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Funhouse Mirrors Recap

Chantelle prepares to do a reading for the city as Evita looks down. She explains that shit goes down from time to time, and she senses a connection between Evita and the power in Tyrone.

Duane has sex and then his girlfriend leaves as Tyrone watches.

Tandy joins Mina and claims that her name is Liz, and says that Caruthers assigned her to Mina as an intern. Mina is hesitant to let her accompany her, but then tells Tandy to get waders and the other gear that she'll need

Tyrone approaches Duane and says that he wants a job working with him. Duane turns him down, and Tyrone claims that he's wondering he chose the wrong path. He wonders if the night Billy got shot had gone another way and he never got out of the neighborhood, and wonders if there was another path he might have taken. Duane tells him to stand tall and goes to deal with business, and Tyrone sees a kid walk by carrying a red backpack and follows him.

A woman walks out of Brigid's office. Fuchs approaches her and says that she's been flipping a lot of women, and warns that Brigid is forcing people to pay attention to her. He advises her not to get involved with Connors and leaves.

Tyrone follows the kid, Kev, down the street, and Kev backtracks and grabs him, drawing a gun on him. He tells Tyrone that he'd better not see him again and leaves.

Chantelle continues her reading and describes cycles of disaster. She thinks some kind of disaster is coming and tells Evita that they have to understand the past to deal with the coming disaster. Chantelle figures that Tyrone is involved with it.

Tyrone goes to the church, and Tandy comes in with her new gear. She casually a dagger to cut straps on her backpack, and Tyrone explains that he was following Kev. Kev was a drug runner and drew a gun on him, but Tyrone's teleportation power didn't kick in. Tyrone explains that he tried to get a job with Duane to get inside of Connors' operation, and Tandy suggests that Tyrone deal drugs for Duane to get in with him. She explains that she's going swamping with Mina, and her father worked with Nathan. Tyrone figures that Tandy might make a friend, and Tandy insists that Mina isn't her friend. She suggests that Tyrone use his powers to summon nightmares and take Kev's position, and leaves.

Tandy goes to an abandoned amusement park to meet Mina. Mina has a home there and invites Tandy up, and reveals that she's making cookies. There are Roxxon blueprints around, and Mina explains that she made the new Roxxon building green. There is a photo of a young Mina and her father, and Tandy points out that they're posing in front of the oil rig from eight years ago. Mina quickly changes the subject and tells Tandy that it's time to get to work.

Tyrone watches Kev as he meets with his friends.

Connors approaches Brigid sand she says that she's checking out the drug dealer who is keeping himself removed from his business. She explains that she found five woman working different spots, but can't track the drug dealers. Connors offers to go with her, saying that he used to work the area, and Emily agrees. As Emily goes with him, Fuchs watches her.

Chantelle says that the present is daunting but they need to understand the past to know what to look for. Evita looks at her totems and says that each past conflict has come down to a pairing. Chantelle asks who is paired with Tyrone.

Tandy and Mina wade through the swamp and Tandy asks about Ivan. Mina is busy looking for something and says that bumblebees have disappeared from the area. Tandy says that it sounds like Colony Collapse Disorder, where the bees in a colony disappear and leave only a queen. Mina realizes that Tandy has read her thesis, and Tandy offers to help her look. The engineer talks about how bees came back after the asteroid impact 65 million years ago, and New Orleans always comes back from disaster. She talks about how there's something special under the city and offers to show it to Tandy.

As Brigid and Connors drive, Connors talks about how Brigid gave drugs to the women who were selling the drugs. He says that the key to getting inside of someone else's mind is to start thinking like them. Brigid points out that they might become like that other person. Connors spots some teenagers, including Kev, and tells Brigid to pull over. They split up to chase the teenagers, and Kev leaves the backpack behind. Tyrone finds it and takes it.

Mina takes Tandy to her valve, explaining that she created it to respect nature. She says that no one except Ivan and Nathan knew how hot the substance would burn. Mina says that they're drilling for something that burns ten times better than oil, and the old pumps at the rig couldn't handle it. She has installed release valves across the city and reinforced the new pumps with heat shields. Tandy says that Ivan must be proud, and mentions that articles at the time said that Nathan miscalculated. Mina tells her that her father said that Nathan never miscalculated. An assistant, Stan, finds them and says that Mina's heat shield is malfunctioning. Mina goes to check on it and Tandy goes after her.

Connors catches one of the teenagers, Kev, and beats him. He tells him to tell Duane that they need to meet to save Duane's ass because he's getting unwanted attention. Brigid arrives and looks away as Connors beats Kev. She says that the others got away with the backpack, and Kev promises Connors that he has payback coming. Connors tells him to get away and walks away when Brigid tries to explain why she lost the backpack.

Mina checks the valve and says that the valve took on extra pressure for no apparent reasons. Tandy goes over the schematics and says that it's in the wrong spot. Mina agrees, and tells Stan that he drilled into a shale bed. He says that he drilled elsewhere to save costs, and it was his call. Mina threatens to tell Peter about it, and says that she'll come back with a crew to move the valve. She walks off and Tandy goes to Stan's car and cuts one tire with a light dagger.

Kev grabs Tyrone and demands his backpack back. When Tyrone touches him, He has a vision of Kev standing in the darkness while children in the shadows sing. A monster roars in the background, and Kev can't escape as a monster moves in. The vision ends and Kev runs off, terrified.

Chantelle warns that the future doesn't care about them, and only the divine pairing can stop it from crushing them all. She warns Evita that it's going to happen soon.

Duane receives word from the kid that he lost the bag. Tyrone gives it to him and says that he figured Duane wanted it back. Duane asks if he wants a reward, and Tyrone says that he wants to do what Duane does. Impressed, Duane, tells Tyrone to drive with him and see if he really wants in.

Back at the amusement park, Mina asks Tandy where she learned to read a blueprint. Tandy claims that a scientist came to her school and made blueprints fun. She asks if Mina is anything like Ivan, and Mina says that she's more of a Nathan and that's a great thing. Mina explains that Ivan worked with the other men, while Nathan was the idea man. Tandy asks if she could talk to Ivan sometime, and Mina abruptly says that she can't. As Tandy reaches for her hand to use her power, Mina sees a bee on her neck and tells her to freeze. She gently blows it off and it flies away, and Tandy draws her hand back.

Duane calls Connors, who says that they should meet that night and they'll take care of the problem. Once he hangs up, Connors joins Brigid and says that he got enough to find the mystery dealer but they have to catch him that night.

Tyrone and Duane drive off, and Duane says that he has the situation under control. He assures Tyrone that he does what he has to to survive, and some of them have to work. Duane tells him that people try to take them down and they always rise up. He warns that whatever they put out, it comes back even though it isn't right or fair.

Tandy asks Mina if Ivan lives nearby, and Mina wonders why she keeps asking about him. She's figured out who Tandy is, and says that she's a shitty liar.

Chantelle tells Evita that she's seen in the cards that the cycle is the same as it was for all the others. One will live and one will die.

Duane and Tyrone return to the workshop, and Duane figures that Tyrone has balls. He describes how Billy was shot, and Tyrone realizes that Duane was there that night. Tyrone wonders how Duane could work with the man who shot Billy, and says that his dead brother built Duane's business. Duane said that he would have been dead if he had told what he said, and it wouldn't have changed anything. Tyrone points out that Connors has Duane in his pocket, and wonders what kind of heart Duane is showing. He tells Duane that he kills Billy every day, and he can do better than that. Before Duane can respond, Connors knocks on the door while Brigid sits nearby in the car. He goes over and tells Brigid to come inside in five minutes. Inside, Duane tells Tyrone that they'll talk later but now he should go out the back.

Mina goes to the hospital and visits Ivan, who is catatonic. She talks about the bee and he doesn't respond. Tandy comes in and apologizes for lying to her. She admits that the truth never occurred to her because all she does is lie. Tandy says that she wanted answers about Nathan and what happened, and thought Ivan might know. She asks to try and talk to Ivan, and Mina agrees. Tandy sits down and touches Ivan's hand, and she finds Ivan locked behind a vault door. When she touches the door, there's a flash of white light.

The vision ends and Tandy tells Ivan who she is and that he knew Nathan. She says that she just wanted to say hi and gets up to leave, and tells Mina that it's okay. She tells Mina that she knows someone who can help her.

Connors comes in and Tyrone watches from the shadows. The detective tosses Duane a gun and says that Brigid is going to come in and Duane should shoot her. He tells Duane that his hands are dirty enough and he'll take care of things with the LAPD. Meanwhile, Tyrone secretly calls Brigid. Brigid comes in and Duane draws on her. She shoots him first, killing him, and Tyrone yells in shock. He runs outside and Connors goes after him. Each time the detective shoots, Tyrone teleports a few feet away out of the path of the bullets.

Tyrone teleports to the church where Tandy is. He breaks into tears but Tandy can' touch him because of their powers repelling each other.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2018

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