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The Main Ingredient Recap

Luke walks down the street and one teenager, Torre, says that Bushmaster beat him again. Other people come up and ask Luke what he's going to do. He says that he's doing the best that he can and says that he'll handle Bushmaster, and a young girl says that he isn't any better than the cops. The others walk off, and Torre tells Luke that if he had his powers then he'd be running things. He goes into the shop with D.W., where the TV is playing a news report about how Bushmaster escaped police custody three days ago. D.W. shows Luke his new t-shirts , and Luke points out that everything has been downhill since D.W. sold the video of Bushmaster beating him. Luke insists that he beat Bushmaster but he still escaped.

Danny Rand comes in, and he and Luke hug each other. Luke apologizes for destroying the facility, and Danny says that it's fine and he's not running the day-to-day anymore. He says that it's his fight when people come after his friends, and Danny explains how he got his powers from fighting a real dragon. Luke insists that he's good, and says that Harlem is Harlem. He realizes that Danny isn't going to leave him alone, and tells him that if he stays then he plays by his rules. D.W. plans to put their names, Power man and Iron Fist, on a t-shirt, and Luke agrees to team up with Danny.

At the precinct house, Misty is looking at yearbook photos of Nandi and wonders where she is.

Mariah, Shades, and Ben go to the club and she tells them to clean up Bushmaster's "voodoo shit". She says that it's Ben's fault, and Ben claims that he's there because it's the right thing to do. The lawyer assures her that all of her holdings have been restored, and explains that since Bushmaster tortured Piranha, the transfer wasn't legally binding. The police will be stuck in litigation for years. Mariah tells Ben that it doesn't settle matters between them, grabs his crotch, and asks if he skimmed money off of him. Ben assures her that he didn't, and she lets him go.

Once Ben leaves, Mariah tells Shades that they need the streets back and she wants Bushmaster's head. Shades says that they just have to find him, and Mariah tells him that they'll have help.

At the shop, Danny sits and meditates. Luke tries as well, and D.W. watches them both. He wonders why Bushmaster hasn't come back, and Danny has Luke walk him through the fight. Luke figures that he beat him, but Danny confirms that Bushmaster bled and Luke doesn't, so maybe Bushmaster is injured. Danny figures that if Bushmaster was injured in the blast then he'd need a doctor, and Luke agrees and says that they're going to check it out.

As Luke and Danny walk down the street, Luke admits that the silence was good and gave him a chance to calm down. He says that Danny seems settled, and Danny tells him that he's still.

Misty checks with Mark and confirms that Nandi hasn't come in. She then takes him to the interrogation room where Ridley is waiting. Ridley confirms that Mark hasn't talked to Nandi, and then Misty says that she didn't tell anyone that Mariah was at the safe houses. They key card shows that Nandi was in the observation room while Misty told Ridley where Mariah was. Mark points out that Misty trusted Scarfe, and Misty asks Mark to help them clear Nandi.

Luke takes Danny to Mother's Touch and they find scraps of Bushmaster's clothing with his blood on them. When Luke explains about nightshade, Danny talks about how there was an apothecary in K'un L'un similar to the shop. He figures that Bushmaster might be losing his mind, and Luke finds Tilda's journal saying that nightshade is toxic and less effective the more that it's taken. It only grows in Jamaica, and Luke figures that they have to talk to Mariah to find Tilda.

At the club, Mariah tells Shades that she's thinking about her family. She explains that Harlem is ruled from there and it's like ruling the world. Shades gives her her family revolver back, and says that he had to make sure he could trust her again. They go into Mariah's office, and Sugar brings Anansi in.

Mark and Misty go over surveillance video and spot Nandi leaving the precinct house. Her partner wonders why Nandi would do it, and when Ridley comes in they show her the video. They have a search warrant for Nandi' arrest, and Ridley gives them permission to run Nandi's credit card information. Mark gets an Uber hit when he does.

Mariah says that he doesn't scare her, and Anansi tells her that she's been scared her entire life.

Luke and Danny enter the club and Mariah's men step out on the balcony. Shades sees them and tells Mariah, and Mariah goes down to talk to them so they won't come upstairs and see Anansi. Meanwhile, Luke tells Danny that he doesn't think that anyone wants to shoot Danny because he's rich. Danny insists that he doesn't live off his money, but Luke tells him that money is still power.

Mariah steps out and says that they're not open for a week. She claims that she's moved on from Bushmaster, but Luke doesn't believe her. He reminds her that she lost the immunity deal after Bushmaster attacked Rand, and Mariah says that she'll cut anyone who comes after her family. Luke asks where Tilda is, and wonders if Mariah even went to Mother's Touch. Mariah says that children eventually leave their parents eventually, and tells Luke that there was something fun about James. She tells Luke that he'd better find Bushmaster before she does, and Luke invites her to do something stupid so he can take her organization down. As they go, Luke tells Mariah to call Tilda and she advises him to stay out of her business. Danny whispers to Luke that he gave him an idea and takes him to show something.

Back in her office, Mariah wonders why Anansi didn't call out to Luke. Anansi says that there's nothing she can do to make him give up Bushmaster, and Mariah tells him not to be so sure.

The police arrive at the airport and find Nandi boarding a charter plane. Mark wonders why her partner turned switch, and Misty say that they can discuss it at the precinct house. When she tries to handcuff Nandi, Nandi punches her and runs. Misty chases her into a hangar and brings her down. The two fight and Misty knocks Nandi down, and the officers arrest her.

Danny takes Luke to Columbia University and shows him the view of the city. He then punches Luke, who doesn't flinch. Luke starts to walk away, and Danny dares him to hit him. When Luke doesn't, Danny attacks him. Luke finally fights back, and Danny steps aside and lets him fall. He says that Luke is still angry, and Luke admits that he is. Danny tells Luke that he needs to be relaxed inside, and Luke figures that they need a rat's perspective to find Bushmaster.

In the interrogation room, Misty reminds Nandi that she got a teammate kicked off their team after she stole an iPod. She says that everyone respected Nandi for snitching, including her. Misty says that she talked to the teammate, Tasha, who said that she and Nandi made a deal. Tasha would steal the iPod and Nandi would hit some wallets but never did. She figures that Nandi set Tasha up to get her kicked off the team so the scouts would only see Nandi. Nandi reminds her that she got injured in the game and Misty took over, and says that Misty sold them out selling immunity for Mariah. The former detective says that Mariah is a cancer on Harlem, and points out that Misty got Candace killed. Nandi insists that Bushmaster just wants justice on Mariah, and she got paid. Ridley and Mark have been watching, and come in as Misty tells Nandi that she'll never own her shit and isn't worth it.

Mariah has Shades untie Anansi, and drinks a glass of Bushmaster rum. She says that her grandfather built the distillery based on Quincy's formula, and they kept the club because the Italian mobs took everything else. Anansi tells Mariah that her grandfather Buggy was a slave, and says that she's lazy and settles for the scraps. Mariah points out that the Maroons didn't get their freedom until 1962, and then they got enslaved by the World Bank. When Anansi says that Quincy wanted to fight the Italians, Mariah tells him that Buggy fought for his family and should have finished off the McIvers when he had the chance. Anansi chuckles and says that they felt sorry for Mariah. Now that Anansi has seen her, he realizes that Mariah's darkness matches Bushmaster's. Mariah asks where Bushmaster is, and Anansi says that he wouldn't tell her if he knew.

Turk is working in his head shop when Luke and Danny come in. The former snitch says that he's following the money and making a lot of it selling legal goods. Turk figures that Luke is looking for Bushmaster, and Luke "accidentally" breaks a glass bong and repeats his question. The owner finally gives in and says that the Stylers have taken up one of the biggest grow houses in the city. He gives Luke directions, and Luke tells him to bill him for the bong.

That night, Luke and Danny approach the grow house and spot Stylers loading in dirt. The place is heavily guarded, but they figure that they can take it. Danny smashes the door, and he and Luke take on the Stylers. They take down the first wave of gangers, but a second wave surround them. Luke braces himself and has Danny punch his hands with the Iron Fist. The shockwave knocks the gangers away and destroys the racks of nightshade. Another Styler arrives and aims a missile launcher at them, and Luke throws Danny at the man. Danny takes him out, and Luke prepares to punch the door to the next room. Danny tells him to find stillness, and Luke finds the door to reveal a greenhouse inside. A botanist is inside and insists that he doesn't know where Bushmaster is, and says that they've been cultivating one plant. He confirms that Bushmaster would need the mature plant before Bushmaster can use it, but it can't grow without proper Jamaican soil and sunlight. Luke tells the botanist to get out, and Danny starts the fire and says that Rand purchased the building and the area so no harm done. He admits that money is power, and Luke reminds him that power comes from stillness.

The officers watch as Nandi is led away in handcuffs. Misty tells Ridley that IA will be all over them, and Ridley orders Misty into her office. Inside, Ridley says that she was impressed with how Misty handled Nandi. The deputy chief says that she respects Misty's sacrifice even if the rest of the world doesn't know what happened against the Hand. She figures that Misty should be rewarded with a promotion to precinct commander. Ridley admits that Misty is the best detective that she's ever seen, and there's no such thing as precedent.

As they walk down the street to Gwen's, Shades tells Mariah that Harlem's largest grow house went up in flames, and there's no sign of Bushmaster. Mariah figures that Luke is doing their job for them, and Shades says that they can go in and send a message. Sugar tells one goon that it doesn't feel right. The goon draws a gun on him, but Sugar says that he doesn't care and he's done. With that, he walks away.

At Gwen's, Billie is eating at one of the tables. A gangster comes in and shoots a light to get everyone's attention, and Mariah steps in. The gangster slaps Ingrid aside, and Shades come in the back. The other gangsters bring a blindfolded Anansi in, and Billie begs Mariah not to do it. Mariah realizes that Billie was working for Bushmaster, feeding her inside informaton, and says that her name is Stokes. She has her men gun Billie and another woman down. They take out the rest of the restaurant patrons, then Mariah removes the blindfold and shows Anansi the carnage. He falls to his knees, sobbing, and Shades tells Mariah that it isn't what they were talking about. She says that they're sending a message, and has her men pull Anansi away. Mariah then pours Bushmaster rum on Anansi and sets him on fire. Screaming defiance, Anansi tells her that she'll lose everything that she loves. He screams in pain, and Mariah finally shoots him dead to shut him up. She figures that Bushmaster will come to them now, and tells Shades that she's free now.

Later at the club, Mariah has Bushmaster's painting taken down and replaces it with her family painting. She goes out on the balcony to watch the audience, and Shades walks away.

Luke and Danny go to Connie Lin's to eat. She asks if Luke is okay, and he insists that he's fine. Once Connie leaves, Danny tells Luke that he had a flow to him when he fought. He says that Harlem was there before Luke and it will still stand after him. Danny tells Luke that he doesn't have to carry the burden by himself, and they're just defending different neighborhoods together. He says that Luke runs toward sirens and that's what makes a hero. Danny admits that Claire asked him to check on Luke, and she's worried about Luke's anger. Luke wonders why Claire didn't call him, and Danny says that Claire told him to say that he knows why. He assures Luke that people have his back, including Claire, and Luke says that sometimes he has to face things on his own, head on. Luke insists that he's focused, and Danny quotes Bruce Lee at him. When Luke asks if the dragon Danny fought was metaphorical, Danny asks why he can't accept a dragon after everything else that he's seen.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 8, 2018

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