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The Thing Recap

Portsmouth, Rhode Island: 1925

Cultists chain a woman, Sandy Porter, to an altar and the leader mixes a potion. it the liquid glows and he holds his necklace with a crystal over the chalice. A rift forms in the ceiling and a tentacle reaches for the woman.

In the bunker, Dean puts post-it notes on a sleeping Sam's back. Sam finally wakes up and Dean sits down at the kitchen table and asks what Sam is reading. His brother says that he found a reference to the Seal of Solomon, which says that it's a jewel of the cosmos. The book doesn't say where they can find it. Dean points out that they've got nothing on the Seal, and they go to check the archive again.

The Winchesters enter the Archive and go through the books. As Sam goes to the bathroom, he sees the notes Dean put on his back and yells at Dean. Dean comes in with a book and says that the Men of Letters dug it up in Israel in 1917. The Men took it to a chapterhouse in Portsmouth. The Winchesters drive to the chapterhouse indicated on the map and find a trapdoor in the ground. Using the key they brought with them, Sam opens the trapdoor and the brothers drop in. they turn on the power and find a room with more books. They look for anything on King Solomon, and dean finds photos of women. One photo is lying off to the side, and there's writing on the back identifying the woman as Sandy and saying she was born in 1903. Meanwhile, Sam finds a satchel with papers bearing the same mark as on the door and the walls.

Sam drops the satchel and Sandy, hearing it, yells to them for help. The brothers follow her voice and break down a door to find Sandy chained to an altar. Dean recognizes her as the woman in the photo and she confirms that she was born in 1903.

Fetch comes in response to Asmodeus' summon, but a demon at the door refuses to let Fetch in saying that Asmodeus is busy. The demon tells Ketch to wait until Asmodeus is ready for him.

The brothers take Sandy out and explain that it's 2018. She doesn't believe them, and they show her the Impala and their cellphones. They get in the Impala and drive off.

Ketch gets bored waiting, goes past the guards, and finds Asmodeus extracting grace from Gabriel and injecting it into himself. The demon comes in and apologizes for letting Ketch through, and Asmodeus tells Ketch that he called him because he needs him. Ketch reminds him that it's a freelance contract, but Asmodeus tells him to wait as he takes him back outside to his chair.

At a diner, the waitress Joanne tells the cook Marco about how one patron, Buck, hopes to get a response from another waitress, Amy. The Winchesters bring Sandy in and she looks around, fascinated by the future. Joanne comes over and takes their order. Marco sees Wendy, calls a woman, Ophelia, and says that they have a problem. Ophelia looks at the symbol on her wall and tells Marco that they have a big problem.

Once Joanne leaves, Sandy wonders how she's still alive and why they're so calm about it. Dean says that it's kind of their thing, and Sam tells her that they can help her. Sandy explains that she met a man and he said he was part of a secret club that he called the Men of Letters. They chained her down there, and Dean tells Sandy that they'll protect her. Sandy describes the chanting and the rift, and the tentacle grabbing her. She says that they were using her to feed the monster.

Joanne comes over and Sandy excuses herself. Marco sees her walk away and puts a drug in the trio's food. He then takes out a knife and tests the blade.

Asmodeus finally summons Ketch and tells him that the Winchesters are gathering up pieces for a spell. Ketch knows that Castiel was in the Holy Land, and Asmodeus is upset that Ketch didn't tell him. Asmodeus knows that the Winchesters are trying to open a portal to another world and says that they need to stop. He tells Ketch that the Winchesters need a lot of angel grace, and says that he owns Ketch and it's time that he gets in line. Ketch says that he's done there and turns to find Asmodeus teleporting behind him. Asmodeus says that he's done when he says that he's done and beats Ketch to the floor. He then immobilizes Ketch with a gesture and continues beating him as Gabriel watches from his cage. Asmodeus picks up Ketch and slams him to the floor.

Sam and Den test Sandy, and they figure that it doesn't sound like the Men. They figure that the Men were opening a rift to another world, and Dean wonders who has been keeping Sandy imprisoned when the Men were wiped out 60 years ago. He says that they'll drop off Sandy at a motel and then go back together.

Buck says goodbye to Amy and goes to the door, and sees two men standing outside staring at the diner. He announces that something weird is going on, and Sam starts to pass out. Dean hasn't eaten yet and tells him to go get Sandy, and Sam collapses. Sandy comes in and as the lights go out, and robed cultists come in. Marco attacks Dean and another cultist grabs Dean. Meanwhile Marco and another cultist drag Sam away. Dean's opponent prepares to kill him, but Sandy stabs him from behind. Dean confirms that Sam is gone and the cultists are still outside

Dean makes Molotov cocktails while Joanne reports that the landlines are dead. Sandy suggests that they call the police, and discover that the man Sandy killed is a policeman.

Marco takes Sam to Ophelia and they say that they want the monster he stole from them. When Sam says that they're Hunters, the brother and sister explain that their grandfather Diego Avila, was a Man of Letters. He summoned Yokoth, a god from another dimension, to cleanse the world of hate and violence. However, Yokoth possessed Sandy and consumed Diego and the other cultists, then tried to summon is made until the Men bound it. The Men disavowed everything, banned the survivors, and shut down the chapterhouse, and the Avila family has been watching over the place ever since.

Asmodeus takes more of Gabriel's grace and tells Ketch that he's more wicked than any demon he knows. Ketch says that he still has a soul, but Asmodeus tells him that souls are messy. The demon points out that Ketch follows a code but works for him, and sees fear and pain and regret in Ketch's eyes. He figures that Ketch wants redemption but will never get it because their kind can't be redeemed. Asmodeus tells Ketch that no matter where he goes, he's Asmodeus'.

The cultists slip off into the shadows, and Joanne sys that someone should say if they're gone. Buck refuses to go out at first, but finally does.

Avila says that Sandy is a god from another dimension. Yokoth can't die, so they've been keeping her locked up. They've been starving Yokoth but if she eats, she'll become powerful enough to kill them all.

Sandy approaches Buck and extends a tentacle from her mouth, draining his life. Dean hears Buck's scream, draws his gun, and goes to investigate. Sandy turns to face him and extends a tentacle at him.

After Asmodeus leaves, Ketch removes a broken tooth from his mouth and sees Gabriel staring at him. He gets an idea and says that it's time to go. Ketch opens Gabriel's cage, grabs the archangel blade, and drags the protesting Gabriel out. When the guard confronts them, Ketch kills him.

Sam, Marco, and Ophelia return to the diner. They find Buck's body and realize that Yokoth has fed, Since Dean isn't there, Marco warns that Yokoth is breeding.

Yokoth takes Dean to the chapterhouse and chains him to the altar. When he wakes up, she says that her and her mate Glythur were supposed to come through together. The Men shut the rift before Glythur came through, and Yokoth says that she's going to allow him to be Glythur's host. They've consumed most of their universe and plan on doing the same for the new universe.

Yokoth begins the ritual and opens the rift using the Seal, and Glythur starts to come through. Dean gets his knife out and starts picking the lock. Sam and the Avilas arrive, and Yokoth knocks the siblings away while Dean shoots Yokoth. Once Dean is free, he grabs the Seal from Yokoth and tosses it to Ophelia. She reverses the enchantment and Glythur pulls Yokoth through before the rift closes.

The brothers tell the Avilas that they need the Seal, and Marco warns that they need something that has been where they need to go. Ophelia warns that the portal only says open for 24 hours, and hands over the Seal. The Winchesters go back to the bunker and figures that now all they need is an archangel and they're set. Ketch steps out and says that he comes in peace, and brought them a gift: Gabriel. He knows that they need an archangel for a spell. When Sam says that they need Gabriel's grace, Gabriel panics. Ketch stole the vial of grace Asmodeus extracted and hands over the archangel blade as well. He explains that he wants protection from Asmodeus, figuring that he'll hunt him down when Asmodeus realizes that Ketch took Gabriel. Dean immediately agrees, much to Sam's surprise, figuring that it will help them get Mary and Jack back

As Sam treats Gabriel, he asks the archangel what happened to him. Dean prepares to cast the ritual, saying that there's no reason to wait. He tells Sam that he's going in alone because somebody has to stay there. Ketch says that he's going with Dean to get further away from Asmodeus. Dean agrees and tells Sam that he doesn't care if Ketch dies. If something happens to him then he needs Sam to come and save them.

The Winchesters cast the spell and open the rift. The brothers synchronize their watches, and Dean and Ketch go through.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 6, 2018

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