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A Dark Knight: One of My Three Soups Recap

At Arkham, a guard Beatrice Oliver is at her post reading a magazine when an alarm goes off. She puts on earphones and music, and goes to investigate. Beatrice goes into Jarvis' cell and tells him to get into his bunk, and reminds him that she can't hear what he's saying so that he can't hypnotize her. Jarvis yells that he's talking to the guard behind her, Patrice Tortuga, who isn't wearing headphones. Tortuga cuts Beatrice's throat and they walk out past the other guards that Tortuga killed. They go to Crane's room where he's mixing chemicals in the toilet, and Crane says that he needs a moment more. Once he finishes brewing his acid, the two of them go to Jerome's cell and Crane uses the acid to burn through the lock. They figure that everyone will get what they want: a kingdom of terror and a piece of the Gotham pie. Jerome tells Jarvis to get rid of Tortuga, and he tells her that she's done. She hands over the keys and cuts her throat, and the three villains go to free the other inmates.

The prisoners come out of their cells and riot, while Jerome, Jarvis, and Crane walk out past the beleaguered guards. The inmates charge out, flooding Gotham.

Later, the police recapture most of the inmates. Jim and Harvey arrive at Arkham and discover that some of the most violent inmates are at large. Harvey tells Jim that he shouldn't tell the other officers about Sofia, and advises him to go over and be Jim Gordon, Hero Cop, even if it is a lie. Jim talks to Harper and the other officers and tells them to review the files of the escaped inmates and have each other backs. As they go, Jarvis calls Jim and tells him to go to an address or he'll kill someone. Once Jarvis hangs up, Harvey figures that it's a setup but Jim says that Jarvis wants him and they can't spread the force any thinner. Harvey insists on going with him to have his back.

Jim and Harvey drive to the address and Harvey wonders if Jarvis hypnotized them over the phone into coming. He tells Jim that he did a good job with the officers, and they come to several parked cars. A couple in wedding clothes are waiting, and hypnotized drivers get out of the cars. They grab Jim and Harvey, who can't shoot because they're innocents. Jarvis steps out and yells that he wants Alice back. Since Jim didn't give him a choice, he isn't going to give Jim a chance. he has one of his hypnotized minions drop a wrecking ball on the couple, and asks how many more will fly and die like his daughter. Jarvis drops off, and all of the hypnotized drivers act like chickens.

Bruce and Selina go to the station as the officers bring in the captured inmates. Selina asks Bruce if there's a debt because he took the jewelry back, and Bruce says that he just wanted to help. Selina breaks into Jim's office and Bruce tells her to get Jerome's file.

Barbara and Tabitha are in Barbara's office listening to a radio report about the escapees. Tabitha complains that they could be out there taking advantage of the chaos, and Barbara yells at her to shut up. She glances at her glowing hand, covered by a glove, and tells Tabitha that she'll fix it. Barbara reminds Tabitha that Ra's brought her back to life and Barbara has another attack. She explains that memories are trying to push into her brain but all there is, is pain. Tabitha tells her to let the memories in, and tells Barbara that she's been hiding from the answers. She says that the Barbara she knew wouldn't let anyone stand in her way--particularly pain--and Barbara sits down and concentrates on her memories. Barbara describes how she died, and the glow on her hand flares up as she remembers Ra's bringing her back using water from the Lazarus Pit. He told her that he's the one has been looking for someone like her, and says that the League of Shadows will be hers to command.

Barbara snaps back to the present and tells Tabitha that Ra's understood her. She says that the glow is a beacon calling the League there, and they're coming.

The police clean up the crime scene and Jim figures that Jarvis plans to hypnotize more people at midnight, but doesn't know what Jarvis has plans. They work out Jarvis' ramblings and go to the rooftop, and find a dozen people standing on the edge.

Harper comes over and Selina hides. Bruce demands to see Jim and claims that he needs protection from Jerome. He takes out money to bribe Harper and she tells him to put it away, and Selina waves to Bruce that she has the file. Bruce fakes breaking into tears and Selina slips out of the office. Harper glances in the office and when she turns back, Bruce has gone.

Jim warns Harvey that Jarvis told his victims to jump if they get too close. They realize that there are hundreds of other people on rooftops in the neighborhood, all hypnotized to jump at midnight.

In Bruce's car, Bruce finds a file on Jerome's uncle Zach Trumble. He figures that Zach might know where Jerome has gone, and explains that he could have killed Jerome but didn't. Now Bruce is responsible for his life, and Bruce can't wait to see what the cops have done. Selina stares at him and says that his ego is huge, and tells him that not everything is his responsibility. Bruce bends over toward Selina... then opens the door and thanks her for the advice. Chuckling, Selina gets out and asks if they're even. Bruce tells her that she never did owe him and drives off.

Two officers go to talk to Zach at his diner, and he promises to kill Jerome if he shows up. Once the officers leave, Jerome emerges from beneath the table where he's hiding with a gun.

Jim and Harvey go down to the street, and Harvey confirms that thousands of people are going up on the roofs. Staring at the car, Jim realizes that Jarvis is broadcasting from a radio station. They check the cars to determine what station they were all listening to. They're all on different stations, and Jim figures that Jarvis commanded them to change the channels. Harvey gets into a car and flips through the radio over Jim's objections, locking the car door.

Jerome tests the temperature of three bowls of soup on the table and talks about how Zach used to cook at the circus. He reminds Zach of how he dipped Jerome's hand in boiled soup, and Zach says that he set out three bowls of soup so he'd have enough for all of his guests. Jerome goes for his gun, but the circus strongman Lunkhead grabs him and pins him to the counter. Zach heats up one of the bowls of soup and tells Jerome that it's for him.

At the club office, Barbara says that the assassins are coming for her. She calls on them to come out, and the assassins emerge from the shadows. Their Captain demands to see the Demon's Head, and Barbara holds up her hand and says that she's there.

Jim orders Harvey to stop listening, but Harvey hears Jarvis' voice on a station, tells it to Jim, and then gets put, punches Jim unconscious, and says that there's something he has to do. Harvey mutters Jarvis' nursery rhyme and then goes to a nearby rooftop.

When he wakes up, Jim calls Harper and tells her to get all cars out to broad cast on a frequency. he puts in earplugs and then goes inside.

Zach pours the boiling soup into Jerome's mouth, and then tells Lunkhead to put Jerome out of his misery. Bruce comes in and Zach says that they're giving Jerome what he deserves. Zach tells Lunkhead to get rid of Bruce, and Bruce fights him. Meanwhile, Jerome grabs his gun and grabs Zach, and tells him to tell him what he wants to know. Zach claims that he doesn't know anything, and Jerome goes for a jar of bleach.

One of the assassins, Leila, says that Ra's chose Barbara. Barbara says that she knows she's their leader, and the Captain says that no woman has been allowed to lead the League. Leila says that it's a tradition and they need to honor Ra's' choice. The Captain says that he'll have to cut the demon's head from her hand, and Barbara kills hm. The other assassins draw their weapons.

Zach tells Jerome that she picked St. Ignatius, and Jerome shoots his uncle dead. Bruce and Lunkhead stop fighting at the sound, and Jerome says that Zach used to beat him and no one ever helped him. he wonders what is wrong with Bruce for saving his life, and considers shooting Lunkhead. Bruce tells him not to, and Jerome says that it would be funnier if Lunkhead killed Bruce and tells the strongman to continue choking Bruce.

At the radio station, Jarvis tells everyone listening to throw themselves to death at midnight. Jim puts a gun to his head and tells him to shut up. He then calls his officers and makes sure that they're transmitting, and Jim tells Jarvis to order the people down or he'll shoot Jarvis. Jarvis explains that he can't, and Jim shoots him in one hand. The villain explains that if anyone tells them to save themselves, they'll jump. He commands the listens to listen to the next voice he hears, and invites Jim to stop them. Jim pistol-whips Jarvis unconscious and Harper asks how they save the people.

Jerome laughs as Bruce and Lunkhead fight. Selina arrives and whips the gun out of Jerome's hand, and tells Lunkhead to surrender. Bruce knocks him down, and Selina prepares to shoot Jerome. Jerome figures that Selina won't shoot, and when she shoots anyway Jerome dives for cover. Bruce knocks Selina to the floor and Jerome runs off. Selina says that Bruce should have let her shoot Jerome, and they should leave before the cops arrive. Bruce says that it's not over, and before going Selina tells him not to take on so much responsibility that he gets himself killed. The boy picks up the address that Zach wrote down and looks at it.

The assassins move in on Barbara and Tabitha, and Barbara steps forward and they back away. She tells them that they're all weak and that's why Ra's chose her. He knew that she would see how pitiful they are. Barbara tells them to bow down before her as her hand glows, and the leagues lower their weapons and kneel. The lights go out and shots ring out. When the lights come back up, Leila and her female supporters are all that are standing. Leila says that the League's mission is to cull weakness, and the sisters of the League are Barbara's to command. She tells Barbara that hundreds will follow Barbara, and Barbara tells Tabitha that it's hers and she's taking it.

The clocks strike midnight and the jumpers prepare to step off. Jim gets an idea and tells them to save each other. They grab each other and stop them from jumping, and Harper tells Jim that it worked.

Later, Harvey questions Jarvis and then tells Jim that Jarvis didn't know anything about Jerome's plans. He takes out a hidden bottle and pours the two of them drinks, and Jim says that he doesn't deserve to be there. Harvey agrees but points out that if Jim had been in jail, all of the jumpers would have been dead. When he got into the car, he thought that he could do it because Jim would save him. Jim tells him that his life is a lie, and admits that he judged Harvey and shouldn't have. Harvey warns him that Jim doesn't know anything about him, and there are no heroes there.

Harper comes in and says that Bruce is on the phone. Jim takes the call, and Bruce tells him that Jerome killed Zach and Bruce is going to St. Ignatius to stop Jerome. He says that he'll see Jim at St. Ignatius and hangs up.

A prison van is transferring Jarvis, and Scarecrow uses his fear venom on the guard. The guard runs off, and Jerome opens the rear door and reveals his new clothing. He says that Jarvis kept Jim occupied while Scarecrow got his gas and Jerome got his information. With that he gets into the driver's seat and drives off with his allies.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 31, 2018

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