Dark Side of the Moon

Supergirl and Mon-El find a remnant of Krypton drifting deep in space. Meanwhile, Alex faces a killer from her past, and Winn ends up babysitting Ruby.


By Gadfly on May 29, 2018

Mon-El and Supergirl fly through space, and Supergirl says that when they're alone she can just pretend to be her. They arrive at the meteorite that Winn detected, and find a domed city on it. A tractor beam from the city locks onto them, and Supergirl has Mon-El change the shift into an asteroid to break out of the beam. At the DEO, Winn tells Hank that their friends are on the dark side and out of communication. He assures his superior that he's been checking the radio in case they signal,…

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casper1701e posted a year ago

The only difference between Lena and Lex is her true colors have yet to surface. She's not fooling anyone.

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