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AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed Recap

Pryce watches Jessica's office from across the street, and sees Jessica and Alisa. When he identifies Alisa, he picks up a sniper rifle and shoots at her, missing as she bends over. He fires again and misses as Alisa takes cover, and he runs out and down the stairs. Pryce spots Alisa coming up the stairs and runs upward, but she catches him, and smashes him into the wall. Jessica arrives and calls to Alisa to stop. When Alisa is distracted, Pryce goes for the rifle and Jessica hits him with one of Malus' syringes.

Back at the apartment, Jessica tapes the unconscious Pryce up. She then tells her mother that she's going to find another option for Alisa, but until then she shouldn't touch Pryce. Jessica says that she'll threaten Pryce with exposure if he reveals who they are, and pours alcohol on her bullet wound. Janet insists on helping and Jessica reluctantly lets her.

Later, Alisa manacles herself to the bed and tells Jessica that they both need some sleep. She assures Jessica that she'll still be there in the morning, and asks Jessica to help her with the manacles. When Jessica says that she hopes Malus gets what's coming to him, Alisa snaps at her briefly and then apologizes, saying that she misses him.

Carrie examines Inez's naked bed and sees her tattoo, and suggests that they go to Tokyo after it's all over. Inez figures that Jeri will drop her once she gets Shane to heal her, and says that Jeri is a user. Jeri starts to kiss her body and asks if Inez expects her to let it go, and Inez says that she doesn't expect anything and walks out of the bedroom.

Jessica sits on the floor and watches her mother sleep. She glances over at the unconscious Pryce, and Trish knocks at her door. Once Jessica lets her in, Trish comes in and wonders what Malcolm told her. Jessica says that he took a day off to see his parents, and Trish complains that Jessica is dropping the case. She says that IGH is killers and will kill again, and Jessica asks what happens if she's ready to move on. Jessica wonders when she gets to have a normal life, and Trish angrily says that it's when the killers are caught. When Jessica asks if Trish is high, Trish angrily deflects the question and Jessica says that she'll call her sponsor. Something moves in the next room, and Jessica lets Trish think that it's a guy.

Trish storms out, and Jessica goes back, closes the door, and checks on her mother. Alisa is sitting on the bed staring out the window, dreaming, and asks where Jessica is. When Jessica tries to touch her, Alisa shoves her across the room. Jessica yells at her to wake up, and Alisa says that she always dreams of losing Jessica. Her daughter says that she's there, and Alisa collapses on the bed. She dozes off and Jessica stares at her.

The next morning, Oscar is taking out the garbage and finds the broken glass from the window. He knocks on the office door, and Jessica answers it. Oscar tells her what he found and notices her bullet wound, and asks when it happened. Jessica says that Alisa is in trouble but she doesn't want Oscar involved. The PI says that it's gifted trouble and she's got it, and it's temporary. Sonia comes up with Vido and complains that Oscar is letting Vido with freaks. She says that she won't let Vido stay there if Jessica is around, and grabs Vido and walks off. Jessica tells Oscar to deal with his family and she'll deal with hers, and Oscar goes after his ex and his son.

Jessica checks on the unconscious Pryce, and then texts Trish to ask if she's okay. Trish is at home eating and sees the text, and ignores it. When Jessica texts again, Trish goes to the laptop where Griffin is doing a news story from a war zone. After a moment, Trish slams the laptop shut and takes a hit from the inhaler, and goes to take a shower.

Inez watches Jeri choose clothing, and asks if she's worn anything yellow. She wonders what happens if Shane will say no, and Jeri says that she'll persuade her. Trish arrives and says that she needs to talk to Inez about IGH. She wants to put Inez on the radio to smoke out the killer. Jeri refuses, saying that she brought Inez to keep her safe. Jeri asks where Jessica is, and figures that Trish is obsessing.

Once Alisa wakes up, Jessica frees her and showers awake. He doesn't wake up, and Jessica tells Alisa that he'll see reason. Alisa makes some breakfast and Jessica confirms that there's no new about Pryce missing. Jessica tells her that if either of them went to jail, it wouldn't be like they have if either one of them went to jail. Angry, Jessica tosses the bag of ashes in front of Alisa. Alisa says that Malus thought it would help Jessica move on, and Jessica tells her mother that doing so would let her off the hook. When she says that she blamed herself for the accident, Alisa tells her that it was her husband's fault and if she had been driving, they would all be alive so it's her fault as well. She assures Jessica that she never thought it was Jessica's fault.

Alisa grabs the ashes, pours them into the toilet, and flushes it. She tells Jessica that Pryce shouldn't get to live when he wants them dead, insisting that it's self-defense. Alisa suggests that they go to somewhere without extradition, and points out that they're the only family that they have. Oscar calls and says that Sonia left with Video carrying a big suitcase, and asks Jessica to do what she does. Jessica tells him to text her the address, and Alisa asks to help. Rather than leave her mother alone with Pryce, Jessica drugs him again and then leaves with her mother.

Shane leaves from prison and finds Jeri waiting. She tells him to get in the car and warns that she'll have Shane back in prison if he doesn't cure her. Shane explains that it takes something from him to cure people, but finally gives in and has her take him to a Chik-Fil-A first so he can charge up.

On Trish Talk, Trish is interviewing a diet author. She questions her about whether sexual assault is worse than gluten intolerance, and says that it doesn't matter compared to war, sexual trafficking, and companies conducting illicit experiments. Trish's assistant Nicole tries to cut her off, but Trish says that Trish Talk is bullshit and yells at people to wake up and do something. She announces that she's quitting and walks out.

Jessica and Alisa go to Sonia's address and break in. Sonia's passports are gone, and Oscar confirms that Vido's favorite toy is gone. Alisa says that Jessica will get Vido back, and starts to lose her temper. She reins it in after a moment, and Jessica has Oscar check his shared credit card. Oscar discovers that Sonia just bought bus tickets, and they go to the bus station. They determine that Sonia is heading to Montreal to get Vido out of the country, and Alisa grabs an attendant and demands to know where the bus is. Jessica tells her mother to back off, and the attendant points out the departing bus.

Jessica runs after the bus and grabs it, trying to slow it down. Alisa joins her and together they stop the bus. Oscar runs over as the bus driver gets out, and Jessica says that the brakes must have failed. Going on the bus, Oscar finds Vido and leads him out. When Sonia protests, Jessica says that Vido is better off with a mother that isn't in prison. She tells Sonia that she's Vido's mother and nothing will change that, and Sonia goes to get her bags. As Jessica and Alisa walk off, Alisa gently strokes Jessica's hair.

At her apartment, Jeri strips and gets into bed. Inez warns that Shane's powers didn't always work. Jeri hopes that whatever happens, Inez will stick around. Shane comes in and "searches" for the ALS. He takes her hands and concentrates, and Jeri breaks into tears.

Trish is punching a bag and tells her agent that she won't reconsider. Once she hangs up, Trish gets another car from Ronald Garcia at ZCN. Ronald says that he was impressed with her brutal honesty, and asks if she can do what she did every day on live TV. Trish agrees and Ronald invites her in for a test, and tells her to hold on to whatever made her do it. Once she hangs up, Trish starts to use the inhaler but realizes that it's empty.

Jessica, Alisa, Oscar, and Vido go back to the apartment and Oscar says that he saw Alisa and she's like Jessica. He tells Jessica that Alisa helped him get his kid back, and if Jessica needs anything to get her out, he's there for her. Jessica takes his hand and smiles, and then goes to the office with Alisa. Alisa says that she doesn't want to hurt Jessica again, and Jessica points out that she's not in control. She admits that understands why Alisa gave her up and says that she can't forgive it but she gets it.

Alisa says that maybe they should use their strength to do something, instead of suppressing it. Jessica hears Bryce move and goes in to check on him. Alisa offers to protect them, but Jessica says that she can convince Bryce not to say anything. Her mother says that Jessica killed Kilgrave, and all she has to do is walk out and let her kill Bryce. Bruce wakes up and flinches and Jessica yanks off his gag and reminds him that he tried to kill them. He says that he just tried to kill Alisa, and Jessica drags him out into the office and shuts the door.

As Alisa listens from the other room, Jessica says that they could overlook the kidnapping. Bruce agrees and Jessica untapes him, and he warns that Alisa killed her friend and has to be stopped. Jessica calls Costa and says that the killer is there, and hangs up. Alisa smashes her way in through the door, knocking Jessica aside. Jessica recovers and tells Bryce to run, and grabs Alisa in the hallway. The two of them fight and Alisa punches Jessica. Rather than delivering another blow, Alisa runs after Bruce. When she gets outside, she finds the police waiting for her. Jessica runs out and asks Alisa not to kill anyone else. After a moment, Alisa surrenders.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 15, 2018

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