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Null and Annoyed Recap

Flash and Elongated Man take on Thinker, and Elongated Man withdraws his head so that Thinker can't grab it. Disgusted, Flash shuts down the hologram simulation, and Iris and Cisco tell Elongated Man to follow the plan. Iris says that Elongated Man should morph into Flash and then Thinker won't know which of them to attack. Elongated Man isn't concerned, but Flash says that they're trying to protect him.

As the group goes back to the Cortex, Barry tells Ralph to take things seriously. Iris confers with Barry privately, and he says that they can't wing it. In the Cortex, Harry is trying to track down the last two bus meats, and isn't able to. He explains that Edwin disappeared on the day Barry came out of the Speed force. Janet is a criminal using the name "Null" who was last seen in Iron Heights. Harry says that he needs a little peace and quiet to concentrate, and then he'll find them.

Breached breaches in and grabs Cisco, and says that he needs his help. He explains that he was hunting Lord Crucifer when his cult of vampires ambushed him. Breached managed to dismantle his entire force, but when he fought Crucifer he lost his powers. He figures that since Gypsy told him Cisco is an intelligent man, Breached came to him for meta advice. Breacher thinks that Cisco can fix him, and Cisco agrees to help. Once Breacher leaves, Cisco is shocked that Breacher didn't insult him.

Thinker is examining photos of the bus metas when Mechanic comes in. Her husband warns that the dark matter from the subject is overwhelming his body and he has a week. Mechanic discovers that her husband has already come up with a plan and says that she'll be able to complete the designs in a few hours. Thinker says that then they'll capture the two remaining bus members. When Mechanic points out that Weeper is still at large, Thinker hastily corrects himself.

Two guards are trying to move a crate and go to get a dolly. Once they're gone, Null steps out of the fog and makes the crate weightless, and then walks off as it drifts up into the air. The guards return and discover that the crate is gone. They go to call the boss, and the crate slams down and shatters. Null comes back and gets the crown in a case inside the crate.

The next day, Barry and Ralph go to the crime scene. Joe tells them that someone stole the Kahndaq Dynasty family crown brought for a museum exhibition. The crate disappeared and then reappeared completely smashed. Barry figures that the case had to be moving at at least 55 miles an hour, and Ralph stretches over to take fingerprints. He startles the guards and they drop a vase they're carrying.

In the Speed Lab, Breacher is unable to summon his powers at the targets. He throws a knife at one of Cisco instead, and Cisco pulls it out and tells him that they'll figure it out and fix it. Breacher glares at him for a moment and then says that when Cisco fixes him, he'll give Gypsy more time to be with Cisco. Cisco sends him to get some donuts and tells Caitlin that things are looking up for him. Caitlin says that there's nothing abnormal with Breacher, and he's losing his powers because he's getting older. She figures that Cisco will tell him, but Cisco warns that Breacher will never let him see Gypsy if he does. Caitlin says that it's the right thing to do.

As Mechanic works on the new thinker chair, she drops her coffee mug. She bends over and finds traces of Weeper's tears on the mug. Mechanic analyze them and determines what it is.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Joe tells Ralph and Barry that the vase was $40,000 and they're not allowed at crime scenes. iris finds Janet under 17 different aliases, and Harry puts on the Thinker cap and runs facial recognition. They spot her on camera 40 minutes ago, and Ralph says that he knows the address.

Barry and Ralph go to the address and Earl Cox opens the door. Ralph changes into Joe West's form and starts questioning him about Janet. Barry shows Earl a photo of Janet, and they figure that she came there to sell the crown. Ralph doesn't believe Earl when he denies it, and they find the jewels. They look up and see Null hovering against the ceiling. When Barry goes to cuff her, Null touches him and he drifts up to the ceiling.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry continues hovering in the air as Iris holds him on a roof. Caitlin determines that the density of Barry's cells have been altered, and Harry says that the effect will wear off, and pushes Cisco aside as Barry drops to the floor. Barry complains that Ralph was joking around, and points out that Ralph's life is at risk. Ralph doesn't take him seriously, and Barry says that he's benching him. His teammate says that he's doing what's best for him and walks off.

Marlize does a complete physical of herself and discovers that she's been drugged with Weeper's tears. She realizes that someone has been drugging her using Weeper.

Cisco tries to figure out ways to restore Breacher's powers, but Caitlin warns that none of them will work long-term. She tells Cisco that he has to tell Breacher, just as Breacher comes in and demands his cure. Cisco hands him some of the antihistamines that he's taking and says that they're the cure. Breacher's powers come back but with a different color, and Cisco claims that it's a side effect. Once Breacher leaves, Caitlin warns Cisco that he just made things worse.

Barry tells Iris that Ralph is screwing things up and he has to think like him. Iris warns that Ralph will never do that,, and they get an alert of a jewelry robbery. Harry comes in and tells Barry that Null can't gravitate what she can't see. If Barry vibrates so she can't see him, he'll be safe.

Null is leaving the jewelry sore when Flash speeds by at superspeed and handcuffs her. She points out a car falling out of the sky and says that Flash has to save it and let her get away. The hero speeds up a building, leaps into the car, and gets the driver out as the car hits the pavement. The handcuffs are lying on the street and Null is long gone.

That night, Harry complains that he couldn't predict Null's escape plan. He points out that Clifford can calculate human behavior, and noes that after a year they haven't gotten any closer to Clifford. Harry storms out and Iris points out that Barry's plan didn't work. They can't calculate probabilities like Clifford, and iris notes that Ralph got the job done when Barry was in prison. She asks if Barry is upset that that Ralph doesn't have a plan, or he isn't following Barry's plan.

Cisco finds the bottle of pills and gets a vibe vision from them of Breacher confronting Crucifer and his powers failing. Vibe goes to help Breacher, uses an ultraviolet gun on Crucifer but it has no effect, and escapes with Breacher. Breacher is furious that Cisco lied to him, and Cisco tells him that his vibe powers won't work because of his age. He apologizes, admitting that he just wanted to see Cisco, and Breacher sys that he hates him and leaves. Caitlin has heard the whole thing and tells Cisco that he did the right thing. Cisco wishes that Breacher knew that and walks away.

Mechanic records a video message telling herself that Thinker is drugging her to keep her docile. She saves the file and discovers that the same-named file exists of herself in the past warning her. Thinker comes in and says that Mechanic's plan is clever, and admits that she's been through it many times. Using Weeper's tears and Dominic's powers, she can wipe Mechanic's memories. She knew that Mechanic's humanity would get in the way of their progress to Enlightenment. Thinker triggers a tentacle, drugging Mechanic, and says that she's nothing without her.

Ralph is resting in a pipeline cell when Barry comes in and asks for his help. He apologizes for being too quick to a judge, and Ralph says that knows that it's serious. The hero admits that he's scared out of his mind, and explains that his father walked out on him and his mother when Ralph was 10. Ralph started making jokes to cheer her up, and eventually they worked for him as well. Ever since then, any time that he's afraid he either hides or makes jokes. Iris calls to say that they found Null at the museum, and Barry asks Ralph to come with him.

At the museum gala, Null floats in and orders everyone to hand over their jewelry. When one guest refuses, Null touches her and the guest drifts into the air. Flash arrives to pull the guest down, and Elongated Man stretches in. She touches the pavement and at the lab, Harry tells him to get everyone out before they drift off. When Flash is distracted, Null touches Flash and he floats into the air. He floats up too high for Elongated Man to reach, and he's too high for Cisco to vibe to him. Flash tells them to let Elongated Man improvise, and Elongated Man puts the power-dampening cuffs on Null's ankles. Flash falls, and Elongated Man gets underneath him and inflates himself into a giant whoopee cushion, breaking Flash's fall.

Later back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the heroes lock Null up in the pipeline. They notice that Harry is gone, and Joe heads to the CCPD to find more information on Edwin. As he goes, he asks Ralph why Earl called him saying that he was clearing Ralph's tab. Ralph feigns ignorance, and Iris asks Cisco and Caitlin to help her in the speed lab. Barry tells Ralph that he was great, and that he taught him he can't take Thinker so seriously.

Cisco gets the pills and throws them in the garbage. Breacher breaches in wearing a Hawaiian shirt and says that he went back to his earth and realized that he's an older man. He realized that it's time to retire, and he's going to go visit a dragon farm. Breacher tells Cisco goodbye forever and would like Cisco to replace him at the Collection Agency. He asks if Cisco would like to be the new Breacher.

Thinker is examining photos of the bus metas when Mechanic comes in. Her husband warns that the dark matter from the subject is overwhelming his body and he has a week. Mechanic discovers that her husband has already come up with a plan and says that she'll be able to complete the designs in a few hours. Thinker says that Team Flash has captured Null and it's time for them to act.

Harry enters Eobard's vault and hooks up the Thinking Cap to the computer. It finally activates, and Gideon greets him. Harry tells it that a lot has changed since they last spoke.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 11, 2018

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