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Mrs. Sherlock Holmes Recap

In New York City, 1919, women are marching for the right to vote. Men yell at them to come home, but the women ignore them and keep marching. The police arrive and order the women to disperse, and a fight breaks out. The police start clubbing them down, and the leader Alice Paul sees President Woodrow Wilson arrives and calls to him. A policeman knocks her down, and Woodrow waits. Alice yells that women will not be ignored, and the police drag her away.

In the bunker, Rufus discusses Jiya's vision and points out that she has no idea when he's going to get killed. She asks him to take it seriously, and reminds him that her previous visions have come to pass. Rufus wonders what he's supposed to do and why she's telling him, and how they're supposed to deal with it. Jiya says that when her father died there was no warning, and Rufus snaps at her that he's not her father. Angry, Jiya storms out.

In Flynn's quarters, Lucy drinks coffee and he smiles at her. She finally walks out, and Wyatt watches her from down the hallway. He goes to the bathroom and Flynn comes in, and Wyatt tells Flynn to stay away from Lucy. Flynn points out that Lucy isn't Wyatt's wife, and asks what Wyatt wants from Lucy.

At their new base, Nicholas texts Emma to meet him for a private meeting. He tells her that on the next mission he wants her to just pilot the Mothership and let Andre handle the dirty work. Nicholas admits that Emma is the only one that he trusts and she's too important to risk. He gives her a file, and Emma agree to let Andre handle it.

Jiya detects the Mothership arriving in 1919, and Lucy says that Woodrow was there before traveling to Germany to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles. The group gets into the Lifeboat but Wyatt refuses to let Flynn board. Denise says that they need the backup, and Flynn sarcastically suggests that Wyatt say goodbye to Jessica.

Once they arrive in 1919, the team goes to the York Hotel where Woodrow is staying. They hear a gunshot and figure that they're too late, and run to investigate. Wyatt irritably tells Flynn that he'll check it out, and Lucy asks a policeman what's going on. The policeman tells Flynn to control his "wife", and Flynn repeats Lucy's question. The policeman has no answers, and the team asks a reporter what happened. He says that someone shot Senator Wadsworth, Woodrow's companion, and they arrested Alice for the shooting. Lucy tells the others that Alice led the suffragette movement and never killed anyone. She explains that Wadsworth wasn't historically important, but Alice gives a speech convincing Woodrow to support the 19th Amendment. Flynn offers to go look for the Rittenhouse sleeper, and Wyatt objects. Lucy reminds them to focus on Alice, and Wyatt says that he and Lucy will get Alice out of jail while Rufus and Wynn find the sleeper. Once they're alone, Flynn tells Rufus that they're on the same team and Rufus won't get killed. Rufus figures that since Jiya has seen his death in the future, he has nothing to worry about in his present.

Wyatt and Lucy go to the police station and claim that they're Alice's attorneys. The desk sergeant Halpern says that they found the gun in Alice's room, and mentions Sherlock Holmes. Lucy asks if Grace Humiston is in the station, and Halpern says that sometimes Grace uses the visitor's room. As the travelers go there, Lucy explains that Grace was a brilliant lawyer and investigator that the NYPD used on consultations, and they called her "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes".

Grace is working in the room and when she sees Lucy, tells Lucy not to waste her intellect on a married man. She recognizes Wyatt as a soldier with a concealed weapon, and Lucy tells Grace that she's ahead of her time. Grace knows about Alice and Lucy explains that Alice was arrested for murder. The detective agrees that Alice must be innocent and that she'll talk to her. She says that Alice has to stop making speeches and goes to the front desk. Once she gets Halpern's attention, she asks to see Alice. He refuses because of the chief's orders, and Grace threatens to reveal that he's drinking on the job if he doesn't cooperate. Halpern takes them to Alice's cell and Alice says that she and Grace have met. Alice tells them that she was in her room working on her speech when they broke into her room and arrested her. Grace points out that it doesn't look like Alice is innocent, and Alice asks them to leave. Lucy says that Alice is facing starvation and forced feeding, but Alice tells them to get the press in there to see what is happening to her. Lucy tells her that if she wants to change hearts and minds, she has to give her speech.

The trio leaves and Lucy complains that Grace is treating Alice like a criminal. Grace points out that Alice isn't helping their cause and would rather earn respect, and goes to talk to the detective in charge. Lucy admits that Grace isn't what she expected and says that the detective's point of view is wrong. Wyatt says that he saw her come out of Flynn's room, and Lucy says that they didn't have a relationship. She tells Wyatt that what she does is none of his business. Grace comes back and asks what happened between them.

Rufus and Flynn go to Wadsworth room and look for a clue that the sleeper. An officer comes in and doesn't believe their explanation that they're Pinkertons, and draws his gun on Rufus. Rufus says that he's not dying and tells Flynn to take the officer down. Flynn objects, and Emma come in and shoots the officer in the back. Flynn disarms her and he wonders why she shouldn't kill him. Emma says that she wants to stop Rittenhouse and offers her help. Flynn draws his gun, and Emma explains that she has her reasons for seeing the 19th Amendment passing. She says that there are orders to kill Lucy, and she's their best shot at stopping the sleeper.

Connor is going over the equipment they salvaged from the Rittenhouse base when Jessica and Denice comes in. He explains what he's doing and Jessica offers to help him. Jiya comes in and says that she's having romantic issues with Rufus, and agrees to help.

As Emma leads Rufus and Flynn away. Flynn asks what Rufus is doing. Rufus explains about Jiya seeing his death in the future so he knows that he can't die until then, and Flynn points out that someone could still cripple Rufus. Emma says that she's not going to tell them where the sleeper agent is because then they'd kill her right away, and explains that Rittenhouse left her stranded in the 1880s to test her loyalty. She tells them that they're heading to the march because the sleeper is a suffragette.

Once she talks to the head detective, Grace goes to the hotel with Lucy and Wyatt. She questions the bellhop who told the detective that he saw Alice go into Wadsworth's room. Grace notices that he's wearing an expensive wristwatch, and walks off when Grace demands the truth. She threatens to tell the manager that the bellhop is dealing drugs to the guests, and he says that a guest left him a note offering him $50 bucks to say that he saw Alice. Grace asks to see the note and once he hands it over, they go back to the station to see if Alice recognizes the handwriting. Alice is dead in her cell.

Afterward, the police declare Alice's death a suicide Grace and Lucy don't believe it, and Lucy insists that Alice wasn't supposed to die. Grace tells her to find someone else to give the speech, and insists that speeches and marches don't change the world. She says that her job is to solve the case, not change the world, and tells Lucy to help her or get out of her way. They go to the suffragette headquarters and Grace tells them that Alice is dead. The women figure that Grace was involved because she works with the police, and Lucy tells them that Grace is trying to find the killer. She asks if someone will give Alice's speech, and says that it would be disrespectful not to honor Alice's memory by delivering it. Wyatt speaks up, saying that he's lost good people but they shouldn't give up. The women decide to hold a silent vigil, and Grace asks for a vote. The suffragettes vote in favor of the vigil.

Emma tell Rufus and Flynn that when the march starts, she'll need to get outside and find the sleeper. Flynn wonders what's in it for her, and Emma agrees to tell them if they let her do what she has to do When Flynn says that he'll consider it, Emma describes she was one of three women to get through the program at Caltech. Rittenhouse found her and begged her to come work for them, and Emma figures that if women can't vote then she would have been trapped with her drunk father forever. Emma tells them that whether they trust her or not, she's killing the sleeper. After a moment Flynn gives her her gun back.

Lucy complains to Grace that it's the last time they'll get a vote. She says that since Grace is tough enough to get into man's world, she figures that other women should be able to do it as well. Grace concedes the point and says that she helps solve the murder of women, and Lucy tells her to focus on live women. She angrily says that if Grace isn't going to help then she should get out of the way, and one of the suffragettes suggests that Lucy give the speech. Lucy says at maybe she will and goes out. Wyatt goes after her and warns that the sleeper will try to kill her, and refuses to let her get hurt. Lucy tells him that it's too late for that and she got screwed when Jessica came back, and goes to give her speech.

Later, the suffragettes march and Emma is among them trying to spot the sleeper. Lucy is in the march as Wyatt patrols at the sides, and Rufus and Flynn find him. He tells them that Alice is dead, and they explain that Emma is helping them. Meanwhile, one of the suffragettes, Charlotte, puts a gun in Lucy's back and leads her into an alley. When she tries to shoot Lucy, she discovers that the bullets are gone. Lucy grabs her, and Grace steps out and reveals that she took the bullets. Emma arrives and shoots Charlotte, and then tells Lucy to give the speech. Lucy quickly leaves with Grace, and Emma slips back into the shadows.

Jiya and Connor go through the wreckage and Connor finds a chip. He admits that he didn't expect to find anything, and tells Jiya that the most honorable battle is the one they think that they can't win.

When they return to the march, Grace slips away. The others away and Lucy tells them what happened. Woodrow pulls up and Wyatt tells Rufus to stay back. Rufus figures that he can't die and goes after them, while the suffragettes come to the police line. Grace looks at the police beating the women, and Wyatt attacks a policeman. One officer knocks Rufus down and kicks him, and Flynn knocks the officer out.

Lucy yells to Woodrow as he goes inside. Grace yells that it all has to stop, saying that someone else was supposed to be there. Woodrow turns to hear her, and Grace says that Alice deserves justice and now it's her time to speak. She insists that they must fight and women's suffrage is inevitable. The police take her away, and Lucy sees Woodrow nod to Grace and realizes that Grace did it. Wyatt tells Lucy that she's the one who did it, and gets her out of the march.

As Lucy and Wyatt walk down the street, the police release Grace and she finds them. She explains that the police couldn’t risk arresting her for speaking without risking losing her services. Grace explains that the note was written by a left-handed woman, and only Charlotte voted with her left hand. She wonders if Lucy and Wyatt are Canadians. They say that they're not, and Grace promises to figure it out eventually. As she leaves, Flynn and Rufus arrive, and Flynn tells Rufus that he's an idiot,

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and Jessica kisses Wyatt. They go off and Lucy confirms that Denise voted in the last election and Trump is still President.

Emma tells Nicholas that Flynn shot the sleeper, and she had to get away to save the Mothership. She points out that Nicholas wanted her to come back to him safe, and says that she's been working on some ideas for their next mission. Nicholas tells her to tell him later and they kiss.

Denise finds Connor examining the chip, and he finds a photo of Jessica. The agent tells him not to tell anyone until they know what it means.

Jiya tends to Rufus' injuries, and he apologizes for his early reaction to what she said. He says that he knows that her visions are real but doesn't know what to do. Jiya asks if they can figure it out together, and Rufus agrees.

Wyatt approaches Lucy and tells her that in the new timeline, Grace became a leading suffragette. Alice disappeared into history, and Lucy is the only one who will remember her. When Wyatt tries to comfort her, Lucy pushes him away and says that they both have to accept that Wyatt is married. She tells him that she and Flynn talked but nothing happened, and says that she's not going to get in the middle of Jessica and Wyatt. Wyatt wonders where that leaves them, and Lucy tells him that they're kicking ass and saving the world, same as always.

Written by Gadfly on May 1, 2018

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