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Rifting Apart Recap

The police take the bodies out of the school, and the sheriff tells Deputy Masters to expand the search for Ash. Ash and Pablo are hiding in a classroom, and Ash takes in the fact that he failed to save Brandy and a demon is possessing Kelly's body. He figures that Professor Nowby's spirit got stuck in a rift in time, just as the coroner takes Brandy's body out. Ash figures they have to get her body before they cut her up.

On the other side, Brandy runs outside of the school and sees a man run down the street and duck into an alleyway. Amy is cowering behind a car, and Brandy runs to the hardware store. The door is locked and something inside peers out. A girl from the prom comes down the street and asks Brandy where she is, and a black force appears behind her, grabs her legs, and pulls her into itself. Brandy runs over and tells the girl to take her hand, but Dalton grabs Brandy and warns that if it finds her then it will take her too.

Ash and Pablo get into the coroner's van and Pablo says that there are other bodies in the back. The coroners run out as Ash starts the car, and he gives them the finger and drives off. Ash has Pablo take the wheel while he checks on Brandy's body. He apologizes for letting her down and says that he'll bring her home. He goes back to the front, and the other body starts tearing at the bag.

The black force disappears, and Dalton explains that he woke up there after the evil killed him. He figures that they have to move, and takes Brandy to the theater where "they" figure it doesn't come around as much. Dalton tells Brandy to run inside and take cover.

Ash and Pablo drive to the hardware store and take Brandy's body inside.

The black force emerges from the sidewalk, cutting off Dalton and Brandy before they can get into the theater. Kelly finds them and takes them into the bar. Brandy figures that Kelly has a plan, and Kelly says that duck-0and-cover is the best plan they've got.

Ash and Pablo discover that Zoe is gone, and Pablo realizes that Ash doesn't have a plan. Pablo figures that to get to the other side, they have to let the evil kill them. Ash finally agrees to do it for Brandy and Kelly, and Pablo suggests that he stab himself with the Dagger. After a moment, Ash tells Pablo to stab him because he can't do it. Pablo admits that he doesn't know if it will work, and Ash says that they'll do it together. They count to three and push in the Dagger, and Ash falls to the ground dead. Pablo tells Ash's corpse to give him a sign and then he'll open the rift.

On the other side, Ash wakes up and realizes that his right hand is back. He runs outside, calling for Brandy, and finds himself in the sperm bank.

Pablo sits next to Ash's body and hears someone moving upstairs in the store. He looks around and discovers that the body bag holding Brandy's corpse is gone.

Kelly says that most of the people let the black force take them, but she and Dalton decided to fight. Ash comes in and sees them, and they greet each other. He explains that he killed himself to get there, and he has an idea of a plan. Something moves outside, chasing one of the dead girls.

Pablo goes upstairs and looks for Brandy, and the Deadite Gown Girl throws a cardboard cutout of Ash at him. He drops the Dagger, and the girl attacks him. Pablo manages to fight her off but she disappears into the rows.

Ash says that they have to get to the cellar, jump through the rift, and reenter their bodies. He leads them out and they find themselves in the sperm bank. He goes to the door that led him to the cellar, and comes out on the street. The black force emerges from the street, and Dalton offers to sacrifice himself so the others can get away. When Kelly objects, Dalton kisses her and runs off yelling. Ash spots the Mustang and gets in with Kelly and Brandy, and Kelly tells him that the car won't work. The force's arms claw at the windows.

The force pulls Dalton down into the street, and then pulls the Mustang down. Ash starts the car just as the arms pull it all the way in. The other victims watch in shock... and the Mustang drives out of the concrete. Ash drives it at the force and goes through it, and the victims smile in satisfaction. The trio reach the hardware store and go to the cellar... and discover that there's no rift.

The girl leaps at Pablo, who pins her to the counter and slams her head into a paint shaker, and then turns it on. Her body falls off, and the TV comes on. It shows Ash and the others on the other side. Pablo runs down to the cellar and uses his brujo powers to open the rift. On the other side, the rift opens and the trio starts to go through. As Brandy enters the rift, Kelly discovers that something is keeping her from coming through. Ash is pulled into the rift, and Kelly says goodbye.

In the real world, Pablo looks at Ash's unmoving corpse and figures that it didn't work. Ash comes back to life and grabs Pablo's leg, and sees the empty body bag. Pablo points out that Ash didn't check to see if they brought down the right body, and they go to the van. Brandy is there in the other bag and alive, and she and Ash hug. Ash says that Kelly is still on the other side, but they never leave a man behind.

Ruby goes to the house, and Kaya/Kelly says that they betrayed the dark ones and they will destroy them when they arrive. She explains that she captured Zoe, who calls Ruby the "Demon Woman of Fire" in Latin. When Ruby calls Kaya by name, Zoe recognizes her as the traitor. Ruby grabs a knife, pushes Zoe down, and says that she's going to help them rewrite their destiny.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 15, 2018

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