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AKA God Help the Hobo Recap

At an anger management class, Jessica Jones looks around the room and slaps a fly. One of the attendees, Chaz, talks about how his wife used to set him off and he beat her until he finally reached out for help when she tried to kill herself. Unimpressed, Jessica asks him to sign her court card. He advises her to find some external release to sooth her internal strife. When Jessica refuses, Chaz offers the ball to Gary. Gary bounces it off the wall, and he and the others talk about their anger issues. Chaz asks if Jessica's anger has alienated the people around her, and Jessica starts bouncing the ball and says that her family was killed in a traffic accident, someone experimented on her, she was forced to rape and kill someone, and some maniac says that she's there for a reason. Jessica smashes the ball into the wall, shattering it, and Chaz quickly signs her court card. As she leaves, Jessica apologizes about the ball.

Jessica walks back to her office and a woman tries to get in the door at the same. Jessica warns that she almost beat her anger management group, and goes to her office. She tells Malcolm that she's still angry and tosses him a tabloid saying that Malcolm is Trish's new boyfriend. Jessica tries to work but noise is coming from a neighboring apartment. She notices that Leslie has a hairnet on which means that she's wearing a wig, and calls Trish. Tabloid reporters try to question Trish about her new boyfriend, and Trish asks where someone could make a wig.

Vido comes in and asks to see Jessica's room, and she tells him that she's busy. Griffin arrives and Trish goes to clean up Jessica's mess, and Vido asks about Jessica's superpowers. Oscar yells for Vido, and Jessica yells at Oscar to come get him. Vido gets up on the window and asks if Jessica could catch him if he fell, and then slips. Jessica catches him just before he falls, just as Oscar and his ex Sonia come in. Www complains about Jessica, and Oscar angrily tells Jessica that she has 25 days until she's evicted.

Trish tells the reporters that she and Griffin are moving in and kisses him, and they go into her apartment. Once they're alone, Griffin complains that Jessica messed them up, and offers to get her a job at his station. She refuses to take a job as Griffin's girlfriend and wants to prove herself where she is. They kiss and Griffin leaves.

Jeri is in her office checking the Internet on ALS research. She calls for her assistant Evan but gets no answer. Pryce comes in and says that she shouldn't drop his lawsuit against Jessica. He's hiring a new firm, and Jeri advises him to let it go. Pryce insists that he's not going to compete against an aberration, and Jeri figures that he's calling her names because she beat him. When she advises him to let it go, Pryce wonders what happened to her. He refunds her retainer and wishes her good luck with whatever her problem is.

Jessica and Trish go to the wig shop and Trish says that she'll do what she needs to do to protect Trish. Jessica finally admits that it was a dick move and it won't happen again. They go in and the owner Sally comes in. She says that Trish destroyed a dozen of her best wigs and bit her, and Trish says that she's been in rehab for 10 years. Jessica asks Sally about Leslie, and Sally says that her clients value her privacy. Trish pays her and Sally says that Leslie comes in alone and pays cash. Leslie lost all of her hair and Sally figures that she had chemo. For more money, Sally says that's all she knows and goes back to her office. Jessica suggests that IGH saved Leslie from the cancer and that's why she's working for them.

Trish shows Jessica the video that Malcolm took of her confrontation with Max. Jessica says that she has a better idea since Max hasn't contacted Trish. She says that she'll try not to hurt Max, and Trish reluctantly drives her to the set. They go to the trailer of the actress Max is sleeping with, Kelly Scott, and show her the video.

Malcolm is in his office checking his dating app when Pryce comes in. Pryce figures that Malcolm is working with Jessica hoping that she's a hero, and says that Malcolm would fit well with Cheng Consulting. He tells Malcolm to check on him and see if he's on the level, and advises Malcolm to give him a call if he wants to do his father proud.

Jeri leaves the law firm and walks down the street. When a woman collapses, Jeri just stares at her. Another woman glares at Jeri, who walks on.

Max discovers that Kelly has walked off the set, and finds Trish and Jessica waiting at his car. He complains that Trish is going to cost him thousands of dollars, and complains that Trish's boyfriend punched him. Max dares Trish to go public, and Jessica orders him to call Metro-General and threaten to pull his contributions unless they give him their files on IGH. She slams him on the trunk and says that she's not sure if there's nothing she won't do. Max insists that there's been no one else but Trish and he loved her. Jessica punches the hood next to Max's head, and Trish advises him to make the call. As he does so, Jessica walks away.

That night, Jessica lies in her apartment and bounces the ball against the wall until she tosses it out the window. Jeri calls and asks if she has anything on Chao and Benowitz. Jessica hasn't found out anything on them. The lawyer says that she has to shut down the buyout, and thanks Jessica for her help. After Jessica hangs up, Oscar knocks on her door. He thanks her for saving Vido's life and says that he's tearing up the eviction notice. Oscar gives her a bottle of whiskey as a thank-you and admits that he was an asshole. Jessica picks up the bottle and invites Oscar to join her in drinking the whiskey.

Trish and Griffin make love, and afterward Trish says that she's had shitty taste in men until she found Griffin. She explains that she loves the "Wow, you're special" moment and they kiss. Griffin's phone rings and Trish goes to take a shower. He waits until she starts the water and then tells the caller that Trish doesn't know and they need to keep it that way.

As Jessica and Oscar drink, Oscar says that he doesn't it was just Jessica rather than people with superpowers. He got out of prison six months ago and is trying to stay under the radar. Jessica points out that he forges green cards, and Oscar says that he's great at poetry. He asks how Jessica became super, and she says that she doesn't care and half-jokingly says that she isn't going to kill Oscar because she likes Vido. Oscar suggests that she's a misanthrope, and Jessica jokingly says that she just hates Oscar. He figures that Jessica is okay if Vido likes her, and Jessica kisses him. When she tries to take off his clothes, Oscar gets up and says that what they have isn't normal. He excuses himself and Jessica sits down, frustrated.

The next morning, Trish calls and tells Jessica that Max came through. Malcolm tells her that Pryce was there and offered him a job, and warns that Pryce is trying to screw with her. He says that he can't just in her office and do nothing, and angrily tells her that she needs him. Malcolm tells her that she's going to start teaching him and give him 25% of every case, and Jessica tells him 20%. Surprised, Malcolm agrees and his girlfriend comes out of Malcolm's apartment and asks if he's coming back. Once Jessica takes the elevator down, Malcolm realizes that he doesn't remember the woman's name.

Jeri goes to Zakarian's office without an appointment and says that her meds are pointless. She wants a timetable for the cure, and Zakarian warns that a cure is decades away. Jeri asks about the illicit studies, but Zakarian doesn't think any of them show promise. The lawyer suggests that they use the drugs perfected in Europe to kill herself, and wants something quick, painless, and guaranteed. Jeri explains that her father died of brain cancer and took two years for it to kill him. She points out that Zakarian has given her 8 years, and refuses to give the ALS control over her. Jeri says that she'll get the drugs she needs from Zakarian or some back-alley drug dealer, but would prefer it to be Zakarian. Zakarian still refuses, and Jeri says that she's useless and leaves.

Jessica goes to Trish's apartment and Trish shows her a list of three patients that IGH paid the bills for. The third person is Inez Green, and the records show that she came through ER but has no illness. Jessica brings up her police file and discovers that Inez is homeless. All of the citations are from the same neighborhood of condemned buildings, and Trish gets an assault rifle out. Jessica takes it away from her points out that they need her alive, and takes out a modified taser. She tells Trish to try it on Jessica to see if it will affect their target, and snaps at her until Trish does it. Jessica passes out briefly and says that it will work.

That night, Trish and Jessica question the homeless people in the neighborhood. A homeless man says that he's met Inez and she hates everyone, and they pay him for her location in an old bank building. The two women break into the building and hear music playing. It stops and Jessica says that she'll flush Inez out and Trish should zap her.

Jessica goes up the stairs, and Trish takes out the inhaler that Will was using for his drugs. Inez tackles Jessica and Jessica shoves her across the hallway. Trish hears the noise and takes the drug, and then runs up the stairs. Jessica has grabbed Inez, and Trish tasers her unconscious.

A man breaks into Alias Investigation and steals her files on the IGH case. Malcolm brings his new drunken girlfriend because she wants to meet a real PI, and the intruder hides. When Malcolm turns on the lights, he discovers that all of the files are gone.

In her home, Jeri is looking up suicide drugs on the Internet. After a moment, she buys some.

Jessica wakes up Inez and says that they want to know who is after her. Trish asks why IGH paid her medical bills, and Inez insists that she never said anything about them. Jessica shows her the photo of Leslie, and Jessica shows her scars on her side and says that Leslie did them to her. Trish gets in her face until Jessica tells her to back off, and Inez tells them that she was a nurse with IGH and Leslie was a patient. She explains that she was putting Leslie to bed and Leslie threw her ten feet into a glass cabinet. The impact broke Inez's back and Leslie killed another nurse. Leslie's eyes were filled with pure rage, and Inez insists that there was something wrong with her.

The man, Nick Spanos, leaves with Jessica's files and calls Pryce. He assures Pryce that if Jessica is dirty then they'll find it. As Nick gets into his van, Leslie grabs him and Pryce listens as Leslie throws him into the van and then kills him. Pryce calls 911.

As Trish and Jessica drive back with Inez, Trish says that Inez wasn't describing Jessica. She speeds up and honks the horn. When they get to Jessica's building, they find the police outside securing the crime scene. Jessica goes over and finds Malcolm, who tells her that the police think she did it. The police spot her and arrest her, and Jessica whispers to Malcolm that Inez is in the car and he should keep her safe. When Trish comes over, the police arrest her as well. Cost and Sunday put her under arrest for Nick's murder. They read her her rights as Jessica watches Malcolm take Inez away. Jessica sees Nick's twisted corpse and insists that it's not her.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 24, 2018

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