, and wonders if she can have kids. She realizes that Lynn doesn't know and breaks into tears. Lynn hugs her and apologizes.

Black Lightning and Thunder wait for Martin, the man that Teddy tipped them off to. Martin pulls up in his SUV and goes into a nearby building. He leaves after a moment without the case he was carrying.

Bill continues taking photos of Cayman and his men.

Black Lightning and Thunder realize that Martin is calling someone, and Thunder says that Martin is saying that they need to move the lab and get the last batch out. She explains that she took a lip-reading class, and as they leave Bill calls and tells him what he's found out about Cayman. He warns that they're ready to start a war and tells Black Lightning that he has to follow them because it's bad.

Cayman and his people meet with Martin where his people are moving the Green Light out of a factory. Martin goes inside, where Black Lightning and Thunder are searching the plant. The workers spot him and run, and Black Lightning starts destroying the Green Light. Martin and Cayman hear the noise and Martin sends Cayman to investigate. He spots Thunder and opens fire, and she ignores the bullets and tosses him into a wall.

Black Lightning walks into the lab and Martin calls his two soldiers in. He then puts his gun to the doctor's head and threatens to kill him, but Black Lightning says that he'd be doing him a favor. One thug moves in and prepares to shoot, and Bill takes him down from behind. Bill handcuffs the doctor and Black Lightning tells him to leave because things are going to be a little messy. Black Lightning then destroys the lab with lightning.

The ASA men move in, and their commander reminds them to take the target alive. Black Lightning spots them and opens fire, but they're protected against electricity. Thunder takes out one of them and Black Lightning levitates the other one into the air and then tosses him away. The two heroes walk out as the building explodes behind them.

Later, Jeff goes to the living room where Jennifer is reading. She gives him the cold shoulder, and Jeff says that he understands why she's upset with him. He tells her that he's kept the secrets to protect him, and doesn't want her to have the burden of superpowers. Jeff figures that he needs to be honest with her and promises that he will. As he goes, Jennifer admits that she knows he meant well and invites him to watch a movie with her. Jeff accepts and they sit down together.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 21, 2018

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