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Sisterhood Recap

The Past

A young Drizella is playing hide-and-seek in the forest, looking for her sister Anastasia. She soon gets lost and calls out to her sister, and sees a floating lantern. Anastasia has set it up to leave Drizella to her, and tells Drizella to close her eyes and concentrate. She says that as long as they're together, they'll always find a way back home. More lanterns light up, showing them the way home.

Later when they're adults, Drizella looks at Anastasia's body lying in the box and says that she wants their mother to feel the pain that she's endurance. She admits that she's not strong enough to cast the curse. Regina comes in and Drizella says that Regina can't change her mind. The older woman offers to help her if she gives up on the curse. Drizella magically chokes her, but then "Regina" shrugs off the spell and drops her disguise to reveal that she's Gothel. Gothel says that she was testing Drizella's resolve, and invites Drizella to join her cult or suffer failure alone.


Ivy is on the phone in her office, complaining that they haven't found Anastasia. Gothel comes in and suggests that they join forces, but Ivy figures that Gothel just wants her sister's power. Gothel hands Ivy a bag that was in the lobby when she arrived. A heart-shaped box of chocolates is inside, and Gothel warns that ivy will die if she stands alone. Ivy insists that she can handle it and Gothel leaves.

Jacinda and Lucy go to the bar to get some food for Lucy and the sitter that night. When Jacinda steps aside to take a call, Regina gives Lucy some cocoa and warns that until she gets some magic, she can't undo the curse on Henry. Lucy points out that Henry has no one to cheer him up, and Regina points out that Henry's friends before the curse were Rogers and Nick. She figures if they get the three men together then fate will do the rest, and Lucy says that she's on it.

At the station, Rogers finds Weaver gluing together a broken teacup. Weaver says that they need a break, and Rogers goes to the market to get jam. Once he leaves, the desk sergeant comes in and tells Weaver that they got a call about a 13-year-old girl outside of an abandoned restaurant.

As Ivy goes to the parking car to get her car, she hears someone moving in the shadows. She invites her stalker to come out, and the lights go out. The killer, wearing a baby-face mask, comes at ivy with a knife. They struggle and Ivy manages to kick him down and runs off.

Rogers goes to Flynn's barcade and finds Henry playing a video game. Henry complains that another player, JbH, took his high score. The officer wonders why he's not out wooing Jacinda, and Henry says that he's giving her some space. Rogers says that Lucy sent him a text saying that Henry had a lead in his case, just as Nick arrives. They realize that Lucy set them up, and Rogers figures that he's where he needs to be as he starts playing.

Ivy goes to the bar and tells Regina that the killer came for her. Regina sits down with her and says that she'll help if Ivy gives her the fix for Henry's poison. Ivy tells her that she's powerless without magic and doesn't have the antidote, and she was going to find Anastasia and make amends until the killer came after her. Regina says that she'll call Weaver and ivy is safe there.

The Past

Drizella finds Gothel in the forest and says that she's joining the coven. Gothel tells her that they have someone else with interest, and takes her to the circle where the other recruits are. The elder witch says that only two of them can join, and she's hidden two golden flowers. Whoever returns with them will show themselves worthy. Each witch will work alone, and they must be savage and cutthroat.

Gothel teleports away and another recruit, Gretel, approaches Ivy. Ivy shoves her against a tree and threatens her with a stick, and Gretel says that if they work together then they can both win. Ivy drops the stick and agrees.


Samdi sits down next to Ivy and offers her a drink. She push it away and says that she's not in the mood for company, and he introduces himself as Facilier. Samdi produces a deck of cards and says that the killer will keep coming and he's just as much a target as Ivy. He wants to make a deal, and warns that Regina only wants to cure Henry. Ivy has no allies and she can only escape to another realm. Samdi has a magic bean that will let her travel to another realm, and in return he wants Anastasia's life. He points out that Gothel will kill Anastasia anyway, and says that Ivy can make Anastasia come to her.

Weaver goes to the abandoned restaurant and Regina steps out of the shadows. They discover that Anastasia has torn the place up with her magic, and Regina explains that the killer attacked Ivy and then she left the bar. Weaver knows that Regina is with Samdi, and asks when she was going to tell him about Samdi's desire for the Dagger. Regina hopes to change Samdi's mind, and Weaver says that they have to get to Anastasia before Ivy does.

Ivy goes to the docks and lights paper lantern. She lets one dress into the air.

The Past

As they search for the flowers, Gretel says that she used to have a brother. They got caught by a witch and from that day on, Gretel said that she'd never be affected by that kind of power. Her brother Hansel had his arms scarred by burns and his mind damaged, and he went off under a different name. Gretel says that losing a sibling leaves a hole that can never be filled, and Drizella says that she understands. They set off deadfalls and the two girls destroy them with their magic. They go off to best the other witches.


Henry thanks Rogers for sticking around, and he admits that he hasn't gotten Jacinda out of his mind. He wonders if they're meant for each other, as Nate comes over and says that there are plenty of women in the bar. Rogers and Nate tell henry to get over Jacinda by asking out the next woman who comes in. Henry agrees and Jacinda comes in. She sees Henry and they smile at each other.

The Past

Gretel tells Drizella that they're a team and she would have let the trap kill Drizella if she was going to screw her over. They split up to search for the flowers, and Gothel confronts Drizella and offers to help her win. She says that she lied about the fact that there are two openings and about how there were two flowers. Gothel gives Drizella a sai and tells her to kill Gretel, and reminds Drizella that the only way she can get the curse is with the Coven at her side.


Anastasia walks out of the mist and asks Ivy what she wants. The nearby lamps flicker from Anastasia's magic, and Ivy says that she did terrible things because she was afraid. She says that she's found a way to get back but needs Anastasia's magic to enchant it. Ivy admits that she needs Anastasia, and the two sisters hug. Anastasia says that she just wanted them to go home together. Ivy blows pollen into her face, knocking her out, and says that she doesn't want to die. If it comes down to her or Anastasia, she chooses herself.

Jacinda says that her dinner with Sabine ended up at the place next door to the barcade. Henry points out how fate keeps bringing them together, and Jacinda says that they need a way to test fate.

Rogers and Nate shoot pool and Rogers finally says that he doesn't have any leads on the Candy Killer case. Nate talks about how he isn't big on sweets or anonymous chocolates.

Jacinda sets up a mug at the end of the bar and tells Henry that it's a million-to-one shot if he makes it. Henry flicks the token and the bartender picks up the mug before the token can land. Sabine text to say that their table is ready, and Jacinda excuses herself.

Ivy goes to her office with Anastasia and meets Samdi there. He says that once he absorbs the magic from Anastasia he can imbue the bean with enough power to take Ivy home. Samdi prepares to cut the sleeping Anastasia's wrist, and the room shakes as a wind comes up. Gothel arrives and says that she's waking Anastasia up, and Ivy should worry about what her sister will do to her.

The Past

Drizella hides the dagger in her robe as Gretel approaches her. Gretel asks if she found something, and Drizella tells her that Gothel can't be trusted. She says that Gothel did the same thing to her family that the witch did to Gretel, and says that they can help each other. Gretel agrees and reaches into her pouch, and invites Drizella to see it. Drizella stays where she is, and Gretel draws her sai and says that Gothel came to her as well. The two women fight and Drizella manages to kill Gretel. Gothel appears and congratulates Drizella, and says that now they can talk about Drizella's vengeance.

Anastasia wakes up, grabs a piece of glass to use as a dagger, and tells Ivy that there's nothing left to say. Samdi tells Ivy that she knows what to do, as Anastasia magically knocks the furniture back. As Samdi runs, Gothel tells Anastasia that it's time to show ivy how alone she left her. Ivy begs Anastasia not to listen to Gothel, and insists that she loved her more than anyone. When she says that Gothel tricked her, Gothel says that ivy tricked Anastasia. Ivy admits that she's done terrible things because Gothel forced them to where they area, and says that Anastasia was the one bright light that guided her home. To gain Anastasia's power, Gothel had to break the bonds between them. Ivy tells Anastasia that she won't let Gothel control her fate and drops Samdi's dagger. Gothel yells at Anastasia to kill Ivy, but Anastasia drops the glass and hugs Ivy as Gothel walks off, furious.

Later, Regina and Weaver arrive at Ivy's office and realize that Samdi was there. Ivy and Anastasia are holding each other, and Ivy apologizes to Regina for abandoning her. She thought that family would weaken her magic but realized that it's the strongest magic of all. Regina realizes that Ivy is preparing to leave, and figures that it's better if Anastasia is out of Gothel's reach. She tells Ivy to go with her sister, and says that she understands her Regina says that she believes Ivy can change, and Weaver tells her that they'll tell Jacinda everything when the time is right. Anastasia uses her magic to empower the bean and take her and Ivy back to their realm.

Once the women go through the portal, Weaver says that it was the right thing to let the Guardian go. Regina wonders if he's giving up on Belle, and Weaver says that every time he does good, he moves closer to Belle. He figures that Ivy and Anastasia reunited is a good day or everyone.

Regina returns to the bar and finds Samdi waiting for her. He says that he did what he needed to get what he wanted, and he was really trying to get a bit of Anastasia's magic. Samdi knew that the sisters would find each other, and says that Anastasia was never going to die. Now that he has her magic, he's going to use it as a gift and gives the vial with magic to Regina. Samdi tells her to find a way to save her son, and Regina wonders if it comes with a price. The witch doctor says that the only price is seeing her smile.

Henry, Rogers, and Nate leave the barcade and discover that someone flattened the tire on Nate's car. Nate says that he'll find his way home and tells Henry to respond to the sides. he figures that the answer is right under Henry's nose as he opens the trunk to get the spare.

In her apartment, Jacinda sits on the couch, turns her back, and flips the token into a glass across the room. When she realizes that she landed it, she smiles.

Weaver approaches Samdi on the street and says that Samdi won't get his Dagger. Samdi says that Weaver killing anyone might keep him away from Belle in the afterlife, and Weaver promises that if Samdi hurts his family then he'll find a loophole.

Nate changes the tire and puts the tire jack back in the trunk... where he has the mask and the boxes of candy.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 31, 2018

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