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The General Recap

Beaufort County, South Carolina: June 1, 1863

At a Confederate camp, Colonel Ryerson receives a visitor. It's Emma, who tells Ryerson that she brought him something from home. She gives him a fast-food cheeseburger and says that it's been chaotic since he left. Emma says that Union forces are going to raid a nearby plantation and Ryerson is going to stop them. She gives him a book on Civil war history and says that if he pulls it off, he'll be home with his wife.

Carol meets with Nicholas at a cemetery and says that Emma is sabotaging the missions. When he says that Emma blames Lucy, Carol tells him that Rittenhouse is about family and Emma will never understand. She takes Nicholas to the grave of his daughter—Carol's mother--and he admits that he never got to see her grow up. Carol insists that Emma isn't family and she doesn't believe in Nicholas like she does.

At the bunker, Denise and Connor call in Wyatt, Rufus, and Lucy. Connor shows them the Rittenhouse files on Jessica and says that Rittenhouse has been monitoring her all of her life. Denise says that they don't know who Jessica is, and Connor points out that Wyatt doesn't know the Jessica in the current timeline. The agent asks if he has anything to suspect Jessica of, and says that she is moving Jessica out of the bunker and will give her 24-hour protection. Wyatt tells them that Jessica is pregnant and if they throw Jessica out then he's going with her.

The alarm goes off and Jiya reports that they've tracked the Mothership to 1863. Rufus reminds them of the Combahee River Raid, where a regiment of mostly black Union soldiers attacked multiple plantations. He says that Harriet Tubman led it, and Wyatt makes Denise promise that Jessica will be there when he gets back.

As Wyatt prepares to leave, Jessica watches him. He says that he never met her brother Kevin, and Jessica points out that he's been talking a lot about him. Wyatt points out that Kevin died of leukemia in his timeline, and asks her again if she remembers how Kevin was cured. Jessica claims that she still doesn't remember and brings up which gender their baby is. They kiss and Jessica tells Wyatt to be careful.

The Lifeboat arrives in 1863 and the team steals clothing. Lucy tells Wyatt that he shouldn't be angry at Denise, and tells him that they have to keep an open mind. She figures that Rittenhouse brought Jessica back for a reason, but Wyatt refuses to believe that Jessica is a liar. Wyatt realizes that Lucy thinks Jessica is lying about her pregnancy. Rufus and Flynn join them, and Wyatt angrily walks away.

The team go to a nearby battlefield and find the corpses of the 2nd South Carolina regiment scattered around the area. They were the regiment that was supposed to attack the plantations, and the team figures that a Confederate sleeper agent ambushed them. One soldiers calls to them, asking them to help him die easily. Harriet and two of her men arrive and Harriet shoots the soldier dead. She demands to know who they are, and Rufus says that she's a legend where they come from. Wyatt says that General McClellan sent them to help Harriet with the raid that night, and Harriet accepts their cover story. Harriet says that the Rebs knew right where to attack, and aims to find them. Lucy warns that she can't continue the raid, but Harriet says that she has some soldiers at a nearby safehouse. Wyatt says that they want to find a spy, and Harriet agree but tells them that she'll shoot them if they get in her way.

Jiya returns to the bunker and tells Connor that she wants to talk to Stanley Fisher, the timeship pilot that had visions similar to hers. Connor realizes that she was hacking into her laptop to get the information, and Jiya says that Fisher might help her understand her visions. The former CEO says that Fisher is insane and Jiya won't learn anything from his visions, and reluctantly agrees to see if Denise will let them out.

At the safehouse, Harriet tends to her injured men. Flynn warns Lucy that if Harriet goes on the raid, she will die earlier than in the original timeline. Wyatt finds a local slave, Samuel, who says that the Rebs are at the Willow Glen Plantation. Harriet tells her soldiers to muster, and says that the slaves will join them in the fight. Lucy agrees that they should conduct the raid, but insists that they need to find the spy or the Rebs will continue winning.

At a local manor, Reyerson shares a toast with his men to their victory. He says that the Union forces are gathering at Vicksburg and they'll ambush them. He puts the book on Civil War history into his satchel before preparing to go.

Lucy finds Wyatt loading a period rifle that Harriet gave him. She suggests that Wyatt and Rufus ride with Harriet, while she and Flynn ride to Port Royal to convince Colonel Montgomery to give Harriet the troops that she needs. Wyatt sarcastically says that Lucy is going with Flynn, and Lucy points out that Wyatt and Rufus are the better team. He irritably walks off, and Lucy goes to mount up. Harriet warns her that Montgomery has new orders and won't come back, and Lucy says that she'll tell Montgomery that the Union will lose the war if he doesn't send reinforcements. Wyatt tells Lucy to be careful, and Lucy and Flynn ride off.

Wyatt dons a Confederate suit provided by a local farmer, and Rufus says that he'll go in as a freed man. Rufus tells him that he's going in as a house slave, and Rufus instructs him on how to do a Southern accent. Harriet advises them no to talk, and says that she's going in. Wyatt asks her to wait, but Harriet refuses. She realizes that Wyatt looks familiar because God came to her in a dream and told her that Wyatt was coming.

Connor takes Jiya to the insane asylum where Fisher is locked up. Fisher is comatose, and Jiya realizes that he's having a vision. The former timepilot wakes up and asks Jiya if she's having visions, and he tells Connor that in his visions, he's seen the most evil men in history doing unimaginable things. Fisher tells Connor that he's worse than all of them, and asks Jiya how many visions she's had and if she's seen forbidden colors. Jiya says that she hasn't, and Fisher tells her that she will if she loves them.

Rufus approaches Wyatt outside the safehouse and tells him that he seemed defensive about Jessica. Wyatt insists that Jessica isn't Rittenhouse, because if it is then he's done. He won't lose Jessica a second time. Rufus asks him to say something if there's anything about Jessica or her family that doesn't add up. Rufus goes inside and Harriet asks him how long he's been free. When he says that he's always been free, Harriet tells him that he's lucky. Rufus asks about her visions, and Harriet says that she's had them for years and when she hears God's voice, He shows her the path. She insists that she has a right to death or liberty, and she'll have one or the other.

Lucy and Flynn meet with Montgomery, who demands to know who they are. He points out that they have no papers identifying them as spies, and says that his forces have been ordered away. Lucy tells him that there are more than 753 slaves on the plantations and Montgomery will need them in the coming battles.

Wyatt goes to the nearby manor where a party is going on, and claims that he's visiting from his plantation in Georgia.

Harriet and Rufus go to the nearby slave houses and Harriet asks one of them, Isaiah, to smuggle Rufus in as a house. She tells Rufus tells Harriet that she'll get the others out and wait as long as they can for Rufus' signal.

Wyatt talks to a lieutenant about how they knew about the regiment's location, and he says that Reyerson knows things that no one else does. Rufus comes in and nods to Wyatt, and Wyatt excuses himself.

Fisher tells Jiya that they can time travel without a machine, and they've been given a gift from God. Jiya describes her visions, and Fisher says that's because she's fighting them. Fisher tells her to find a quiet place so that she can find a vision, and then she'll get better at falling into them. He goes into a coma and once Jiya leaves, Connor says goodbye to his family.

Wyatt talks to Rufus privately and tells him that Reyerson is the sleeper agent.

Harriet is leaving the slaves away when a horseman rides up. He fires a shot into the air and says that they have runaways, and Harriet shoots him dead.

At the manor, the soldiers hear the shots and go to investigate. Reyerson sees Wyatt and Rufus, realizes who they are, and announces that they're Union spies. The Confederates open fire, and Wyatt takes cover and fires back. Wyatt takes out the other soldiers and yells to Reyerson that he's out of guns. Reyerson grabs a guest and holds her hostage, and Rufus finds his satchel. He tosses it into a nearby fireplace, and Reyerson drops his human shield and runs out. Harriet is there and shoots him dead. Lucy and Flynn are with her, as is Montgomery's men and the armed slaves.

Rufus tells Harriet that she's a badass, and she wonders where he's from. She says that she saw Rufus and the others in one of her spells, and Rufus asks her if her visions always comes true. Harriet says that sometimes they make no sense at all, and describes the team stepping out of the Lifeboat. Rufus quickly excuses himself, but says that it's an honor to meet her. He admits that he doesn't have any advice to give her a better life, and Harriet says that her only desire is to live free and the rest will work itself out.

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and Rufus confirms that Harriet led a decisive raid. Flynn offers Wyatt his congratulations on Wyatt's pending fatherhood. Lucy approaches Wyatt and he realizes that she told Flynn about Jessica's pregnancy. Wyatt says that they're good and starts to walk off, and Lucy hugs him.

Once Wyatt finds Lucy, he puts his ear to her stomach and wonders if he should be hearing something. Jessica says that earlier Denise told her that she should leave for the health of the baby. Wyatt says that she wasn't supposed to do anything until he got back, and tells Jessica said that he'd go with her. Jessica agrees, and Wyatt says that Denise might have a point. He wants things to be normal for Jessica but can't be there, and Jessica figures that he's hiding something from her. Wyatt says that he isn't keeping anything from her.

Rufus tells Jiya that he's heading to bed, and asks if everything is okay with her. He tells Jiya about Harriet's visions and how she thought they were from God, and figures that someone is sending the visions to Harriet and Jiya for a reason. Jiya agrees that they should run into the visions instead of away from them, and once he leaves Jiya relaxes and tries to summon a vision.

Wyatt wakes up the next morning and discovers that Jessica is gone. He gets to the main room and finds Jiya starting up the Lifeboat. Jessica trains a gun on her and tells Wyatt not to come any closer. She apologizes and the Lifeboat disappears with Jiya and Jessica.

Written by Gadfly on May 14, 2018

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