Shelter from the Storm

Lena provides Alex with a safehouse to protect Ruby from Reign, who is looking to severe the last ties of humanity that Sam has with her family. Meanwhile, Supergirl discovers that Lena has been manufacturing Kryptonite, and the Legionnaires depart for the future.


By Gadfly on May 15, 2018

In the morning, Lena and James get dressed after a night of sex. They kiss, and Lena talks about how when she first came to National City she didn't know if she'd be staying She says that she's glad James can tell him her secrets, just as Reign breaks in through the window. She demands to know where Ruby is, and knocks away James. Lena sprays her with Green Kryptonite and Reign flees. Hank is at home trying to get through to M'yrnn. When he suggests that he help his father gather his memories…

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