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AKA Pork Chop Recap

Armed guards escort a heavily-manacles Alisa to a meeting room, where Jeri and Jessica are waiting. Jessica asks how they're treating her, and the head of security Dale Holiday says that he'll be handling all arrangements while Alisa is there. Dale says that he can't leave the room, and Jeri tells Alisa that she's her attorney. She says that Alisa can improve her circumstances if she provides certain information.

At ZCN, Trish prepares for her audition.

Jeri says that it's a good deal and Alisa would be in solitary confinement. If Alisa refuses, then she'll stay there. Alisa has to make a full confession, and tell them where they can find Malus. The woman refuses.

Trisha talks about America's prison population and grows increasingly nervous without the drug. She stands to give her speech and stutters, and asks for some water. Ronald tells her to talk about addiction from her personal experience, tears up the script, and tells her to use her tabloid history.

Alisa says that she almost put Jessica's face through the floor, and Malus is all that she has. She tells Jeri and Jessica that she's made up her mind and doesn't need any more time.

Trish hears Ronald talking to someone on his phone about the female murder suspect. Once he leaves, Trish goes out.

Jessica and Jeri leave, and Jeri tells Jessica to persuade her mother. Once Jeri goes, Trish calls and admits that she lied and fell off the wagon, but is sober now. She asks if Jessica captured the killer. Once Jessica says that she did, Trish say that ZCN isn't scooping their story and Jessica tells her to meet her at the office.

At the office, Jessica and Malcolm meet with Trish. She explains that the killer is her mother and Malcolm complains that Jessica lied to him. He says that Trish has been lying to Jessica about the drug she's using, and storms out. Jessica figures that Trish slept with Malcolm and asks what she's taking. Trish says that she's using Simpson's inhaler, and she won't do the story with Jessica's mother involved because Jessica doesn't deserve the blowback. When Trish asks about Malus, Jessica says that she's not the best person for a recovering addict to be around.

Trish goes to Malcolm's apartment and she apologizes for giving him the inhaler. Malcolm says that it was all him, and he admits that he still wants her. Trish says that she's clean, but Malcolm says that they shouldn't use each other. She asks if they're still friends, and Malcolm tells her that he doesn't think so before closing the door on her.

That night, Jessica gets a call from Oscar. He says that he saw them take Alisa away, and Vido didn't see anything. He tells Jessica that when he was in, he got to see Vido once a month and that kept him going. Jessica says that Alisa is a selfish asshole and she'll never see her again, and tells Oscar that she's going out. When the elevator comes, Oscar is in it and he hugs her. After a moment, Jessica hugs him back and cries.

Later in bed, Oscar dozes off and Jessica lies awake. She gets up and leaves.

Trish takes the residue from the inhaler to a chemist. The chemist says that they can't reproduce it and says that the few chemical they could identify were toxic. If a human took it, they'd suffer possible neurological and immuno-deficiency.

Jeri is at home when Jessica arrives and tells her to delay the transfer. She says that Alisa will confess and hand over Malus, but Jeri doesn't believe it. Jeri calls out Inez and Shane, and introduces them to Jessica. Shane says that he doesn't remember healing Inez and IGH made him do a lot of tests. Inez hopes that they lock Alisa up since she attacked her, and Jeri says that what Malus did was unethical but miraculous. Jessica figures that she wants to profit from it, and Jeri says that Shane healed her. She wants other people to have a second chance as well, and Jessica tells Jeri that she's not getting her hands on Malus.

Jessica has Jeri arrange a meeting with her mother, and Jessica suggests that they go on a vacation... after Alisa confesses. Alisa talks about their first vacation at Playland and the motel that they stayed at, Alisa says that she might pay it a visit.

As Dale takes Alisa back to her cell, he says that Jessica is loyal. He explains that his father spent most of his time in prison and died of diabetes. When Alisa says that she's done eating and doesn't eat meat, like the pork chop on her tray, and Dale tells her that they can't treat her special. He demands that Alisa eat the protein, and Alisa drops it on the floor and tells him to eat it. When he draws a taser, Alisa knocks it out of his hands and grabs him by the throat. After a moment she controls herself and shoves him out. Dale hastily locks the door, and Alisa tells him that he'll never control her.

Jessica goes to the motel and knocks on the door, and kicks it in when Malus answers the door. He says that Alisa is in prison and tells him that the only chance Alisa has at a normal life is to turn him in. Malus warns that if the wrong people get their hands on the work then things could fall apart. Jessica agrees and tells him to go to a company with no extradition so that when Alisa gives him up, they can't bring him in. Malus says that he married Alisa there and insists that love each other. Jessica has Malus stand up against a door and takes a photo of him, and says that she'll be back with a new passport and he's going to South America. As she goes, Jessica asks how many others are there like her. She mentions Shane, and Malus says that he never treated anyone named Shane or had a subject who could heal people.

The guards bring Alisa to meet with Trish. Trish says that the warden owed her a favor and let her in, and tells Alisa that she has questions. Alisa asks why she came after them, and Trish insists that IGH was hurting people. The prisoner insists that Malus was saving people, and Trish says that she did it for Jessica. She figures that Alisa made a deal but Malus hasn't been caught, and Alisa figures that Trish brings him in to boost her career. Alisa tells her to stop the quest but figures that Trish can't, and that Trish can't stand that Jessica has powers and Trish doesn't. As Trish goes, Alisa tells her that Jessica is her daughter and will always choose her over Trish.

In Oscar's apartment, Oscar is making the fake passport when someone knocks at the door. Oscar hides his equipment and answers the door. It's Trish, who asks for Jessica. Jessica goes out in the hallway and Trish says that she met Alisa, and Alisa blamed her for her murder rampage and wanted to kill her. When Jessica says that Alisa couldn't help herself, Trish tells her that Alisa committed premeditated murder several times. She realizes that Jessica is helping Malus, and warns Jessica that Alisa is manipulating her. Jessica angrily tells Trish that Alisa is her mother and she doesn't get a stay.

Malcolm is in his apartment lifting weights when Trish arrives at his door. They stare at each other for a moment and then kiss, and go into Malcolm's apartment.

Alisa wakes up when Dale electrifies her manacles. He says that his grandparents stopped him from becoming a bad seed by imposing rules, and tells Alisa that she's going to learn his rules. Dale cuts up the pork chop and offers her a bite, threatening to cut off Alisa's visitation rights, and Alisa opens her mouth.

Jessica paces nervously in Oscar's apartment, waiting for him to finish the passport. He wonders what Jessica does after the deal goes through, and if he and Vido will be a part of her life. Jessica asks if he wants to be, warning that she's a lot. Before Oscar can answer, the assembly buzzer goes off and Oscar says that he'll get the passport to her in the morning. Jessica gets a text and says that she has to go, but then kisses Oscar and asks him to call her when it's done.

Jessica arrives at the prison and Jeri tells her that Alisa signed the paperwork. The PI thanks Jeri for helping Alisa, and Jeri assures her that her intentions were genuine. She says that she's changed after facing death, and Jessica finally tells her that she isn't changed. Jessica explains that Shane is a fraud and Inez lied using what she knew at IGH. Jeri insists that what Shane did was real, and Jessica points out that Jeri can't test for ALS. Jessica tells her that she doesn't deserve it, but Jeri insists that Shane is real. She abruptly tells Jessica that Alisa will give her confession the next day and walks out.

Jessica meets with Alisa and notices the electrical manacles. She points out that Alisa told Trish that she should have killed her, and Alisa apologizes but tells Jessica that she has to keep Trish away from Malus. Jessica says that the situation will be resolved when Alisa signs the paperwork, and notices the burns on Alisa's arms. Alisa says that she'll handle it, and Jessica points out that her handling things got her in prison. Jessica glances over at Dale and realizes that he's responsible, and tells Alisa not to do anything.

After sex, Malcolm asks Trish where she is. She says that she can't stop thinking about Jessica, but Malcolm figures that there's more going on. Trish admits that she hasn't felt like herself in a long time, and knowing that Malus is out there is killing herself. She says that Jessica can't think straight, and wonders how far Jessica will go to help Alisa and Malus. Malcolm figures that Trish wants his help. They go to the office and go through Jessica's laptop and files. Malcolm finds the photos of Malus that Jessica took, and gets the location data from the photos. Trish kisses Malcolm and writes down the address, and Malcolm insists on going with her.

Jeri returns home and discovers that Shane and Inez have robbed the place. She realizes that everything Jessica said is true and collapses to the floor, sobbing and screaming.

Sitting in a taxi outside the prison, Jessica calls one of Dale's former coworkers and claims that they're doing a tribute and want to get some anecdotes. As the coworker says that Dale was fired because of prisoner suicides, Dale comes out and catches a bus, and Jessica tells the driver to follow the bus.

Malcolm and Trish park at the motel and wait to spot Malus.

Dale gets off the bus at his house and Jessica waits inside.

Malus finally leaves him room and peers out, and Malcolm and Trish spot him. Trish figures that he's looking for Jessica, and stops Malcolm from calling the cops. She says that she's going in while Malcolm keeps an eye out for Jessica. When Malcolm objects, Trish tells him that he should leave. Malcolm opens the trunk to look for a lug wrench or jack, and Trish pistol-whips him unconscious and shoves him in.

Dale leaves his home and walks away. Jessica breaks in and looks around, Unaware that there's a hidden surveillance camera, Jessica finds a stuffed animal-head trophy with the tags of the dead prisoners. Dale comes in, sprays Jessica in the face with mace, and kicks her saying that he'll claim it was self-defense. Jessica manages to grab the baton he's beating her with and hits him in the head. When she recovers, Jessica realizes that she smashed Dale's head in.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 15, 2018

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