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The Salem Witch Hunt Recap

In 1692, at Salem, Massachusetts, Judge John Hathorne declares that Alice Parker is guilty of witchcraft. Alice insists that she's innocent but the judge tells her that she will be hanged as a witch. They place the noose around her neck and hang her.

In the present at Gilroy's, Wyatt asks Jessica what she's doing there. She goes back to her work without responding, and finally tells Wyatt that he's ignored her texts for the last two weeks. Jessica figures that Wyatt was either on a military mission or with another woman, and says that she'll meet with him after work.

At the Rittenhouse base, Nicholas is exercising and watching videos as Emma watches over him. Carol comes in and Nicholas complains about the exercise machine. She says that it's for his recovery, but Emma immediately agrees to remove it. Nicholas then tells Carol that Lucy is troubling and orders her to remove it.

Jiya approaches Rufus and tells him that the seizures she's been having are premonitions of the future. Lately they've been of Rufus' future, and Rufus figures that she's joking. Undeterred, Jiya says that Rufus is going to screw up something bad in colonial times. She describes Rufus covered in blood and shooting a man with a scar on his cheek

Connor reports that the Mothership landed in Salem 1692. Denise tells Lucy to call Wyatt again, and she tries again and reaches him. Wyatt tells her that Jessica is alive because they changed history, and in the six years of her new life, he wasn't a good husband. He says that he's sorry, but Lucy tells him that it's everything he wanted and it's a good thing. She tells him that everything is fine there and he should focus on Jessica.

Lucy goes back to the others and tells them that Wyatt isn't coming because Jessica is alive. Rufus checks the records and confirms that when they were in 1941, the Mothership jumped to San Diego in 1981. He suggests that Rittenhouse killed Jessica's murderer. Lucy says that they can go after Rittenhouse without Wyatt, and Garcia suggests that he goes with them. He says that he knows all about the witch trials and only those who refused to confess were hanged. The final victims were hanged from the same tree one by one. Lucy tells the others that Garcia has been effective and they need to take a white man with them so that they have more access. She asks Garcia if she can trust him, and Garcia says that she can. Denise informs him that Lucy is in charge and they won't give Garcia a gone, and Garcia agrees.

The trio board the Lifeboat and depart for 1692. When they arrive, the time travelers go to Proctor's Ledge where the witches will be hung. A robed figure approaches them and the travelers claim to be visitors from Boston. The figure, Abiah, posts a notice condemning the judges are killers. Garcia says that they're because they want to help, and Lucy warns that it's dangerous to speak out. Abiah tells them that she plans to speak out at Ingersoll's Tavern.

Wyatt takes Jessica to his hotel room and Jessica points out that after their honeymoon Wyatt disappeared for two months. She says that it was the night they met with Todd Jankowski, the marriage counselor. Jessica gives him divorce papers that she has already signed, and says that they have to face that they're not the couple they wanted to be. Wyatt says that he's different, but Jessica points out that he's drunk and angry, and they're never together. She tells Wyatt that he puts her on a pedestal, and Wyatt says that he needs her.

The travelers go to the tavern and Hathorne walks out and calls everyone to order. He announces that a petition was submitted to the governor asking for the verdict to be overturned, and the governor refused. Hathorne says that the nine witches will be executed, even though Lucy only remembers eight. Abiah says that there are no such thing as witches, and Hathorne presents the accused and points out the "evidence". When Abiah continues to object, Hathone reads the accusation and calls out Abiah Franklin. He says that she has been convicted of witchcraft and will hang with the others. Lucy tells Rufus and Garcia that Abiah is Benjamin Franklin's mother, and if she's executed then he'll never be born.

Lucy says that Abiah won't give birth to Benjamin for 14 years. She figures that if Rittenhouse kills Benjamin Franklin then they will eliminate a voice against tyranny. Rufus sees the ma that Jiya described from her visions, and figures that he's a sleeper agent. The man leaves and Garcia goes off to see if Jiya is right. They follow the man to a barn, grab him, and demand to know what he knows about Abiah. They determine that he's working with Hathorne, and he's secretly investigating the charges. He has papers confirming that he's Judge Samuel Sewall. Samuel's daughter Betty comes in, and Samuel begs them not to kill him in front of his child. Garcia tells Samuel not to say anything and lets him go, and the travelers wonder who accused Abiah. Lucy says that Abiah's sister Bathsheba Pope was one of the most outspoken accusers.

Wyatt says that something could happen to Jessica, and admits that he doesn't know what she goes through. Jessica says that she's proud of what he does, but the secrecy and half-truths are too much for her. Wyatt agrees to tell her the whole truth but she has to come with him.

The trio leave and Lucy explains that Bathsheba and her husband were two of the major accusers. They go the Pope house and Rufus goes back into Salem to find a way to rescue the witches. They go inside and Bathsheba's husband Joseph says that he doesn't hunt or have a rifle because he's a god-fearing man. Bathsheba come in and says that she's heard that Abiah was accused of witchcraft. She figures that the village will be freed of evil, and Lucy tells her that she knows Bathsheba has been falsely accusing people of witchcraft. Garcia asks who paid her to accuse the witches and starts beating Joseph. Bathsheba says that she didn't accuse Abiah.

At the tavern, Rufus meets with Garcia and Lucy and says that the prison is too tough to break into. Samuel comes in and Rufus tells Lucy that he can't forget Jiya's vision. Lucy tells him that there's no such thing as predestination, but Rufus points out that Garcia said that they would work together and it's come true. Samuel and his men surround them with guns. As Garcia fights them, Carol steps out and accuses Lucy of being a witch.

Wyatt takes Jessica to the bunker and shows her around. Denise finds them and talks to Wyatt, complaining that he brought Jessica there. She explains that Rittenhouse changed history to bring Jessica back, and figures that Jessica might be the danger. Wyatt tells her that the bunker isn't a secret anymore, and Jessica hears him say that she died six years ago. As Jessica runs, she bumps into Connor and recognizes him, and is surprised that Wyatt knows Connor.

The men throw Lucy into a cell with the other women. Abiah comes over and Lucy says that it's more awful than she thought. The younger woman explains how her own friends sat there as they took her away, and she'll die in disgrace. Lucy says that they refused to change and that made people md, so they attacked her and called her evil. She tells them that they're brave and she's proud to be in their company.

Rufus sits outside the cell with the hangman, who tells Rufus to stay away from him.

Carol comes in and asks Lucy if she's okay. She says that there's no sleeper agent there, and she accused Lucy to make a better future. Lucy asks her about Jessica, and Carol says that if Lucy agrees then they can go back to the future and convince Nicholas to spare her. Her daughter says that she'd rather be hanged, and Carol slips a knife through the bar and tells her to escape. Then she will find her and take her back in the Mothership.

Garcia goes back to the Pope home and demands to know where his rifle is. Pope punches him, and Garcia punches him back. Bathsheba comes out with the rifle, and Garcia throws Joseph into Bathsheba and takes the rifle to use.

The townspeople take the women to Proctor's Ledge and Hathorne declares sentence on Abiah. Lucy cuts at her ropes with the knife, and gives it to Rufus when she can't reach the ropes. The townspeople curse Abiah, and Garcia shoots from the shadows and kills a man. Hathorne and the others run off, and Rufus frees Lucy. As they free Abiah, Hathorne attacks Lucy. Garcia kills him but not before Hathorne stabs Lucy in the arm. She tells Rufus that they can still save the women, and tells them to run. Lucy then advises Abiah to take the women to Boston where there will be more men with open minds, and she'll be fine.

As Rufus leads Alice away, Samuel confronts him and says that Rufus can't escape. He aims his flintlock at Rufus, and Rufus tells him to leave. Samuel refuses and Rufus says that he doesn't want to shoot Samuel, and lowers his own musket. He tells Samuel to go home to his daughter, and after a moment, Samuel lowers his flintlock. A wagon runs over Samuel and Rufus goes over to him and realizes that he's dead.

Back at the Lifeboat, Garcia straps Lucy in and says that she made a pretty big change in history by saving the women. Lucy tells him that she can't watch innocent people die anymore, and Garcia assures her that she's nothing like Carol. The Lifeboat returns to the present as a skeptical Jessica looks on and realizes that it's all true.

Wyatt goes to the Lifeboat and looks at Lucy, who sees Jessica there. Garcia leads Lucy away, and Rufus tells Jiya that the "Salem Witch Revolt" wasn't in the history books before they altered the timeline. He says that Samuel ended up dead because of what Jiya told him. She refuses to apologize, and Rufus says that she shouldn't tell him what are in her visions.

Carol returns to Nicholas' chamber and he talks about fast food. She says that Garcia showed up in Salem and helped Lucy escape. Emma is there, and Nicholas says that he's taking Carol off of the Lucy assignment. Carol tells him to think about their future, and Nicholas says that Lucy is their problem now.

Wyatt talks to Jessica privately and describes how she died six years ago in his reality. They fought and he let her go, and she never came back because she was murdered. Wyatt says that his whole world ended with her, until Connor invented a time machine. He tells her that he's not the man she knew for the last six years, and begs her to give him one last chance.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 9, 2018

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