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Chosen Recap

The Past

In a cottage in the woods, the Witch makes gingerbread cookies and puts them on a platter. She serves the two children in a cage, Hansel and Gretel, and Gretel says that she can't eat anymore. The Witch says that they need to be plump for her upcoming feast. Zelena comes in earing a necklace and says that she's going to banished the witch from Oz. She blasts the witch back, and Gretel asks Zelena witch to help them. Hans warns that Zelena won't help them, and the Witch recovers and blasts Zelena out of the cottage. Zelena staggers off , the necklace glowing, and she finally passes out in the forest.


Zelena checks her voice mail and discovers that Chad called. He says in his message that he wants to understand why she left, and he made a reservation the next night at their special place. Regina comes in from the forest and says that she found the moss that she needed for the potion. Zelena tells her that Henry left town for a job interview in New York, and shows Regina the chocolate box. Regina wonders why the Candy Killer is targeting Zelena, and Zelena says that her counterpart Kelly was loved and didn't have problems. She figures that Chad would never choose Zelena, and says that the curse was more like a vacation for her.

At her apartment, Jacinda is making breakfat and staring off into space. Sabine interrupts and figures that Jacinda is thinking about Henry. Jacinda says that Henry didn't text her, just as she gets a text from Henry. He says that the interview went well and he'll call later, and Sabine tells her friend that it doesn't mean Henry is moving to New York permanently.

Nick checks Henry's phone and gets Jacinda's ext response. He tells the tied-up Henry that Jacinda still digs him, and says that henry wrote a different Hansel and his sister is darker. Henry figures that Nick needed something to cope after he lost Gretel, and Nick says that Henry will offer him. He takes out a knife and says that Henry will help him make Zelena pay.

At the station, the desk sergeant tells Rogers that a patrolman found Henry's car on the side of the road. Robin and Zelena arrive and Rogers, seeing Zelena with the chocolate box, warns Zelena that she's a target. As he takes them to the cafeteria to question them, Zelena sees Weaver and says that she needs to make a phone call. Once she's alone, she tosses the box on Weaver's desk and asks if he knows who the Candy Killer is. Weaver says that it's Gretel and Zelena admits that she did something terrible to Gretel and now her past is coming back to haunt her. She asks Wever for help, warning that he can't be reunited with Belle if he refuses.

The Past

Zelena wakes up in a cottage and a man named Ivo comes in. She realizes that her necklace is gone, and Ivo says that it was broken and he took it from her so that he could fix it. Ivo puts it around Zelena's neck and she realizes that he's blind. Zelena thanks him for fixing her necklace and says that she has some business to attend to, but she stumbles from her injuries and Ivo offers to get her something to eat first. Ivo explains that he spends most of his time looking for his children Hansel and Gretel.


Nick brings Henry some water and talks about how he took Henry out drinking for his nineteenth birthday. He talks about how he was tired of being Hansel so he picked a new name, Jack. When they slew the giants together, he became a hero. Henry asks what changed, and Nick says that Henry's family arriving complicated things for him. He insists that all witches are bad, and Henry asks Nick to tell him who the witch is. Nick says that Zelena is the Wicked Witch, and Henry says that if Nick frees him then he'll use the Author Power to fix Nick's life. His former friend says that he knows Henry is trying to trick him, and realizes that there's a way that Henry can help him rid the world of evil.

Drew and Sabine are working in the food truck, and they flirt. Sabine goes to get some more of her secret ingredient, and Samdi walks up to the window and says that he hopes Drew will remember why he's there. He reminds Drew that he still owes him a debt and walks off.

Weaver takes Zelena to his storage unit and says that she's fighting her pas. He gives her the necklace and says that the Wicked Witch he knew doesn't need magic. Zelena says that she's tired of paying for her pas self's sins, but Weaver tells her that she's a part of Zelena and she needs to come to grips with it. he says that the dark piece of them shows them how much they've come and how much they have to lose.

The Past

Zelena tries to summon her magic to create a fire in the fireplace without success. Ivo comes in and she claims that she was cooking for him. He suggests that they cook together and Ivo shows her how to start a fire, and Ivo says that he can picture the flames in his mind just like he can picture Zelena when he hears her voice. He tells her that she has a fierce, beautiful heart, and Zelena tells him that no one has ever said that about her before. Ivo explains that he lost his sight in a logging accident, and afterward he got to spend more time with his children and learned to love their voices. Zelena tries to excuse herself, but Ivo asks her to say because he likes having her there. She promises that she'll be back soon but has to do something first, and walks out.


Rogers approaches Jacinda as she's out jogging, and explains about Henry's abandoned car. He called the airline and confirmed that Henry never got his path. Zelena shows him the texts and Rogers notices a gingerbread house kit in her car. Jacinda says that Nick gave it to Lucy. Rogers notices that in the text, "Henry" calls Jacinda "J", and remembers that Nick called her that at the barcade. She remembers that Nick has scars on his arms, and Rogers tells her to go home while he goes to find Henry.

Henry is working on rubbing through his bonds. Nick comes in and says that his memories came back to him, and figures the same will happen to Henry. He shows him the results of the blood test showing that Henry is Lucy's father. Henry doesn't believe it, and Nick says that he was there when Lucy was born. Henry insists that Zelena's counterpart, Kelly, is a real person, and yells at Nick not to make her part of his delusional fantasy. Shocked, Nick says that Henry is a stubborn bastard and says that Henry has given him what he needs to kill Zelena. He then knocks out Henry, well aware that he's working through his ropes.

Zelena closes the bar and takes out the necklace, and Regina comes in. She wonders what Zelena is doing there, and says that Rogers is keeping Robin safe. Zelena thanks Regina for helping her, and they share a toast. Regina tells elsl her that they can be both themselves and their counterparts, but Zelena isn't convinced.

The Past

Zelena goes back to the cottage and tells the Wich to get out of Oz. The Witch throws a giant gum drop at her, grabs a giant candy cane, and threatens Zelena with it. Zelena blinds her with a spell and says that she knows someone who needs her sight more than she does. She saunters past the Witch, laughing, and goes in calling for the children. Their cages are empty, and Zelena figures that the Witch has killed and eaten them.

Rogers breaks into Nick's apartment and unties Henry. Henry says that Nick is after Zelena, and Rogers helps him out.

At the bar, the phone rings. Zelena answers it and discovers that it's Chad, and she says that she's been tied up. Nick comes on the line and says that he has Chad hostage, and tells Zelena to do what he says if she wants to ever see Chad again. Roni comes downstairs and Zelena says that Chad called from the airport. She asks Regina to pick him up and take him somewhere safe.

The Past

Zelena goes back to Ivo's cottage, and he says that they already told him what happened. They step out of the shadows and say that they escaped, no thanks to Zelena. Ivo is furious that Zelena accepted his hospitality while his children were in danger, and Zelena admits that she's wicked but trying to be good. They don't believe that there's such a thing as a good witch, but Zelena insists that she's had a lousy laugh. She offers Ivo the spell to restore his sight and asks him to give her a second chance. Ivo refuses, and Gretel grabs a knife and says that Zelena doesn't deserve to walk away from She summons fire from the flames and wraps them around his arms, and Gretel and Ivo put out the fire with flames while Zelena teleports away.

Once Regina leaves, Zelena goes to the bar basement. She finds Chad there, tied up, and tells him that she can ix everything. Nick slams the door shut and tells Chad that Zelena burns everything that she touches. Zelena realizes who Nick really is, and Nick draws a knife. She tells Nick to let Chad go, but Nick says that she manipulated his father and turned Gretel into a power-hungry witch and it killed her. Zelena says that neither one of them forced Gretel to make those choices, and he can't kill other people because of her bad mistakes. They fight and Chad falls over on the chair he's tied to.

Zelena finally grabs the knife and puts it to Nick's throat, and he tells her to finish it. She refuses, saying that she's changed, then knocks him out She goes to Chad, who asks who Zelena is. Zelena says that she'll introduce him to her.

The couple goes upstairs and Zelena calls the police. She then tells Chad that everything Nick said is true, and she hurt a lot of people. Zelena thought it was all past her but it keeps coming back, and with Chad she felt free of her past. She takes off her engagement ring and starts to walk away, and Chad tells her that he signed up for everything with her. He points out that Zelena didn't kill Nick and she's different now, and says that he loves all of her. Chad asks Zelena to put the ring back on, and she happily agrees and then kisses him as the police arrive.

Henry goes to Jacinda's apartment and they hug. He assures Jacinda that he's fine, just as Lucy runs up and hugs him. Henry says that he doesn't think the New York job is for him.

Drew leaves the food truck for the night and gives the waiting Samdi a beignet. Samdi says that Drew convinced Sabine to trust him, and casts a spell on a voodoo doll. Drew says that they're done, and Samdi tells him that they're done when he says that they're done.

Zelena is sitting in the bar alone when Regina comes back. She figures that Zelena and Chad are back together, and says that she didn't tell him that she has to stay to help Regina break the curse. Reginal tells her half-sister that she deserves some happiness and should go with Chad. Robin comes in as the sisters hug, and realizes that it's a goodbye hug. Zelena tells her daughter that there's some things she needs to tell her, but Robin has already figured that Zelena is trying to cover up for something bad in her past. When Zelena asks Robin to come to San Francisco with them, Robin says that she's met someone she'd like to stay there for. Zelena happily agrees and gives her the necklace, saying that she wants Robin to wear it as her maid of honor. She then says that any happiness she had began with Robin, and they hug.

At the station, Nick sits alone in an interrogation room. The lights flicker and someone comes in. Nick asks who they are, and Samdi says that he's his patron. He explains that he woke Nick up from the curse, and he hoped that Nick would take care of a few witches for him... including Gothel. Nick wants to make Gothel suffer for what she did to Gretel, but Samdi points out that Nick got caught. He takes out a video doll and stabs it in the chest with a pin, and Nick collapses dead.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 14, 2018

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