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Hope Recap

The Brainiac sentry holds a woman's head and then lets it drop to the floor.

In the Undercity, the Sagitari find the body of the chancellor. Nyssa meets with the commander and tells him that Brainiac is responsible, and he warns that the remaining Sagitari are spread too thin and Black Zero is walking the streets.

Seg makes his way through the streets and enters their crude HQ, and Lyta draws a gun on him until she realizes who it is. Seg says that Nyssa is following the trail of bodies to the Tower of Justice, and Seg says that they have to find the sentry. Lyta tells him that Dev is ready to get back into the fight, and Seg figures that they'll need a lot more like him. She wonders if Seg sent Kem to Kryptonpolis to help him or Seg, and worries that he thinks they can' win their fight against Brainiac. Lyta asks him if that's what he thinks, and Seg describes how Adam though that Seg could save the universe. Seg blames himself for losing Adam and doesn't want to lose anyone else, and Lyta assures him that he won't lose her. They kiss and have sex.

Later, Seg dreams of finding an underground chamber with glowing spheres. Brainiac attacks him with metal tentacles and tells Seg that he's coming for Krypton. Seg wakes up and realizes that Lyta has left their bed.

Lyta meets with Zod, who says that the Voice wasn't killed by the fall and that they need a weapon that is unkillable to fight Brainiac. She realizes that he's going to get Doomsday.

Jax-Ur removes Daron's hood and he asks her how she transitioned from protégé of Val to leader of Black Zero. She says that it started with someone that she trusted betraying her, and says that she know Daron betrayed her. Jax-Ur tells him that she has many questions and injects a device into his neck.

Jayna watches the chaos in the streets, and Seg and Nyssa join her. Seg tells her that Zod is going for Doomsday, and they go after him.

Zod and Lyta enter the catacombs, and Zod says that it was sheer luck that Seg survived the blast in the tavern. He tells Lyta that it's up to them to make the hard choices, and explains that Doomsday will focus on the most powerful opponent first: Brainiac. Zod tells Lyta that it's their duty to protect people, and Seg will never understand that because he's an El. They enter the chamber, unaware that a figure is watching them.

The two Zods go to the Doomsday chamber, and Seg and Jayna arrive. Seg says that won't use his blood to help Zod open the chamber, and Zod cuts his hand and says that he now knows who his father is: Seg. Zod's blood opens the door, but Doomsday is gone. Seg says that he's made sure Doomsday is beyond Zod's reach, and Jayna convinces him to move Doomsday. He says that he never thought that Lyta would betray him. Zod tells them that he will find Doomsday wherever Seg has hidden him, and Nyssa calls Seg to say that they have a problem.

Jax-Ur tortures Daron via the implant device and tells him to admit what he did. Daron insists that he didn't do anything, and Jax-Ur says that he did nothing when she told him of her fears. He reminds her that she restored the Codex, and Jax-Ur insists that if they lost the Codex then they would have lost their last chance of reproducing. Jax-Ur says that she knew in the wrong hands, the Codex could be used to weed out the "impure" bloodlines. She only trusted Val and Daron, but when Daron sentenced Val to death she knew that she would be next. Jax-Ur says that she knows about the Vara Protocol, and she wants Daron to tell her how to access it.

Seg meets with the Cythonnites, who report that the containment field holding Doomsday is fading. Raika warns that they may only have hours, and Doomsday will break free.

Zod talks to Jayna and Lyta, and says that Jayna betrayed everything that House Zod stood for. Jayna insists that she's fighting for Kandor, and with Lyta at her side they can return Kandor to the place it once was. Lyta reminds her mother that she's spent Lyta's entire life making her afraid, and Jayna admits that she's failed her. She admits that Lyta's questioning nature is her greatest strength, and tell her daughter that she's going to have to make a choice.

Seg calls the Val hologram and asks if he knows how to repair Doomsday's confinement cell. Val warns that Brainiac's ship will arrive shortly, and Seg tells him to focus on their more immediate problem.

Once Jax-Ur has the information she needs, she leaves. Daron tells her lieutenant Mal that he knows where the Voice's cache of untraceable solars are, and Mal says that his family died in an outbreak when the medication was rationed to the Guilded. When Daron grabs his robe and begs him to help, Mal knocks Daron to the floor and leaves, locking the door behind him. Daron looks at the key that he stole from the man when he grabbed him.

Seg tells Nyssa that he's going to get the skimmer, The Cythonnites gather around them, guns drawn, and Raika says that they will take the creature to Kandor. She says that when Brainiac takes Kandor, he'll take Doomsday as well and her people will be free of their duty. Seg insists that they'll stop Brainiac, and Raika asks how he can do that when he can't control his own people. The Cythonnites begin moving the containment cell, and Raika says that she will let them live but if they to stop her people, she'll have them killed.

Zod prepare to go, and Jayna draws a gun on him. He tells her to shoot rather than that he face Krypton's destruction. When Jayne prepares to shoot him, Zod challenges her to a Kandorian duel. Jayna accepts and sets her gun aside as the two prepare to fight.

Seg and Nyssa arrive at the fortress, and Nyssa suggests that they make a run for Argo City. She says that she's not Lyta and believes in Seg. Seg glances over at the dissolving cape and says that maybe Nyssa shouldn't believe in him.

Jayna and Zod fight as Lyta looks on.

Daron dons a robe and slips through the Undercity, and finds a man selling skimmers. He asks for the fastest skimmer that he has which won't be picked up by the city's sensors. Daron offers the merchant all the money he has, and soon he is flying out of Kandor.

Seg is looking at the crystal Adam gave him. Val appears and Seg says that he wishes Adam had given the crystal to someone worthy of it. He tells the hologram that all he does is have a grandson that he will never meet. Val says that their ancestors chose the symbol of House El, which stands for hope. He insists that as long as there is an El on Krypton, there will be hope... and hope is a powerful weapon.

Zod and Jayna continue fighting, and Jayna gets Zod in a choke hold. As she strangles him, Lyta shoots her in the side. Zod tells Lyta that she stole his honor, and she tells him that she made a choice and saved his life. Jayna slips away, and Zod tells Lyta that they have to go.

Mal tells Jax-Ur that Daron escaped. She activates the implant device, and Daron loses control of the skimmer over the Outlands. It slams into the ground.

Nyssa tells Seg that she can't reach Jayna, and he figures that Brainiac needs another source of power since they drove him from the Genesis Chamber. Val says that the only option is the generator that protects the city's dome, and Seg says that they'll need help.

Nyssa meets with the commander, who refuses to work with terrorists.

Seg asks Jax-Ur to help but she refuses to side with their oppressors.

Nyssa tells the commander that they have to declare a truce to save the world. He agrees but afterward, they will destroy Black Zero.

Jax-Ur wants to destroy the Guilds once and for all, but Seg tells her that it's their chance to build a better Kandor. She concedes the point but reminds Seg of which side had Val executed.

Jayna staggers through the tunnels, clutching at her wounded side. She hears someone approaching and tries to hide, but collapses. A figure approaches her as she passes out, shakes her, and calls her by name. It's her father Vidar, and he picks her up and carries her away.

Jax-Ur and her people go to the Guild building and Jax-Ur recites the passcode Once the computer accepts it, she initiates the Vara Protocol and the walls open to reveal a doorway Inside are clones of the most elite ranked houses. They were created so the people who have everything could hold onto it forever.

Seg warns the gathered forces that they can defeat Brainiac but it will come at a cost. He reminds them that they have a common enemy, and tells them to do what they have to do but he's going. Seg tells Nyssa to go to the fortress with the crystal, have Val shut everything to do, and then she should go to Argo City.

In the generator building, Seg and the others move through the hallways. They break into the chamber and find Brainiac next to the generator, feeding on the power. Brainiac points out that their obsession with power is the only thing that unites them, and asks if their fear of him outweigh their fear of each other One of the Black Zero terrorist turns his gun on the others, and the others aim at each other. Brainiac tells them to go on, saying that they want to, and they open fire as Seg takes cover.

Zod tells Lyta that she did what they had to. He figures that there is someone else who might know of a way to defeat Brainiac: Val. When Lyta points out that Val died years ago, Zod tells her that he didn't.

In the generator room, Brainiac tells Seg that all he did was offer an opportunity for them to express the truth. He telekinetically levitates Seg into the air and pulls him over, and is surprised that Seg is the cause of so much trouble. Brainiac then levitates Seg toward the generator beam. Nyssa arrives and jams the crystal into Brainiac's head, breaking his hold on Seg. As Nyssa runs to Seg, Brainiac blows apart. Seg wonders why she isn't in Argo City, and they kiss. The generator shuts off and the dome comes down. They run as Brainiac reassembles himself in his android form and declares that Krypton is his.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2018

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