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Phase Space Recap

Bernard tells Delores that he's frightened not of who she is now, but of who she could become. He thinks that he has a choice to make, and wonders what happens if Delores outgrows the place. Bernard isn't sure if it's his choice to make, and Delores says that "he" didn't say that. She says that he said that he didn't think that he had the agency to end her or himself, but wondered whether he should. When Bernard wonders what she's saying, Delores orders him to cease all motor functions. She tells him that it's a test that they've done many times before: a test for fidelity.

The next morning, Teddy walks through Sweetwater casing next to a tin can. He pockets it.

In the Mariposa, Delores is playing the piano when Teddy comes in. He tells her that he thought she wanted to ride before sunup, and they should get on with it. Delores wonders how many times he stepped off the train, where he restarted after they killed him. Teddy says that version of himself was weak and born to fail, and Delores fixed him. He tells her to forget about it as the train whistle blows, and walks off.

At the station, Benson tells Delores that Peter is at the Mesa, but it's a big place and he doesn't know exactly where Peter is. Phil tells Benson to think of something, but Benson insists that the boss could have taken Peter anywhere. Teddy comes over and shoots Benson dead, and says that they'll find Peter. Rachel stares at him in surprise as he boards the train.

At the Mesa, Stubbs looks at a recently shot security guard in the workshop. Charlotte comes in and asks where he's been, and Stubbs gets Peter and brings him with them. Stubbs complains that no one told him what was really going on there, and Charlotte points out that he was the head of security at an amusement park. They go to a conference room and Charlotte takes out a communication devices and signals Delos. She tells Stubbs that Delos wasn't going to send help until they knew that Charlotte had Peter, and Delos responds that they're sending in a team.

Technicians examine the dead Hosts to try and identify the malfunction. Charlotte and Stubbs bring Peter in and Charlotte tells the head technician that they want Peter kept put. The technician has the guards put Peter on a table and then shoot bolts through his body, fastening him in place.

In Shogun World at the Shogun's encampment, Maeve looks at the corpses around her and glances over at Akane, tending to Sakura's body, and remembers her own daughter. Akane cuts out Sakura's heart, and Maeve rips the sleeve off of her kimono and offers it to Akane to wrap up the heart.

Later, Maeve and her party enter the village where the Shogun's soldiers are standing guard. She orders one soldier to kill the other, and he does so and then kills himself. Tanaka has his men bring out Musashi, Hector, and Armistice, and Maeve says that she's come for a trade. The warrior agrees to let them all walk out, and she lets Toshiro and his men live. Toshiro says that they can leave, but Akane stays. Musashi says that they can have their duel instead, and if he wins Akane leaves with him. Tanaka orders his men to cut out the ronin's tongue, but Musashi dares Tanaka to back up his boasts with his blade. When Tanaka worries that Maeve will use her powers to protect Musashi, Musashi continues taunting him, accusing him of cowardice. After a moment, Tanaka tells his soldiers to give Musashi his blade.

As the two men prepare to fight, Akana asks Maeve to use her magic to protect Musashi. Maeve refuses, saying that they all deserve to choose their fate. The two warriors fight and Musashi slices Tanaka's fcae. Tanaka throws dirt into Musashi's eyes and the blinded Musashi manages to hold off Tanaka and take his wakizashi from his belt Once he recovers his eyesight, Mushashi renews his attack, finally cutting off Tanaka's right hand. He gives Tanaka his wakizashi, and Tanaka uses it to commit seppuku. Musashi cuts off his head per tradition, and nods to Akane. Akae tells Maeve to hurry and find her child before the darkness eats them all alive.

The Man and his people ride across the plains, and spot an overturned wagon filled with Ghost Nation arrows. As the villagers in the party go to take anything of value, Lawrence asks the Man if he wants to take Grace through the area. The Man assures him that Grace can handle herself. Grace asks the Man if he's just going to ignore her and help that she goes away, and the Man figure that she's another of Robert's Hosts. Grace tells her that she just wants to get out, and the Man tells her to go to the beach and wait for QA to rescue her. She refuses to leave without him, and says that the arrows are fake. Bandits come out and attack the villagers, and Grace kills them and asks the Man if they can stop playing around.

Bernard and Elsie walk down railroad tracks and Elsie confirms that the system is still sending out Robert's quarantine notice. He says that if anyone could fix the park by sheer will, it would be her. They enter the welcome station and discover that QA killed the welcome team. The duo go to the workshops and Elsie accesses the systems to see what damage QA has done. She discovers that when QA tried to regain control of the system, they were blocked by the Cradle: the Host's backup. Bernard notes that the Cradle can't affect other park systems, but Elsie discovers that the cradle has interfaced with every park system in the last seven days. She can't find the source code generating the defenses, and Bernard realizes that she has to access it in person.

Musashi leads the others through the forest until they come to Snow Lake. Lee, Felix, and Sylvester go to the transfer station's entrance and Felix goes down the chute first. The station is filled with corpses.

Akane places Sakura's heart in a bowl at a shrine and Hanaryo sets it on fire. Lee motions Maeve over, and Maeve tells Musashi that it's time. He says that they're not going with her, and Maeve says that they have to go somewhere safe and make a new home. Musashi tells her that no man is safe who won't defend his own land, and Akane reminds Maeve of what she said earlier about each person choosing their own fate. She insists that her heart belongs there with her daughter's soul, and the choice is hers because of Maeve. Maeve says that she hopes Sakura's spirit brings Akane peace and leaves. Hector bows to Musashi, and he and Armistice and Hanaryo leave with Maeve.

That night, the Man and his party make camp. He offers Grace a bottle of alcohol to take the edge off, and she realizes that he doesn't drink out in the real world. The Man asks why Grace is there when she said that she's done with the family business, and Grace tells him that she told Charlotte the same thing when she invited her to the gala. Grace then decided to go back to the Raj, and her mother was never convinced that the place couldn’t hurt them. She went to the pleasure palaces, and then all hell broke loose and Grace made her way to the Man. He suggests that she's more like him than she'll admit, and Grace says that she's always understood the appeal but it's sad that the Man is still doing it. The Man wonders why she's there if he's so pitiable, and Grace says that he doesn't get to kill himself now that the Hosts can shoot to kill. She tells the Man that her mother was the only one who saw through the Man's good-guy act, but admits that she shouldn’t have said that her mother's suicide was the Man's fault. Grace insists that she's going to take the Man home with her and not let him go out i a blaze of glory. The Man asks her if he goes with her then they're even, and Grace tells him that it'll be a good start. Chuckling, the Man says that they'll start walking to the beach at sunup.

Come morning, Grace wakes up and realizes that the Man has gone.

Bernard and Elsie go to the Cradle and Elsie figures that the new data Robert stuck in the system is in there. As she examines the controls, Bernard realizes that he brought someone there.

Bernard and the Lead Drone enter the Cradle and Bernard looks at the control unit.

Elsie tells Bernard that she sees the messages the system is sending but can't tell how.

Bernard pockets the control unit.

As Elsie wonders how Robert did it, Bernard looks at a piece of equipment and says that he knows how to find out. He tells Elsie to put him into the system directly, and steps into the docking unit. Elsie warns that there isn't time to turn down his pain, and Bernard tells her that the pain just a program. She removes Bernard's control unit through the top of his skull and drops it into the tank.


Bernard finds himself on the train. It arrives in Sweetwater and Bernard gets off.


Delos drops off a team onto the top of the Mesa. Stubbs introduces himself to their leader, Coughlin, and Coughlin demands to see Charlotte. He tells Stubbs that amateur hour is over and his techs are taking over, and informs his men that Stubb is at their disposal.

Maeve and her group return to Westworld and enter through a cemetery near the hills where Maeve used to live. She thanks Lee for navigating them there. Hector approaches Maeve and asks where they go, and Maeve tells him that she has to do it alone. They kiss, and then Maeve goes to get her daughter.

The Man, Lawrence, and the villagers ride on and see Indian Nation weapons embedded in the trees. An Indian fires an arrow, killing one man. The Man orders the others to ride on.

Maeve runs to her farm and remembers walking the fields with her daughter. She finds her daughter Agatha sitting on the porch and calls to her. Maeve sits with Agatha and asks what her daughter's doll's name is. Agatha says that her doll's mother doesn't want bad men to take her away, and Maeve assures her that the mother is strong and would never let anything like that happen again. Agatha's new mother comes over and asks if she can help Maeve. Akecheta and his men ride in, and Maeve tells Agatha to run. the Indians attack the new mother, and Akecheta and his men ride after Maeve and Agatha. Akecheta rides up and tells Maeve to come with them, as they are meant for the same path. Maeve tells him that his path leads to hell, and Hector and others arrive and open fire on the Indians. While the others are distracted, Lee takes out the radio and Felix turns to see him with it. Lee says that he's calling for help, and Felix walks off in disgust.

The train heads for the Mesa, and Delores asks Teddy if she should run from the park. He says he never thought he would want to leave, but figures that Delores fixed that as well. Angela says that they're almost there, and Delores says that it's time to turn it loose. She and Angela go to the engine, while Teddy gives Phil a revolver and one bullet and says that it's the last of his mercy. Teddy then joins Delores and Angela, looking Phil in the passenger car. Angela releases the coupling and the rest of the train falls behind.

Coughlin's controller tells him that there's nothing wrong with the systems He's regained control over some minor systems, but can't shut down the Hosts. Charlotte arrives and tells Coughlin that they've secured Peter, and the techs bring the map online. It shows a train approaching the Mesa

The train cars with Phil enter the tunnel and explode.

Elsie hears the explosion and wonders what's going on. She looks at Bernard and wonders what he's seeing inside the Cradle system.


Bernard sees Delores come out of the general store, and a yellow dog walks by Bernard and into the Mariposa, He follows it inside as Teddy comes out, and sees the dog sitting at the piano player's feet. Robert's face is visible in the piano's surface, and he greets his old friend Bernard.

Written by Gadfly on May 28, 2018

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