Breadcrumbs Recap

The Past

Henry, Ella, and Hook enter the Cave of the Golden Dragon They go in and Ella kisses Henry for good luck. They find a man sleeping on the dragon's treasure and wake him up. He says that the dragon migrated weeks ago and left all of its treasures behind. Ella points out that the treasure belong to the villagers the dragon plunder it from. Once Ella escorts the man out, Henry says that he hoped to slay a dragon like his parents did. He wonder what he has to offer Ella and figures that he needs a ring with a great story behind it for when he proposes to Ella. Hook wonders if that's why Henry really came, and tells him that each of his rings has a fantastic tale and he knows where Henry can find one of his own.


Henry enters the bar and finds Margot at the bar. She says that Roni has been out and realizes who Henry is. Margot admits that she's listened to Henry's podcast and he starts to go, and sees Nick sitting in a corner. Henry goes over and Nick claims that he tried to land an important client but she got away. He figures that in their darkest hours the universe shows them the true path. someone calls Henry and says that they want to talk to him about his podcast.

Rogers and Weaver check the parking garage where the Candy Killer attacked Ivy. Rogers says that he has to get Tilly to her new job and he feels responsible for her. Weaver says that Tilly will surprise Rogers. As Weaver looks around, he finds something in a storage cage.

Zelena is in the bar basement mixing a potion as Lucy looks on. Lucy wonders what happens if they don’t' find the last ingredient, and Zelena says that then Henry will die. When the girl says that it sucks that she can't tell Henry and Jacinda the truth, and realizes that Zelena feels the same.

Henry goes to Jacinda's apartment and tells her that Siren Media wants to hire him to produce other people's podcasts. They want him in New York the next day, and he'd have to give up making H-Town when he moves. Jacinda tells him that it's a good career move, ad Henry reluctantly agrees. As Henry goes, he thanks Jacinda for everything and takes her hand.

In his apartment, Henry is packing and finds a piece of the glass slipper. Weaver arrives and says that Henry can help him capture the Candy Killer. the detective found Henry's book at the crime scene.

The Past

Hook takes Henry to a tavern for his adventure and explains that they're going to try to find Davy Jones' Locker. Every pirate wants it and Hook obtained a map to it years ago. Hook explains that Black bear defeated Smee and took the Jolly Roger. Blackbeard gets up on a table and says that he' looking for a crew, and Henry realizes that Hook plans to join the crew. Hook admits that he's going to sneak onboard and take his ship back.


Rogers takes Tilly to her new job: the Rollin' Bayou food truck. Sabine greets them and welcomes Tilly to her new job.

Zelena sends Lucy home, and Margot wonders who the girl is. When Zelena snaps at her, Margot asks why Zelena is all close doff when she wanted her to come home. The girl wonders what's going on and tells Zelena to prove they can communicate by saying what's going on. Zelena finally admits that she can't but asks Margot to be patient. Margot says that she's tired of waiting for Zelena to change and walks out.

Weaver takes Henry to the place where he keeps his things, and Henry tells him that he has an interview in New York the next day. The detective points out that it's a bit of a change, but Henry doesn't want to discuss it with him. Weaver has Henry look through the Candy Killer's copy of his book, trying to figure out the man's motive.

The Past

Once the Jolly Rogers takes to sea, Henry and Hook emerge from hiding, draw their swords, and find Smee. Smee apologizes for letting Blackbeard take the ship, and tells them there are only a few crew that they can rely on. Blackbeard and his men arrive, takes Hook's map, ad says that he has the map now. Hook says that Henry is Prince Henry of Storybrooke, and Blackbeard says that they'll kill him once they know the map is real.


Tilly makes heart-shaped beignets, and Sabine tells her to sell them. Jacinda comes in as Tilly goes out Sabine figures that Jacinda is having boy trouble. She says that she told Henry to go to New York, and Sabine says that he wanted Jacinda to stop him. Sabine advises Jacinda to call henry and stop him.

Henry tells Weaver that he doesn't have the answer to the Candy Killer and leaves to get on his plane. He says that nothing in Seattle worked out great, and Weaver says that Henry shouldn't dismiss the stories. The detective says that Henry in the book was his favorite character because he fought for hope and belief, and figured Henry isn't giving up. Henry says that he wrote himself into the stories to connect with them, and figures that the killer thinks that he's a character in the book. All they have to do is work out what character they're looking for.

The Past

On the Jolly Roger, Blackbeard finds the treasure and they bring it up. Inside is Davy Jones' treasure, including his ring, and Blackbeard boasts of his prowess while Hook cuts his ropes on a nail. He hands Henry a knife and tells him to get his ring. After a fight, Henry captures Blackbeard and the pirate orders his men to stand down. Blackbeard says that the next time Henry won't get such a fine gift for his bride, and Henry realizes that the entire thing was a set-up. Blackbeard says that the treasure is real and they can split it three ways as Hook promised. Henry tells Hook that a fake adventure doesn't help him find his real story, just as a storm blows up out of nowhere. Hook takes the wheel and orders the crew to the sails.


As rogers arrives, Henry discovers that the Candy Killer wrote "No Happily Ever After" on Henry's story of Hansel and Gretel. He figures that Nick thinks that he's Hansel and is obsessed with scars, and may be burned in real life. Rogers goes to cross reference twins with burn victims and leaves, and Weaver reminds Henry about his flight. Henry hesitantly says it's a great opportunity, and Weaver tells them that Henry in the book always knew the right path and it would be a shame if Henry chose the wrong path

As Tilly hands out free samples, she sees Margot on a nearby bench. Margot remembers saving Tilly's life the other day, and Tilly thanks her for her advice. She explains that she was in a bad place when they met, and Margot says that she's in a bad place now. Tilly sits down next to her and offers her last beignet, and when Margot describes the situation Tilly figures that it's hurting Zelena as well.

As Henry prepares to leave in his car, he discovers that Jacinda left him a text. He ignores it and drives out of Hyperion Heights.

As he drives past the troll, Henry's tire blows out. He pulls over and finds the piece of the glass slipper in the tire.

The Past

The Jolly Rogers plows through the storm and a whirlpool forms behind it. They realize that the whirlpool is following them, and Hook tells Henry that he thinks it's the end. Henry figures that he's stupid for wanting and an adventure, then gets an idea and asks for the ring. Hook hands it over and Henry figures that Davy Jones wants it back. He tells Hook to sail to the whirlpool and Hook spins the ship around. Blackbeard grabs the wheel and the two men struggle until Hook elbows Blackbeard unconscious.

Henry climbs out on the bow and Hook keeps the ship steady, taking them in as close as they can. he yells at Henry to throw the ring, and Henry tosses it into the whirlpool. The ring disappears beneath the waters and the whirlpool disappears, leaving a calm sea. Hook and Henry hug, and Henry says that he just wants a great life rather than a great story.


As Henry changes the tire, Nick pulls over and offers to give Henry a ride to the airport. Henry tells him that he' not getting on the flight. He shows Nick the glass slipper piece and figures that it's a sign, and says that he's starting to believe in himself. Henry asks Nick to take him to Jacinda's apartment, and Nick readily agrees.

The Past

Henry takes Ella to the one place in the kingdom where nothing ever happened. He says that he doesn't know how his story goes but Ella is the best and bravest woman that he's ever met. Henry asks her to see what kind of life they can make together and gives her an engagement ring, and says that he can't offer her a legend but he can offer her his heart. Ella says yes and Henry puts the ring on her finger.


Rogers returns to the food truck, and Sabine says that the customers love Tilly. Tilly leaves with Rogers and says that she met someone special who really saw her for who she really is.

As Nick drives, Henry tells Nick that the Candy Killer had a copy of his book. Nick asks what their theory is about the killer, and Henry explains how the Cult killed his sister and he's killing them to get revenge. Henry notices the burn scars on Nick's wrist and says that he should get out and catch a shuttle to the airport. nick pulls over and locks the doors, and sys that they're not going to make it to the airport. When Henry reaches for the door look, Nick jabs him with a hypodermic and knocks him out.

At her apartment, Jacinda is looking at her photo of Henry on her phone. Lucy returns and says that she has a good feeling about Jacinda and Henry. The girl claims that she got scared when it started getting real, but she wants Jacinda and Henry together. Jacinda tells Lucy that Henry is going to New York, but Lucy insists that her mother should call him. Her mother makes the call but gets no answer.

Henry wakes up in Nick's apartment, tied to a pillar. Nick says that he's Hansel and makes a heart-shaped box of chocolates. He admits that he doesn't know what he's going to do with Henry, but says that he's not done killing.

Margot is polishing glasses at the bar when Zelena comes over. Her daughter apologizes for what happened earlier, saying that someone helped her see things differently. She apologizes for making things worse, and Zelena hugs her and says that soon she'll be able to tell her everything. Zelena insists that she's not in trouble, and wishes that she could make things right with her husband Chad. Margot gives her a heart-shaped box of chocolates that someone left outside, and figures that Zelena's man left them.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 7, 2018

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