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Homecoming Recap

The Past

Young Henry rides to a cave, draws his sword, and goes in. A princess lies on a stone bier, magically asleep. As Henry leans over to kiss her, a dragon emerges from the rear wall and releases a gout of flame, knocking Henry back. A handsome prince arrives, kills the dragon, says that he's got it, and kisses the woman. His kiss breaks the curse and she awakens. She sees Henry and wonders what he's doing there, and he says that he was in the neighborhood. The princess thanks henry for his support and leaves with her rescuer, saying that Henry is like the brother she never had.

As Henry leaves, Rumplestiltskin says that he's come from the Wish Realm to see Henry. Henry draws his sword and says that he isn't interested in Rumplestiltskin's deals. Rumplestiltskin says that he can give Henry a happy ending, and grabs him by the throat and says that his offer is a standing one and he'll be there. Henry still isn't interested, saying that he'll find his happy ending the right way, and walks off.


At the bar, Henry brings Ella and Lucy drinks, and Regina suggests that they offer a toast to being together. Robin and Alice bring in beignets, and Alice says that Hook will be out of the hospital soon. Henry asks Regina if they should be worried that Facilier is up to something.

Hook is returning home when Alice calls him from across the street. She knows that she can't come any closer without putting Hook back in the hospital, and she says that Robin is fine. Alice talks about the party celebrating the end of the curse and everyone being together, and says that they still can't be together. Hook promises that he'll figure out a way to end the curse and Alice walks away.

Regina goes to Facilier's office and finds Gold tied up and gagged. She releases him and Gold picks up the photos of himself and Belle on the floor. Gold tells her that his alter ego from the Wish Realm killed Facilier, and Regina wonders what he's up to.

Back at the apartment, Lucy makes cupcakes so that Henry and Ella can celebrate all the time that they missed. The couple blows out the candles, and Ella and Lucy disappear. Rumplestiltskin appears and says that Henry won't be able to find them without his help. He explains that he sent them back to the Wish Realm, and tells Henry that he's going to prove his point that Henry will never find his happy ending without him. Rumplestiltskin demands the Dagger in return for Ella and Lucy, and says that love has poisoned Gold. He reminds Henry that he preys on desperate souls, and with his family gone, Henry is one such soul.

At the storage unit, Regina and Gold meet with Hook and tell him what happened. Henry arrives and tells them what Rumplestiltskin did, Hook says that he has a route back to the Wish Realm and takes his Hook from Gold's collection.

Tiana is making breakfast in her apartment when Naveen comes in and points out that the curse is broken and people should be cooking breakfast for her. She says that she doesn't feel like a queen and worries that she has forgotten how to be Tiana. Naveen reminds her that the woman who risked her life for him is his queen.

Hook and the others go to the troll statue with Alice's cracked mirror that Gold has. Gold warns that Rumplestiltskin will be expecting them and have prepared something unpleasant. They assure Henry that they're with him, and Henry uses the mirror to open a portal to the wish realm. They step through, and Regina and Henry appear alone. Regina realizes that they're in Rumplestiltskin's castle, surrounded by skeletons, and discover that Pan is in stocks. He says that his son never forgives or forgets, and doesn't know where Henry's family is.

Gold and Hook find themselves at a cottage and Gold realizes that it's a version of his old home. He figures that Rumplestiltskin is trying to remind him of when he was a coward, and says that its one battle he won't back away from. Hook says that the Wish Realm is his home and he knows of a place where he can get help. Hook takes them to his old hideout and says that it's where he came when he despaired of ever finding Alice. He opens a chest and takes out a conch shell, and blows it. Ariel appears and mistakes Gold for Rumplestiltskin, who shrinks her trident. Hook explains who Gold is, and asks if she has squid ink. Ariel has a few drops and gives them to Hook, and tells him to use them wisely.

Henry and Regina search the castle and finds a cash with fresh meat in it. Cruella steps out and says that she was promised a few new furs in return for killing anyone who broken in. She flirts with Henry, but he refuses to give in to hear. She draws a sword and Henry grabs one from Rumplestiltskin's collection, and they fight. Henry soon defeats her and Regina teleports her into her own cage. Regina asks where Ella and Lucy are, and Cruella says that they're in the dungeon

Regina and Henry go to the dungeon and find Ella and Lucy shrunken and placed in a snow globe. Rumplestiltskin steps out and says that only he can set them free. Henry refuses to trade his happy ending for Gold's, and Rumplestiltskin asks if they'll free the prisoners in time. It fills with snow and Rumplestiltskin says that by midnight, the globe will be free. With that, Rumplestiltskin teleports away.

Regina is unable to use her magic to free Ella and Lucy, and Hook and Gold arrive Gold warns that the only way to free them is by going after Rumplestiltskin. Henry says that they should give up the Dagger, but Gold says that it's not possible. Gold warns that Henry is letting his emotions overcome his judgement, shows them the squid ink, and says that he'll deal with Hook. Regina goes after him to keep an eye on him, and tells Hook and Henry to check the castle library and see if there's a way to free the prisoners.

Gold goes back to the replica of his home after picking up the hammer he used to hobble himself to avoid the Ogre Wars. A loom is spinning, and Rumplestiltskin appears says that Gold wants to give up their power and drag them back there. He knows that Gold is looking for a loophole to help Ella and Lucy escape, and Gold says that he's there to discuss giving up the Dagger. Gold refuses to give up the Dagger to someone innocent, but Rumplestiltskin wants the darkness. Rumplestiltskin wonders what has changed, and Gold says that he can't defeat himself. He offers Rumplestiltskin the Dagger so he can have his happy ending, Rumplestiltskin takes it, and is paralyzed because of the squid ink on the handle. Gold takes the Dagger back and says that the cottage reminded him that Rumplestiltskin is a pathetic beast who needed to be put out of his misery. Rumplestiltskin says that if Gold kills him, he'll never see Belle again.

As Gold prepares to stab Rumplestiltskin with the Dagger, Regina comes in. Rumplestiltskin frees himself from the squid ink, knocks Regina out with magic, and paralyzes Gold. He reminds Gold that the Seer gave them a prophecy that the boy would be their undoing, and says that he was never interested in the Dagger. Rumplestiltskin says that it's the day the prophecy has come to pass, and teleports away.

Henry finds a quill and tells Hook that he's figured out a way to free his family. When Hook tries to go with him, Henry knocks him out from behind and says that if Hook knew what he was going to do, he would stop him... and nobody is going to stop him.

Traveling into the forest, Henry comes to a hut. The blind Apprentice draws a sword on him, and Henry says that he's there for the Author's Pen. The Apprentice warns that it's a dangerous thing, and Henry says that he knows but doesn't care. The old man refuses to give up the Pen, saying that it's only meant for a true author. Henry tells him that he is an Author from another realm, and tells the Apprentice to test him. He holds out his sword and Henry grasps it, and the Apprentice sees Henry's entire life. The Apprentice accepts that Henry is an Author, and tells him that the Pen is in its rightful place. The Pen appears in Henry's hand and reminds Henry that the Author's true job is to record stories, not create them. Each time Henry must choose how to use the pen, and the Apprentice tells Henry to choose wisely.

Henry goes back to the palace and tells the imprisoned Cruella that he needs the ink for the pen. He drains her dark essence for the ink and goes to the library. Rumplestiltskin appears and takes the Pen, and Henry realizes that Rumplestiltskin wanted the Pen all along. The Wish Realm version of Young Henry steps out and says that he'll write for Rumplestiltskin, and says that none of his wishes ever came true. He explains that he tried to find his happiness the right way but failed and never found it. Rumplestiltskin says that it's time to write a new story: his.

Gold, Regina, and Hook arrive, and Young Henry says that her the wish version of Regina killed his grandparents. Gold sees the Pen and Henry admits that he screwed up, and Gold tells Young Henry that there's another path to get what he wanted. Young Henry doesn't see a reason to go back on a deal that gets him what he wants, and Rumplestiltskin tells Gold that he's going to make sure that Gold never sees Belle again.

Henry tells Young Henry that he knows that it isn't the right path. Rumplestiltskin has Young Henry write that the powers of the Guardian are no more. Once Young Henry writes the words, they become true. Rumplestiltskin teleports Henry, Hook, and Gold into the snow globe, and Young Henry tells Regina that he will get his revenge on the person who killed his grandparents and took away his mother.

In the real world at the bar, Robin is looking for apartments for the two of them. Alice clutches at her chest and says that something has changed, and Hook and the others are in danger. They go to Tiana and ask if as a queen, she has a way to open a magical portal. Tiana gathers all of the people at the troll statue, and the people ignore her when she tries to speak. Naveen yells at them to listen, and once they do Tiana asks the people to find whatever magical items they might have to create a portal. She says that their queen needs them and steps down, and Remy gives Tiana a magic bean that he found while cooking. He wants Tiana to have it, and Tiana thanks him and takes it. Tiana gives it to Alice and Margot, and says that she's going to stay there to watch over her people. She loans them the food truck, and Alice says that they're going to first get some help from some friends. They open the portal and drive into it... and arrive in Storybrooke.

Written by Gadfly on May 12, 2018

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