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Savage Night Recap

Two Weeks Ago

Adam tells Seg that he came to Krypton to save Superman, and gives Seg a crystal. He then disappears and reappears in a white chamber, and complains about the tightwad assholes. The speaker, Sardath, says Adam was the one who stole their time technology, and he tells them that he was in the middle of warning Seg when they yanked him there. Sardath figures that they should send someone qualified, but Adam says that there isn't anyone else and he was meant to save Superman, and won't let anyone stand in the way of hid destiny.

Later, Adam approaches Rem and says that he's still trying to save Superman. He describes Superman as the best of both worlds, and Rem tells him that Seg isn't going to sacrifice his world. Adam tells Rem that he's after Zod, and Rem warns that Zod will kill him. He tells Adam that if he can control his impulse to kill, Rem will bring Seg there, and Adam agrees.

Lyta tells Seg that they're running low on supplies. He tells her that they may have to lay low for a while since the Sagitari are looking for them, and they kiss.

Rem sees someone moving down an alleyway and goes to investigate. He finds Sevi hiding in the shadows and asks where Ona is. Sevi tells him that Ona is safe, and she and Anda found out about the Voice's change. Every night the Voice plugs himself into the Genesis Chamber and goes into a trance, and Sevi figures that the Voice is draining the life from the embryos.

Rem goes to the safehouse and tells the others what Brainiac is doing, and Zod points out that the embryos are the greatest source of energy on Krypton. Without the Genesis Chamber, they have no future.

Brainiac returns to his quarters and finds Daron waiting for him. He's amused that Daron is still lusting for power, and says that he'll have it. Brainiac when he has completed his work in Kandor and leaves, Daron will have the power he desires.

Lyta figures that they can attack Brainiac when he goes into a trance at the Genesis Chamber. Seg says that if they can sever the connection between Brainiac and the Red Shard, then they can get at him. Gina suggests that they use the shard in Dev's head. Zod tells them that he'll recruit manpower from Black Zero, and makes it clear that he'll do it regardless of their objections. Seg gives in and says that they'll meet him later.

Zod and Jayna go to the market and see the Sagitari searching for fugitives. One the Sagitari move on, Zod and Jayna continues. She says that she chose family over duty and Zod tells her that she did the right thing... and if she had chosen differently, he'd never have been born.

Seg and Lyta prepare weapons, and Rem tells Seg that he's going to go check on Ona. Once he leaves, Seg tells Lyta that they'll take Nyssa with them Lyta refuses, but Seg says that she can be trusted. Nyssa points out to Lyta that it'd be better if she was with them where Lyta can keep an eye on her, and Lyta reluctantly agrees.

As they take a skimmer to the Council building, Nyssa talks about taking a skimmer to parties. Lyta points out that there may not be any elite after their rebellion, and asks Nyssa how she expected things to go after the revolution. Nyssa tells her that she thought that it would be just her and Seg, but things don't go as intended.

Black Zero members surround Zod and Jayna, and Zod says that if Jax-Ur doesn't like what Jayna has to say, then they can do what they like with her. The terrorists take them to Jax-Ur.

Seg and he others go to the Outlands to search for Dev's body. They split up and Dev's animated corpse approaches Dev. He begs her for help and collapses. The others arrive and help drag Dev to the skimmer.

Zod and Jayna meet with Jax-Ur, who points out that Jayna is a bigger fugitive than her, and asks how it feels. Jayna says that it feels like shit, much to Jax-Ur's amusement. The terrorist says that Kandor could have a bastion of equality. When Zod speaks up, Jax-Ur slashes his cheek and says that he's either with them or the enemy. Zod dabs the blood on his forehead and says that she doesn't know the enemy and tells her about Brainiac.

At the fortress, Val stabilizes Dev but tells Lyra that he had to numb Dev's motor functions. The hologram admits that he doesn't know how much of the "real" Dev exists. Nyssa looks around the fortress and admits that she never knew it existed. Seg admits that he was running drugs and didn't know he would be the savior of Krypton, and Nyssa tells him that he saved her life and will save their child.

Adam sees Rem running through the market without Seg, and grabs him. Rem says that he's looking for Ona, and Adam offers to help him.

Jax-Ur says that she always believed Val's theories about alien life, but wants Daron in return for Black Zero's help. Zod agrees and calls the others, and explains the deal. Seg says that it's Nyssa' decision to make, and she tells Zod to do it.

Adam and Rem find Ona blessing the crowds, and she hugs Rem when he approaches her. Rem tells her hat the Voice isn't who she thinks it is. Ona wonders if it's a test, and she thanks Rem for taking her to the Voice. The Sagitari approach and Adam ells Rem that they have to go. As they go, Rem tells Adam that he should go back to where he came from.

Adam says that he has to save Superman, and Sardath says that Adam will just flee like he has in the past. Alana arrives with her father and says that Adam has never carried about anyone else so much even her. Adam tells her that he won't let her down, and as Adam teleports away Alana says that it's too late for that.

Adam looks up at the citadel house and gets an idea. He lets the Sagitari arrest him and take him to Daron. Daron isn't interested in talking to him, until Adam tells him that he knows about Brainiac. Intrigued, Daron sends the guards away and Adam warns Daron that he's in over his head and in trouble unless Daron listens to him. The Kryptonian listens, and Adam tells Daron that Brainiac will rip Kandor out of the ground and lock it into stasis. Adam explains that he wants to help Brainiac and has information on people who know about Brainiac and want to stop him. In return for the information, Adam wants Seg delivered to him so that he can make sure that he's out of Kandor before it's taken.

At the fortress, Dev wakes up and Lyta tells him that they're keeping him immobilized to make sure the Voice doesn't control him. She explains that they might be able to free Dev from Brainiac's control, but it could be fatal. Dev blinks to signify agreement, and Lyta thanks him.

At the bar, Zod is drinking and tells Jayna that Superman was lucky and no different from any other Kryptonian. Solar radiation and dumb luck made him a superhero, and if they all had the same powers then they could sweep through the galaxy as conquering heroes. Jayna wonders how Zod survived Krypton's destruction, and he says that he was sent to the Phantom Zone as a criminal. He finally says that he attempted a coup. Jor-El, the one person on the council, was the person who caught and sentenced him. Seg calls and says that they have Dev and Val is hacking into the connection between Brainiac and the Red Shard. Zod says that they'll meet him at the Genesis Chamber.

Dar-On asks Brainiac for permission to wipe out the resistance. Brainiac is linked to the Genesis Chamber and unresponsive, and gunshots ring in the hallway. Seg and the others shoot their way in, and Jayna attacks the Red shard soldiers hand-to-hand.

At the fortress, Dev goes into convulsions.

Seg and Zod reach the Genesis Chamber, and the two men realize that Val hasn't broken the connection between Brainiac and Red Shard. As they go in and open fire, the soldiers collapse.

Dev stabilizes as Val completes his work.

Brainiac knocks Seg away and grabs Zod by the throat. Jayna arrives and shoots Brainiac in the chest, and his bodies fall off the chamber and into the abyss below.

Dev wakes up and Lyta shows him the shard. She tells him that he's free, and that Dev's bravery helped saved candor's next generation.

The group bring Daron to the fortress and Nyssa greets him. He asks if she's going to kill him, and Nyssa says that Daron hasn't outlived his usefulness. Nyssa says that she forgives him for what he tried to do with her, and she wants to do be more than just a survivor like Daron taught her. Daron says that he wanted to as well, and Nyssa blindfolds him and says goodbye.

Zod takes Nyssa to Jax-Ur, and she says that they have a lot of catching up to do. Her men takes Daron away, and Zod points out that they don’t' have the Voice yet. Jax-Ur agrees to let him continuing receiving Black Zero support until they find Brainiac's body. After that, she says that they have to talk about who will fill the power vacuum.

Ona is praying when Brainiac kills her guard and tells Ona that he's fine despite his battered body. He says that he only wears the body for appearances and is only temporary, and assures Ona that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Adam sees Sagitari running by and goes to investigate. Ona walks past, muttering about how through fire they are reborn.

Jayna finds Seg and tells him that Zod was in prison for trying to overthrow the government, and she figures that Zod has come back to rule Krypton. Ona comes in and Rem hugs her. The runes on her face glow, just as Adam runs in. He shoves Seg back and activates his Zeta beam device, creating a shield as Ona blows up from the blood bomb inside of her. Shocked, Rem and Seg stare at the blast crater where Ona was standing.

Adam lands on the ground and finds a woman standing over him and staring off into space. She looks at him as he approaches her.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2018

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