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MacGyver + MacGyver Recap

Elwood looks at a naked Lance on his couch, and asks him how long he and Riley have been seeing each other. Riley is in the kitchenette making breakfast, and brings coffee over. Elwood says that he just got into town and swung by to say hello, and apologizes for interrupting Riley with his boyfriend. Lance points out that they haven't discussed their relationship, and says that he thinks of her as his girlfriend. Elwood talks about how dangerous Lance's job as a bounty hunter is, and he says that it's not as dangerous as Riley's. Riley quickly changes the subject.

Mac arrives at a mansion and finds the door open. He goes in and discovers signs of a fight.

2 Hours Ago

Mac sits down at a restaurant table with Matty and tells her that the person she was meeting, Deputy Director Michaels, isn't coming because Mac cancelled his lunch. He shows Matty the flash drive with the redacted dossier about his father, and says that she investigated his father for months. Matty lied to Mac about knowing him, and Mac wants to know why. His boss says that she can't confirm or deny any investigation during her time at the CIA, and Mac tells her that he can't work someone he doesn't trust so he quits. Matty says that she doesn't have the final say and he has to tell Oversight.


Mac hears a whirring noise and investigates, and finds a man working on a mechanized eggbeater. When mac steps into the room, the man tells him that the weakened floorboard is a pressure plate attached to an IED. Mac says that Matty sent him to talk to Oversight, and Oversight turns. Mac recognizes him, and Oversight tells him to duck. An assassin comes in and opens fire, and Oversight knocks him out with a thrown paperweight. He grabs a Chinese menu from a floor safe and tells Mac that it's time to go.

Jack, Riley, and Wilt enter the war room and ask if Mac quit. She tells them that she doesn't have authority to accept his resignation and sent him to Oversight

As Mac drives away with his father, Oversight says that the killer is still behind them. As the killer opens fire on them, Oversight says that he's been in charge of Phoenix since before it was DXS. After they get ahead of the killer, Mac pulls over and demands answers. Oversight refuses to answer his questions and Mac backs up toward the killer. The killer swerves and crashes off the side of the road into a construction site. Mac and Oversight go over and Oversight takes the killer's gun and says that his ribs are cracked. He calls Matty for a pickup, and Mac realizes that she and Oversight didn't tell him where his father was. Oversight says that he needs Mac's help and if he comes along then they can talk.

The two men pull over at a nature trailhead and Mac siphons gas into his car. Oversight says that Mac's grandfather kept tabs on Mac for him, and Oversight was always in the background nudging him. Jack pulls up and Oversight figures that Jack had Riley track Mac's phone. Mac introduces Oversight as his dad, and Oversight says that they need Jack and have to get on the road. He tells them that Jonah Walsh, a highly trained former U.S. operative, is on the most wanted list and has his location from the cipher on the menu. Walsh and his terrorist group have been using the menu as a one-time pad for their encryption, and Oversight has worked out that Walsh is hiding in Mexico.

Jack texts Riley and Wilt that Oversight is Mac's father, and Riley figures Matty has been lying to all of them. Matty comes out with Leanna and tells Riley that they need to help. Leanna hugs Wilt and says that Matty called her and said she had an opening. She can't say whose job she's taking and leaves.

In Mexico City, Grillo is putting cocaine into crates of coffee when Mac and Jack burst in. Grillo runs and Mac jumps through the window and tackles him. The drug runner grabs a knife, but Jack arrives with a gun and tells Grillo to drop it. Oversight ties Grillo up with his own belt, and they ask him where Walsh is. Grillo just laughs, and Oversight head-butts him and repeats the question. Grillo says that he spoke to Walsh in the mountains two days ago, and tells them that they'll be in trouble when Luis Gomez, Walsh's new partner, finds out they're involved. Mac recognizes Gomez as the head of a drug cartel, and Oversight knocks Grillo unconscious. He then tells Mac that Walsh was his partner and one day he went to the other side, and Oversight has been hunting him ever since.

The three men get a map and Oversight figures where they'll find Walsh in the mountain. There's only one way in or out, and Oversight says that they'll ride cross-country rather than walk. Jack tells Oversight that Mac spent the last fifteen years wondering why Oversight bailed on him, but Oversight says nothing. Oversight rides ahead and Mac says that his father is just as emotionally distant as when he was at home. Jack tells him to stop stalling and talk to his father, and Mac rides up ahead and asks Oversight if he used to do what he does. Oversight explains that Walsh was his Dalton when he was recruited, and they were the first organization to put scientists and soldiers together in the field. Jack asks what happened between Oversight and Walsh, and Oversight admits that he doesn't know. Walsh went into business for himself and now he's one of their most dangerous enemies.

Elwood goes to Phoenix and sends a message to Riley that he's there. Once she comes down, Elwood says that Lance is a good guy and gives his blessing. Riley tells him that she and Billy have started talking about their future, and admits that she hasn't told her mother. Elwood says that he hopes Lance knows that he's the luckiest guy in the world, and Riley insists on hugging him.

Jack asks Oversight why Matty was investigating him. Oversight explains that he told her to do it to see if she was as good as well. He hired her to be his handler, and tried to keep his work and family separate. The more enemies he racked up, the riskiest it became to stay with his family. Mac wonders why he left without saying goodbye, and a spotter see them and runs. The three agents gallop after him and Oversight uses a belt as a bolo to bring him down. He ties the spotter up and tells Jack to sweep the perimeter while he and Mac continue to Gomez's compound.

As they approach the compound, Oversight says that they need to focus on the mission and can discuss their issues later. Mac agrees but asks him why Oversight steered him into a profession where his life is in constant danger. They cut through the compound fence with their Swiss army knives and Mac points out the security. Oversight spots a pipe leading up to the roof and quizzes Mac on the spot, and asks how they get up here because he doesn't know how. They both realize that they need an ascender rig that they rig from the nearby cars. Mac assures his father that he'll take out the lookouts.

Jack knocks out four lookouts, takes his machine gun, and continues on to the next one.

Once they make the rig, Mac and Oversight sneak up to the building and go up.

Wilt goes to the lab and tells Kate that Mac may have quit and Matty may have hired Leanna. He tells Kate that Matty knows that they broke into her house, and talks about how having Leann there would be weird. Kate suggests that Wilt talks to Leanna about it, and Wilt agrees.

Mac and Oversight descend through the building and finds tables with coca leaves on them. They figure that Walsh and Gomez are turning the place into an industrial scale cocaine production factory, and Mac finds jugs of anabolic steroids and a gurney. Oversight figures that the cartel is synthesizing drugs but not cocaine. The two men go into the next room and find blood splattered on the wall. Oversight accesses the computer using Riley's encryption key, and explains that Walsh hacked into the Phoenix computers and stole a gigabyte of data during Murdoc's intrusion into the organization. There are files on the computer confirming that Walsh is making KX7, a performance-enhancing drug for soldiers. There is video of researchers giving one man an injection, and he has a heart attack after several moments. Oversight admits that he created the drug but abandoned the work when he realized how dangerous it is.

Walsh and his men comes in and Walsh greets Oversight. He tells Mac that Mac was just a kid when they met, and has his men search them for weapons. They find their Swiss knives, and Walsh says that he's been waiting for Oversight for hours. He left the clues for Oversight to come to him, and Mac realizes that Walsh wants Oversight to finish the drug. Walsh admits that KX7 still has some kinks, and Oversight refuses to finish the drug. His former partner says that Oversight will make the drug or he'll shoot Mac dead.

Oversight agrees and Walsh takes him to the lab, and Oversight that Mac is the only one who can help him. Walsh has his men bring Mac in and tells Oversight to make the drug work. A guard calls in saying that the lookouts are out, and Walsh figures that Jack is responsible. Before he goes, Walsh tells Mac that Oversight never mentioned Mac's name. Once Walsh leave, Oversight tells Mac that it's time to get to work.

Jack calls Matty and says that cartel killers are hunting him, and they'll need an exfil. Matty tells him that she'll get their exact location, and says that Oversight saved her life more times than she can count. She's counting on Jack to save Oversight and Mac.

Mac whispers to Oversight that he's not going to make the drug. Oversight agrees, saying that Walsh will kill Mac no matter what. He has Mac build a wireless telegraph from a wireless stirrer.

Soon, Riley picks up the Morse code signal Oversight sends, telling them to Jack to wait for the signal. Matty tells her to triangulate the signal and pass the location on to Jack.

A guard notices the makeshift wireless device. Oversight knocks one guard out with a flash-hang chemical, and Mac shocks the other one unconscious with the transmitter. Mac wonders what they do next, finds a chemical, and reminds his father what he accidentally did to the toolshed when he was 7.

Jack sees smoke coming from the mansion and realizes that it's Mac's signal.

As Mac and Oversight set the lab on fire, Mac asks Oversight why he brought him into Phoenix. Oversight admits that he couldn't let Mac go even though he knew it wasn't safe. He says that he was protecting Mac from him, because after his wife's death he didn't know how to relate to Mac. Mac reminded him of her, and then he'd get angry all over again. Mac says that he lost his mother and needed his father, and he wasn't there. He asks why Oversight left him all of the clues, and Oversight says that he didn't do any of it. A guard bursts in and Jack slams through the wall in a jeep and knocks the man out.

Later back in LA, Mac goes to the war room. Matty tells him that Walsh escaped but the cartel is pissed at him. Mac thanks her for all the clues, having figured that she did it because she couldn't violate her oath. He figures that Matty cares about him and Oversight. When she refuses to confirm or deny, Mac hugs her.

Gomez's men bring Walsh to him. Walsh shows him photos of Mac, Jack, and Oversight, and says that they're the ones who destroyed the facility. Gomez tells his men to find them.

At Riley's place, Lance and Riley kiss. Riley says she loves the idea of being near Lance so they should keep talking about his offer to join the Colton business. Lance smiles and leaves, and Riley looks at a photo of the team.

In the lab, Wilt tells Leanna that he was upset because he thought she was going to take Ma's place. He figures the position isn't open anymore, and Leanna says that Matty offered her a job and they'll be working together.

Mac tells Jack that he feels stupid looking for his absentee father when his family was in front of him. Jack wonders if anything could happen to them like what happened between Oversight and Walsh. Wilt is talking with Oversight, and they leave Mac to talk to his father alone. Oversight asks Mac if his request to quit still stands. Mac says that he's glad that he found him, but he can't work with someone he can't trust. Effective immediately, Mac says that he's quitting and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2018

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