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AKA Ain't We Got Fun Recap

When Jessica wakes up, she finds herself manacles to a bed. Malus is there and admits that they didn't expect to have to tranq her. He says that Alisa is still the same woman that Jessica knew, and says that they use the restraints for Alisa's night terrors. Malus asks Jessica to understand that Alisa hasn't had a violent incident in years, and he didn't know what Alisa was doing to the people. Jessica doesn't believe him, and Malus admits that he knew Trish was investigating him and Alisa was killing anyone who could follow the trial to him. He says that Koslov stole his formulas to make drugs for the military, but didn't want him dead. Alisa killed Koslov to protect herself, and Malus, and Jessica. Jessica points out that Alisa let her think she was dead for 17 years, and Malus insists that Alisa is still Jessica's mother and needs her help.

Alisa is making breakfast and breaks some eggs. She breaks the trash can trying to throw them away, and smashes the eggs against the refrigerator.

Malus hears the sounds and figures that Alisa is making breakfast to calm herself down. Jessica dismisses his comments as psychobabble and says that Alisa's only option is for Malus to turn them in because he didn't leave her any other options. Malus admits that it's his fault but says that Alisa is alive and never stopped loving Jessica. Trish calls Jessica and Jessica says that he'll make her go away rather than go to the cops. Malus reluctantly lets Jessica take the call, and Jessica tells her that the investigation is over. She claims that she found Malus' house and he cleared out, and has Malus hang up.

Trish is with Malcolm and tells him what Jessica said. She says that they've done all the work and Jessica is throwing it away, and says that it's just not a case to her. Trish goes into the bathroom to clean up, ignoring Malcolm.

Malus tells Jessica that he's lived with Alisa for 12 years ago and loves her, but she still scares him. He wants Jessica to try and calm Alisa down, and she agrees but says that she can't talk to her mother when she's manacled. Malus reluctantly frees Jessica and she grabs Malus, but then says that she'll check on Alisa. Once Malus goes out, Jessica slams the door behind him and locks it, and sends the address she wrote on her arm to Costa.

Alisa breaks down the door and sees Jessica's phone, and tells Jessica that she has no idea what she's done. Jessica tells Malus that he's going to prison with Alisa, and Alisa insists that her daughter has no idea what she's talking about. Malus tells her to calm down and asks Jessica to help, and Alisa tells him to go. Alisa slams Jessica against the wall and tells Malus to go and meet her where they agreed. He refuses at first and she yells at him to get out, and Malus finally goes out. Once Malus is gone, locking the door behind him, Alisa releases Jessica. Jessica says that one way or another Malus will pay. Alisa tells him that he's paid plenty in the last 12 years.

Trish gets dressed and tells Malcolm that they work their way through Jessica's usual haunts. He asks what she's jacked up on, pointing out her symptoms. Trish insists that he's wrong, but refuses to let him go into the bathroom to look for her inhaler. Malcolm asks what it is, and Trish says that it's a combat enhancer and it makes the user stronger and faster. She insists that she's not hooked but admits that she hasn't told Jessica because she doesn't discuss what she does privately. Malcolm doesn't believe her, and Trish says that it's none of his business. Malcolm refuses to go with her while she's using and leaves.

Alisa pours a glass of wine and offers it to Jessica. She talks about how they'll put her away for left and tells Jessica to say whatever she has to say.

Jeri does a search for the healer gifted, Shane Ryback, and discovers that he's in jail. She asks Inez how she ended up on the streets, and Inez says that after IGH she got nervous around patients and couldn't work as a nurse. She turned to prostitution to pay the rent, and Jeri says that she grew up poor in a trailer. Jeri tells Inez that she has everything that she built from nothing, tells Inez to find another place to stay, and Inez angrily storms off.

Alisa asks Jessica what she's been through, and Jessica says that Alisa hooked up with someone else. Her mother says that she and her husband argued and was talking about divorce, and they hid it from their kids. Alisa stayed rather than move to Michigan to get tenure, and Philip knew they were having problems and acted out. Jessica points out that Malus experiments on people without their consent, and Alisa tells her that she shut herself down even before the accident, and Jessica describes her good memories. She hesitates and then says that she doesn't see her mother when she sees Alisa. But her voice reminds her of what happened before the accident. Alisa says that she refused to go to the shore, "Playland" the last year. She forced Jessica to go on the Ferris wheel but knew that Jessica loved it just like she did.

Jessica wonders how Alisa got out without Malus knowing, and Alisa tells her to leave it alone. Her mother tells her to leave it alone, but Jessica finds the scratches on the floor indicating that the bookcase is an entrance to a secret passage. She admits that she doesn't know what she's doing.

Detectives Costa and Sunday pull up to the house with unis and surround the house. They go in and Sunday figures that it's a set-up. They check the basement and go into the room, but discover that it's empty. The passage door is still open.

Malcolm calls Jessica and tells her that he has to stay busy so he's going to continue working. He finds a lead on Steven, indicating that he went to a gay bar called Whiskeys and paid a stripper named Chocolate Bar.

Jeri goes to the prison and meets with Shane. She explains that she's a lawyer and is Inez' friend, and Shane tells her that he wants nothing to do with IGH. He figures that she wants him to heal someone, but Shane refuses. Jeri says that she's the best lawyer he can't afford and she wins, and says the DA won't go to trial against her. Shane figures that she's sick and asks for her hand. Jeri takes it and Shane analyzes her ALS. He yanks away after a moment, saying that he feels sick and calling for the guards.

Alisa and Jessica take a taxi and Jessica says that she needs time to think. When the taxi driver texts, Alisa complains that he's texting and driving. He tells her to calm down, and Jessica tells him to pull over. They get out and Alisa insists that she was in control. They walk to Jessica's office and Alisa admires Oscar's painting. She says that she's proud of Jessica, and that she chose to stay with Jessica rather than with Malus. Jessica figures that she should turn Alisa in, and Alisa tells her to take her time. The PI takes out a set of manacles, and Alisa says that she can control the rage on the small stuff. She admits that it gets easier the more terrible things she does, and tells Jessica that the police are there.

Costa walks up to the office and Jessica comes out to greet him. He says that he went to the address, unaware that Alisa is in the office listening. Jessica says that she's on a case, and Costa warns her that she's on her own if she doesn't tell him everything. She tells him that she'll come down to the station in the morning and then goes back into the office. Jessica discovers that Alisa slipped out and goes to look for her.

Malcolm goes to Whiskers and Trish calls him. He tells her that he's going to Whiskers on a case, and hangs up as Trish asks him if he's going to tell Jessica about the inhaler.

Jessica searches the neighborhood for Alisa and then goes to her floor. She finds Alisa talking to Oscar in the hallway, and Jessica lets her back into her office. Oscar figures that Jessica hated his painting of her, and Jessica says that it was great. Alisa, listening in, tells Oscar that she was impressed. Jessica claims that Alisa showed up and surprised her, and they have a lot of baggage to unpack. She says that she'll see him alone and closes the door, and then demands to know what Alisa is doing. Jessica says that Oscar is a convicted criminal and tells Alisa to stay away from him. Alisa explains that she jumped up on the roof when she thought Costa was coming in, then came back in and met Oscar. Jessica tells her to take the bed while she sleeps on the couch, and warns her that there's no version that ends well.

That night, Malcolm goes into Whiskers and Tires to blend in. Steven sits down at the bar and Malcolm joins him. They chat until Malcolm tells him to go home and tells his wife the truth. Steven wonders who Malcolm is, and Malcolm says that if he was doing his job then he'd blackmail him but it's too ugly. The lawyer demands to know who hired Malcolm, and Malcolm claims that Linda hired him. Malcolm tells him to get dirt on her to protect himself, and offers to help. He asks for something he can use, and Steven tells him about Linda's off-shore accounts.

Three men call them faggots and Steven walks off. The men come over and Malcolm tells them to back off. A fight breaks up and the three of them beat Malcolm up. Trish arrives and takes down all three of them. They run off and Trish admits that she had help. She offers the inhaler to Malcolm so he'll heal faster, and assures him that it's not addictive. Malcolm gives himself a dose but then says that he's not fine, tells Trish to stay away from him, and runs off.

Jeri returns home and pours herself a drink. Inez comes out with a bag full of the stuff Jeri bought her, and tells her to take it back. Jeri asks wherever she's going, and asks Inez to stay and celebrate. She explains that she's getting Shane out of prison after she talked with the DA, and he dropped the felony charges down to a misdemeanor. Jeri tells Inez that for the first time in a long time she feels hopeful, and thanks Inez for trying to help her. Inez hopes that Shane can do something for her, and Jeri offers a toast to hope. The ex-nurse sits down next to Jeri, who assures her that the scars on Inez's legs don't freak her out. She then kisses them and lays Inez back on the couch.

Jessica prepares to sleep on the couch, and hears Alisa singing to herself as she prepares for bed. She comes out to make a hot toddy, and someone shoots at her through the window. Jessica leaps up and takes the next shot, and collapses. It's a graze, and the sniper keeps shooting. Alisa runs out to go after the shooter, and Jessica follows her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 8, 2018

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