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All Souled Out Recap

In a conference room, Ben asks Foggy to dim the lights because of Cockroach's injuries. Cockroach says that he's been fighting since he was 8 and talks about how Luke "mauled" him. He claims that he and Drea get into it sometimes, and talks about how the police have been harassing him for years. Luke snaps the conference table when he loses his temper.

Afterward, Foggy talks to Ben about a settlement. Once they're done, Foggy comes back into the conference room and Luke complains that they're shaking him down. The lawyer warns that the facts aren't on Luke's side, and advises him to consider wearing a mask. He tells Luke that if he pays Cockroach then the entire thing goes away. Luke refuses, and Foggy warns that Luke is an ex-con and could go to jail for assault. He shows Luke Ben's price--$100,000---0and warns that there's a 72-hour deadline.

Alex brings Tilda to the FamilyFirst center and Mariah greets her. She shows Tilda around and says that it's Mother Maple's dream to help young single mothers. Tilda points out that it's ironic that Mariah is protecting Mother Maples' legacy as a madame, and Mariah tells her daughter not to disrupt her great-grandmother. She admits that their family fortune was born in a whorehouse, but wants to focus on their future rather than their painful past. Mariah says that it will all be free of charge and wants Tilda as her medical director. Tilda warns that she doesn't want to heal people with blood money, and Mariah says that she made millions with her sale and is pouring it back into the community. She asks Tilda if she'll help her, and Tilda looks around.

Misty tests the bionic arm that has been attached to her stub, and the technician warns that it will take time before it fully integrates into her nervous system.

At the shop, Luke is looking over photos of the major players. Foggy calls and says that he has a high-end gig that will help Luke raise the $100,000 for a personal appearance. Misty comes in and Luke tells Foggy that he'll call him back. Luke congratulates Misty on her new arm, and admits that he's sleeping there until the lease expires. Misty tells him what Gideon told her, and neither of them know why Bushmaster bought the guns from Mariah. Luke shows her the papers on Cockroach's suit, and Misty says that Cockroach is one of Scarfe's tainted cases. She promises to make it right, and suggests that Luke ask Danny for the money. Luke refuses, and looks at the phone number that Foggy gave him.

Luke calls various numbers and discovers that nobody wants to hire him. He's not inspirational enough for commercials, and football teams can't accept him because of his abilities. A TV producer wants Luke to fight animals, and a desperate Luke calls Foggy.

Alex tells Mariah that people are calling for meetings with Mariah. Tilda comes out and says that she already has a business to run. Her mother points out that she can barely keep it open, but Tilda insists that she built it from the ground up. Nandi and Mark come over and ask if she's seen Higgins. Mariah tells them that he's probably at home with his wife, but his wife hasn't seen him in a few days.

At the club, Comanche and the other men tell Shades that Bushmaster and the Stylers have disappeared. Comanche wonders why they sold the Stylers guns, and Shades tells them to stop worrying about what they're doing and looking for Ray Ray. As Mariah comes in, Comanche says that Ray Ray disappeared. Mariah sends everyone else away, and Shades tells Mariah that they need to send her out of town to protect her from Bushmaster. She isn't concerned and figures that they'll be untouchable, and Shades says that the club is his legacy and he wants to buy it outright from Mariah. He says that if Mariah really wants out, she should sell it. Mariah refuses, and Shades says that Piranha is having a party and he's going there to make sure he doesn't mess up their Agneus deal. She asks if Shades knows anything about the missing Higgins. Shades insists that they didn't do anything and kisses Mariah, and then leaves.

Misty goes to Drea's apartment and Cockroach hastily puts on his arm sling. He insists that he's not faking his industries, and Misty tells him to drop the lawsuit. Cockroach refuses and says that he's happy that Scarfe is dead. Misty shoves him with her new arm, and then leaves when Cockroach threatens to film the confrontation. Cockroach than tells Drea to sit down, warning her that she's in a timeout.

Foggy and Luke go to Piranha's office, and Foggy tells Luke what he does. The receptionist asks them to wait in Piranha's office while he finishes a meeting. There are Luke souvenirs and newspaper clippings all over the office, including Luke's supposed prison uniform. Piranha comes in and Luke tells him that the uniform is a fake. He says that it's creepy, and Foggy hastily adds that Luke means it in a good way. Piranha says that he's one of Luke's biggest fans, and talks about how people call him Piranha because he tries to pay it small. He explains that he's celebrating the Agneus merger and wants Luke as a celebratory superhero. Piranha assures Luke that it's just taking photos and shaking hands, and Luke demands $150,000. As they go, Luke tells Foggy that one of the photos there had Piranha with Mariah and figures that he's where he's supposed to be. Foggy tells him to just do the party gig. The receptionist, Lola, brings a hoodie for Luke to wear and tells him that it's in his contract that he has to.

Shades asks Comanche if he found Ray Ray, and Comanche jokingly asks if Shades and Mariah are in bed together. Unamused, Shades worries about Ray Ray's disappearance, and tells Comanche to find him. Comanche agrees and asks if Shades is coming with him, and Shades says that he has to go to a party. Once he leaves, Comanche gets a text from "Mama" saying that she has to see him that night.

At the station, Misty goes into an empty interrogation room and goes over Cockroach's file. She remembers when she and Scarfe searched the apartment for a gun that Cockroach used in a shooting. They don't find it, and Scarfe tells Misty that he'll take a look. Cockroach taunts Misty, and Scarfe comes back in with the gun. The units take Cockroach away and he insists that someone planted the gun.

Tom comes in and Misty wonders if Scarfe planted the gun. The captain says that there's nothing he can do and tells Misty that they'll just have to live with what happened. Once Tom leaves, Misty gets a call.

At the shop, Luke reluctantly puts on the hoodie and goes to the party with Foggy. Piranha greets Luke and takes him around to see the guests. He assures Luke that being there is all Luke has to do, has him pull up the hood, and the guests take photos with him. A broker breaks a bottle over Luke's head, and Luke grabs the man and hoists him into the air. Other guests take photos, and after a moment Luke puts the broker down. His two friends cheer him on.

Misty gets word that Drea has shown up at a clinic reporting fist injuries. She goes there and says that they can press charges against Cockroach with Drea's testimony. Misty warns that Cockroach will eventually kill Drea or C.J., and asks Drea to give her anything. Drea points out that Cockroach got out before, and she's not talking because she doesn't think Misty can do anything to stop him.

Piranha boosts to two models about his "man" Luke. He realizes that they don't speak English and offers them wine in his VIP lounge, and tells Luke to watch the stairs. A man sees Luke and approaches him through the crowd.

Tilda tells Mariah that she's not going to the opening. She figures that Mariah lied to the detectives about Higgins, and demands to know what's going on. Mariah says that she blackmailed Higgins to get the merger through, and got the money from selling off the family gun business. She insists that she serves Harlem and will do whatever it takes, and without the money there's no Family First. Mariah asks Tilda to help her clean it up, and says that she hasn't seen Higgins since he left. She explains that she's washed her hands and wants Tilda with her when Harlem rises. Tilda leaves without a word.

A woman, Cara, approaches Luke and says that he's a big deal. Touched, Luke agrees to take a picture with her. Afterward, Luke catches a glimpse of the man in the crowd and goes after him.

At her desk, Misty looks for a file and checks Nandi's desk: Misty's old desk. There's an old bottle of Scarfe's alcohol inside, and Misty remembers discussing a case with Scarfe. Scarfe suggests that they frame the suspect for another crime. Misty stares at him in shock, and Scarfe claims that he was joking and goes home to be with his husband.

In the present, Misty puts the bottle back and goes to the evidence locker. She takes some Judas bullets and leaves.

Comanche meets with Tom and tells him that he's got nothing. He figures that the police arrested Ray Ray, and Tom has no idea who Ray Ray is.

Misty breaks into Drea's apartment and starts to plant the bullets. She remembers talking to Scarfe after his arrest, and Scarfe saying that he figures God is paying him back for all the men he framed. Misty didn't believe that Scarfe was crooked, causing him to cry even more. In the present, Misty pockets the bullets rather than plant them. She finds blood on the carpet and follows the trail to Cockroach's decapitated corpse on the couch.

At the opening, Mariah gives her speech and talks about starting over. Tilda arrives and Mariah says that they'll do it together as she cuts the ribbon. When she opens the door, they find three severed heads on pikes.

Luke sees Shades come in and the two men approach each other. Shades has no idea where Bushmaster is when Luke asks him. Piranha comes up front and calls Luke up with him. He then invites his guests to shoot Luke with a gun that he provides. Luke warns that the ricochet could kill someone, but Piranha tells him not to make him look bad and reminds him about the $150,000. The man from earlier--a Yarder--shoots at Luke. The bullet bounces off and the guests run. As Luke takes out the first yarder, a second one opens fire and Shades knocks him out. Two more Yarders grab Piranha, drag him to a car, and drive of. Luke jumps on the car, stops it, and takes the two Yarders off. He then demands to know how Piranha knows Bushmaster. Piranha insists that he doesn't know Bushmaster. Shades comes up, hears Piranha, and walks away. Meanwhile, Luke tells Piranha that his price just doubled and stands guard.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 30, 2018

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