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Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better Recap

A ballerina goes onto a stage and dances by herself. As she finishes, someone garrotes her from behind.

Lucifer asks Marcus how he got rid of the mark, and Marcus says that his plan to get Chloe to fall for him worked. He figures that Chloe's love makes them both vulnerable, Lucifer doesn't believe it, and Marcus says that he stopped her from saying that she loved him but it was too late. The Fallen Angel figures that God took away the mark to screw with Marcus, and offers to kill Marcus with a rock. Marcus says that he's got it and takes the rock, and Lucifer walks out.

At the station, a shade-wearing Chloe comes in to see Ella. Ella figures that Chloe has been crying and asks what happened, and Chloe tells her that she and Marcus broke up and she doesn't know why. She figures that Marcus is terrified of intimacy and she's trying not to take it personally. Ella assures her that it isn't her fault and starts to confront Marcus, and Chloe asks her not to interfere. After a moment, Ella agrees.

Ella soon confronts Marcus and asks how he could break up with Chloe. He says that he wanted to protect her, and realizes that there's nothing to protect her from anymore. Marcus considers getting old with her and tells Ella that he needs to win Chloe back. Ella assures him that she has faith.

Lucifer and Chloe meet at a crime scene and she says that she doesn't want to talk about what happened between her and Marcus again. Marcus pulls up and tells Lucifer that he wants to win Chloe back, and then tells Chloe that he got scared and couldn't handle it. He promises that it will never happen again and says that he loves her, and Chloe doesn't know what to say in response. Chloe tells him that they're just words and she can't trust him, and walks away.

Inside the theater, Dan tells Chloe and Lucifer that the victim is Reina Markova, a prima ballerina for the LA West Ballet. She's known for taking rehearsals alone and was preparing for a performance in Gizelle. Lucifer mentions the break-up and Dan is surprised that Chloe and Marcus broke up. Ella confirms that someone strangled Gazelle with the ties on a ballet slipper, and Ella takes the evidence back to the lab. Dan goes with her and tells Lucifer that he agrees with him. Lucifer continues to say that the murderer is like Lucifer, and Chloe tells him that their relationship is none of their business. She asks Lucifer to back off and walks away. As she goes she scratches Lucifer, and he figures that he's still involved.

Later, Lucifer meets with Linda and tells her that Chloe still makes her bleed. He figures that means Chloe hasn't fallen entirely for Marcus, and tells Linda about Marcus' theory and how the mark is gone. Linda asks how it makes Lucifer feel, and he figures that he needs to show Chloe that he's better. He refuses to admit his own feelings.

Marcus calls Maze into his office and tells her that their deal is off. He explains what happened, and Chloe reminds him that if she can't kill Marcus then she can't frame Lucifer for it and blow up his life on Earth. Marcus insists that the plan is off and Maze walks off.

Lucifer brings Chloe a latte and lemon bar. He figures that she needs someone who knows her, just as Dan and Ella come over and find a plate of lemon bars that Marcus made for Chloe. Chloe tells Lucifer to focus on the case, and Ella reports that the ballet show had traces of olive oil, Evian, and beeswax. Reina's former understudy Amber Fontaine uses the mixture to prepare her shoes.

Chloe and Lucifer go back to the theater and ask the manager, Gwendolyn Orloff, if they can speak with Amber. Gwendolyn warns that the only have two days to get the job going. Miguel Schraft comes over and says that they're all upset over Reina's death. The partners meet with Amber, who says that Reina left for a TV reality show, America's Next Prima Ballerina, but ended up coming back. Amber says that she knew she wasn't ready. Lucifer and Chloe leave, and they figure that Amber didn't have a motive, and wonder why Reina didn't stay with the show. They discover that Chloe's car is filled with roses from Marcus.

Lucifer goes to his penthouse and finds Amenadiel there. He tells his brother that they have to get rid of Marcus, and Lucifer figures that they can't break Chloe's heart by killing him. Lucifer says that the need to convince Chloe to dump Marcus, and Amenadiel immediately agrees. Amenadiel says that Lucifer is his brother and his test, and Lucifer says that they need to prove that Marcus is a two-faced liar, and brings up the fact that Marcus was Sinnerman.

When Lucifer returns to the station, he finds Chloe and Ella watching choreographer Myles Drucker berating dancers. Ella explains that Myles lost his leg in a car accident and turned it into an inspiration story. He created America's Most Prima Ballerina and lost a fortune when she dropped out. They bring Myles in, and he says that he didn't think much of Reina but was pressured into taking her own. Myles refuses to say who pressured him, and Lucifer uses his powers to make Myles admit that he truly desires that the car accident didn't happen. He admits that his leg wasn't crushed, and the accident made him because he built his reputation on the fact that he could overcome everything. Myles wears a fake prosthetic leg, and was sent an email with a video that exposed him. If he gave Reina a job, the video would vanish. Reina denied sending the video and quit.

Amenadiel finds Charlotte in a three-star hotel drinking. She says that she's preparing for damnation, and Amenadiel tells her to sober up because he needs a way to prove that Marcus was Sinnerman. The angel explains that God tasked him with blessing a couple with a child who was Chloe, and she was put on Earth to cross paths with Lucifer. He figures that bring Chloe and Lucifer together is his final task, restoring him in God's eyes. Charlotte seizes on the fact that if she helps Amenadiel and that will help enact God's wishes, and that will put her in God's good graces. Amenadiel concedes that it's possible and Charlotte says that she knows what to do.

As Lucifer and Chloe leave, Lucifer suggest that they go for a drive. He tosses her the keys to the car he got her, and Chloe realizes that he thinks that he's competing with Marcus. Chloe gives the keys back and says that it's not about stuff, then walks away.

The next morning, Chloe finds Maze sitting on her couch. Maze says that she came to earn her way back into the house, and suggests that she help Chloe by helping her hurt Marcus back. Chloe refuses and they talk about how dumb and confusing men are. When Chloe describes what happened between her and Marcus, Maze says that people will always let her down. All she trusts is pain, and admits that she went to Marcus' house to kick his ass and realized that she should ask Chloe for permission first. Trixie comes in and sees Maze, and walks out again. Chloe tells Maze that it's going to take some time. Dan calls and says that the email came from an apartment registered to William Sterling, chairman of the board of West ballet and married with two children.

Chloe goes to Sterling's apartment and finds Lucifer there. He says that now he's going to do things rather than give stuff, and tells her that an attractive neighbor let him in and William is out. Lucifer has found photos of Sterling with Reina, her old underwear, and a closet full of her clothes. He figures that Sterling is an obsessive, just as Sterling comes in. Lucifer grabs him, and Chloe says that Sterling and Reina were having an affair. Sterling admits that he was having an affair, and truly cared about her. Chloe says that they know the email came from the apartment, and Sterling says that he didn't care who Reina worked for. He suggests that someone snuck onto her computer, which is on the nearby table, and Chloe takes it into evidence.

Amenadiel and Charlotte track down Marcus meeting with a known fence and taking an envelope. She admits that she got the information from her contact rather than the police. Amenadiel figures that they what they need, but Charlotte points out that they don't know what is in the envelope. Marcus drives off, and Charlotte knees a motorcyclist in the groin, takes his bike, and follows Marcus. He pulls into a lot and when Charlotte arrives and brakes to a halt, Marcus puts a gun to her head and demands to know who she is. He recognizes her, and Charlotte tells him that she heard he and Chloe broke up and started thinking about him. She flirts with him, but Marcus tells her that he's in love with Chloe and walks off.

Once the police cyber team recover the video from Reina's key, the group watches it and Ella admits that they don't have any evidence identifying the killer. Marcus calls Chloe and she steps aside to take the call. He says that he's figured out a way to prove that she can trust him and invites her to dinner at his place that night. Chloe agrees and once she hangs up, Lucifer asks the chance to express some thoughts to her at his place in one hour. She agrees and leaves.

An hour later, Chloe arrives at the penthouse and finds Lucifer setting up a private dinner. He sits her down, pours champagne, and says it's all to help her make an appropriate decision about their future. Lucifer then asks her if it's better than anything Marcus can do. Chloe realizes that Lucifer is trying to show up Marcus, and asks why Lucifer is doing it to her. Breaking into tears, she wonders who does deserve her. Lucifer says that someone better deserves her, and Dan calls Chloe and says that they have a lead. Ella explains that they watched the video again and saw a reflection in the darkened mirror. They send over the enhanced image, which shows Miguel's costume from Gizelle.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the theater where the dancers are performing Lucifer figures that Miguel killed Reina to be with Amber. Sterling comes in with a gun and asks Miguel why he took Reina from him, and fires a shot into the ceiling. The audience panics and runs, and Chloe tells Sterling to drop the gun. Lucifer steps between Sterling and Miguel, and says that Miguel tried everything to get Reina out of the way. Sterling wonders how Miguel could hurt Reina, and Lucifer says that she was an obstacle to who Miguel loved: Amber. Miguel explains that Reina found out that he was trying to blackmail Myles and she was going to get him fired, and then he wouldn't be able to work with Amber. The dancer admits that he was afraid to tell Amber that she loved him, and Amber says that she has feelings for him. Chloe knocks a distracted Sterling down, and he says that he's sorry. Lucifer tells Miguel that all he had to do was tell Amber how he felt but he blew it, and realizes that he did the same.

When Chloe doesn't arrive, Marcus gets up and goes. Charlotte and Amenadiel break in and find the envelope. There's nothing in it, and Amenadiel figures that Marcus took the contents with him. Charlotte says that they're not giving up because they don't quit when they're doing God's work.

Marcus is sitting alone in his apartment drinking. Linda comes in and tells him that she was torn between being his friend or therapist Lucifer says that he screwed up and all he should have done is tell Chloe how he feels. Linda wonders what he's afraid of, and Lucifer says that neither he nor Chloe have a choice because it's all God's manipulations. The therapist points out that Lucifer is taking Chloe's choice away by not telling her the truth, and that all of them are guessing what God is responsible for. The one thing God can't control is what Lucifer does right now, and asks Lucifer what he truly desires. Lucifer says that he wants Chloe to choose him, and Linda tells him to tell that to Chloe.

Marcus goes to Chloe's apartment and she says that she couldn't make dinner because he was busy with the case. He comes in and says that he's been trying to figure out a way to make things better, and asks her to give him the rest of their lives so he can make it up. Marcus drops to one knee and proposes to Chloe. Lucifer secretly watches from the window as Chloe accepts Marcus' proposal and they hug.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 24, 2018