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The Angel of San Bernardino Recap

A woman, Rosie Hernandez, is lying in bed and hears two men downstairs. She gets up and goes to investigate while calling 911. A gunshot echoes out and a masked man comes out and prepares to shoot Rosie. The front door bursts opens and she sees a winged figure as the man runs away.

The next morning at the station, Chloe and Marcus go to the evidence closed and have sex. Ella's lab is in the next room and she hears them, and realizes that Chloe is getting some.

Later, Lucifer, Chloe, and Marcus arrive at a crime scene and Lucifer quickly says that he didn't sleep with anyone when he realizes that Marcus is there. Marcus says that he's just there because one of the victims was well-connected and their superiors want him to keep them apprised. They go inside and Ella says that the dead man is Kevin Winstead, of the rich Winstead real estate family. Kevin was rooming there and apparently went clean from heroin recently. Ella says that the owner interrupted the robber before he could take anything. Rosie says that she came to check it out and heard arguing, and someone saying "Kevin, stop." Marcus comes in as Rosie says that God sent an angel to protect her. Lucifer disagrees, but Rosie says that the angel took her figure of the angel Gabriel. Once they're alone, Marcus asks Lucifer if it was one of his brother angels. Lucifer says that God doesn't send his angels down to deal with petty robberies, and gets a call from Amenadiel.

Lucifer meets Amenadiel at Lux, and Amenadiel worries that they made a mistake telling Charlotte that they're divine. His brother doesn't see the problems, pointing out that no one will believe Charlotte, and asks if Amenadiel knows if any of their siblings are in town. Lucifer describes what happened, and Amenadiel says that if it was an angel they he must be really confused. As he leaves, Lucifer finds the Gabriel figurine on the floor.

Later, Lucifer goes to Linda's office and shows her the figurine. He figures that it's a coincidence, and Linda points out that Linda said he's been having weird dreams recently. The therapist suggests that Lucifer has been sleepwalking because he's not dealing with something. Lucifer says that it's absurd, and Linda suggests that he's not okay with Chloe and Marcus being together. He says that he knows how to prove that he's not the angel.

Chloe and Marcus are lying together in her home, and she realizes that Trixie will be home in a few minutes. She doesn't want Trixie to see Marcus there until Chloe is sure about them being together. Marcus assures her that he's fine with how fast she wants to take their relationship. Lucifer texts and Chloe says that she has to go.

At the station, Lucifer tells Chloe that they have to find the killer. He says that the case is of the utmost importance to him because he needs to prove that he wasn't the angel involved. Chloe says that Kevin checked out of a high-end rehab facility and got into a fight with a fellow resident, Phil Goldstein. They drive to the facility and meet with Phil. Phil says that Kevin was a douchebag and is happy that Kevin is dead. Chloe points out that he was gone when Kevin was murdered, and Phil says that he went for a drive. Lucifer grabs him and demands answers, asking if the angel looked like him. Phil insists that he didn't kill Kevin, but they fought because Kevin took the rehab seriously. Kevin wouldn't shut up about getting clean and getting his family back, even though his parent is dead. Phil says that he was with hookers and he's a sex addict.

As they leave, Chloe asks Lucifer what's going on. Lucifer says that he hasn't been sleeping well, and Chloe tells him to take the afternoon off and get some rest. He agrees but borrows Chloe's handcuffs. That night, he handcuffs himself to a statue before going to bed. The next morning, Amenadiel wakes Lucifer up and shows him a newspaper article about the "Angel of San Bernadino" saving a family from a fire. Lucifer discovers that the chain on the handcuffs is snapped, and figures that he's the angel. He insists that it can't be him, but Amenadiel figures that it's his fault because he convinced Lucifer to reveal his wings. God is punished Lucifer for doing so, and Amenadiel figures that God will punish him eventually. Lucifer suggests that God is making him act like an angel, and goes to get some evidence.

Marcus is on the phone talking to Chloe when Ella comes in. He says that he thinks Chloe is holding back, and admits that she hasn't said "I love you" yet. Ella warns that when they fall, they fall really hard, but says that when the time is right, Chloe will say the words and everything will change.

Chloe comes in and is brutally honest with everyone there. She tells Dan that he's coming with her and leads him off.

Chloe is meeting with Mary Bell and her husband Jeremy and confirms that her son Jackson is Kevin's child. Mary admits that, confirming that her son is Kevin's. They had sex and she became pregnant, and they were going to get married but she called it off at the last minute. Jackson is running around yelling, and Mary says that Jackson has Kevin's charges. She explains that she and Kevin used drugs but she got off of them. Their relationship became toxic and she left him. Kevin called occasionally and Mary says that he asked for money so she gave the phone to Jeremy. Jeremy says that Kevin owed a lot of money to someone.

Charlotte and Dan go to a brief and Charlotte says that she had a big revelation recently and it changed her perspective. Dan says that he has to leave so that he doesn't show up at work drunk, and Charlotte says that she'll put a word in with God. She then suggests that they go into a closet and have sex, and Dan quickly agrees. Dan goes in first and strips, and a manager comes in and sees him, and prepares to call the police. Dan flashes his badge and Charlotte quickly heads the other direction.

At the station that night, Chloe checks for Kevin's drug contacts while Lucifer wonders why it's taking so long. He says that he can't go home and go to sleep because he might become the Angel of San Bernadino again. Chloe tells him not to sleep again, and Lucifer agrees. He goes back to Lux, parties, takes drugs, cleans his penthouse, and rides around on a bicycle. He then gets into fights, rearranges his penthouse, and drinks lots of coffee while watching TV.

A week later, Maze calls and says that she's willing to make amends fast or slow... echoing Marcus' words to Chloe earlier. Lucifer arrives, looking disheveled, and explains that he's been binge-watching Bones. Chloe says that she found surveillance video from Kevin being arrested for possession a few months ago. The dealer Kevin is buying from is Matt Kessman, and Kessman is doing a job at a hotel. Chloe and Lucifer go to the hotel and find Kessman is giving a toast as the best man. He claims that he's a heart surgeon, and Lucifer tells Chloe that Kessman is the killer.

The partners follow Kessman to the parking garage where the groom pays him. Lucifer grabs Kessman and says that he knows he's the killer, and starts rambling about Bones. Chloe calls him on it and Lucifer realizes that Kessman is an actor on the show. The groom says that he hired Kessman to be his best man because he doesn't have any friends. Kessman says that he was hired to be Kevin's friend and keep him from partying. He got the job through an agency, Masquerade, Inc., and doesn't know who hired him.

Marcus returns home and finds Maze there. He tells her that he'll let her know when the brand is gone so that she can kill him. They agree to make Marcus' death painless, and Maze says that Chloe will suffer. She points out that Chloe will be hurt when he disappears, and Marcus doesn't care who is hurt as long as he finally dies.

Back at the station, Chloe checks Masquerade, Inc.'s web site and learns that they will send actors to pose as friends for people at public appearances. Lucifer figures the person who hired Kessman is the killer, and wants to go to the company's office. Chloe says that they can't get a warrant until the next morning, and tells Lucifer that he should get some sleep. He yells that he can't sleep, and Chloe leads him into the interrogation room. He says that his wings are back and his father is manipulating him, and wonders if he's suppressing feelings about Chloe being with Marcus. Chloe asks why it bothers him so much, and Lucifer says that Chloe can't trust him. He tells her that Marcus is Cain from the Bible, and all he cares about is himself. Chloe figures that he's ranting because he's tired, and says that Marcus is a good man who treats him right and she's happy. She starts to say that she loves him, and then tells Lucifer that they're done and walks out.

Charlotte is in her office meeting with a diamond salesman. Amenadiel comes in and says that Dan called him and he's worried about Charlotte. Charlotte says that things are perfect and when she knows that a pair of angels can zip her up to Heaven, worrying is a waste of time. Amenadiel tells her that neither he nor Lucifer can take her to Heaven, and what matters is who she is. The angel says that nothing has changed, and Charlotte points out that she relapsed into who she really is when she had an excuse. She figures that there is no hope for her because she can't change, and she's going to Hell.

Trixie is at the station and sees the website for Masquerade, Inc. Marcus walks by and waves to Chloe, and Chloe tells Trixie that she likes Marcus a lot. Trixie is fine with that as long as Chloe is happy, and Chloe notices that Jeremy's photo is on the website.

At his house, Jeremy goes downstairs and finds the window open. He closes it, and Lucifer turns on the light and asks if Jeremy had trouble sleeping. He says that the Bells aren't his family, and an employee at Masquerade told him that Jeremy used to be an actor. When Mary broke it off with her family, she hired Jeremy to pose as her husband and Jackson's father. Jeremy murdered Kevin to keep the gig, and says that he got Mary to fall in love with him. He won't let Lucifer mess up his gig and stabs Lucifer, and the knife breaks off on Lucifer's chest. Lucifer grabs him by the throat and asks if he's the angel. He demands to know what happened on the night Kevin was shot, and Jeremy says that Rosie fell into a trance. She saw a shadow cast by one of her figurines from a passing car. Jeremy touched one of the figurines, and took it and destroyed it along with the evidence that he was there. Lucifer drops Jeremy and says that Jeremy stoked Kevin's weakness to keep him out of the way, and realizes what has been going on.

A short time later, Chloe goes to the Bell house and comes in, gun drawn. She finds Jeremy sitting on the floor. He confesses that he killed Kevin and is a pathetic imposter.

Lucifer is going through his apartment when Maze comes in. He tells her that he needs to find the angel figurine so that he can convince Chloe that Marcus isn't who she thinks he is. Lucifer figures that Marcus has been making Lucifer think that he's the Angel of San Bernadino to keep him away from Chloe. He finds the figurine, and Maze tells him that he has to do it right. She picks up the figurine with Lucifer's handkerchief and tells him that he should take it to Ella, and has Lucifer describe what has been going on. Maze offers him a drink, and Lucifer wonders why she's there. He realizes that she's helping Marcus, and Maze says that it was his idea. She planted the figurine in the penthouse, and wore faked wings to save the family. Maze says that she knows the only things that matters to Lucifer more than Chloe is Lucifer, and tapped into Lucifer's daddy issues. Lucifer realizes that Maze is stalling him and leaves.

Marcus finds Marcus at home. He gives her a six-pack to celebrate her solving the murders, and chocolate cake. Chloe suggests that they share it all together the next day at breakfast, and says that she's done worrying about how their relationship affects everyone else. She tells Marcus that she likes spending time with him, and starts to say that she loves him. Marcus stops him, saying that he can't do it, and tells her that she's making it hard. He quickly leaves and sits alone, huddled on the stairs.

Lucifer arrives at Chloe's house and Trixie lets him in. he finds Chloe sitting alone by the fire, and goes to find Marcus. He smashes through the window of Marcus' home and slams him across the room, and asks him why he hurt Chloe. Marcus says that he couldn't hurt Chloe, and Lucifer says that he'll hurt him. He head butts Marcus, who tells him to do what he has to do because he deserves it. They realize that Marcus' mark is gone.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 17, 2018

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