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AKA Facetime Recap

Visitors run out of the aquarium and Jessica sees Malus and Leslie driving away. She runs after them and tries to get a photo of the plates, but her camera isn't working because of the aquarium water. She looks up at a CCTV and discovers that the jewelry store it belongs to is closed. Jessica gets a box of rice from a deli and tosses her phone in it to dry it out, and sees a tabloid magazine showing saying that Trish and Griffin are over.

Back at her office, Jessica is drying off when her phone comes back online. She brings up the photos of Malus and Leslie, and realizes that Malus is wearing a wedding ring. Jessica prints the photo out and looks over at the boxes with her family's ashes.

Jessica goes to Oscar's apartment and wonders where Vido is. Oscar says that he's with his mom, and Jessica asks if Oscar has anything to drink. The landlord invites her in and says that his ex is using Vido against her. He admits that he wasn't a good husband and fooled around on her, and it has nothing to do with the father that he currently is. As Jessica goes, Oscar takes her hand to stop her and asks why she's really there. Jessica finally says that she doesn't want to be alone, and Oscar kisses her. They start to undress each other and knock over a can of Oscar's paint. As Jessica tries to clean it up, Oscar lays her down on his canvas in the paint and they have sex.

Trish walks down the street and finally spots a man with a hidden gun. He gets on a bus and Trish sits across from him and stares. He takes out a book and reads, and as the bus stops Trish hears a woman complaining that a man touched her. Trish kicks him off the bus and tells the woman that he's welcome.

Jessica wakes up in Oscar's bed and finds him painting. She goes over and discovers that he's painting her sleeping, and says that she has to go to work. When Jessica returns to the office, Malcolm greets her and he figures that she's banging the super. He shows Jessica the photo of the ring and says that it's a university class ring. Malcolm warns that it's the same university that he left, and warns that his going back is a good idea. Jessica tells him that he'd better face his past and he leaves.

Jeri returns home with the things that Inez returned and demands that Inez tell her everything she knows. Inez explains that she only worked at Metro-General for a couple of days before she was attacked and Luanne was the only one she knew there. Luanne said that they working on a process to speed up healing but figures that they knew it was dangerous. As Inez changes into her new clothing, Jeri notices the scars on her legs. Jeri stares and says that she's asking for a client, and tells Inez that she's wasting her time.

Trish meets Jessica at the jewelry store, and Jessica says that her friend looks bad. When Trish says that she's to blame, Jessica tells her that she made the right move. They go in and the owner says that he doesn't want any troubles. The owner goes for a gun and Trish draws a gun, and Jessica tells them both to take a break. She hands the owner her card and figures that he saw something on the CCTV. The owner says that he can't get involved, and Trish offers to buy some jewels. Jessica realizes that he's not a citizen and says that they won't call ICE. The owner warns that if he calls the police then his family gets deported, and Jessica sympathizes. He shows them the video and brings up a scene of the two of them arguing. Malus drugs Leslie to get her into the car.

Malcolm goes to the university and finally approaches a student, Nichelle. He explains that he's clean and working with a PI, and Nichelle isn't interested in talking to him. Malcolm admits that he was an addict waiting to happen, and he was just going through the motions at the university because of his family. He tells Nichelle that she's the best person he knows and never thought he was good enough for her, and they hug. Nichelle walks away and Malcolm looks at the university key card he pickpocketed from her.

Jeri calls Jessica and says that she's done taking care of Inez at her apartment. Jessica wonders why she's keeping Inez at her apartment instead of a law office safe house, and Jeri claims that she's trying not to attract her partners' attention. The PI says that Steven is hiding someone and is close to finding out, and Jeri gives her one more day to find it out. Inez secretly listens, and then steals Jeri's jewelry and pills. She sees one bottle and recognizes the drug, and hesitates.

Malcolm shows Jessica a yearbook of 1978 with a photo of Malus. As Jessica goes over Malus' credit cards, Malcolm asks Trish how she's holding up. Trish tells him that Jessica appreciates his effort, and Jessica overhears her and sends him away. Once they're alone, Jessica tells Trish that Malcolm has a thing for her. She finds credit cards dating back ten years with charges to Ambihose, run by Justis Ambrose and a member of the same university. Jessica calls the country club Justis attends and discovers that he's already there, and the two women head to the club.

At the club, the manager stops Trish and Jessica in and says that they're not members and they're not accepting any issues. Jessica points out that only men are going in, and as she walks off tells Trish that she's going in. Trish offers to distract them, goes back to the manager, and says that she's going to have him fired. Meanwhile, Jessica goes in over the wall. Two security guards pull up on a golf cart and tell Jessica to get out, and she tosses them across the greens.

Jessica finds Francis and says that she wants to talk about Malus. Francis calls the guards off and figures that Jessica is the ones that Malus created. Jessica demands to know where Malus is, and says that she won't stop until she finds out who else Malus experimented on. Justis shows her a photo of his son Eric, who was born with severe craniofacial dyostosis. The man says that he met Malus and he needed the money to complete his experiments, and Justis gave him all the money that he needed.

Trish continues arguing with the manager and then throws up. She grabs her bag and leaves, and goes to a secluded corner and searches for the drug inhaler.

Justis says that Eric isn't gifted and he paid for Malus' personal expenses. He doesn't believe that Malus uses one of his patience to murdering people, and Jessica tells him that Malus is burying anything that can lead to him. Justis refuses to tell her anything about Malus, and Jessica snaps his putting iron and walks off.

That night, Justis calls Malus and lets him know about Jessica. He assures Justis that Jessica's accusations aren't true, and then finishes preparing a rack of vials. Malus then goes to where Leslie is sleeping, chained to a bed. Leslie starts to wake up, and Malus gasses her and says that it's over and she's all right. He tells her that Jessica is coming and he thinks that it's time.

Jessica takes Trish to her apartment and puts her to bed, and Trish claims that she's suffering from food poisoning. She says that she just needs a bucket and some Pepto, and Jessica tells her that she's staying to make sure that she's okay. Trish says that she's just going to cry, and tells her to stay on Malus' trail. Once Jessica leaves, Trish searches her apartment for the inhaler.

Malcolm returns to the office and finds Trish's jacket. The inhaler falls out of the pocket, and Malcolm makes a call.

Inez approaches Jeri in her bedroom holding the bag she put the jewelry in, and dumps it out on the bed. She says that she knows what the drugs are prescribed for, and figures that's why she's there. Jeri tells her to get out, and Inez says that she's had to be a fighter to survive what she's been through and she became a nurse to care for people. She tells Jeri that there was another patient at IGH, a boy who could heal people with his powers. It didn't work all the time and it made the boy sick to do it, and they had him heal Inez after she was attacked.

Jessica returns to her office and finds a painting in the hallway. She takes it inside and looks at it, and then puts it on the floor facing the wall.

Malcolm goes to Trish's apartment and gives her the inhaler. She claims that it's for allergies, and Malcolm says that he knows what she's going through. Trish asks him to wait and takes the inhaler to the bathroom, and gives herself a dose. She then goes back and says that she's fine, and Malcolm says that they have to blow themselves up to find out who they are. Trish kisses him and undresses them both. They have sex and Trish shoves him on his back and says that she sees him.

The next morning, Jessica approaches Eric, hangs up his phone, and grabs Eric by the neck. She calls Justis and he says that he'll tell her whatever she wants. Jessica demands to know where Malus is.

Afterward, Jessica takes a taxi to Malus home outside of the city. She knocks on the door and when there's no answer, discovers that it's unlocked. Jessica goes in and finds the piano music that Leslie was playing earlier. The rack of vials are on the kitchen counter along with shelves of chemicals and a bottle of wine. Searching further, Jessica finds the cellar and a heavily-barred door. Opening the door, Jessica goes in and finds the laboratory bed with the chains. There's hand cream, a wig, and perfume on the dressing table. Jessica sees of her young self and her brother on a dresser.

Leslie and Malus come in, and Leslie calls Jessica by name. Jessica says that she doesn't understand, and "Leslie" takes off the wig and reveals her scarred skull. When Jessica calls her "mom", Leslie smiles and nods.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 1, 2018

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