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A Dark Knight: No Man's Land Recap

The EMTs take Selina to the hospital and rush her to the ER. Bruce is with Selina, and promises that he'll be there with her.

After taking Jeremiah to the station, Alfred tells Jim that he should have killed Jeremiah. he then leaves for the hospital, and Harvey comes in says that the bomb squads are disarming the last bomb and putting it in the warehouse with the others. The mayor wants to lift the evacuation order, but Jim refuses until they have all of the bombs locked away. Jeremiah calls over from his holding cell and when Jim goes over, he says that he wants to press charges against Alfred. He also asks to speak to Bruce. Jim tells him that Gotham is still there and Jeremiah is a failure. Jeremiah says that if he lets him talk to Bruce, he'll tell him where the backup bombs are. Jim figures that he's bluffing, and Jeremiah asks him how many lives he's willing to gamble. He says that his eyes are open now and Jim's will be as well, and asks for Bruce and a coffee.

Strange examines Butch at Oswald's manor, flushes the chemicals out of his body, and transfuses blood from abducted victims into him. Tabitha takes Butch's hand and says that he's going to be cured. She gets a call and when she hangs up, tells Butch that Selina is at Gotham General. She prepares to go after Jeremiah, and Strange says that he'll go with her. Strange advises against it, and Oswald says that he'll stay with Butch and make sure that he's okay.

Jim calls Lucius, who admits that he doesn't know how may bombs Jeremiah may have made. Looking at Jeremiah on the monitors and wonders what he meant when he said his eyes are open.

The new mayor, Burke, is not happy that Jim is maintaining the evacuation order. His aide sees Ra's across the street on a rooftop, staring at them. In the basement of city hall, one of Jeremiah's bombs detonates, bringing the building down.

Jim beats Jeremiah for the location, but Jeremiah simply repeats his request to talk to Bruce. Harvey comes in and says that they need Jim, and Jim reluctantly leaves. The military have arrived,, and Major Rodney Harlan is in charge. Harlan says that the governor has declared martial law. Jim explains Jeremiah's plan and figures that Jeremiah has someone else planting the bombs. Harlan tells his men to get Bruce, and when Jim objects, Harlan has his men arrest him.

The soldiers take Jim down to a hummer, and Riddler tranqs the two of them, and then tranqs Jim as well. Later, Jim wakes up strapped to a table in Riddler's lair. He punches Jim in return for Jim punching him earlier ago, and says that he has no desire to save Gotham. Riddler explains that Lee dispersed all of the money to the Narrows residents, and turns on a giant press above Jim. It descends and starts crushing him, and Riddler says that he wants Jim gone so Lee will be free to be the person she was meant to be. He explains that he saw how Lee looked at Jim so he's going to set her free.

At Sirens, Barbara tells Tabitha and her people that they should capitalize on the chaos to seize territory. Ra's turns off the lights, takes out Barbara's people, and then says that he's leaving Gotham and wants to take Barbara with him. He admits that some of his power is still in Barbara, and tells her that he lied about the woman on the tapestry. Ra's admits that he loved the woman and she turned down his offer of eternity, and now he's offering Barbara the same thing. As he goes, Ra's is saying that he's seeing to the destruction of Gotham and that will give rise to his heir.

Harlan's soldiers bring in Bruce and Alfred, and Bruce says that he wants to go back to Selina and get thing over with Jeremiah as quickly as possible. Bruce goes into Jeremiah's room and Jeremiah asks him how Selina is doing. He then says that Bruce is at war with his true nature, much like Jeremiah was, and he's trying to help him embrace it. Bruce tells him that the difference between them is that he knows how to control his darkness. Undeterred, Jeremiah says that he can see Bruce's strength and so does his new partner. Bruce asks where the other bombs are, and Jeremiah looks up at the camera and says that the bomb in city hall was the only one and it got Bruce there.

Bruce demands to know who Jeremiah's partner is, and Jeremiah says that he's a man who showed him how to create the Gotham that Bruce wants. He asks if Selina will ever walk again, and tells Bruce that he's his partner's heir. the lights go out and the soldiers on guard scream. When Harvey and Alfred enter the interrogation room, they find the soldiers dead, and Bruce and Jeremiah gone.

Riddler continues pressing Jim, and Lee comes in and says how much pressure Jim's ribs can take. The villain says that Jim is holding Lee back from being the woman he loves. Lee says that it's insulting that Riddler thinks Jim is holding her back, and tells Jim that the woman he loved is gone. Jim agrees, and Lee tells Riddler that she's done and leaving and wants Riddler to come with him. However, if Riddler kills Jim then he can stay behind, and she's not going to let anyone determine who she is. Once Lee walks out, Riddler tells Jim that Lee chose him and it's all he wanted, so Jim can have Gotham. He gives Jim the press control and leaves.

Alfred goes to Sirens and demands to know where Ra's is. Barbara says that Ra's is leaving Gotham after destroying it with Jeremiah's help. She tells Alfred that Tabitha will kill Jeremiah, Alfred will rescue Bruce, and she'll kill Ra's. All she says is that she has a surprise for Ra's. Oswald arrives and asks who he gets to kill, and explains that he promised his help to Butch to keep him in place. The four of them leave.

After escaping the press, Jim walks out. Lee finds him and gives him car keys, and he asks if she's really leaving Gotham. Jim says that he would ask her to leave Gotham with him, and Lee tells him that if he did so then he wouldn't be him. Lee admits that a part of her still cares about Jim, kisses him, and says goodbye.

Jim calls Harvey, who tells him what happened and that Jeremiah took the remaining bombs when he escaped.

Jeremiah meets with Ra's and reveals the captive Bruce. Ra's says that he and Jeremiah met because of Bruce, and the bombs are en route. He shows Bruce the window looking out on the city and says that they can admire the destruction, and tells Bruce that their destroying Gotham for Bruce's advantage. His Dark Knight will rise out of the destruction to become who Ra's needs him to be. Jeremiah says that Ra's showed him that rebuilding Gotham and rebuilding Bruce are the same thing to him, and Bruce is the brother that Jeremiah could never be.

When Jim returns to the station, Harvey confirms that police transport vans were stolen and they're heading to the city's outskirts. Harlan demands to know what happened, but Jim realizes that Jeremiah plans to blow up the bridges. Jim tells Harlan that they need to rescind the evacuation order, and Jim's officers draw their guns on the soldiers. With the soldiers rendered helpless, Jim calls on the radio to have the bridges cleared.

Ra's tells Bruce that civilization is fragile and Gotham will soon be each man for himself. Barbara comes in carrying a wooden box, and tells Ra's that she's not leaving Gotha. She opens the box, revealing the reforged dagger, and figures that Ra's will be back. Ra's reminds her that she tried using the dagger before and is outnumbered, and Oswald and the others arrive and open fire. Barbara attacks Ra's while Jeremiah drags Bruce off.

Jim and Harvey get to one of the bridges, and an officer tells them that a van came by there. Harper calls and reports that there are vans at every bridge. Jim spots a girl on the bridge and runs to rescue her.

Alfred joins Barbara in attacking Ra's, and Ra's easily shoves Alfred back. Tabitha whips Jeremiah around the neck and tells him that it's for Selina. He stabs her in the leg with a hidden knife and prepares to kill her, but Oswald shoots him in the shoulder. Bruce gets to Ra's, and Barbara places the knife in h is hands and shoves it into Ra's stomach. As Ra's disintegrates, he tells Barbara that she's done well. The bombs explode, destroying the bridges.

Jim grabs the girl and gets her to shelter as the bomb on the bridge explodes.

Barbara and the others look out at the destruction, while Ra's grabs Bruce and tells him that he can either stay Bruce Wayne or become Gotham's Dark Knight. Ra's collapses into dust, and Bruce looks out the window at the destruction.

Lee watches the destruction from her office and takes a drink. Riddler comes in and says figures that she's not leaving. She says that they need her more than ever now and no one will help the Narrows residents but her. Lee tells Riddler that it's the end of the road for them, and Riddler secretly draws a knife and figures that Lee was never going to leave with him and only wanted to save Jim. She says that neither one of them really see her, and stabs Riddler as he approaches her. Lee tells him that she was never going to be what he wanted, and as she walks away Riddler stabs her. He says that he sees her and they kiss and then collapse.

Oswald and Tabitha return to the manor, and a now-human Butch steps out. They say that they love each other and kiss, and Butch thanks Oswald for his help. Oswald says that he considers Butch a friend and apologizes, and then shoots Butch in the chest. He tells Tabitha that he's lived with the pain of her killing his mother, and now he's taken away the one person that she loves. Tabitha charges at him, and Oswald shoots her in the kneecap. He promises that he'll eventually kill her when he thinks that she's suffered enough. Tabitha vows to kill him first, and Oswald has his men take her away.

Bruce and Alfred return to the hospital, and the doctor tells them that Selina made it through surgery but the bullet severed her spinal cord, causing permanent paralysis. The doctor says that they're evacuation, and Bruce tells Alfred that he can't leave Gotham. Alfred tells Bruce that Gotham and Jeremiah aren't Bruce's responsibility, and he says that he's making it his responsibility. After a moment, Alfred says that they'll both stay. Bruce tells him to go with Selina and make sure that she's okay. Alfred says that he'll do so and then come back and Find Bruce. The two men hug and then Alfred gets in the ambulance with Selina.

At the station, Harlan says that they're proceeding with the evacuation and everyone leaves. Jim refuses to go and tells Harlan to arrest him, and the major irritably walks off. Harvey warns that in two hours the city will be a battleground since the government is abandoning the city.

Oswald and his men go to a museum, kill the guards, and Oswald says that it will do nicely.

Mr. Freeze takes over one gang's territory.

Firefly and her people create a ring of fire around their new territory.

A drug dealer returns to his meth lab, and Scarecrows uses his fear gas on him and then cuts off his head. He tells the severed head that Hell is coming.

Oswald's man tells Strange to fix Lee and Riddler.

Ra's lieutenant Palden and his men tell Barbara that with Ra's gone, they're following the woman that beat him. They kneel to Barbara, and Oswald's men bring Tabitha in and Tabitha tells Barbara what happened. Barbara says that men are responsible for all the problems in Gotham, and has her women kill the male League members. They then strap the bodies to pillars and declare their area man-free.

At the station, Lucius restores power to the station using one of Jeremiah's bombs. Harvey comes in and says that he told Lucius that they're staying, and Lucius tells Jim that it's their city and he'll need their help. Jim smiles and tells him that there's something he needs Lucius to do.

On the docks, Bruce is beating up men and demanding to know where Jeremiah is. They don't know, and as Bruce walks away he sees a signal light shining on the clouds. Bruce goes to the station roof and finds Jim there, and realizes that he stayed to protect the city. Jim warns that the gangs are carving up the shadows and they'll have to retake the city block by block. He says that different things will emerge from the shadows.

Two homeless people enter a church, and a batlike man drops on them.

A masked woman finds a masked boy cutting apart a man with an axe and looks down on him approvingly.

Jim says that there are still good people out there and they need to know that they're willing to fight for them. Bruce remembers Jim telling him that the world may seem dark but there's light.

Written by Gadfly on May 19, 2018

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