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Judgement Day Recap

Ruby transfuses blood from a tied-up Zoe, and tells Kaya that she's going to use the blood to write the new page of the Necronomicon. The page will make the presence of the Book from the Dark Ones, giving her time to destroy them. She cuts off a patch of skin from Zoe's back and begins writing. Zoe knocks her chair over, breaking it, and runs for the door. The knob comes to life and Zoe slips in her own blood. Kaya arrives and tells Zoe that Ash will save humanity, and Kaya drives her thumbs into Zoe's eye sockets.

Ash, Brandy, and Pablo go back to the Williams house and Brandy apologizes for Kelly being dead. Her father assures her that Ruby got into her head and it's not her fault. Pablo wonders what they're going to do next, and Ash says that it's time to find Ruby and put an end to it once and for all. As he argues against Ash's plan, Pablo has a vision of the Prevett house, Zoe dead on the floor, and Kaya occupying Kelly's body. Pablo tells Ash that Kelly didn't come back because she doesn't have a body to come back to, and sees Ruby writing the page. He realizes that he's seeing through the eyes of the Book, and Ash asks where they are. Pablo describes the house and Ash realizes that they went back to the Prevett house. His friend says that Ruby has realized that she needs to find the rift before the Dark Ones break through.

Pablo's vision returns and Ash sends him to the hardware store to guard the rift so the Dark Ones don't' go through. Meanwhile, he goes to the Prevett house to get Kelly's back. Ash gives his boom stick to Brandy for protection, tells her to stay there, and she hugs him before throwing up on h is shoulder because of her reaction to being on the other side.

Pablo is letting himself into the hardware store when he sees storm clouds gathering overhead. He goes down to the cellar and discovers that the rift is already open. Pablo tries to seal it with his brujo powers but nothing happens.

Ash drives to the Prevett house, drinking beer and singing along with the radio.

The Dark Ones come through the rift.

Ruby realizes that the Dark Ones are there.

One Dark One grabs Pablo, takes the lost pages, and throws him away. The creatures teleport away and Pablo wonders why they didn't kill hm.

At the Elk Lounge Bar, The bartender Frank cuts the skin off of his face. Dark Ones possess a woman, who kills one of the patrons while the others run. Pablo arrives and sees them running out into the street, and the Deadite forces rushes past him and enters the cemetery.

Brandy aims the shotgun at the door, and hears the commotion in the street. The police cars drive by, and Brandy sees someone standing across the street watching the house. She hears someone in the house and goes to investigate, and the TV comes on by itself. The chandelier and the doors shake. The Deadite force bursts into the house and Brandy runs upstairs, runs to Cheryl's' room, climbs out the window, and falls to the ground below. She ducks into the shed, and the force slams into the door trying to break it down. When it stops, Brandy peers outside. Her dead mother calls and then the phone transforms into a mini-Necronomicon and bites her thumb. She finally manages to rip it--and her thumb -off and wraps the wound. Candace's voice echoes out of the darkness where Brandy threw the phone, and it says that she tastes food. Brandy pounds on the door, begging for someone to help her.

Kaya draws a circle of blood around her and Ruby, and Ruby says that the page is ready. She puts it in the Book and begins chanting. Ash enters the house and sees the two women. He grabs Kaya and takes her hostage, and tells Ruby to get Kaya out of Kelly's body. When Ruby says that Kelly is dead, Ash tells her that she's alive in the rift and he saw her there. Kaya says that Ash is lying, and Ruby tells him if he says where the rift is, she can stop the Dark Ones. Ash doesn't believe her, and Emelia's corpse grabs Ash's leg. He releases Kaya and cuts through the Deadite-possessed Zoe's arm, and turns to see Kaya in the circle with Ruby.

Brandy sees the darkness spreading down the arm from her wound. She grabs a power saw and cuts off her hand... and realizes that she's hallucinating. Candace laughs, saying that her call can't be completed until she's dead. Brandy grabs a screwdriver and dares the Deadite to come out. The demonic figure appears out of the shadows, then disappears and says that Ash couldn't save her and won't save Brandy. The demon leaps on Brandy, and Brandy finally pins it to the floor with the screwdriver, turns on a mulcher, and runs the demon over.

Pablo arrives and Brandy runs out. She wonders if it's really him, and says that the Dark Ones think that he's one of them. A building explodes in town, and Pablo and Brandy run to his car. He tells Brandy what happened and asks for directions to the Prevett house. Pablo warns that once the Dark Ones find join with the Book then it will be complete and humanity will be doomed. The figure pounds on the car window, and Pablo drives off.

Ash tries to fight but Ruby throws him across the room, rips off his chainsaw, and smashes it. Kaya grabs him and demands to know where the rift is. As she starts to crush his eyeballs, the Dark Ones appear and grab the two women. Ash grabs the Dagger and the Book as a Dark One rips Kaya out of Kelly's body. They bring in Kelly's body and put her spirit into it, and then burn it into ash. Ash pulls Kelly's body away, and the Dark Ones prepare to kill Ruby. She says that Ash will destroy them all, and they draw her spirit out and toss her crumbling body away. Ash slips away, and the Dark Ones realize that he has the Book.

As Ash drives away, he attaches his mechanical hand and tries to talk to Pablo through the Book. Pablo hears him and pulls over, and Ash tells him to get the rift ready. Pablo tries to tell him not to go to the rift, but Ash can't hear him. Ash's car slams through Deadites, and on the radio the newscaster says that the governor has declared martial law.

Pablo tells Brandy that Ash is going back to the hardware store, and they turn around.

Ash drives through the town and swerves to avoid Pablo's car as he arrives. The Mustang goes into the bar, and the Dark Ones climb over Pablo's car. They ignore Pablo and walk away, and he tells Brandy to stay there.

A Dark One pulls Ash out of the mustang, and Kelly runs over to him. Meanwhile, Pablo sees the Dark Ones finding the Book. They put in the missing pages and start chanting, and knock Pablo away when he tries to intervene, and then teleport. Pablo goes outside and tells Ash that the Dark Ones have the Book. Chanting echoes through the town, and the streets crack open. Windows shatter and people run, and a crater opens in the street. Ash goes over to look at it, and Brandy and Pablo follow him. A giant hand emerges from the crater and slams down near Ash, who is less than thrilled.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 22, 2018

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