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AKA Three Lives and Counting Recap

Jessica looks at Dale's corpse and considers her options now that she killed the guard. She finally realizes that she has to make it look like a suicide, gets cleaning chemicals from the kitchen, and removes any DNA evidence of her presence from the apartment. Jessica wipes up the blood and types a suicide note out on Dale's laptop, puts the prisoner tags on the table, and cleans her fingerprints from the keyboard.

Once she's done, Jessica goes to the rooftop and drops Dale's body over the edge. She hallucinates Kilgrave there, applauding her actions, and tells him to stop. The hallucination disappears and Jessica leaves.

Alisa is sleeping when a guard, Marilyn Toussaint, comes in with breakfast. She flinches when the guard offers to remove her manacles, and then relents. Marilyn says that Dale didn't show, and Alisa asks if that's usual. When Alisa says that she's glad Dale isn't there, Marilyn says that they should both enjoy Dale's day off. Alisa asks to make a phone call to Jessica, claiming that her daughter was on a blind date. After a moment, Marilyn unmanacles Alisa's feet and says that she understands.

Jessica goes back to her office and drinks, and sees a spot of blood on her jeans. She undresses and her phone buzzes. It's Alisa's collect call, and Jessica takes it. Alisa warns her daughter that someone is listening, and says that she just wanted to hear her voice. Jessica tells her that it's not a good time, and Alisa says that Dale didn't show up at work and his replacement let her call Jessica. She asks if Jessica had a date and went out, and Jessica says that she did. Jessica admits that she should have listened to her mother when she told her not to go out, and tells Alisa not to get worked up. She assures her mother that she knows how to clean, and Alisa says that she's proud of her. Jessica tells her to be okay and hangs up.

In the shower, Jessica washes off any traces of blood. She imagines Kilgrave there, rubbing shoulders and saying that he's proud of her. Jessica gets out of the shower and finds an envelope slipped beneath her office door. Inside is the fake passport for Malus, from Oscar. Kilgrave says that there's no crime Jessica won't commit to get what she wants, and Jessica recites street names. He says that he knows all the streets and alleys of her mind, and promises that he'll be in her dreams because he'll be inside her forever.

Jessica goes to the motel and knocks on Malus' door. There's no answer and she breaks in. Kilgrave is on the bed and says that killing Malus would have been more effective. He says that he's there to tell her that she's okay, and Jessica looks around the room. Malus didn't sleep there and left his coat, and he was packed. Jessica finds Malus' journal and his room key, and she tells Kilgrave that she's going to find him. Kilgrave asks if she'll kill him and add to her body count, and Jessica ignores him and walks out.

Jessica goes to the prison and hears the guards talking about Dale's "suicide". She meets with Alisa, and asks Marilyn for a few moments alone with Jessica. Marilyn finally agrees despite the new protocol, and Alisa asks Jessica if she's okay. She asks if Dale will be in her dreams, saying that she has ghosts as well. Alisa tells her daughter that Dale was an evil prick, and Jessica asks if Malus had any friends. She says that Malus left without checking out, and Alisa insists that he wouldn't just leave. She figures that Trish took Malus and starts to lose control, and Jessica says that it's not her friend. Jessica tells Alisa that she'll take care of it and promises that everything will be okay.

As Jessica leaves, Kilgrave approaches her and says that Trish has been acting cray-cray recently. Jessica calls Trish and gets her voice mail, and yells at Kilgrave when he keeps taunting her. He's not there, and a father and son going in stare at her. Back at her office, Jessica finds Kilgrave at her desk, saying that it's just the two of them like it was meant to be. He says that Trish would never kill Malus because it isn't in her DNA like it is Jessica's mind, and tells her to own what she did. Kilgrave points out that Dale is dead because Jessica turned Alisa in, and says that Jessica helps people. Jessica discovers that the photo is on her laptop and someone brought it up, and Kilgrave tells her that she invites betrayal.

Jessica breaks into Malcolm's apartment and finds Trish's glasses in his bed. Kilgrave says that the two of them together reminds him of Jessica and him, and Jessica says that she'll tear out her brain before she thinks of that. She checks Malcom's computer and discovers that he's been visiting dating sites. Jessica realizes that she's bantering with a delusion and tries to get control of herself.

Trish ties up Malcolm and puts her in the trunk of her car, and takes Malus to a storage facility to get his equipment. She asks where he was running, and Malus admits that he was going to Uruguay. Trish suggests that he might reflect on his life's work creating a killer, and Malus says that he was trying to save people. She points out that the science was never harnessed so he failed, and he can still be extraordinary. Trish asks him if she needs the gun. A woman comes up and recognizes Trish as Patsy, and asks if she could get a photo. She takes one anyway as Trish drives off with Malus. As Malcolm grabs a pair of jumper cables, his phone rings.

Jessica gets Malcolm's voice mail, and leaves a message saying that she'll find him even though he's not answering. Once she hangs up, she triangulates Malcolm's hits on the dating app and then calls them, says that Malcolm is a sex addict, and gets the location of their apps. Jessica then triangulates their position and confirms that he's five blocks away.

After Trish parks the car in a parking garage and leaves, Malcolm finally frees himself and gets out of the trunk. When Trish and Malus reply, Trish tells him that he doesn't know what's going on. Malcolm tells her that the inhaler won't fix the shit in her head, and Trish draws her gun on him. He figures that she won't kill him, and Trish fires a warning shot at his feet. Trish says that she won't let Malcolm stop him and tells Malus to get in the car. She says that she will do the right thing with Malus afterward, tells Malcolm that he'll understand, and gets into the car. Jessica arrives and runs after Trish's car after glaring at Malcolm.

In prison, Alisa sees Marilyn watching a documentary about the ocean on her computer. When Marilyn sees Alisa watching, she moves aside to give her a clearer view.

Alisa and Malus sit on the beach and Alisa says that the ocean calms her down. He assures her that it's not just her powers that fascinate him, and says that his family died at sea. When Malus' colleagues offered to pay him to do research on the ocean, he overcame his fear and agreed. Alisa says that in her old life she was told to behave, but the ocean doesn't care and takes what it wants. She can't do that, but she can watch it and feel free. Some people walk by, and Malus tells Alisa that he's closing down the IGH clinic because he can't trust his colleagues. Malus says that he'll find a little place for the two of them, and says that it's what he wants, and they kiss.

The buzzer goes off and Alisa steps away from the bars.

Malcolm tells Jessica that Trish played him, and says that he'll find her on his own if Jessica doesn't work with him. He tries to remember what Trish bought, and Jessica tells him to find her. Jessica walks off with Kilgrave and says that Trish is going through withdrawal. Kilgrave says that she's a junkie and a hypocrite. Malcolm finds the veterinary shop that Trish got a bag from, and calls Jessica over. They go inside and the attendant Tina demands money for what they know. Jessica shoves her in a dog kennel and demands answers, and Tina says that they bought distemper vaccine and anesthetic. As she leaves, Jessica tells Malcolm that it isn't about the inhaler.

Malus takes Trish back to the abandoned clinic, closes the door to prevent disruptions to the procedure. He takes his equipment out of the case and tells Trish that he's been honing the procedure, and admits that Jessica and Alisa's DNA was unique. Malus asks if Jessica is changing her mind, and Trish says that she just wants to help people who can't help themselves. Malus says that he wants to save the world as well and says that he'll take a sample of her DNA, modify it, and inject it back into her.

Jessica figures that Trish wants Malus to make her like Jessica. Kilgrave tells Jessica that Trish wants to be the superhero that Jessica never was, and more Kilgraves appear to tell Jessica to say that she knows what she has to do. Jessica finally grabs one by the throat, and snaps out of her delusion to realize that she's choking a pedestrian. Malcolm tells her to go while he handles it.

Malus injects the modified DNA into Trish. Jessica arrives and yells at Malus to shut it down, but he insists that it's what Trish wants. Trish starts convulsing and coughing up blood, and Jessica smashes through the window and shoves Malus away. She pulls out the needles and examines her friend, and Kilgrave tells Jessica that Malus has to pay. Jessica insists that Malus is a deranged killer, grabs an oxygen tank, and prepares to smash his head in. Kilgrave tells her to do it, but Jessica drops the tank and tells Malus that his life is over. She goes to get Trish, and Malus gets Trish's gun and says that the equipment is as useless as the man who made it. Malus point the guns at the oxygen tanks, tells Jessica to tell Alisa that he's sorry, and yells at her to run. Jessica runs out with Trish, and Malus fires the gun, blowing up the oxygen tanks and the building.

At the hospital, the doctors stabilize Trish as best they can. Jessica watches from the hallway, and Malcolm asks if there's any word. She pushes his hand away and says that Trish could die or be a vegetable. Malcolm says that he thought they were helping her, and Jessica tells him to help himself and get over his sex addiction. He tells her that he believes in her and what they could do, and Jessica tells him that it isn't his job anymore to help her. Malcolm says that if she changes her mind again he quits, and walks away.

That night, Jessica sits in the hospital waiting room and looks out at the city. Kilgrave tells her that she's a killer and not enough for Alisa. Jessica says that she's enough, and Kilgrave tells her that she'll kill again one day. She says that she's not a killer, not Kilgrave, and not Alisa... which means that she's more powerful than Kilgrave ever was. He tells her that he'll be there if she needs him and disappears.

Alisa watches the TV as the news report about Malus' death in a fire. A fan photo suggests that Trish was with him. Alisa breaks into tears and screams in denial. Marilyn hears her, draws her taser, and goes in to check on Alisa. Alisa attacks her, smashes her into unconscious, yanks the cell door open, and rips her way out of the prison.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 22, 2018

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