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AKA Playland Recap

Jessica wakes up in the camper and asks Alisa where she took her, and goes outside. Alisa says that she couldn't let Jessica turn her in again, and says that where they're going is up to Jessica. However,, she refuses to go to the Raft like Jessica wants. Alisa points out that she was able to control herself with Jessica and says that they don't have to lose each other. Jessica tells her mother that she has a life, and Alisa points out that she's drunk 24/7 and they can be better together. A car approaches and Jessica tells Alisa to get into the camper so they don't see her. After a moment, Alisa gets into the camper and the driver pulls over. Jessica says that they're just stretching their legs and the driver continues on.

Dorothy paces nervously as Torres tries to wake Trish up. When she fails, Dorothy yells at Trish to wake up and she does. Torres says that she wasn't sure Trish would make it, and Trish asks how Jessica is. Dorothy tells her not to worry about Jessica, and Torres says that the viruses have apparently left Trish's body but they need stool and urine samples. Trish tells her that she's leaving, and Dorothy shoves her back. Torres leaves rather than get involved further, and Dorothy asks Trish if she accepts that her life is a wreck. Trish insists that Jessica needs her help, and Dorothy asks what she's going to do. Her daughter reluctantly lies back

The next morning, Alisa drives along the side roads. She points out that Jessica can't stop her, and admits that she wanted it be hard for Jessica to leave her. Jessica admits that she doesn't know what to do, and Alisa suggests that she join her. They arrive at a stop light and see a mother, father, and daughter in the next car singing and smiling. Alisa tells Jessica that she wants to find a purpose like Jessica has, and says that together they could do anything. the light turns green and Alisa says that Trish is destroying herself to become like Jessica.

At the office, Malcolm finishes the repairs, puts his door key on the desk, and calls the law office, gives a fake name, and confirms his meeting with Linda. He then trims his hair, puts on a good suit, and leaves.

Alisa says that they'd make a great team, and tells Jessica that she wants to make up for what she's done. They come to a burning wreck on the road where a truck carrying propane hit the earlier family's car. Alisa runs over and gets the daughter out. Jessica gets the father out, using her strength to yank off the car door, and gets him clear as a propane tanks hit the car. Alisa comes back to get him, and Jessica finds his wife Trudy. She tries to lift a trailer off of the woman, and Alisa comes back and casually tosses it away. The two women get Trudy away, and Alisa hears the driver of the truck yelling for help. When Jessica says to go, Alisa tells her that the fire is too intense and goes back herself. Jessica gets Trudy into the camper and runs back just as the truck explodes. Once she recovers, Jessica searches the area and finds Alisa and the driver under a metal panel where they took cover. Both of them are fine, and a relieved Jessica hugs her mother.

Jeri is at her apartment with her female yogi, and starts to seduce her. Malcolm knocks at the door and tells Jeri that he's not working with Jessica anymore. He says that he's there to finish her case with Jessica, and says that he met with Linda and shows Jeri the recorder in his case.

As they drive away, Jessica says that the family can identify them and they need to get to the border. Alisa points out that her daughter referred to them together, and cheers. They stop at a diner so Jessica can make a phone call, and Oscar is waiting for her in response to her message. He says that the police think that Alisa took Jessica, who admits that Alisa did take her. She says that she and her mother need papers to cross the border, and Oscar reminds Jessica that Alisa is a murderer. Jessica insists that Alisa isn't forcing her, and Oscar points out that she has Oscar and Vido. She tells Oscar that he connects himself with Vido, isolating her, and says that they'll make it if they have the papers. Looking around, Jessica sees SWAT troopers and black SUVs outside, and figures that the authorities connected Oscar to her via the painting he did. Jessica figures that they want her to lead them to Alisa, and Oscar tells her to do it.

Jessica kisses Oscar and tells him to get down, then rips out the diner and throws it at one officer. She runs through the kitchen and jumps into a passing truck. The police lose her, and Oscar watches from the diner. The truck goes to a gravel pit and Jessica jumps out, and then runs to the nearby shore where Alisa is waiting with the camper. Jessica tells her that they should just drive north, and they leave together.

Jeri goes to the law office and meets with Linda and Steven. She says that she'll accept the severance but demands more money. When they refuse, Jeri plays the video of Malcolm meeting with Linda. They discuss laundering drug money, and Jeri says that Malcolm got the information from Steven at the Chocolate Bar. Jeri tells them to double the severance and she'll keep the tape and leave along with her clients. Linda figures that Jeri won't expose them, but Jeri points out that she has nothing left to lose and walks out.

Malcolm is waiting for Jeri in her office, and she says that she won't hire Malcolm because he's inexperienced and unlicensed. She writes him a check for his service, and Malcolm takes it and leaves. Once she's alone, Jeri stretches in relief.

Jessica plans how to get across the border, and Alisa says that they should got to a war zone or something. and continue doing good deeds. In Westchester they come to a traffic jam, and Jessica realizes that it's a road block and tells Alisa to take the next turn. Trudy's phone in the back goes off, and Jessica checks it and determines that it's Costa. When Jessica answers it, Costa tells her that she's an accomplice and he doesn't want to see her get hurt. He says that Jessica has to prove it, and Alisa crossed a line that she can't come back from. Jessica hasn't... so far. Jessica destroys the phone, and Costa's men get a general fix on the camper's location.

Alisa pulls over and says that she's going to get Jessica killer. Jessica tells her mother that it's not over, and tells her mother to keep driving. After a moment, Alisa drives through the forest.

Dorothy brings fresh flowers and turns off the TV when Trish tries to watch the news about the accident. Costa comes in and Trish asks where Jessica is. The detective asks Dorothy to step out, and then says that Jessica is aiding and abetting Alisa. Trish doesn't believe that Jessica would leave her, but Costa suggests that she would do it to keep Trish from further hurting herself. He asks if there's any place in Westchester that Jessica would go, and Trish claims that she doesn't know. Once Costa leaves, Trish gets up out of bed.

That night, Alisa and Jessica pull over near the closed Playland. Jessica finds a sailboat and says that they have to go, but Alisa breaks into the park and tells Jessica to walk away. She goes to the Ferris wheel, starts it up, and Jessica realizes that she's giving up. Alisa says that she won't cause Jessica's death, and gets into a cab. Jessica gets in with her and the Ferris wheel starts up. Alisa says that she's gone as far as she can, and tells Jessica that she's a hero because she cares. She admits that Jessica is far more capable than she ever was.

As Jessica refuses to accept her mother's surrender, Trish shoots from the ground and kills Alisa. Jessica drops down and shoves Trish to the ground. Trish says that the police would have shot them both and she had to save Jessica. Jessica picks up the gun and glares at Trish, and tells her to run as sirens sound in the distance. Trish runs one direction, and Jessica goes to the Ferris wheel and finds the cab with Alisa's body in it. She sits down, crying, and the police arrive. They tell Jessica to surrender, and Costa steps forward and tells the officers to lower their weapons. They reluctantly do so, and Costa picks up Trish's gun that Jessica dropped. He tells Jessica that she did the right thing,

Later in New York, Jessica walks down the street and follows a suspect. That night, she walks into a store and a robber comes in. Jessica throws a bottle, knocking the robber down. When the cashier grabs his gun and prepares to shoot him, Jessica takes the gun away and tells him to call the police. She grabs a bottle and starts to go, and the cashier tells her to pay for it.

When Jessica arrives at her office, she finds Trish waiting outside. Trish insists that it had to be done, and Jessica tells her that it wasn't her call. When Trish says that she's her sister, Jessica tells her that she lost the only family she had again and it didn't have to be Trish that killed Alisa. The PI goes inside, closing the door in Trish's face. Tish goes to the elevator and gets a text from Dorothy asking if she's free for dinner. As Jessica texts an answer, a woman gets out the elevator and bumps into Trish. Trish drops the phone and catches it on her foot.

Jeri is choosing office space and taking drugs for her ALS. Pryce comes in and introduces his new associate: Malcolm. They sit down with Jeri, and Jeri says that she has a job for them that Jessica might not take. She wonders if Malcolm will be okay with it, and Malcolm says that he's hired.

Jessica is in her office downloading the photos she took of her suspect, and takes a drink. She glances over at Malcolm's empty desk and realizes that she's gone through life untethered. Jessica picks up her phone, but then sets it down and walks out. Malcolm gets off the elevator and passes her in the hallway as he goes to her apartment. Jessica glances back once and then walks to Oscar's apartment and knocks on the door. He calls that it's open, and Jessica goes inside. Vido greets her as he sets the table for dinner, and Oscar assures her that she has a standing invitation. The boy says that they're celebrating that Oscar got a show, and Vido asks her if she saved anyone. Jessica tells him that she did and describes stopping the robber.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 28, 2018

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