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Amor Vincit Omnia Recap

A young Wolfgang and his mother are watching Eurostar and his mother talks about how she can imagine Wolfgang on the show. She tells him that he can't keep his voice a secret, and he points out that she said he couldn't talk about the doctor he went to. His mother says that it's their secret and Wolfgang mustn't say it about his father.

Wolfgang wakes up on a BPO gurney,

Wolfgang dreams of him and his mother working in the kitchen and singing. His father Anton comes in and tells his wife to stop teaching Wolfgang to sing. Anton grabs her by the throat, and tells Wolfgang that he won't love her as much when he knows their secret. Wolfgang becomes an adult and punches Anton, who smiles and says that Wolfgang is a man like him and says that Wolfgang's mother is more than her his mother.;

Wolfgang relives the memories of his life, including killing Anton.

Young Wolfgang tells his beaten mother that they have to go, and that they have to leave and Anton isn't coming after them. She says that she's not worth it.

Kala manages to reach Wolfgang through their sensate link and tells him to follow her voice. She says that they have Whispers and he's going to lead them to Wolfgang. Wolfgang tells them not to do it because he's not worth it, and Kala assures him that he is and she knows what love is because of him. She swears that they're going to get him free.

Riley asks what happened, and Kala explains that the BPO has Wolfgang on sedatives and blockers but she managed to reach him. She wonders if she can wait until the exchange, and Riley says that she understands but she needs her to make more of the blocker. Nomi and Neets forge another prescription to get the necessary drugs, and Will warns that they may not have the week necessary. Lito passes the cluster conversation on to Hernando and Dani, and Capheus tells them that he found a van that they can repaint and use.

Kala finishes the blocker shot for Whispers and gives it to Riley, and Sun goes with Riley. Nomi checks Whispers' phone log and tries to locate the BPO Chairman. She reports that Bug hasn't checked in, and secretly tells the cluster that she's worried. Nomi discovers that she has found Whispers' wife and daughter, since the wife Elizabeth filed for divorce.

Will and a masked Capheus go to the cell where they're keeping Whispers, and give him a blocker shot. Will says that he isn't convinced that Elizabeth loves Whispers. He asks if Whispers misses his daughter, and talks about how Whispers cut open Sara's skull. Whispers talks about how he was an exceptional student as a boy, and he learned how to operate on human beings when he was a medical student and imagined them as books. He tells Will that the longer that he's there, the better the chance that he will slice Riley open and Will will feel it all. Then he will go home and kiss his wife and daughter and return to his exceptional life. Will says that Elizabeth filed for divorce and there's no going back for any of them.

Nomi brings the handcuffed Jonas food and blockers. The cluster question him about the Chairman, and Jonas says that the Chairman shields his identity because he's paranoid. Will wonders why Jonas once helped them and then betrayed them, and they ask why Angelica went to Chicago and started working with Whispers. Jonas talks about how Chinese alchemists tried to create a mind-control potion and created gunpowder, and says that there is no one he's known better than Angelica. He explains that Angelica sensed that Raoul was alive in Chicago. Once she was there, she wanted to understand what Kolovi and Whispers were doing. She discovered that she could use their technology to build a machine that would trace her sensate children, and she used it to send a signal of her own pain.

Whispers finds Angelica and she says that she didn't want to show him until she was sure. She shows him the transmitter, and Whispers smile and tries to kiss her.

Jonas tells Will that circumstances demanded that they lied and betrayed their friends, or handcuff their ally to a radiator.

That night, Nomi wakes up and discovers that Neets is gone. She finds her fiancée on the rooftop, and Neets says that she couldn't sleep. She says that they're in Paris and as a college student she imagined living in Paris and falling in love with a tragic French girl. Now that Neets is there with the woman she loves, they can't enjoy the city because something terrible could happen at any moment. Nomi tells her that she promised to marry her, and eventually they will kiss on the Eiffel Tower in front of the tourists. They kiss and look at the Eiffel Tower.

The next day, Nomi wakes up to hear Lito exercising. Sun performs a kata on the roof. Daniela calls Lito's director and assures him that he'll be there. Capheus talks with his family via Facetime, and his manager says that people need to see Capheus. Kala complains that BPO contacted her father. Nomi gets coffee. Lito complains that they're trapped there they're trapped there when they have important things to do. Will finally tells them to take a deep breath, and then reminds them that Wolfgang needs them and they're at war.

Wolfgang continues reliving memories of his life, including his uncle leaving his mother to Anton when she comes to his manor for shelter... and later, killing his uncle. BPO techs check on the unconscious Wolfgang, and he grabs one man's guns and shoots them both, then shoots through his hand manacle and frees himself. Wolfgang breaks off the chair arm that his other hand is manacles to, and shoots his way through the building. The Secretary tells his men that they leave Wolfgang alive, and Wolfgang steps out and shoots the guards when they don't shoot at him. He discovers that he's on a balcony overlooking beds filed with more sensates, and the Secretary says that they've arranged an exchange with his cluster and there's no point to Wolfgang's escape because he's going home. More guards arrive, and Wolfgang puts the gun to his head and says that he has no home. Kala links with him and says that he can't do it, and steps out on the balcony to die with him. Wolfgang stops him, and she tells him that he can't give up. The guards grab Wolfgang.

The next morning, Kala tells her clustermates what happened. They figure that the BPO really wants Whispers back, and figures that the BPO is trying to develop more pilots than Whispers, and more neural interfaces. A deliveryman arrives and Nomi realizes that it's a disguised Bug. She and Nomi hug him, and he realizes that the rest of the clustermates are there as well. He shows them the equipment that he brought and explains that he took the long route around to avoid detection.

A report from Seoul comes in, and Nomi tells Sun. She watches a new interview that reports that Tai Park has been arrested for his ties to Joong. Mun is recovering from his injuries, and Nomi suggests that Sun call him via a burner phone. Sun does so and she asks how he is. He asks where she is, and wishes that she was in Seoul. Mun admits that he misses her, and Sun has him say it again. Smiling, the detective says that he misses her like no one else in her life. After a moment, Sun admits that she misses him and says that she has to go.

Will tells Nomi and Bug that they're getting close, and figures that at some point Angelica and Whispers develop what is now the drone program, and Whispers demonstrated the viability to the Chairman and the other top-ranking BPO members. After that, a terrorist warrant was issued for Jonas. Lito asks if they've seen Dani and Hernando, and Nomi says that they went out for croissants with Neets. As the actor freaks out about having croissants, Kala tells Will that she got a worrying email.

Rajan arrives at the flat, much to Kala's surprise. He says that the BPO came looking for her, looking for Kala. There's a knock on the door, and Will tells everyone to move. He goes to Jonas and tells him that it's time to make a hard decision. Meanwhile, the BPO breaks in.

Will and the others take Jonas out via the roof. Rajan asks if Kala has joined a cult, and she says that if the BPO catches her then they'll kill her. Nomi realizes that Neets, Dani, and Hernando are coming back, and calls them as they arrive at the flat to warn them that the BPO is there. The BPO capture them, and Nomi tells the others that they're in trouble and runs back inside with Lito. Jonas runs off and Will draws his gun on him. The elder sensate says that he's on their side and runs off, and Will doesn't shoot.

Nomi and Lito enter the flat, and the BPO soldiers order them down. Will and Sun help him take out the guards, and help Nomi as well. Everyone hugs their lovers, and the others arrive and Will says that they should secure the men. Rajan insists that he's not going anywhere until someone tells him what's going on.

At the new squat, the group tell Rajan what is going on. Kala leads him to his bedroom and Rajan tries to take in that she's a sensate. He realizes that it was happening to her before their wedding and that's why she was confused. Rajan refuses to abandon her, and says that he loves her and his feelings haven't changed because of what he's learned. Kala says that she married a good man and they kiss.

Will and Riley meet with their contact at a club, Sans Jour. The woman, Georges, greets them and Riley introduces her to Will as her rival. Inside, Georges says that the BPO have tried to shut them down and they have resisted.

Neets and the others figure that a rift happened in London and shunted Kolovi out of the picture. Nomi warns that it's blocker time and Kala gets the shot ready.

As Will and Riley leave, Will realizes that they're being followed and they duck into the Metro. A hooded figure follows them, and Will attacks her. They fight and the woman rips off the hood to reveal that the woman is Bodhi from the plane. Bodhi ducks into a train and the doors close, and Will and Riley are unable to get in before the train takes off.

Nomi tries to call Will and Riley but gets nothing. They're on blocks so they can't visit, and Nomi visits with Capheus who is painting the van at another site. He's too far away, and Neets offers to find them. Dani shows her how to check a gun, explaining that she learned it from Joaquin. Neets and a masked Dani visit Whispers, who is amused to see the "sidekicks". He notices Neets' engagement ring, and tells her that eventually she and Nomi will discover the unbridgeable gap between their species. Whispers trips Neets and tries to get the blocker. Dani steps on his hand and loses her mask. Undeterred, she tells Whispers that she's seen others who mistake cruelty for strength. The two women leave and Neets tells Dani that she rocked.

When Riley and Will come back, they tell the others that it was Bodhi. Hoy visits with Riley and shows her the BPO arriving at his manor. He then takes her to see Yrsa, who says that she's still alive... for now. She explains that she's been in hiding since she left Iceland, and faked her heart attack. She introduces River El-Saadawi, who leads the faction within the BPO trying to return the organization to their goals before Whispers and the others took over.

Hoy meets with a clustermate, who warns that the BPO is rounding up sensates across the globe. He tells Riley to repay her debt by helping the Archipelago. If he dies, then the drone program dies as well. River, a sapient, tells Riley that now she and the others are being hunting and imprisoned, and Riley has to kill Whispers to kill the drone program and cripple the Chairman's hold on the BPO.

Riley tells her clustermates that the BPO has found Hoy and River thinks their only hope is to kill Whispers. Kala points out that then they will kill Wolfgang, and Will refuses. Will tells Yrsa, who tells River. River says that they had to try, and she prays that one day they will emerge from the darkness. Hoy figures that it's the end, and Yrsa says goodbye to him before going with River.

Hoy runs to a room at the top of his manor, takes out a gun, and tells Riley to look away. He pours himself a drink and says that as the Speaker of the Archipelago he can't let the BPO get hold of him. Hoy is glad that he's dying in defiance of the BPO rather than cowering like a rat. Aunt Kirsty stands up and tells Hoy that it's enough about dying, and she tossed the bullets out of Hoy's gun. She offers him a blocker to buy him a period of grave, and Hoy realizes that she knew he was a sensate. As Hoy takes the blocker, the BPO breaks in and Riley is cut off. She tells the others that Hoy is gone.

The masked Chairman and his men visit the restrained Wolfgang. As he put a gun to Wolfgang's head, the Chairman says that humans have dominated sensates for millennia because they only listen to one voice while sensates' heads are filled with many. Wolfgang tells him to pull the trigger, and the Chairman pulls back the gun and says that Wolfgang will leave them in the morning but he expects him to return shortly.

The next morning, the cluster review their plans. Meanwhile, the BPO helicopter arrives in Paris with a manacled Wolfgang. Kala visits with Wolfgang once the blocker metabolizes, and Lila steps out. The Chairman explains that they needed Lila because she's the only sensate connected to Wolfgang and Whispers.

Will tells the others that someone will have to make contact with Lila for the exchange to work. He's already connected to Whispers, so he figures that it will have to be him.

The BPO lock down the area of the exchange, unaware that Hernando is there posing as a pedestrian. He runs to a police officer and tells him that there are "terrorists" in the streets, and the officer and his men drive over and arrest the BPO troops.

Bug says that they're using a van for logistics support. He says that the "Bugmobile" is ready to roll. It isn't. Will figures that they need to put all eyes available on San Jour where the exchange is going down, but warns that the BPO won't play by the rules.

At San Jour, Dani spots two BPO men and tries to flirt with them. They refuse, much to Dani's disappointment. She goes over to Lito and Hernando, and reports to Nomi via radio that the men are cops. Capheus drops off Whispers and the others, and he asks Sun if she thinks that they'll survive. She tells him that she survived everything she went through with the cluster's help, and Capheus bumps fists with her.

Nomi and Neets log onto the San Jour security cameras, and they spot the BPO bringing Wolfgang in. Kala has made smoke pots to clear civilians out of the club, and her clustermates start gagging at the stench.

Will brings Whispers in, and Lila waits with Wolfgang. They meet in the center of the dance floor, and Riley spots Bodhi and warns that it's a trap. Bodhi tries to stab Whispers, and Will yanks him out of the way. She manages to get to him... and Lila shoots her and ducks into the crowd. Whispers slips away, and Nomi and Neets are unable to pick him up on the surveillance cameras. Meanwhile, one of Lila's clustermates grab Whispers and tell her that he got her, and Lila tells Wolfgang goodbye. A fight breaks out between the two clusters.. Rajan grabs a gun and prepares to shoot, but Lila takes the gun from him. Dani sets off the smoke pots and everyone clears out of the club. Nomi tells Capheus to make the change, and he puts a police light on the van.

Lila's cluster take Whispers to her. They leave the club and go to a van where the Secretary is waiting. Meanwhile, Will and the others get into the van just as the police arrive. Wolfgang visits with Kala, tells her that Rajan is with him, and they kiss. Sun is walking away when the BPO spot her. They corner and capture her., but Mun arrives and tells the BPO police to leave her. When they refuse, he attacks them and Sun joins in. Together they take out the BPO police and Mun says that he took some vacation days and illegally used a satellite tracking system to find her in Paris. Sun jokingly says that she'll have to report him. She asks why he went to the trouble, and Mun kisses her. Nomi finds her and tells the others that she knew the phones were early to track so technically Sun knew as well.

Whispers demands a meeting with the Chairman and wants to head the task force that tracks the cluster down. The van comes to a road blockade, and Lila shoots the BPO men. She gets out and kills the others in the escort SUVs, and her and her clustermates load Whispers into the trunk of a waiting car and drive away.

Capheus and the others arrive at the blockade and discover what happened. They realize that Lila set them up.

The next day, Rajan takes the cluster and their allies to a manor in the country that his friend owns. Wolfgang pours Rajan a drink and says that he'll never forget what Rajan did for him. Kala and Bug arrive and Kala wonders what she does about Rajan and Wolfgang when she loves them both. Bug tells her that there are no rules because she's a sensate and can defy physics. Kala gets out and kisses Rajan, and tells him that he's more than the man she thought that she married. Meanwhile, she visits with Wolfgang and they kiss at the same time.

Later, everyone has dinner and celebrates Wolfgang's recovery,. Wolfgang says that he never had people in his life that would fight for him, and thanks them. They all hug, and Will asks if any one of them would go back to the world they knew of. Bodhi visits and says that she can't explain how she can when they've never met her. She says that they must accept the Mother's invitation, and takes them to ancient ruins. The Mother is there and welcomes them to the Lacuna. She explains that the Lacuna exists that the sensates who live there curate a unique corpus of knowledge passed down through the centuries. They are of the world but not part of the world. Will point out that she had Bodhi follow them, and the Mother says that Bodhi is a hopeful Mother. She tells them that Whispers is manipulating BPO, and the Mother says that she is the Mother of the Lacuna and Whispers' mother. She felt the death of each of her children as Whispers killed them, and tried to stop him but failed. The Mother fled from herself and the world, and came to the Lacuna.

Capheus wonders why the Lacuna waited so long to intervene, and the Mother says that the dread of dying has poisoned Whispers' soul. The cluster realizes that if Whispers had enough of the cluster drones and can inhabit their minds, then he can live forever. Bodhi says that neutrality in the face of such evil is complicity, so the Lacuna resolved to intervene. The Mother tells them that she maintains a connection to Whispers and can help them find him.

The group travels to Naples by car, van, and train, and Sun tells Mun that she's surprised he agreed to help them. he tells her that she'd have a hard time getting rid of him. Riley plays music and her clustermates hear it, and she hands earbuds to Dani and the others so they can listen as well. Wolfgang meets with a waiting Felix and the two men hug. Felix is surprised when Capheus hugs him as well, and Kala introduces herself and Rajan as her husband. When Wolfgang admits that it's complicated, Felix shows them guns that Fuchs provided so they could get revenge against Lila. There's a rocket launcher for Wolfgang.

On the train, Jonas appears to Will and says that it's the end of the line. He says that the BPO's world is built on secrets, and the way to survive in it is to become a secret. Jonas tells Will that he has to continue to keep the secret and asks Will to stay away from Naples, but Will refuses. Lila visits with Will and Wolfgang, and bring them to her home. She says that difficult times require difficult choices, and tells a watching Maitake that the cluster wouldn't go away. Maitake tells her that they're too late.

Lila takes Wolfgang and Wil through Naples and says that she's building a sanctuary for their people. Wolfgang tells her that she's a collaborator, not a revolutionary, but Lila explains that conquerors have come through the city for centuries and it still stands. She assures Wil and Wolfgang that she'll survive the war.

The group meets at an outside cafe for Italian pizza, and Felix and Rajan bond over spending time in a hospital bed. Diego meets Wil and his group, and Puck joins them. Sun realizes that he's wearing a wig like her, and says that the Archipelago knew they were coming. He takes them to a safehouse where Sutra is waiting, and Puck explains that they've been tracking Lila for years. Sutra insists that they're not collaborators, and they figure that Lila smuggled Whispers into the Palugio. Riley identifies the Forcella as the palazzo that Lila is using.

Lila locks Whispers in a cell at the Forcella.

Puck tells the cluster that the Forcella is impossible to infiltrate because it's guarded 24/7. Hernando suggests that their plan needs a Trojan Horse. Puck has a packet of Trojans, and Hernando tells him that isn't what he had in mind.

Later, the cluster borrows a tour group, and Hernando pretends to be the guide. The bus passes the Forcella, and the guards dismiss the cluster as tourists. Capheus drives the bus into the Forcella, ignoring the guards trying to stop him. Everyone gets out, still pretending to be tourists, while Nomi, Neets, and Bug coordinate.

A guard fires his gun into the air and orders everyone back aboard the bus. They get aboard, and Capheus feigns engine trouble. He opens the hood and Kala offers to help. They "fix" the engine but it overheats and smokes. Everyone tosses their things off of the bus and attack the guards as the bus explodes.

Lila is having her hair done and gets a call from Maitake that the cluster are here. She tells Maitake to keep them away from Whispers and she's on her way.

Bug drives the van up to the Forcella, and Sutra and Puck attack the guards as they come out. While the van drives away, Will, Sun, and Mun enter the Forcella via the, and Wolfgang and the others take out the guards on the stairs. Sun and Mun take out the guards on the balcony, and Mun says that he could do it all day with her.

Nomi guides Kala and Rajan up the stairs, and encounter guards. Kala grabs one of their guns and shoots them with Wolfgang's help. Rajan stares at her in shock, then grabs a gun and asks her to teach him. Wolfgang, visiting Kala, agrees and shows Rajan how to shoot.

Will, Riley, and Diego find a conference table with a still-smoking cigarette in the ashtray. Diego and Felix are wounded, and Wolfgang carries Felix to safety. Capheus takes Felix to the van while Wolfgang continues on.

In the kitchen, Sun and Moon encounter more guards. They take them out but Mun reopens his wound from Seoul.

Lili and her men arrive at the Forcella. Nomi warns Will and says that Whispers must be upstairs. Meanwhile, Lili goes upstairs and Maitake tells her that Whispers is secure. She walks by Kala and Rajan, who are hiding. Kala follows her and takes out a guard, while Lili tells Whispers that it's time to go. As Kala prepares to shoot Lili, she turns and shoots Kala in the stomach. Her clustermates feel her pain, and Kala collapses. Wolfgang finds her and says that he loves her, cradling her in his arms. The clustermates visit and watch, and Rajan arrives and holds Kala as well. Kala visits and asks if they're going to do anything or let her die. She directs Wolfgang in how to save her life. and Wolfgang administers CPR and mouth-to-mouth. Rajan finds a taser and they use it to restart her heart. Kala and Wolfgang kiss, and then Kala and Rajan. Nomi confirms that Lili is heading to a heliport where they cleared a BPO helicopter for an emergency landing.

The cluster heads to the heliport, while Nomi tracks the Chairman's helicopter on approach. Lili and Maitake are waiting at the heliport with Whispers, and Bug spots major military support. Jonas visits Will and Will realizes that he's dying. Jonas is making his way through the BPO facility and bleeding from a stomach wound. He tells Will that he's keeping his word, and gets to the room with the drones in the beds, pushing a cart of explosives. Once there, Jonas tells Will that after Raoul was killed, Whispers was going to meet the chairman to demonstrate the drone program's viability. Angelica smuggled two of their cluster into the facility. One of them, Harry, panicked and Angelica killed him. The other sensate tried to destroy the facility and kill the Chairman, but was gunned down just before the bomb exploded.

The Chairman exists the helicopter and approaches Lili and Wolfgang.

As the guards burn through the door that Jonas sealed, he tells Will that Angelica tuned the psycranium to the psychic ligature of Whisper's brain. Whispers thought that he alone could control the drones, but Angelica kept the prototype as insurance. Jonas puts it on.

The Chairman tells Lili that if she betrays him again, he'll destroy her. He has her and Whispers injected with blockers, and Whispers realize that the scientist giving the shots is one of the drones. The Chairman tells Lili to hand over Whispers, and she demands the Chairman's identity as they agreed. He removes his mask, showing his burned face from the explosion, and says that her kind did it to her. The drone shoots him in the head, and Lili kills him. Jonas feels the shock through the psycranium. He "sees" Angelica and tells him that he will always be there with her, says goodbye to Will, picks up the detonator, and destroys the facility.

Nomi scrambles the pilot's request for air clearance, but warns that it will only work for a minute. Will tells her that's all that they need, and drives up to the heliport. Drawing on Sun and Wolfgang's skills, Will gets out and opens fire on the guards. Lili gets Whispers onto the helicopter and they lift off. Wolfgang gets the rocket launcher from the trunk of the car, aims, and destroys the helicopter

Later at the Eiffel Tower, the wedding guests gather. Riley finds Hoy there with River, and Hoy says that he was telling River how Kirsty killed all of the BPO soldiers. Kala tells Dani that she's doing better, and Rajan says that they had a good doctor in Italy... without mentioning that he was the same one who treated him on his honeymoon.

Jela and Capheus' family arrive, and Sun tells Diego that Sun introduced her family to him. Nomi's parents arrive and her mother Janet complains that Nomi turned a simple civil service into a spectacle.

Capheus introduces Sun to his family as the spirit of spirit of Jean-Claude. Sven and Gunnar are there, and Gunnar thanks Will for what he did for Riley. Nita's mother Grace and her fathers greet Janet and tells her that she must be very proud of Nomi. Janet is taken back, and they explain how Neets and Nomi met.

That night, Gunnar plays the piano as the ceremony begins. Grace walks Neets down the aisle, and Bug brings Nomi in. They thank each other for being the other's families, and River performs the ceremony. She talks about how they find hope in the unknown, and the wedding is proof that for all the differences between them, love will always overcome the forces against them. Neets tells Nita that feelings matter and if they're lucky, a feeling comes along that will change everything. Nomi says that she doesn't like vows because nothing is permanent, and it makes her happy having a life where she watches Needs change over the years. River pronounces them wife and wife, and everyone applauds. Fireworks go off, a gift from Paris and the new BPO in honor of the accord and the celebration.

Afterward, everyone dances and celebrates. The Fairies offer Janet brownies, telling her that she'll never be the same again. Bug finds a local woman to dance with. Will asks Kala if she's talked to Wolfgang or Rajan, and asks if she knows what she wants.

She looks at the two men together and admits that she doesn't.

Janet loosens up after eating the brownies, and has Lawrence eat some. She tells Nomi that she has a beautiful name and kisses her on the cheeks, and then does the same for Neets. She and Lawrence hug and dance, and Nomi and Neets try to figure out what's going on.

Angelica's resonance appears to the cluster, celebrating with them.

Rajan and Kala offer to pay for Nomi and Neets to go wherever they want for their honeymoon. The couple say that they just want to go back to their hotel, and when they get there they celebrate along with their cluster. They kiss as do their clustermates and their lovers, and together they make love. Wolfgang watches Rajan and Kala and pats the bed next to him, and they join him. Rajan gasps in surprise and says that he didn't think such things were possible. Kala pulls him back to bed.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 9, 2018

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