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Sacrifice 99 to Fool One Recap

In his workspace, Jonathan looks at the painting of the Sorceress' eyes. He imagines that she's there, telling him that he's not smart enough to catch him. Jonathan points out that she's destroying his life, and the Sorceress tells him that he doesn't have a life and he cheated on his girlfriend with her. He promises to find her, and the Sorceress asks what he'll do when he does. Jonathan snaps out of his reverie and wonders what the Sorceress is after, and then works out the code hidden in the painting.

Jonathan goes to a phone and calls Cameron as Cameron walks down the street. People gather around Cameron holding up phones, as Jonathan says that Cameron is the target. he tells his brother to run, and Cameron goes into an alley. The Sorceress is waiting and gasses him unconscious. Jonathan begs the guard to call the FBI and tell him to call the FBI. Another guard comes in and shoves Jonathan away, and Jonathan pickpockets his phone. In the bathroom, Jonathan calls Kay and says that Cameron is in trouble.

Kay and Mike soon follow the GPS on Cameron's phone. Detective Bryan Weeks with the NYPD introduces himself, and Kay snaps that a man was abducted there. Once Weeks leaves, Mike tells Kay to calm down. They find Cameron's phone and Kay asks Weeks to pull all of the security footage on the alleyway. When Weeks says that Cameron is a civilian, Kay insists that Cameron is one of them and Weeks goes to get the footage. Kay tries to work out what the Sorceress did and how, and figures that they need to get another master of deception.

the next day, Jonathan walks out of prison to where Kay and Mike are waiting for him. Mike warns Kay that it could all go sideways, and reminds her that Jonathan isn't Cameron. Jonathan reaches them and says that they should find his brother.

At the FBI, Mike puts a monitor on Jonathan's ankle. Deakins says that Jonathan has to stay within 50 yards of Kay at all times. If he runs or removes it, he'llbe considered a fugitive. Kay takes Jonathan to the team, at the archive, where Gunter and Jordan are going over the footage of the crowd. They greet him and Dina comes in, She and Jonathan hug and Kay asks the team if they've found anything. Dina says that Cameron is blocked at every angle, and they figure that the Sorceress took Cameron for a reason but wonder why. Jonathan figures that the Sorceress sacrifices 99 to fool one, where the entire audience is in on the trick. He demonstrates with Mike, making balls "disappear" by tapping them over his shoulder while everyone else can see it. Dina tells Jonathan that it's enough, and Jonathan says that they just served their purpose. He tells the agents to take him to the crime scene, figuring that they missed something.

At the alley, Mike insists that being there is a waste of time. He walks off to buy a hot dog and then comes back, and asks if they saw it yet. Jonathan points out a Q sticker on several objects nearby and points out that one member of the crowd has the same symbol. A woman, Everly, across the street takes photos of them, and they spot her and go after them. Everly says that she heard that Cameron was there. She explains that she wanted to boost her points for Quest Trek, and Mike has heard of it. It's a mobile game, and Everly tells Jonathan that he's worth a million points.

Back at the FBI, Everly explains that the map in the game alerts the user when there's a target nearby. the target is never the same thing twice, and Kay asks her about Octagon first. Everly explains that it's the final quest when the top scorers come together at Roosevelt Island for the final quest, and shows them her invite. Kay tells Deakins what they've discovered and figures that someone who works for the Sorceress will be at the Octagon. Deakins warns Kay to be careful of Jonathan.

At the Archive, Dina is making up Jonathan. He talks about when they were together, and asks her how things are going between her and Dina. Jonathan asks her if Mike has kissed her yet, and Dina refuses to discuss it with him. Gunter comes over and Jonathan tells him that he's losing everything. The older man says that Jonathan always has his back and now he has his, and gives him a belt with a hidden lock pick. Meanwhile, Jordan talks to Mike and says that it must suck for him with Dina and Jonathan together. Mike insists that it isn't a competition, and Jordan walks off to take a call.

At Roosevelt Island, the top scorers have gathered at an abandoned asylum. Kay and Jonathan arrive and Kay assures Jonathan that they're going to find Cameron. She insists that her relationship with him is professional, and Jonathan says that she's Cameron's type.

The CEO, Lance Bauer, comes out and says that they've created the most challenging quest. He invites them all into the building, and Kay and Jonathan go in with them. The Sorceress says over the loudspeakers that a former patient wrote riddles on the walls in 1948, and the first person who solves them all gets five million points. Jonathan recognizes her voice and tells Kay that the Sorceress is using the crowd as a brain source. Kay wants to talk to Bauer, but Jonathan begs her to let him go off and solve the riddles. After a moment, the agent reluctantly agrees but warns him not to flee.

Jonathan goes to a room with one of the riddles, and finds a worker, Albert.Albert tells Jonathan that he has ten minutes to solve the riddle, and Jonathan works it out in a matter of seconds. The worker tells him that he can move on to the next room.

Bauer is giving a press statement, and Kay steals a press badge and asks the CEO if the puzzles were created in 1948. The CEO says that his team created the riddles, but anyone who reaches the end will have to solve the patient's puzzle.

In the patient's room, Jonathan studies the puzzle and tells the worker Jessica what the answer is. She lets him move on to the next room.

Kay talks to Bauer privately, and he says that he handles the business side of things. He's been working with the woman, Addison Lake, who creates the riddles, and offers to introduce Kay to her.

In the next room, Jonathan realizes that it's the patient's room. There are words written on every surface except the ceiling, and the night sky is painted on the roof.

Bauer goes to the room where the team is working and discovers that Addison is gone.

Jonathan lies on the floor and studies the ceiling. He realizes that there are too many stars and the extra make up a new constellation shaped like a W: the Lynx. He realizes that the female worker didn't know it, and the Sorceress steps out of the room and locks the door. Jonathan talks to her through the grille, asking why she's manipulating them, and the Sorceress says that it's a game and then leaves. Using Gunter's lock pick, Jonathan starts opening the door.

Kay's monitor bracelet goes off and she realizes that Jonathan is on the move.

The sorceress goes out to her boat. Jonathan comes out of her, knocks out her guard, and continues chasing her.

Kay finds the unconscious bodyguard and sees Jonathan with the man's gun. He's aiming it at the Sorceress as she leaves, but doesn't shoot. Once the Sorceress is out of sight, Jonathan tells Kay that he had her.

Back at the FBI, Jonathan tells Deakins that he was chasing the Sorceress. He doesn't see a problem with killing her. Once Deakins leaves, Kay points out that Jonathan couldn't help Cameron with the Sorceress dead. The agent asks if he was thinking about saving Cameron, and Jonathan admits that he was just thinking about killing her. Kay tells him that he's going back to the prison, and Jonathan asks her to convince Deakins to give him another chance. He figures that Kay is enjoying what she's doing.

Once Mike handcuffs Jonathan, he drives him back to the prison. Jonathan tells him that Dina is too good for both of them, and Mike agrees. When he realizes that they're going away from the prison, Mike tells Jonathan that he figured Dina would want to see him at the Archive and hands him the handcuff keys.

Kay interrogates Bauer and tells him that Addison is the Sorceress. He says that the Sorceress engineered the quest, and the patient was a Rockefeller who said he had the key to a fortune. Kay asks him about an auction he mentioned, and Bauer says that the Rockefeller Collection is at Devlin's Auction House the next night.

At the Archive, and Dina says that she heard what happened. Jonathan admits that he lost sight of what's important, and it's not the first time that it's happened. He explains that Mike is taking him back to the prison, and Dina tells Mike that Jonathan is their best chance. Gunter approaches Jonathan and tells him to ask if he needs any more help, and they hug... and Gunter slips him a tool to remove the monitor.

Kay tells Deakins that the Lynx is a diamond. She explains about the auction and figures that the Sorceress has to know what she was going to steal. They ask the auction house owner, Batz, to all off the auction. Batz says that they have extreme security measures, including facial recognition, motion sensors, a 6" thick steel vault, and a pump to remove all air from the vault. Once Batz leaves, Kay thinks that the Sorceress will use Cameron to steal the diamond, and they need Jonathan to stop her.

The next night at the auction house, Kay and Jonathan come in and pick up bidding paddles. Kay admits that she doesn't trust Jonathan but they both want Cameron back. She points out the other guests: Philip Edwards, Prince Stefan Prifot, financier Henri Morel. Jonathan figures that they'll steal the diamond after the auction, and it will happen fast. Jordan and Dina are watching on the security monitors, and Gunter and Mike are in the vault. Gunter tells Mike that Jonathan found him at the lowest point in his life and gave him a purpose, and says that he'd help Jonathan without hesitation but Jonathan would never ask because it would break Dina's heart.

A woman sees Jonathan and mistakes him for Cameron, and Cameron plays along as the woman Clara says that Jonathan destroyed Cameron's career. She asks Jonathan to do a trick for them, and he performs while Kay keeps an eye on the crowd. The auction starts and Kay tells Jonathan that he caught Henri's eye.

The workers bring the diamond out of the vault, and Jordan sees a guard put something on a communication box. He goes to check it out.

The Lynx Diamond goes up for bid starting at $1 million. Jonathan bids just because he wanted to.

The monitors go out, and Dina tells the others via earbud that something is happening. Jonathan warns Kay that they're taking the diamond. Henri starts to move, and Jonathan tells Kay that it's him. The lights flicker and Henri runs for the stage. Jonathan tackles him and a man fires a gun into the air. The bidders panic and Henri disappears, and Gunter grabs the diamond. Dina reports that someone inside the building hacked the cameras. A man knocks Jordan out and Dina sees it on the monitors, and tells the others.

In the vault, Gunter gives the diamond to Mike and tells him to lock it up while he goes to help Jonathan.

Kay and Jonathan find Jordan, who is alive. Jonathan figures that they won't leave without the diamond and goes to the vault while Kay searches for Henri.

Dina tries to reach Mike and discovers that he's unconscious. Henri is opening the box with the diamond, and Jonathan arrives and knocks him out. The Sorceress, dressed as a guard, puts a gun to his head and says that he's persistent. She removes his earbud and says that it's just the two of them now. The Sorceress says that Cameron is alive and close, and asks Jonathan to come with him so they can do great things. She says that it's about his life and what's happened to him, and she can turn it into something real. Jonathan demands to know where Cameron is, and the Sorceress tells him to give her the diamond. He puts it in a bag and hands it over, and the Sorceress tells that in two minutes the door will seal and all of the oxygen will be sucked out. Jonathan can come with her or say there and save Mike and the others. Once she leaves, Jonathan goes out.

Kay goes out of the building, and Dina reports that she can't reach the others. Jonathan's monitor goes off and Kay figures that he's running. Dina checks the exterior cameras and sees a security guard leave the west side of the building. Kay goes over and the Sorceress removes her hat. The agents orders her to come over, and the Sorceress does so. Kay tells her to smile for the surveillance camera on the wall above them, and realizes that Jonathan secretly substituted his monitor for the diamond and slipped it into the bag. The Sorceress says that Jonathan is in the vault trying to save Mike and the four guards. She says that she forgot to tell him one thing.

As Jonathan gets Mike and the guards out, the vault door closes. Henry is still trapped inside, and he and Jonathan both try to get the door open. The rest of the team arrives, and Kay says that it's not Henri. "Henry" removes his disguise, revealing that he's Cameron, and Jonathan screams in grief as his brother collapses.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 25, 2018

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