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I, Ava Recap

Waverider travels through the timestream, and Sara tells the team that she's not walking out on them. They say that they need her more than ever, but Sara explains that she needs a day to clear her head. She puts Amaya in charge, wisher her luck, and leaves.

In the mess room, Mick is using his new powers to heat hot dogs. Zari suggests that he do it somewhere else but Mick pops popcorn instead. Amaya comes in and asks Mick if he's ready for training. Mick invites her to pull his finger again, and Zari tells him not to. Gideon announces that Nate has requested Amaya in the study, and Amaya tells Zari to train Mick.

In the study, Nate and Wally tell Amaya that Mari was burned in 2018 trying to save people from a warehouse fire. Amaya figures that it's her fault because in the new reality, her Totem wasn't passed on to Mari so Mari is a non-powered vigilante. Nate warns that Amaya can't go to talk to her granddaughter, and offers to go there and talk to him. Wally says that he'll go with him and the two men leave.

Ray tells Sara that he knows it wasn't the real her who killed her. Sara says that it is the real her, just as Gary comes in via a portal. She tells him that she and Ava broke up, but that's not why she's leaving. Sara tells Gary to check Ava's office. Gary says that Ava hasn't been to work in a few days and he's been covering for her, He panics and Sara says that they're going to find her.

In Detroit 2018, Nate and Wally go to the hospital, claim that they're reporters, and talk to Mari's adopted father Chuck. Chuck wishes that she'd focus more on protecting her own life than others. Nate spots Kuasa and goes after her, and she runs away.

At the Time Bureau HQ, Gary, Sara, and Ray go to Ava's office to look for clues. Ray hacks into the Bureau's network to access Ava's file, and discovers that it's been erased from Waverider. The Legends search the trash and find a birthday card from Ava's parents in Fresno.

Nate gets Wally and they spot Kuasa. Wally grabs her at superspeed, but Kuasa turns into water and slips into a vent. She enters another room and solidifies, and attacks Wally when he shows up. Wally punches her back and Nate arrives. Kuasa says that she's there to protect Mari.

Sara, Ray, and Gary go to Fresno and the house of Randy and Pam Sharpe, Ava's parents. They say that they haven't seen Ava in months, and invite the trio in to figure out where Ava went. Pam serves snickerdoodles and Randy explains that Ava doesn't tell them what she does other than that she works for the government. There's a photo of Ava at the Grand Canyon, and Sara says that the family is too good to be true. There's another photo of Ava's 15th birthday party sleepover, and Sara tells them that she knows Ava went paintballing for her 15th birthday. Randy passes it off as a mistake, and Sara puts a knife to Pam's throat and demands the truth. Pam says that they're actors and someone gave them backstories four years ago. They had orders to act like Ava's parents if she came to visit. The money is automatically deposited, and Ava rarely comes home. Sara apologizes about the knife thing and leaves with Ray and Gary.

Zari interrupts Mick's fourth lunch and he says that he isn't interested in learning. She explains that she's fasting for Ramadan and Mick offers her some hamburgers with bacon. Zari is less than thrilled, and Mick eats her hamburger.

Sara, Ray, and Gary return to the Time Bureau and find Ava there. They explain that Gary was worried that Ava was missing, and Ava insists that she's fine. She says that she was in Fresno with her family, and Ray gives away that they were there. Ava tells them to go and walks away, and Sara says that she's fine. She pickpocketed Ava's Time Courier, and sets out to find what else she's hiding them from them.

Kuasa takes Nate and Wally to Mari's secret lair in a warehouse and says that she's been keeping an eye on her. She'd rather see Mari with the Totem than Nora, but warns that the Dakrhs will turn on her if she betrays them. Nate asks if she wants to protect her family, and Kuasa agrees but says that they do it her way.

Ray checks the Time Courier and discovers that he can't access Vancouver in 2213. Gary says that the Bureau has sanctioned 2213 a no-fly zone, and only a Time Bureau Director can override the restriction. Sara figures that Ava is an Anachronism, and Gary suggests that they hijack the mother ship.

Ava receives word that the mothership is stolen and goes after it personally.

The mothership arrives in 2213 and cloaks. The trio walks around the city and ray spots Ava walking down the street. She ignores them, and another Ava goes by. There are other Avas on the streets, all going about normal business. Ray figures that they're clones and points out a billboard advertising Advanced Variant Automation. The company produces Ava, the perfect woman designed to restore order to chaos. Gary suggests that they return to the Time Bureau, but Sara prepares to go to AVA.

Kuasa says that they lure the Dakrhs to them using bait: a Legend. She tells Wally that he overplayed his hands and the Dakrhs will be ready for him. Amaya calls in and they say that Mari is fine, and they're going to stick around and talk Mari out of being a vigilante until they get the totem back. Once he cuts off, Kuasa and Nate both agree that they shouldn't bring Amaya in because if she's killed then her descendants will be wiped out of existence. Nate asks Wally to keep an eye on Amaya and he speeds off.

The trio enters the AVA Corporation and finds a room filled with deactivated Avas. Ray checks a computer and discovers that they've created Ava from the best genes from around the world. An Ava activates and says that they are trespassing. She says that they must be terminated and attacks Sara, and Sara takes the clone out. She tells Gary to tie the clone up.

Amaya drugs Nate so that he can't turn into steel. Damien and Nora arrive and Kuasa wants the Totem in return for handing over Nate. Nora agrees, saying that she doesn't need the Totem anymore, and gives the Totem to Kuasa. Kuasa says that if Amaya loves Nate then she and Mari will never exist. Nate tells her to be the woman her grandmother believes her, and Kuasa says that she's being the woman Amaya knows her to be. She tells the Dakrhs to kill Nate slowly and leaves.

The Ava clone wakes up and struggles with its bonds. Ray tells Sara that the clones are real people, and Ava arrives. She says that she has no idea what the place is, until she sees the new Ava being created and faints.

Nora says that she must prepare for Mallus' arrival, and Damien says that he can make Nate talk. The possessed Nora starts choking her, and Mallus speaks through her telling Nate to have the Legends bring the missing Totems to him or Nate will die. Once Nora leaves, Nate points out that Nora has changed. Damien tells him that that the closer Mallus gets to escaping, the worst the situation gets. He prepares to torture Nate, but then says that torture doesn't bring him the same joy. He admits that he didn't want to lose the person he was destroying the world for, and Nate convinces him to drop the cattle prod because they're in a safe space.

Gary wakes Ava up while Sara tells Ray that they can't tell Ava who she really is. Something moves in the hallway. They go out and discover that the clone has escaped, and leave before it sounds the alarm.

Zari has Mick focus on a teddy bear, and he hits the computer behind it. When she calls him an idiot, Mick calls her a bitch. Furious, Ava unleashes the Air Totem on him Outside, Amaya and Wally hear the commotion and Wally claims that Nate is still trying to convince Mari not to be a vigilante. Kuasa steps out with the Spirit Totem and says that she gave Nate to the Dakrhs in return for the Totem. Wally tells Amaya what happened, and Kuasa says that Amaya's love is a threat to her granddaughters. Kuasa points out that Amaya is trying to find ways to abandon her family and Zambesi. Amaya notes that Mari got hurt protecting all people, not their own, and says that's why the Totem ended up with Kuasa. When Amaya says that her granddaughter is beyond redemption, a shocked Kuasa leaves.

As the team sneaks through AVA, Ava says that she didn't visit her parents. She called her ex in Vegas and set up an Upswipz profile. Ava realized that she needed to be honest with Ava, just as an army of Avas walk up. Ray tells Ava that she's a clone from the future, and Ava is shocked to learn who they are. Sara tells her that she's the same person she's always been, the head of the Time Bureau, but Ava figures that her memories and her life is real. Her former lover says that Ava is a badass and different, and she needs Ava to act like a clone if they want to get out of there.

Damien and Nate fake Damien torturing Nate. Nora teleports in and says that they're playing Mallus for a fool, and blasts Damien across the room. She then drains Nate's life force. Kid Flash speeds in with Vixen and he attacks Nora at superpseed. She sucks away his speed force and he collapses, and then blasts him away. Nora notices that Vixen is wearing the spirit Totem, and Vixen summons the power of a bear. However, she gasps in shock and collapses.

Ava dresses as one of the clones and says that she's apprehended the intruders. She orders them out past the clones, and the clones step aside. However, as they get to the door, another Ava steps out and trains a gun on them. She says that Ava is not one of them and that she's to be reprocessed. Ava attacks her and then shoots the clones, and Sara covers her back as the remaining clones surround them. Ray and Gary do what they can, and together they take out the clones. The first clone prepares to attack them, and Ava kicks her down and says that she's keeping the suit.

Nora tells Vixen that her Totem is still governed by her powers. Vixen overcomes Mallus' influence and attacks Nora while Kuasa unties Nate. Nora knocks Vixen back and Nate steels up to catch her. Kid Flash recovers his speed and joins them, and she blasts them unconscious. Mallus asks how they'll stop him when he assumes his true form, and blasts them. Kuasa shields the Legends with a water blast, and says that family is true power. She calls to Nora, saying that they don’t have to become their demons. Nora says that she likes her demons and pulls the Water Totem out of Kuasa's chest. Vixen goes to her granddaughter and holds her as she dies. Kid Flash speeds Vixen and Steel away before she can kill them.

Zari spins Mick around in a whirlwind until he agrees to do what she wants. Her Totem goes out, and they realize that Kuasa is dead. Shocked, Kuasa goes to get a drink.

Back on Waverider, Ray takes Gary to have his memory of 2213 flashed.

Nate apologizes to Amaya for going behind her back, and admits that he got Kuasa killed. Amaya says that she got her granddaughter killed by goading her to be more like Mari. Kuasa died proving she was worthy of the Spirit Totem. Amaya figures that Kuasa was doomed either way and time wants her family to suffer. Nate tells her that she has to believe that she's in charge of her destiny, and Amaya says that if she hadn't joined the Legends then she would have returned to Zambesi with no idea of the tragedy that awaited her. He wonders if she wanted to die without ever meeting him, and Amaya says that she doesn't know what she wants.

Mick find Zari eating and Zari explains that Gideon told her when sundown was over if Zari had been at home. He offers to help her heat it up, and she offers him iftar. Mick shoves them away and they talk about Kuasa. Zari notes that the Totems connect them all to something larger, and she fasts to honor tradition, family, and community. Cooking iftar makes her feel connected to her mother. Mick takes out a pork sandwich and eats it.

Sara pours Ava a drink and tells her that she has to face the Time Bureau because she doesn't have the luxury of running away and fighting. Ava wonders why she doesn't remember anything about being a clone, and says that Rip recruited her for the Bureau. Sara figures that Rip wiped her file and put 2213 off-limits, and they're going to find out.

Amaya boards the jumpship and sets a course for Zambesi in 1992 to save her family.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 2, 2018

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