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Wild Card Recap

Dave wakes up from a dream of the killer chasing a man and woman through a house, as a clock ticks. He wakes up and looks over at his clock, and realizes that the murders occurred a half hour ago. He yells to Vincent that he's had another murder.

Dwight returns to his bed and apologizes to Charlotte. He says that he has to go deal with a lunatic stirring up trouble, and Charlotte says that she and Audrey have to convert William's ether stash to make a cure for the Troubles. Dwight points out that he'll age as she doesn't, and charlotte assures him that she has a thing for older men.

A man, Ben Swing, tells the crowd that he can hear the Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming. Dwight disbands the crowd while Nathan tells Ben that he doesn't hear anything. Nathan notices a Roman numeral 7 tattoo on the man's arm, and the man is suddenly ridden down and trampled to death by invisible horses. A set of bloodstained hoof prints lead off down the street.

Audrey and Charlotte go to William's aether stash, and Charlotte admits she's never controlled that much aether before. They enter the cavern and Charlotte explains that they're going to condense the aether into a single form. Then they'll create a new Barn that will cure instead of kill.

Dave and Vince go to the abandoned house and find the dead man. He has no marks, just like the no mark killer's other victims. Dave hears someone moving in the closet. The Teagues open the door and find the woman. However, she says that she doesn't remember the killer or how they got there. Vince calls Dwight and tells him that the woman is suffering from lost time, just like they did in the cave and everyone on the beach with the Colorado Kid. Dwight tells Vince to bring Gloria in and help the woman recover her memories.

Dwight then joins Nathan, who is examining a second dead man. The victim was apparently struck by lightning and then fell from a great height. He has a Roman numeral 16 tattooed on his wrist, and Nathan suggests that the Trouble marks its victims. The dead man has a list of names on him, and they head to the police station to check the records.

Duke and Seth drive to North Carolina and stop at a station. An attendant comes out and intimidates Seth into paying gas. The supposed healer with the cure is sitting out of the diner, and Duke approaches him. He says that he's cursed and asks if the old man can help. The man says that there is no magic cure for sins. He tells Duke to save his money and keep driving. As Seth and Duke get in the van, Seth finds a note from the healer. It says that old man is a non-believer and tells them to come back in an hour.

Dwight and Nathan return to their truck and discover that one tire is flat. As Dwight gets out the spare, he moans in pain. There's a large bruise on his side, and Nathan jokingly suggests that Dwight may not be cut out for a relationship with Charlotte. Dwight wonders if he and Charlotte can make things work, and Nathan tells him that he already knows the answer. As Nathan removes the bolt, it breaks due to bad luck and he discovers that they both have Roman numerals tattooed on their wrists.

At the aether cave, Charlotte collects one sphere and puts it in a jar. She wavers and Audrey suddenly loses her vision. They both have tattoos of Roman numerals on their wrists, and Charlotte calls Dwight. He figures that they're being targeted because someone is trying to stop them from building a new Barn. Nathan discovers that each name is an occult author who writes about the meaning of the Tarots. They figure that the Roman numerals relate to the numbers of Tarot cards and go to find a fortuneteller.

Seth and Duke meet with the healer, Sam. He figures that Duke wants to be healed and has him open his shirt. Sam takes out a knife and says that their sins must be extracted, and cuts his arm. He lets his blood drip into a bowl, and then puts his hand on Duke's chest. The blood turns black and then stops flowing.

In Haven, Gloria tells the Teagues that she can't help them because she's busy dealing with a Trouble. Her intern got out an EKG machine and says that it can identify a physiological reason for the memory loss. Gloria doesn't know if she can reverse the effect, and warns that the machine may not be safe anymore.

Audrey tries to collect an aether sphere but can't because she can't see. Charlotte reminds Audrey that she did it before with William and can do it again. She collapses from the energy drain and Audrey helps her sit down. Charlotte says that Mara learned her techniques from her father, and admits that he was a great scientist. However, he went too far and the others banished him to the Void forever when they discovered what he did. Her husband began experimenting with forces beyond his control, and the others considered aether the equivalent of plutonium. Audrey and charlotte go back to work.

At Miss Fortuna's shop, Nathan and Dwight confirm that Lainey Fortuna knows both victims. They used to be regulars before the explosion of Troubles, and Lainey says that she pulled the Tower card during a reading of the second victim, Mike Russo. The number of the Tower matches the number on Mike's wrist, and it shows a man struck by lightning and falling. The seventh card is the Chariot. Dwight's wound starts bleeding, and Nathan tells Lainey that her fortune readings are coming true. She points out that she's never drawn cards for them, while Dwight finds four cards laid out on a table. They match the numbers on their wrists as well as Audrey's and Charlotte's. Lainey confirms that they represent blindness, weakness, bad luck, and torture. She says that she would never leave her cards laying around, and swears that no one asked her to do the readings. Nathan and Dwight talk privately and figure that since she lost time, the No Marks Killer had her do the reading to target them.

Dwight meets with Charlotte and Audrey, and tells them what they've learned. He figures the killer is connected with the Croatoan disappearance, and Charlotte recognizes the word. She says that Croatoan is the ruler of Void and the aether is a part of him. Charlotte believes that Croatoan killed her husband, and they realize that Croatoan is the No Marks Killer.

Duke thanks Sam for saving his life, but then reveals that Sam has a hidden hose in his sleeve. He realizes that it's motor oil and Sam admits that he's just trying to make a quick buck. Sam says that he got the story of the Troubles from some nutjob wise man, Walter Faraday, who said that a demon couple came there 500 years ago and cursed people. Duke realizes that Walter must know more and Sam says that he's on Blue Ridge deep in the forest.

Charlotte insists that Croatoan shouldn't have been able to leave the Void. Audrey suggests that he's pulling Troubles out of his victims, and Charlotte says that the new Barn will send everything that came from the Void back into it, including Croatoan. Audrey figures that Croatoan knows who they are and what they're doing, and Dwight says that he'll guard the tunnel while they work. Once they leave, Dwight calls Nathan at the shop. Nathan admits that he doesn't know how to solve Lainey's Trouble. He suspects that Lainey's Trouble is on permanently and with his bad luck, he isn’t the person to solve the problem. Dwight suddenly starts choking and Lainey wonders what they can do. Nathan tells her to draw Dwight's next card, pointing out that his friend is already dying. Lainey draws a card: The Devil.

Dwight says over the phone that he's okay... but he's chained up to the fence. The chains are getting tighter, and Lainey points out that the Devil's servants are chained. Dwight worries that he can't protect himself or the others from Croatoan if he's chained up.

Seth and Duke find a tombstone for Walter. There's a maze symbol on the stone, and Duke figures that they're too late.

Audrey calls Nathan and says that she can't see and Charlotte is too weak. She suggests that he have Lainey draw new cards for them, and Nathan has the fortuneteller do it. She reluctantly does so and draws The Lovers for Charlotte. It represents a couple coming back together, the way it was meant to be. Nathan figures that it will bring Dwight and Charlotte back. Lainey draws the Moon for Audrey, and says that it symbolizes reality fading into illusion.

In the cavern, Audrey realizes that she can see. Charlotte regains her strength and Audrey says that they have to gather the aether before the new cards take effect. The aether doesn't respond to them, and Audrey figures that it's about emotion, not science. They need to focus on the people they will lose if they fail, and the two women concentrate. This time the aether responds to them, forming into a single aether core. Audrey tells Charlotte what cards Lainey drew, and Charlotte abruptly says that they should go.

When Audrey and Charlotte get out, they find Dwight chained up. They're unable to free him, and Charlotte tells Audrey to hide the core before anything else happens to them. She refuses to leave Nathan, and Audrey reluctantly leaves with the core. Charlotte then kisses Dwight and says that she want to stay with him. She puts something in his jacket pocket and walks away.

Audrey goes into town and the core tries to fly away. She holds onto it and discovers that her hand is fading away.

Gloria tells the Teagues that she's identified the area of the brain damaged. However, she admits that she can't recover the memories. They all have lost time in the last 24 hours, and they wonder how many times they've met Croatoan.

Audrey calls Nathan and tells him what's happening. Her body fades away and she collapses, unable to speak. Nathan tells Lainey to start a new reading for all of them. He'll ask the question, and make sure that there's only one good answer. Lainey reshuffles the cards and starts a new reading, and Nathan asks what fate have they earned for everything they've done for Haven. The first card is Judgement, and Lainey says that as long as their cause is just, they can overcome any obstacle.

Audrey returns to reality and tells Nathan over the phone that his plan succeeded.

The chains drop off of Dwight. He calls Charlotte but gets no answer. Audrey calls him and Dwight confirms that Charlotte gave him her ring. He goes off down the road to find her.

At the school, Charlotte is desperately packing when the lights go out. Croatoan speaks from the shadows and wonders how she knew he would come for her. She insists that her new allies are good people and tells Croatoan to come out where she can see him. Croatoan refuses and Charlotte realizes that he isn't strong enough. He demands the core, and Charlotte says that her daughter has it. Satisfied, Croatoan says that he's been looking forward to meeting her. Charlotte grabs a knife and lunges at the figure in the shadows.

Duke and Seth set up camp and Seth suddenly disappears. A Stranger appears next to Duke and says that he can tell Duke what he really is.

Audrey goes to the classroom and finds Charlotte dying on the floor. She says that she's glad that she got to know her daughter, and says that the new Barn is the only way to stop Croatoan. Charlotte warns Audrey that Croatoan is Mara's father and Audrey's, and he has plans for Audrey. She dies and Audrey cradles her mother's body, crying.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2015

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