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Shelter from the Storm Recap

In the morning, Lena and James get dressed after a night of sex. They kiss, and Lena talks about how when she first came to National City she didn't know if she'd be staying She says that she's glad James can tell him her secrets, just as Reign breaks in through the window. She demands to know where Ruby is, and knocks away James. Lena sprays her with Green Kryptonite and Reign flees.

Hank is at home trying to get through to M'yrnn. When he suggests that he help his father gather his memories, M'yrnn snaps at him briefly and then asks to be left alone with Hank's collection of jazz records.

At the Cruiser, Imra explains that the other Legionnaire were stricken down by the Blight and remained in confinement, and Brainiac-5 suggests that she return to the future to discover if the changes to the timeline altered the Titan Alliance. Supergirl says that they can handle Reign, and smiles at Mon-El. Mon-El says that they're heading back to the future. Afterward, Brainiac-5 tells Winn that his intellect is slightly higher than he thought. He gives Winn a vial of earth dirt from the 31st century, having calculated that Winn collects either dirt or New York Mets baseball cards. He offers to embrace, and Winn instructs him in how to do a bro hug.

Imra is telling Supergirl that because of her help, she has faith that she'll see her sister again. Winn calls Alex over to look at his dirt, and Imra says that Mon-El has changed a great deal because of his time with Supergirl. Mon-El comes over and Imra goes to prepare for departure. Supergirl tells Mon-El that she's happy she got to see him again and witness the man that he's become Mon-El says that it meant the world to fight at her side. Alex comes in and says that there's been an attack on Lena's penthouse, and Supergirl goes to check it out. Mon-El tells Winn to tell Hank that he'll see him in a thousand years.

The team checks out the penthouse, and Lena says that Reign is looking for Ruby. Lena assures them that Ruby is safe, and Hank and Supergirl go to bring Sam's mother Patricia to safety. Alex insists that she has to see Ruby and reassure her, and asks Lena to agree. Lena says that no one knows that Lena is hidden at Lex's cloaked manor. Alex soon drives to the manor.

Supergirl and Hank go to Patricia's house, and they find the door is open. Patricia comes out with a shotgun, thinking that they're someone else, and apologizes. They explain that Reign might be heading there, and Patricia realizes that Sam is Reign. She explains that she never told Sam where she was from, and when Sam was 10, she started doodling on her books. Patricia strips the wallpaper down, showing a mark that Sam made on the walls. When Patricia saw the same mark on the city, she realized that Sam was responsible. She admits that she was an awful mother and has never met Ruby, and says that she wants to be there if Reign comes. Patricia refuses to turn away from her daughter after kicking her out before.

The housekeeper, Mrs. Queller, takes Alex through the manor and shows her a portrait of Lilian. When they find Ruby, Alex tells the girl that Sam is still sick. Ruby says that she can handle anything, and Alex tells her that she would if she could but they don't.

That night, Hank and Supergirl put Patricia in the safe room and they wait for Reign. Supergirl says that everyone missed Hank when the Legionnaires departed, and Hank says that he was with M'yrnn and that his father has become increasingly irritable when he pushes him. He explains that with the psychic dampener on, there's not much that M'yrnn can do. Hank wishes that there is some way that he could make M'yrnn feel useful. The flowers on the windowsill wilt and die, and they realize that Pestilence is nearby.

Reign walks up the driveway, the plant life around her dying. She enters the house and calls to Patricia, and uses her x-ray vision to see a girl crouched upstairs. Going upstairs, Reign calls to Ruby, saying that she's come back to her. Supergirl steps out and uses an electrical device on Reign to bind her. Hank steps out as Reign breaks free of the bonds and uses Purity's sonic scream to knock Hank back. She sets a nearby tree on fire to weaken him, while Supergirl tries to recover from the sonic blast. Patricia comes out and calls to Sam, saying that she is kind and good and everything that she wasn't. She begs Sam to rise up for Ruby's sake, and Reign jams her hand into Patricia's chest. Patricia says that she loves her, and Supergirl hits Reign with her heat vision and knocks her into the house. Hank tells Supergirl that they have to go.

The Legion cruiser reaches earth orbit, and Mon-El looks down on Earth. Brainiac-5 says that they five hours until they reach the disruption, and tells Mon-El that he's calculated the odds of the DEO defeating Reign now that she has the powers of all the Worldkillers. He admits that he bugged the dirt he gave to Winn, and says that the odds of the DEO defeating Reign increase 30% if one Legionnaire stays behind. None of the Legionnaires in the stasis cells are infected, and Brainiac-5 says that Supergirl can handle Reign. Imra comes in, and Mon-El says that he agrees and goes to check the stasis cells.

At the DEO medbay, the dying Patricia asks Supergirl to tell Sam that she should have held her close, and to tell ruby hat she loved her. Supergirl promises and Patricia dies.

At the penthouse, James tells Lena that Patricia is dead and Reign has the power of her compatriots. He says that Lena has to tell Supergirl that she can make Kryptonite, but Lena says that she lost Supergirl's goodwill when she told Supergirl that she had Kryptonite. Lena warns that Supergirl will do anything in her power to stop her from making Kryptonite, and James tells her that it's different. He says that if Lena comes to Supergirl as an ally, Supergirl will be grateful.

At the manor, Supergirl calls Alex and tells her what happened. Once Alex hangs up, she tells Ruby that they should watch a movie. Ruby demands that she stops lying to her, and Alex says that the call wasn't about Sam. Alex goes to get some snacks, and Ruby looks at Alex's phone.

Reign hovers over the city listening to everything.

In the medbay, Supergirl looks at the now-empty bad. Hank comes over and says that he's tired of resting, and Supergirl wonders if she'll ever see Sam again. The heroine asks Hank if he was ever to get through to the White Martians, and Hank says that M'yrnn convinced them to spare his life.

Hank and Supergirl go to Hank's apartment, and M'yrnn rambles about the past for a minute. He says that he's of no help to anyone and tells Hank to leave him alone, but Hank says that his father's memories are still intact and he just needs helping accessing them. M'yrnn refuses, and Supergirl asks him how he convinced the Green Martians to negotiate with the Whites. M'yrnn says that he doesn't remember what he saw in the Whites, and Hank transforms into a White and tells his father to say why he thinks he can get through to him. He says that the Whites kept him alive because he had the knowledge of the sacred scrolls, and Hank realizes that M'yrnn rejected his own beliefs and embraced the Whites' beliefs. Chuckling, he tells M'yrnn that he might have saved them all.

As the cruiser approaches the disruption, Imra tells Mon-El that he should go back. She says that he's going back with her out of duty, but he needs to go back to figure what is weighing on his heart. Imra explains that she thought he would put his feelings for Supergirl aside, and says that she needs a partner who will choose her with a full heart. She tells Mon-El to go back and help Supergirl fight Reign, and if he comes back then she'll know he has no doubts.

Lena arrives at the DEO with a lead-lined case. She tells Supergirl that it's Kryptonite, and says that she figured out how to make it and super-charged it to fight Reign. Supergirl tells Lena that she's never going to make Kryptonite again, and Lena tells her what James thought. She accuses Supergirl of having a god complex, and Supergirl describes Kryptonite's effects on her. Supergirl says that she needs to be the only person in control of Kryptonite to her, and she won't risk encountering it by mistake. Lena says that they need each other and will have to figure it out.

Ruby goes outside and calls Sam's voicemail. She leaves a message for Sam to pick up, and overhead Reign hears her and flies toward the manor.

Alex comes back and finds Ruby in the study. She sees the phone and checks it, and realizes that Ruby called Sam. Reign lands outside the manor and destroys the cloaking device, and the alarms go off. Alex sends ruby downstairs to the safe room.

The alarm goes off at the DEO, and Hank insists on going. Mon-El arrives and says that the future is fine, and he's there to help them fight Reign.

Reign walks through the manor and hears Ruby. She drills down through the floor and Alex and ruby get through a door just in time. In the hallway outside, automated weaponry fires on Reign. She shrugs off the attacks and smashes into the safe room, and an automated gun fires at her. Alex joins in, and Reign destroys the automated gun with her sonic scream. She kicks Alex's gun away and advances on Ruby, but Supergirl arrives and attacks Reign. Mon-El opens the case with Lena's Kryptonite, but Reign knocks it away and attacks her. Supergirl joins in while Alex grabs her gun but can't get a clear shot. Supergirl and Mon-El bind Reign's hands with their capes, and Alex fires an electrical net. Reign breaks free and attacks the heroes. She knocks them both out, and loses her mask. Ruby grabs the automated gun and recognizes her mother, and Alex moves to cover her.

Supergirl steps up and reminds Reign that she fights against justice. She says that Ruby hasn't sinned and Reign won't kill her. Mon-El crushes the Kryptonite and loads it into the automated gun, and fires it into Reign. Reign collapses, and Alex holds a sobbing Ruby.

Later at the DEO, Mon-El straps a Kryptonite restraining device on the unconscious Reign's wrist. Supergirl apologizes to Lena, saying that Kryptonite is personal to her. She tells Lena that she trusts her, and Lena activates the force field containing Reign and goes to find a cure. Supergirl asks Mon-El why he came back, and Mon-El explains about Brainiac-5's calculations. He points out that Supergirl used Reign's ethical code against her, and says that he's not leaving until the mission is complete and they should train. Supergirl says that they'll do it after she passes on Patricia's message to Ruby.

At Hank's apartment, M'yrnn repeats what Hank said earlier about mocha Hank tells M'yrnn that they were able to capture Reign because of M'yrnn's insight. M'yrnn doesn't remember their earlier conversation, and repeats what he just said about mocha.

Alex promises Ruby that Reign isn't Sam, and Ruby points out that Alex lied to her earlier. The agent admits that she was trying to protect Ruby and she was wrong, and promises that she will do everything within her power to keep Ruby safe and always be honest with her.

Lena catches up to Kara in the elevator and they greet each other. Lena is there to visit Ruby, and says that she is only working with Supergirl for Sam's sake. She describes what Supergirl asked James to do, and says that Supergirl used her personal relationships against her just like Lilian would. Lena tells Kara that she can never trust Supergirl again and leaves.

A woman, Tanya, looks at a journal that is in a shrine. She takes it and leaves, and two human followers of Rao see her and run after her, telling her to bring the journal back in the name of Coville.

Written by Gadfly on May 15, 2018

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