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Episode Three Recap

On the plane to LA, Constantine sleeps and has another of dream of people throughout the world speaking. He figures that someone is messing with his head, and his fellow passenger Chas jokes about it. The plane prepares for a landing and the stewardess tells everyone to fasten their seat belts. Constantine complains that Chas talked him into coming along, and Chas insists that he has to be part of saving his daughter.

Constantine warns Chas that they're messing with deep dark magic, and Chas asks if it's deeper than Newcastle. His friend says that they can't change the past, and Chas shows him a photo of his family. He insists that Constantine will save Trish and puts the photo in Constantine's jacket pocket. Constantine warns that there's always a price to pay, but Chas tells him that no price is too high to save Trish.

The plane lands and Chas sees a newspaper article about 23 new coma cases in LA. As they take the escalator down, Constantine sees one woman's eyes glow with magical power, and warns Chas that it's a trap.

Asa casts the shield of Ermed over Trish's body and assures Renee that it will keep the girl safe while Constantine finds the demon that took her soul. Renee thinks that it's all crazy, and Asa looks out the windows and sees the darkness over everything. The human says that the darkness always destroyed Chas, who was with Constantine at Newcastle. Asa has heard the story, and asks Renee to tell her what Chas told her. When Renee refuses, Asa touches her head and takes the memories from her mind.

Constantine and Chas grow up together when their parents aren't there for them, and they play together in their band. They end ended up in Newcastle at the Casanova Club, run by Alex Logue, who fancies himself a sorcerer and holds magical convocations in the rooms below the club.

In her soul cage, Alex's daughter Astra watches as her father conducts a mystic ritual.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2018

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