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Once Upon a Time Recap

God talks about how changing one little thing can change the world.

Chloe chases a purse snatcher into an alleyway Men pull up in a van, gun her down, and drive away. Her partner arrives and runs to her, but can only hold "Bonnie" as she dies. The director calls cut, and a PA brings Chloe a cup to catch the fake blood that she's spitting out. She talks to the stuntman, who says that she choked on a blood capsule. The man, Stryder Novac, tells Chloe that he's not going to be there for the next stunt but it's a good thing. He invites Chloe to celebrate with him and his friends that night, and Chloe finally gives in.

That night at Lux, Lucifer is playing on the piano as the crowd watches. Maze is serving drinks at the bar, and everyone applauds as Lucifer finishes his set. Chloe comes in and waves to Mmm, and joins him. Meanwhile, Charlotte comes over to Lucifer and says that she's making sure he's not getting into trouble because it's her job as her attorney. She has paperwork for the Vegas Lux expansion, and Lucifer takes her up to his penthouse. When they get there, they start to have sex. Lucifer wonders if they've had sex before, and Charlotte that he'd remember if he did. After a moment, Lucifer is surprised that he's not in the mood. He tells Charlotte that she's stunning, and suggests that he needs to find someplace new like Las Vegas. Charlotte says that once he signs the papers and makes a down payment, Vegas Lux will start. He opens a safe and reveals the cash inside, and says that they're heading to las Vegas.

The next day, Chloe meets with Linda. Chloe admits that she's bored even though she should be happy, and wonders if she should play a role. Linda suggests that Chloe approach it with different eyes, and says that girls all over the world see Chloe fighting crime and they're inspired. Chloe agrees and they walk off the set, and Linda says that she was inspired by Chloe to do her Doctor Linda show.

Lucifer comes down and finds a man laying in a booth. He goes over to the man and discovers that he's dead, a driver in his chest. Lucifer calls in the police and Dan arrives, and checks with fellow detective Nick. Nick says that the dead man is Stryder, and there was a wad of cash on the body. Dan tells Nick to hide the money in case someone sees it, and goes over to talk to Lucifer. They argue about whether Delilah's case was solved or not, and Dan says that Stryder's death was apparently a bar fight. Lucifer doesn't believe it, and says that he needs to prove it because his Vegas expansion deal was frozen because of the murder. He insists that he wants to make sure the right person is punished for his sin. Dan tells Lucifer to stay out of it,

God says that family makes a difference, and all he did was move a bullet a bit to the right.

Chloe arrives at the station and visits her father, Lt. John Decker. She says that she's there about a friend, and says that Stryder was a friend of hers. She asks if John has any clue what happened, and says that Stryder wasn't looking for a fight. Chloe explains that Stryder just got his dream job driving for NASCAR, and asks if she could talk to the detective on the case. John refuses, saying that he's not going to let Chloe get close to a murder investigation.

Lucifer goes to a garage and pounds on the door. Ella opens him in and she wonders if he ground the gears on his car. Lucifer says that he there's there about something delicate, and Ella lets him in. She identifies the driver and points out the end has been sharpened. Lucifer explains that it's a murder weapon and asks her to identify where it came from. He threatens to reveal her chop shop to the cops if she doesn't help him, and Ella says that it came from a pro-driver racing tool. There's something on it that has been scraped off, and Ella says that she might be able to bring it up. She demands payment, and Lucifer pays her before he goes.

At the racetrack, Lucifer tells the guard that he has a few questions about a murder. The guard assumes that Lucifer is a police detective and takes him over to the other detective on the case: Chloe, posing as a detective. She flashes her badge from her movie, and Lucifer recognizes her from her Weaponizer movies. He wonders why she's there, and Chloe says that she worked with Stryder and doesn't think he died in a bar fight. Stryder was going to replace Rex Wilson, a famous driver years ago. Since Stryder died, Rex is racing. Chloe demands to know who Lucifer is, and she realizes that he's the owner of Lux. She tells Lucifer that she's got it, and says that she comes from a family of cops and can handle the case. Lucifer figures that she can't even get into the pits. The security guard takes her to the pits, and Lucifer accepts it as a challenge.

At the station, Dan takes money from the evidence locker. Charlotte comes in, and Dan claims that he was just seeing if they were real. She says that she knows the combination to a safe with thousands of dollars in it, and the safe is in the Lux penthouse. Charlotte figures that if Dan gets her into the building, she'll get the money. She warns that penthouse only has one way in and she needs Dan to stand watch. Dan agrees but says that he'll also make sure that she doesn't sneak out with the money.

Chloe talks to the mechanic, who says that Rex is on the raceway for his speed run. Rex is racing is car around the track, and Lucifer steps out in front of him and stands. Time stops, and Amenadiel arrives and asks why Lucifer is using his talents. Lucifer asks Amenadiel how the Silver City is, and confirms that Amendiel hasn't been there for a couple of years. Amenadiel says that since Lucifer refuses to go back to Hell, he can't face God or their siblings. He refuses to intermix with humans, and Lucifer says that sometimes they're surprising and suggests that Amenadiel talk to one. Amenadiel starts time up as Lucifer rips Lucifer out of his car. He asks why Rex killed Stryder, and Rex walks off with Chloe while the gate guard stops Lucifer.

Once they get to Rex's office, Chloe shoves Rex down and demands to know if he killed Stryder. She threatens Stryder, reciting a line from one of her movies. Lucifer comes in and Rex realizes that Chloe is an actress. The Devil uses his power on Rex to reveal what he desires: a good story. Rex explains that people don't follow cars, they follow drama. When his biggest rival, Stryder's father, died, Rex's merch sales went down. Getting Stryder to replace him got the rivalry back. Rex started a management firm a year ago and Stryder was his client, and it was Rex's idea to get Stryder back. he says that Stryder needed the money to get out of a jam, and owed money to someone at work.

Chloe and Lucifer leaves, and she wonders how he extracted Rex's desire. Lucifer says that people just like to talk to him, and Chloe suggests that they work together. When Lucifer refuses, Chloe says that she knows who Stryder was fighting with at work and Lucifer agrees with her.

On her show, Linda talks to Nathan Fury a two-time Oscar winner. Once the cut to commercial, her assistant Stacy tells Linda to ask Nathan about his wife, because they're investigator caught her kissing her co-star on tape. Linda figures that it will ruin Nathan, but Stacy says that it's good TV. She warns that ratings are down and they need a boost.

Chloe takes Lucifer to where her costar Erika Dunlap is practicing stunts. She's fighting with the stunt director, Ben Rogers, who complains that she never listens to him. Once Erika leaves, Chloe asks what's going on with Erika. Ben says that she's taking out her grief about Stryder's death by taking it out on his stunt team. Once Ben leaves, Chloe tells Lucifer that Erika was hurt in a stunt and she was looking for a hefty settlement, but Stryder was the only witness and refused to testify on her behalf. Chloe suggests that Lucifer talk to Erika because she and Erika don’t get along.

Lucifer goes to Erika's trailer, and Chloe waits outside. John arrives and asks Chloe if she's snuck into a NASCAR racetrack and impersonated a cop. The trailer starts shaking, and Chloe winces As Erika yells Lucifer's name.

Charlotte goes into the penthouse and opens the safe, unaware that someone is lurking in the shadows. She takes the money out and then turns to see the figure behind her: Maze. Maze asks Charlotte why she wants the money, and says that Charlotte can have the money if she tells the truth. Charlotte finally says that she deserves it, and she'd do whatever she wants with it. Maze says that she'll take it as a promise, frees Charlotte, and tells her to embrace her darkest desires. Charlotte wonders why, and Maze says that they'll meet eventually. The more that Charlotte sins, the more fun it will be for her. As Charlotte leaves, Maze tells her that if she ever sees Charlotte or Dan in LA again, she'll gut Charlotte.

John complains that Chloe has put him in a difficult situation, and Chloe insists that they're onto something. Lucifer comes out and tells Chloe that he's pumped the suspect... for information. John tells Chloe that he raised her better than this, and Lucifer tells him that he's raised an intelligent and stubborn woman. Once John leaves, Chloe says that she thought her father would be proud of him. Lucifer tells her that he's made a living out of disappoint his father, and says that he thought Chloe could solve the murder and still does. He says that Erika was faking her injury, and she needed money and Stryder refuses to lie. Stryder told her that he was coming into some money and would loan Erika some, and apparently Stryder and his partner were going to steal something valuable but then the partner murdered Stryder. Lucifer suggests that they identify the murder weapon.

Lucifer takes Chloe to Ella's garage, and she says that she wasn't able to identify the mark on the driver. When Ella sees Chloe, she recognizes her from her movies and admits that her movies inspired her to steal cars. Ella says that the mark didn't mean anything: "Last Lappers". Chloe recognizes the phrase as the racing team in a movie. Ben worked on the movie, and Chloe figures that Ben was Stryder's partner and killed him when Stryder backed out. Lucifer and Chloe take off to confront Ben.

Ben is filming a stunt at Griffith Observatory. Chloe suggests that they catch Ben in the act, and Lucifer suggests that Ben is stealing a six million dollar car as Ben drives off in it. Lucifer and Chloe drive after him in Lucifer's car, and Chloe insists on driving since she's trained for it. they catch up and cut off Ben, and Ben says that he's getting the car ready for Chloe's stunt the next day. Chloe says that they found Ben's fingerprints on the murder weapon. He falls for the ruse, and runs as Lucifer congratulates Chloe on her range.

Lucifer and Chloe chase Ben back to the observatory, and Lucifer corners him and says that there's nowhere to hide. Ben draws a gun, insisting that he begged Stryder not to back out of the deal. He shoots Lucifer and the bullet has no effect. Ben keeps firing and runs, and Chloe knocks him out. She figures that Ben grabbed a prop gun by accident.

Later, John arrives and hugs Chloe. He wonders what she was thinking, and Lucifer tells him that he underestimates his daughter. John admits that Chloe is brave, and tells Chloe that he's never underestimated her. He says that Chloe is smarter than him and he didn't know if he could handle her endangering herself as a cop. Chloe hugs her father and says that she loves him, and goes to clean up the crime scene. Lucifer tells Chloe that their fathers aren't so similar after all, and Chloe suggests that his father might surprise him just like hers did.

Ella puts up a movie poster autographed by Chloe.

Maze burns a mask onto an initiate's face.

Nathan breaks into tears after :Linda tells him that his wife is cheating on him.

Amenadiel arrives at Lux and approaches a human woman, but then withdraws before she can notice him.

Charlotte and Dan drive out of LA.

Lucifer and Chloe sit near the observatory, and she says that it was fulfilling. She suggests that maybe she'd like to play detective for real. Lucifer finds the idea amusing, but says that maybe he'll tag along. Chloe figures it won't happen, and Lucifer asks if she wants to wager on it.

Written by Gadfly on May 29, 2018

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