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Flower Child Recap

Many Years Ago...

Gothel takes her sister Yarrow to an expensive home, and they look through the window and sees the women there examining dresses. Yarrow says that it's not their world, but Gothel slips into the house to feel the dresses once the women leave the room. She causes a flower to sprout into a rose, and the sisters come back and figure that Gothel have used magic. The sisters, Isla, Flora, and Seraphina, say that they're intrigued by magic. Gothel agrees and Isla says that they've found a new sister and they'll find her something decent to wear.


Gothel enters the station and tells the desk sergeant that he's going to help her. He refuses, and she magically enthralls him to wake up her "sisters" so that the coven can return.

Henry shows Jacinda the blood test confirming that he's Lucy's father. Jacinda says that they never met before, but Henry figures that there's some explanation. He wonders if Lucy is right and his book is real, and suggests that he loved her on first sight because they had met before. Jacinda wears her things are if she's Cinderella, and Henry shows her the fragment of glass slipper. He has her take it and open her mind, but nothing happens. Sabine texts her to call her to the food truck, and Henry wonders if she's leaving because of Sabine or because he freaked her out. Jacinda admits that it's a bit of both and goes.

Rogers talks to Drew in the interrogation room and says that Nick's ME report doesn't make sense. Drew says that Samdi used magic, and explains that magic is from another land and bits have made it into the real world. He says that Nick was hunting down witches and there's a war brewing.

The desk sergeant takes Gothel to a cave and explains that he woke up the sisters. Gothel tells them that it's time to reclaim what was once theirs.

The Past

Gothel goes to a hidden grove and the tree nymphs greet her. Her mother Flora tells her to drop her disguise, and Gothel transforms into a nymph like the others. Flora says that she can't coexist with humans because they're not human, and says that the mantle of "Mother" will be Gothel's. Gothel says that she wants freedom, but Gothel isn't convinced. Flora assures her that she can choose to reject the power, but says that eventually Gothel will realize her duty to follow nature.


Gothel secretly watches Tilly and Rose. Once Margot inside, Gothel approaches Tilly and says that she just wants to talk. She explains that she's Rose's mother, and Tilly doesn't believe her. Gothel admits that she was selfish and says that the world was cruel to her, and she became cruel as well. She tells Tilly that she wants to change and hopes that Tilly will forgive her, but Tilly says that she already people who are for her and walks off.

Samdi is in his office when Lucy comes in and says that she charmed her way past his secretary. She knows Regina isn't returning Samdi's calls, and explains that she's not dealing with anything else since Weaver stole her magic. Lucy suggests that he still has magic to give Regina, suggesting that she'd be grateful to Samdi. Samdi agrees but says that he needs Lucy to find a symbol of Henry and Jacinda's love. He warns that a storm of witches is brewing and if they want to survive, they will all need magic.

Tilly visits Rogers and says that Gothel told her that she's her mother. Rogers explains that the crime he's investigating is tied to Gothel, and says that they'll figure it out together.

The Past

At the party, Isla tells Gothel that she's been telling her friends that Gothel does magic. The women take Gothel to an overgrown cabin, and Isabel grows a plant. Isla rushes it and says that Gothel can never be one of her. She tells Gothel that she's an abomination and pours mud on her as Seraphina looks on in horror. Isla tells her that she doesn't belong in their world, and Seraphina hangs back until Isla tells her to go with them


Gothel goes to the bar and approaches Margot. She says that she's a relation of Tilly's, talks about how humanity is a blight on plants, and casts a spell on Margot putting her into a trance. Gothel then pricks her finger, puts a bit of Margot's blood in a vial, and leaves. When Margot comes to her senses, she has no idea what happened.

Tilly insists that she and Rogers go to Henry's apartment, figuring that he knows something because he wrote a book about magic. Henry says that he's in the middle of something and Tilly explains that her mother is either a witch or a cult leader or both, and Nick was killed by voodoo magic. He lets them in and finds the room covered with photos and notes of all the people in Hyperion Heights. Henry says that he was thinking that his book might be real. He points out all of the coincidences, and suggests that Gothel isn't casting spells because there's no magic in the real world. The desk sergeant calls Rogers and says that someone spotted shady women going into the theater.

Rogers and Tilly go there and Tilly wonder if Gothel is her mother. The detective assures her that he'll help her figure it out, ad says that it's cruel to be so close to magic but can't remember it.

In Lucy's room, Lucy and Jacinda go through Jacinda's old things. Lucy finally says that she's looking for things that belong to Henry, and asks Lucy to believe that what she intends is possible. They find Henry's old t-shirt from Granny's and the rest of the glass slipper.

Tilly tells Rogers that she's hungry, and she thanks him for everything that he's done for her. Gothel enters the theater and Tilly insists on going inside with Rogers.

The Past

Gothel enters the nymph garden and finds it destroyed. She calls to her family and finds Flora dying. Flora says that the humans came and destroyed the trees, and says that Nature has taken its course and now Gothel is the mother and holds a very powerful seed of magic in her. Gothel vows that every one of them will pay, and Flora tells her to find a place to grow anew before she dies.


The desk sergeant is waiting inside, and some of the witches grab Tilly and take her away. Others grab Rogers, and Gothel says who she is and explains that she will hurt him, not Tilly.

The Past

Gothel goes back to the party and asks Isla why she did it. Isla says that the nymphs were an abomination like Gothel, and Gothel causes vines to emerge, killing the guards and sealing the doors. Another vine grabs Isla, and Gothel says that she won't forget the humans who murdered her family. Gothel breaks her neck and prepares to kill Seraphina. Seraphina stops the vines and says that she is like Gothel, but hid who she was because they would come for her. Gothel tells her that she doesn't have to be scared anymore and invites her to join her. After a moment, Seraphina takes her hand and Gothel promises that she will never be afraid again. She summons vines down the fireplace and has them breath pollen on the guests, asphyxiating them.


The witches tie Rogers up and Gothel tells him that they are witches. She says that Tilly isn't going anywhere and will help them cast their spell, and apologizes not seeing that Tilly was one of them. Seraphina steps forward and says that Gothel has a gift for finding outcasts. When Tilly says that Gothel killed her father, Gothel tells her that Rogers is her father. She wants to help Tilly figure out what she's side she's on and then Gothel will be the mother she always wanted. Tilly tells her that she's no mother to her, and Gothel tells her to cast the spell to save her father.

The Past

Gothel takes Seraphina to the garden and says that she wiped out all humans in the realm. However, she figures that they will come back and destroy nature once more. She finds a magic bean and says that it will take them to another realm where they will find others like them. When they are strong enough, they will come back and cleanse the land. Gothel uses the bean to create a gateway and they go through.

A Land Without Magic, Thousands of Years Later

In the catacombs, Gothel finds a scrap of magic in the walls and says that it's time to change the lack of magic in the real world. She takes a bit of blood from Rogers and tells Tilly that she can take a little or the witches can take it all. Gothel asks if Tilly wants to watch Rogers die, and Tilly takes one of the coven's robes.

Lucy takes the slipper to Samdi and uses a voodoo doll representing Henry to pull out the poison. He tells Lucy that if it works, she should go to her parents and break the curse so that they remember. Samdi merges the slipper with the voodoo doll.

The spell enters Henry and he starts in shock. Jacinda calls and says that they found the slipper. Henry goes to her apartment and she says that they put the slipper together and Lucy ran off with it. Jacinda wonders if they can actually find each other in a fairy tale, Henry starts to kiss Jacinda, but she says that the Jacinda she is now is the one who wants to kiss Henry. He agrees to have that Jacinda and they kiss. Lucy comes in and sees them kissing, but doesn't remember anything from her other life... meaning the curse didn't break.

Gothel has Tilly hold out her hands and places the vials of blood in her hands along with the key to the grove. Rogers begs Tilly not to do it, but Tilly says that she's his father and has to do it. She joins the coven and Gothel chants the spell, and the magic emerges from them.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 28, 2018

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