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After Jessica abducts Jiya, Jiya manages to escape Rittenhouse and travels to San Francisco 1888. The team track her there, but she refuses to return because that triggers the series of events that lead to Rufus' death. Meanwhile, Rittenhouse undergoes a change in management.

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By Gadfly on May 14, 2018

The others arrive as Wyatt recovers from the shock of the Lifeboat departing, and tells them what happened. Rufus can't track the Lifeboat, and Rufus angrily asks Wyatt why he didn't tell them if there was anything suspicious about Jessica's family. Wyatt admits that he lied and knew that Jessica's brother had lived in the new timeline. He says that he was trying to do the right thing and figure out what was going on, but Rufus isn't satisfied. Flynn complains that they didn't tell him about the…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 2 years ago

How could NBC be so stupid as to cancel this show to begin with, let alone after a cliffhanger like that??!! Boy oh boy, somebody better at least make a movie to finish this or PLEASE this show like you did Lucifer!!

mike1616 posted 2 years ago

SPOILER ALERT, well sort of

Holly Crap.... the bitch turns on them, the MEGA Bitch shoots every one she can, and 2 people die.


All I can say is that there had better bloody be a 3rd season. I can't wait to see how Lucy gets revenge on MEGA Bitch.

I just hope they don't keep us waiting for a full year before releasing the next season.

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