Null and Annoyed

The Mechanic discovers what Thinker has been doing to her, and Breacher comes asking Cisco for help. Meanwhile, Team Flash goes after Subject 11, who can control gravity, and Barry questions if Ralph takes anything seriously.


By Gadfly on Apr 11, 2018

Flash and Elongated Man take on Thinker, and Elongated Man withdraws his head so that Thinker can't grab it. Disgusted, Flash shuts down the hologram simulation, and Iris and Cisco tell Elongated Man to follow the plan. Iris says that Elongated Man should morph into Flash and then Thinker won't know which of them to attack. Elongated Man isn't concerned, but Flash says that they're trying to protect him. As the group goes back to the Cortex, Barry tells Ralph to take things seriously. Iris co…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted a year ago

Jay and silent Bob.... Loved the cameos.

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