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Baby Proof Recap

The baby stares at Ash's chainsaw in fascination, and Ash draws his shotgun. He invites the baby to look inside the black hole at the end, but the baby pokes at the chainsaw and Ash realizes that he has a bone chainsaw for a right hand. Ash realizes that the baby is a miniature version of him, and figures that Ruby is trying to screw with him. He refuses to shoot, but Natalie shoves the shotgun at the baby and fires it. The baby runs off and Natalie yells at Ash to run. They fall down the stairs together since she's handcuffed to the sink and Ash's hand is stuck on it, and the baby leaps down at them.

Ash slams the door shut just in time and the baby tries to break through. He tells Natalie that they have to capture the baby so that Mandy knows the truth. The baby cuts through the door with his right hand and cuts into Natalie's shoulder. They fall back and Natalie grabs the shotgun, firing a blast through the door. Ash grabs it back as the baby breaks down the door. He sees his toy duck at the top of the stairs and goes to get it, and Natalie and Ash duck into a closet. Natalie shushes Ash and the baby pulls the duck past the door. Ash figures that the baby is taunting him and grabs some cable, and says that he'll tie the baby up with that.

In the trailer, Kelly's possessed leg taunts her while the possessed Pablo slams into the wall. The leg says that even the brujo couldn't save him, and Kelly tells Brandy that they stick to the plan and not kill Pablo. She punches her leg and hurts herself, and they realize Pablo is on the roof. He reaches through the overhead window and pulls Brandy up, and Kelly grabs her legs. She manages to pull down Brandy and Pablo comes with her, and Kelly grabs Ash's spare weapon and hits Pablo. Pablo recovers and jumps back in, grabs Brandy, and starts choking her. Kelly muzzles her talking leg and Pablo chokes, and she realizes that they're connected.

Pablo slams Brandy around the trailer, and Kelly pours oil into her leg-mouth and then sets it on fire. Pablo chokes up flames and goes shooting back, but then grabs Kelly. Brandy grabs the Dagger and stabs Pablo in the chest, and he falls back and appears in a dreamscape. Meanwhile Pablo's body collapses on Ash's bed and Kelly tries to wake him up.

When he wakes up, Pablo realizes that he's holding the Dagger. The naked woman steps out and says that he's brought the dagger. Pablo's uncle appears and says that her name is Maritza, and Pablo's journey is far from over.

Blackness spreads from Pablo's chest wound, and Kelly and Brandy stare at it in shock.

Ash and Natalie leave the closet and search for the baby. They find Ivy's den and Ash pries his hand from the sink. He finds pages of the Necronomicon on the wall, covered in blood. Meanwhile, Natalie grabs a handcuff key from a hook and frees herself. Ash finds photos of him and Candy from their wedding night and making a daughter. The baby yells that it's coming, and Natalie hits Ash over the head, grabs his shotgun, and goes to shoot the baby.

In the dreamscape, the Brujo explains that it's a void between realms that he's masked from evil. He warns that Pablo's body is dying on the Earth plane as the evil consumes his soul, and Pablo doesn't have much time, and he needs the power of a Brujo to harness its power and help Ash.

Natalie runs for the front door but discovers that it's locked. As she tries to open a window in the nearby living room, the fire in the fireplace roars up. The door slams shut and the baby runs through the shadow. The baby's toys roll out and Natalie shoots the duck. The baby knocks her to the floor and leaps on her chest.

Ash wakes up, grabs the cable, and goes downstairs. He goes into the study and sees Natalie's body, her head bitten off. The baby runs through the shadows and Ash calls to it to come out. The baby throws a speak-and-say at him, knocks him down, and runs off.

The Brujo tells Pablo that he turned away from his ancestors and left him vulnerable to evil, and now he must prove that he's worthy. Pablo has to mix his own blood with the correct of three bowls. If he chooses the bowl filled with darkness than it will consume him. If he chooses the correct bowl then he will become a Brujo Speciala. The Brujo begins the ritual, blowing smoke into Pablo's face, and he says that he's ready to embrace his destiny.

Ash calls on the baby to come out, and it knocks him over and then runs over him and climbs up into Natalie's body. Ash prepares to hit the corpse, but it stops him and leaps up, and the baby pokes his head out of Natalie's neck stump.

The Brujo tells Pablo to be strong, and on the Earth plain his body convulses. Meanwhile, Maritza cuts Pablo's chest and a wound appears on his body. Each cuts she makes on his spirit body appears on his real body.

The corpse swings at Ash, finally knocking him across the room into a shelf full of bowling balls. Ash comes back and tries to punch the baby, but it keeps ducking its head back into the stump. It then does a handstand and kicks Ash in the face, and then chokes him. Ash hits it with a bowling ball, and jams the ball into the stump, slams the corpse down on another bowling ball to prevent the baby's escape, rolls the corpse up in a rug, tosses it in the trunk, and drives off.

The Brujo tells Pablo not to see with his eyes and disappears. Pablo grabs the Dagger and calls to his uncle, but gets no response. Going to the bowls, Pablo concentrates and tries to sense the correct bowl. He finally chooses one, cuts his palm, and lets the blood drop into the bowl. The blood explodes, covering himself, and Pablo laughs in triumph.

On the Earth plain, Pablo's injuries heal instantly. Kelly breaks into tears, begging him to wake up, and he sits up gasping. Relieved, Kelly kisses him and says that she thought she lost him. Pablo wonders where Ash is, says that Ash can't defeat the evil alone, insists that he feels incredible, grabs a shirt, and says that something special has happened as he walks out. Kelly has confirmed that the mouth has disappeared from her leg, and has Brandy track down Ash. As Brandy goes, Kelly tells her to stay away from Ruby, then grabs the Dagger and says that she's done being fucked with.

Brandy goes to the hardware store, and Ash drives up and brakes to a halt. He says that he's going to prove that Ruby is evil, just as Ruby walks up and asks what Ash is doing. Ruby says that Ash is embarrassing himself, just as the sheriff comes up and asks what's going on. Ash says that Ruby has a demon son and opens the trunk, and the baby is there covered in blood. Ruby picks up the baby and says that Ash is an animal. Ash tells Brandy that he's always told her the truth, and Ruby offers to take Brandy to her place. Brandy gets in the car and tells Ash to get in. Before the sheriff can stop them, they drive off.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 25, 2018

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