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Dark Side of the Moon Recap

Mon-El and Supergirl fly through space, and Supergirl says that when they're alone she can just pretend to be her. They arrive at the meteorite that Winn detected, and find a domed city on it. A tractor beam from the city locks onto them, and Supergirl has Mon-El change the shift into an asteroid to break out of the beam.

At the DEO, Winn tells Hank that their friends are on the dark side and out of communication. He assures his superior that he's been checking the radio in case they signal, and asks Hank why he seems more grim and stoic than usual. Hank points out that Reign is becoming immune to the kryptonite, and Winn notes that the weaponry that they've used against Reign before hasn't stopped her for long.

Alex and Ruby are watching a TV show about astronomy, and Alex assures Ruby that Supergirl is looking for a substance that will cure Sam. Ruby isn't convinced, and Alex suggests that they go get some ice cream. They go to the park and get ice cream from a stand, and Ruby talks about wanting to be an astronaut. Alex spots someone watching them and sends Ruby to get some sodas. Once the girl leaves, the man opens fire on Alex. He tosses a grenade at her, and she throws it into a garbage can and orders everyone back as it explodes.

In her lab, Lena tells the DEO agents not to blow up her lab. Reign sees them through the barrier, and tells Lena that her defenses are failing. She knows that Lena is waiting for Supergirl to return, and senses her fear and distrust. Reign asks if Lena and Supergirl will need each other when it's all done, and Lena tells her that they agree that Reign needs to be stopped. She promises that they'll save Sam and end Reign, and Sam says that the only way to do so is kill her and Sam... and she doesn't think Lena has the stomach for it.

Supergirl and Mon-El land outside the city and discover that they're powerless. The Black Rock is a mile under the city, and as they prepare to retrieve it someone opens fire on them. the heroes avoid the shooters and enter the city, and discover that the inhabitants are humanoid. Mon-El "borrows" some clothing and he sees a mother tending to her child, who is on an inhaler. Once they don the stolen robes, Supergirl says that her secret identity is exhausting. Mon-El explains that in the future, there are no secret identities and it's still exhausting. he scans the city and realizes that they're getting close to the Black rock.

Alex takes Ruby to the DEO and Ruby tells Hank and Winn about the attack. Once Alex sends Ruby into a conference room to study, Alex says that she was the target and she can't have some psycho on the loose while she's taking care of Ruby. She worries that Ruby will get hurt, and Winn goes over all of Alex's enemies. Hank suggests that it's someone from before she joined the DEO, and Alex has them bring up the file on Sheriff Ronald Collins, her first arrest. Collins was recently paroled, and he moved to an apartment six blocks from Alex's residence. Alex asks Winn to watch Ruby, and Winn has no choice but to agree.

Supergirl and Mon-El arrive at a building with the Black Rock inside. She realizes that it's a Kryptonian memorial, and that it's Argo. Robot drones arrive and order the heroes to stay where they are. Alura and her people come out, and Supergirl recognizes her mother. They hug and Alura explains that her husband created a shield to protect Argo when Krypton exploded. Supergirl says that Kal made it to Earth and she arrived there, and Alura recognizes Mon-El as the Prince of Daxam. Mon-El says that he's just Mon-El since Daxam was destroyed, and Alura tells him that he's welcome there. Alura wonders why Supergirl is there, and Supergirl explains about the Worldkillers and they need the Black Rock to stop her. Alura realizes that it's the Harun-El: Black Rock of Yuda Kal.

Alura takes Supergirl and Mon-El into the memorial and explains that Argo's atmosphere was altered by the fallout. The shield kept the atmosphere more hospitable, and they were dying until her husband created a living environment using the Harun-El. The shield keeps them hidden from invaders and blocks their signal. Alura warns that the Harun-El is all that keeps them alive and they can't spare any, but she'll bring the matter to the High Council. Until they gather, she was hoping to get to know her daughter.

Winn sits at his console, and Ruby asks him to show her how it all works. He says that he's busy and doesn't need help, and snaps at her that he's been going without sleep for 36 hours waiting to hear from Supergirl. Ruby mentions that it's her mother they're trying to stop, and Winn tells her that Reign technically isn't Sam. The girl says that she might never get her mother back and doesn't sleep anymore, and walks away.

Alex goes to a bar and finds Collins drinking. He starts to leave, and Alex accuses him of shooting her in the back. Collins says that he's not surprised when Alex flashes her badge, and tells her that he didn't shoot at her. He insists that he paid his debt and he has to live with killing Kenny, and can't forget the boy's face. Collins admits that he was corrupt but never thought of himself as a killer, much less a kid killer. He tells Alex that he deserves everything he got, but he's already damned and killing her wouldn't change anything. Alex leaves and sends Hank a message that it's not Collins. Her bike doesn't start, and she realizes that it's wired. She runs away just in time as it explodes.

When the DEO arrive to secure the site, Alex tells Hank that she's all that Ruby has. She wants to set a trap using herself as bait.

In Argo, Supergirl and Alura looks at a flower that Alura kept in Supergirl's room when she was young. Alura says that she shouldn't have accepted that Supergirl died, but she gave up. Her daughter says that she gave up as well, and talks about her life on Earth and Astra surviving. Supergirl says that Astra was changing before she died, and they gave her Kryptonian burial rites. Alura says that she sent many to Fort Roz, and she was wrong to do so. It took losing everything to learn that, and asks Supergirl if she can forgive her. Supergirl assures her that she does and they hug.

Mon-El goes back to the boy on the inhaler and returns the stolen robes. The woman tells him to keep the robes as a gift, and Mon-El asks if her son has Thalonite Lung. the woman calls over her son, Val. Mon-el gives him a medical vaccine and booster that Brainiac made, and tells him that it will cure Val in a week.

Jimmy finds Lena in her office and they hug. Lena explains that Reign is becoming immune to her Kryptonite, but can still kill her with it. She wonders if it's worth killing Sam to save the world, and what happens if Supergirl doesn't come back in time. James asks her what Sam would want her to do now with the choice that Lena has, and Lena figures that Sam would want Lena to protect Ruby.

Winn visits Ruby and says that he's a jerk, and says that he had a complicated relationship with his father. He says that he used to be terrified that what drove his father insane was inside of him as well, and Ruby tells Winn that he's not evil. Winn asks Ruby to help him track Supergirl, and Ruby agrees.

Alex and the DEO snipers get into position on rooftops, and Hank takes Alex's form and jogs through the park.

Mon-El returns to Alura's residence and tells Supergirl that she gets to be herself there. Supergirl says that she's Kara Zor-El there. Alura arrives to take Kara to the High Council, and Mon-El wishes Kara good fortune. In the Council chambers, the leader Selena--who looks like the Dark Kryptonian hologram--welcomes Kara home. Alura explains that she and Zor-El came up with a plan to save Kara before Krypton's destruction, and talks about how they sent Kara to Earth. Another Council member, Jul-Us, says that Worldkillers are the stuff of myth, and Kara insists that Reign is real. The Council wonders how they can help, and Kara asks for a gift of Harun-El.

Hank-as-Alex continues jogging.

Jul-Us accuses Kara of becoming more like Earthlings. Alura points out that the threat facing Earth is of Kryptonian origin, and the sins of Krypton live on in Reign. Jul-Us insists that the Council only concerns, and Selena agrees with him.

Alex spots a sniper, and he turns and shoots at Alex before running. Hank revers to his human form as Alex goes after the shooter.

Kara tells the Council that Krypton's legacy lives on, for good and ill. She explains that the prisoners broke free and they're still trying to recapture them. Kara tells the Council that there are Earthlings who are trying to capture the prisoners, and they took Kara in.

The killer slides on a line to another building and cuts the line, and Alex leaps to the building. She grabs the edge and hangs on

Lena goes back to the lab with Reign.

Kara hopes that Argo City has learned from the mistakes of Krypton's past, and begs them for the gift of Harun-El. Jul-Us says that they can't spare it.

The killer draws a gun on Alex, and she realizes that he's the twin of a fort Roz prisoner. Alex says that he killed twelve men, and leaps up and knocks the killer out as Hank arrives.

Jul-Us calls for a vote, and the Council vote. Selena holds her vote back, and the Council vote is split 50/50. The Councilwoman asks if Kara is sure the plan will work. When Kara says that she is, Selena votes in favor of giving them a bit of the Black Rock.

Later, Kara and Mon-El prepare to leave. Selena tells Kara that they must use their stolen time to right the crimes of the past or their survival means nothing. Mon-El tells Alura that she should be proud of what Kara has become, and Alura says that she is. Alura gives Kara a box with the El insignia on it as a present, and Kara tells her mother that she'll see her again.

Hank finds Alex on the DEO balcony and tells her that he's from Naja Falk 7, and was able to tell them apart with his heightened sense of smell. Alex says that she was rudderless when Hank recruited her into the DEO and gave her purpose. Today Alex risked her life for that purpose, and figures that duty is baked into her. She points out that the things she did to save her life could have killed her, and wonders where Ruby would be if she had died. Alex says that she will be a mother one day, and wonders if that person can coexist with the one who jumps buildings... and if it's fair. Hank tells Alex that she's an incredible agent and he knows she'll be an incredible mother, and when the time is right she'll make the choice that is right for her.

Selena goes to a hidden chamber, dons dark robes, and calls upon the Worldkiller.

In her cell, Reign tells Lena that there is no god and no Rao. She knows that Lena has a kill switch, and says that Lena is just like her. Lena insists that it's not true, and Reign dares her to kill her. Lena activates the kill switch, but Lena ignores it and smashes on the force field barrier. Mon-El and Supergirl arrive and reign attacks them.

Written by Gadfly on May 29, 2018

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