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Chinatown Recap

The others arrive as Wyatt recovers from the shock of the Lifeboat departing, and tells them what happened. Rufus can't track the Lifeboat, and Rufus angrily asks Wyatt why he didn't tell them if there was anything suspicious about Jessica's family. Wyatt admits that he lied and knew that Jessica's brother had lived in the new timeline. He says that he was trying to do the right thing and figure out what was going on, but Rufus isn't satisfied. Flynn complains that they didn't tell him about their suspicions, and Wyatt attacks him. The others pull Wyatt off, and Wyatt hits Lucy.

Jessica and a Rittenhouse agent, Doug, take Jiya to Carol. Carol gives her a pill to help her sleep, and Jessica tells Jiya that they won't hurt her. When Jiya refuses, Doug forces her to take the pill. Carol tells her to rest because they have a lot of work ahead.

Nicholas, Carol, and Jessica visit the stolen Lifeboat, and Jessica tells Carol that Lucy is in love with Wyatt. Emma arrives and offers to kill Jiya, and Carol says that Jiya is a pilot and now they have a backup in case something happens to Emma. Emma asks Nicholas why Jessica stole the Lifeboat and wonders why she wasn't consulted, and tells Nicholas that she thought he relied on her advice. Carol says that they visited some of their ancestors earlier and it reminded us that Rittenhouse is blood. She thanks Emma for their help, and Emma smiles and walks away.

Wyatt visits Rufus and apologies, but Rufus wants him to fix it. His friend says that he will, and Rufus tells him that Wyatt forgot that there are other people there who love each other. Rufus says that if something happens to Jiya then he can't forgive Wyatt, and walks out.

Doug is guarding Jiya's room, and hears her collapse on the floor. He goes in to put her back on the bed, and Jiya strangles him with a bedsheet and then runs out., her vision swimming as the drug takes effect. Jiya goes to the Lifeboat and gets in, and Emma fires at her and tells her to stop. Shots hit the controls, and Jiya seals the hatch and pilots the Lifeboat away.

The Lifeboat alarm goes off, and Rufus realizes that she's escaped. Connor tracks the Lifeboat to the bunker, but it appears and disappears. The former CEO says that Jiya didn't stick the landing, and Rufus realizes that she's lost in time.

Rufus and Connor track the Lifeboat to a field where it's buried in the brush, and has been for decades. The team get a generator and discover that the controls were damaged, and Rufus figures that it's hopeless. Connor tells him to shut up and keep working, and reminds Rufus that they're engineers and that's how they've always muddled through. Rufus thanks him for his advice, and Connor points out that he told him to shut up.

The two engineers get the Lifeboat back online and they discover that he Mothership went back to 1888 San Francisco. Connor warns that the Lifeboat is only 78% charged up. Rufus tells Wyatt that he's coming with them, and Jiya will fly them back in multiple trips. Wyatt, Rufus, Flynn, and Lucy depart in the Lifeboat.

Chinatown, San Francisco: August 26, 1888:

The team search for a photo studio in Chinatown based on a photo in the Lifeboat, and Lucy says that Chinese weren't allowed to live anywhere else. They find the photo studio and go in. A girl greets them and they show her the photo. Carol, Emma, Jessica and Nicholas are in the next room, holding a gun to the owner Feng's head. The girl points out that the photo is three years old, and Wyatt notices Emma in the next room. When Carol sees Emma preparing to shoot Lucy, Carol intervenes and Emma shoots her instead. When Nicholas objects, Emma shoots him as well. Emma and Jessica escape, and Wyatt and Flynn go after them. Wyatt tells Flynn that he's not going anywhere Jessica and runs after his wife.

Lucy goes to the dying Carol and tries to stop the bleeding. Carol says that she was selfish and took Lucy's sister away so that the two of them could have more time. She tells Lucy that some things can't be changed and says that she should have told Lucy sooner about what Rittenhouse could have given Lucy. Carol says that there's still a lot that Lucy doesn't know about their family, and it all belongs to Lucy if she takes it.

Wyatt corners Jessica in an alley, and she trains a gun on him. She says that Rittenhouse raised her after they saved Kevin. Rittenhouse gave her purpose and taught her everything, and Wyatt says that Rittenhouse took her because of him. Jessica says that Rittenhouse gave her something important and they're going to save the world. She knew that she couldn't kill Wyatt, and admits that she's really pregnant with his child. Wyatt insists that they're her family, and Jessica says that she's sorry. She ducks into a building and locks he door behind her.

Lucy covers over her mother's corpse, and Rufus asks Feng if he recognizes Jiya from the photo. Feng tells Rufus to leave, and Lucy gives the girl Fei Yunshan a gold necklace to pay for the damages. Fei asks why Emma wants to hurt Jiya, and admits that she knows Jiya. Jiya told them not to tell Rufus where Jiya is, but now Jiya is in danger. Fei offers to take Rufus to the Bison Horn Saloon where Jiya works, and Rufus tells Lucy to wait for Wyatt and Flynn while he goes there with Fei.

At the saloon, Fei points out Jiya dealing cards. Rufus goes over just as someone tries to steal from Jiya and she breaks his wrists. When Rufus arrives, he hugs Jiya and apologies for being three years later. Jiya tells him that she wanted him to find the Lifeboat, not her, and says that she can't go home because that's how Rufus dies. Rufus realizes that he's in the place that Jiya described from her version, and she says that the man who kills Rufus is one of Emma's goons. In the vision he stabs Rufus and she can't change them. She explains that she's practices how to control the visions for three years. When Rufus objects, she says that they should find somewhere more private to talk.

Flynn returns to the studio and tells Lucy that he and Wyatt split up. He offers her condolences on Carol's death, and Lucy says that she should have seen who Carol was earlier. Flynn tells her that Wyatt is the one who brought a Rittenhouse agent into the bunker, and Lucy points out that he would have done the same if Rittenhouse had brought back his family. The former terrorist says that isn't why he's there, and Wyatt comes in and interrupts him before he can explain. Lucy takes them to the saloon.

Emma and Jessica walk through Chinatown, and Emma says that they can run Rittenhouse better than Carol and her family ever did. They meet with two agents who confirm that they hid the Mothership.

Connor finds Denise knitting to pass the time, and she tells him to find a hobby to manage his anxiety. He says that he used to live in a manor and partied every night, but didn't know or love anyone. Connor says that it was a good thing because now he worries about the people in his life. Denise tells him that there's a word or that: "family".

Jiya takes Rufus to her quarters and says that she's staying away from Rufus to save his life because he dies when she leaves. The others arrive and Jiya says that she's staying. Lucy tells them to stop arguing, saying that all they have is each other and they fight Rittenhouse agree. As Jiya says that she's not leaving, Emma and the others come in, fire gunshots into the ceiling, and demand to know where Lucy is. Wyatt and Flynn draw their guns and come out, and Emma yells that she's in charge now.

Jiya tells the team that there's a back way out but Emma is between them and it. Wyatt tells Flynn that it's just the two of them, and tells Lucy to get to the Lifeboat, get the others home, and then come back for them. The two men come out and open fire, and Lucy begs Jiya to come with them. She finally agrees, and Lucy and Rufus lead her out. When Jessica provides cover fire for Emma to escape, Wyatt hesitates. Flynn shoots her in the arm, and Wyatt begs him not to shoot his pregnant wife. Emma and Jessica make good their escape.

Rufus falls behind, and one of the Rittenhouse men grabs him. Jiya grabs a nearby gun and shoots the man in the head. Rufus tells Jiya that she saved him, and she hugs him in relief. Wyatt says that they should leave before they come back, and Jiya leaves with her teammates. Emma is waiting and opens fire, hitting Rufus and wounding Flynn in the arm. She runs off, and Lucy grabs the gun and goes after Emma, and Flynn goes after her. Rufus dies in Jiya's arms,

Lucy chases Emma through the streets, and finally catches up to her in an alley. She shoots her, bringing her down, and Lucy moves in and tells Emma that she's taken everyone from her that she loves. After a moment, Lucy pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. Emma attacks her and the two women fight. After a moment, Emma gets the upper hand and beats Lucy, saying that Lucy abandoned everything that was given to her. Flynn arrives and Emma runs off before he can shoot her. Lucy grabs his gun and fires at Emma but misses. She tells Flynn that she can't, and he holds her.

Connor is working in the bunker when the Lifeboat returns. The team emerges and they tell Connor and Denise what happened. Lucy says that Rufus is dead, Connor says that they can send another team back, and Jiya yells at him that she doesn't care anymore. She tells the team that Rufus would die if she came home and they didn't listen, and runs off.

Later, Jiya lies in her bed and has a vision. Connor takes her hand and asks if he has to worry about losing her in her head. Jiya says that she's searched everywhere for Rufus in time and space, but he's just gone. Sobbing, she hugs Connor, who tries to comfort her.

Lucy is sitting alone until Wyatt finds her. He says that it was his fault for failing to protect Rufus, just like he did with the two of them. Lucy tells him that he did mess things up between them, but tells him that Rufus knew the risk and accepted them willingly. Wyatt tells Lucy that he loves her but she doesn't have to say anything back. Flynn arrives and secretly watches them... and a second Lifeboat appears next to the first one. The others arrive and realize that the new Lifeboat has been upgraded, and a future Wyatt and Lucy emerge. They tell the present team that they're going to get Rufus back.

Written by Gadfly on May 14, 2018

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