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Blood Red and Going Down Recap

Waverly and Nicole go to a rooftop outside of Pussy Willows bar where Wynonna is drinking, and riding a bull. As they wait inside, Wynonna parties and "Earps it", and throws up. A bouncer tosses her out, and masked revenants come over and say that they heard Wynonna lost her baby. She attacks them and one of them runs off. One of the masked revenants is actually Xavier, who says that they have a runner. Waverly shoots the revenant with a sniper rifle and she and Nicole flirt. Xavier knocks out the revenant and Wynonna kills it with Peacemaker.

Doc and Jeremy capture the revenant, and Wynonna and Xavier join them. When the revenant refuses to tell them where Bulshar is, Wynonna shoots them dead. As they walk away, Wynonna wavers briefly.

The next day, Randy and Lonnie sit in a patrol car on the side of the road outside of Purgatory. A bus pulls up and a group of vampires get out. A woman revenant steps out and asks if Randy is going to invite them in. The woman says that the Masters are there, and Randy greets them and invites them in. They drive past, and Randy looks over at Lonnie's body: drained of blood.

At the Homestead, Waverly and Nicole wake up in bed together. They talk about their dreams and kiss, and Waverly hears Wynonna yelling. She looks out and discovers the barn door is open, and figures that Wynonna was out there all night. Nicole tells Waverly to go. Once Waverly leaves, Nicole's phone rings. It's randy with bad news.

Wynona and Doc are knife-fighting and Wynonna tells Doc to move. She finally gets her knife on his throat and pins him, and he tells her that she looks great... like she almost never got pregnant. Waverly storms in and asks if they've been training all night, and says that it isn't healthy. She points out that they haven't seen Bulshar in nineteen weeks. Doc goes to open the bar, and Wynonna says that Doc won't touch her unless they're training, and won't talk to her unless he's angry. Waverly says that he needs time and Wynonna figures that all they can do is keep searching for Bulshar and sending revenants back to Hell.

Nicole comes in and says that they've got a situation, and the sisters agree to follow her. They drive into Purgatory and go to Pussy Willows. Randy comes out wearing a neckerchief, and says that he's wearing it to try and make a good impression. He tells them that they shouldn't be there, says that Nicole is inside, promises that "they" didn't do it, and wanders off.The Earps have no idea what is going on.

Inside, there are six corpses lied out on the floor, all stabbed to death with a serrated blade. Nicole points out that there is no murder weapon, and that the bodies were deliberately laid out in a pattern. She says that Black Badge has been tracking the massacres since the 1920s, and calls it the cult of Bulshar. Wynonna finds a man's body nearby.

Nicole confirms that there are a total of 16 bodies in the bar, including employees ad vagrants. She explains that Xavier gave her some old BBD files, and Waverly points out that Bulshar was shot and locked up by Wyatt until Bobo and his wives let him out. She figures that Bulshar wasn't responsible since he was locked up, and they find another corpse, a symbol carved on its chest. Waverly leads a stunned Nicole to the restroom, while Wynonna finds a soldier. He slams a bloody hand against the wall and runs.

Waverly waits while Nicole recovers in a stall, and wonders why she's having a panic attack. There's no response, and N Waverly turns to find a woman in there. The woman, Petra, says that she's waiting, not hiding, and strokes Waverly's cheek. Petra says that she's probably not going to kill her because they need her as a tribute. Waverly notices that Petra has no reflection in the mirror. Nicole comes out and says who Petra is, and that she's a vampire and she loves her.

Wynonna discovers that the soldier smeared blood on a poster for the upcoming Purgatory rodeo, and yells to Waverly that she has to run on an errand.

At Shorty's, Doc wakes up from a nightmare that he's in Hell. The bar patrons laugh at him, and he notices a man drinking by himself. He goes down to the cellar where Jeremy is dancing to the music on his headphones. Doc yanks them off and asks why he's there, and Jeremy tells him that he's tweaking Xavier's drugs. He points out that Doc looks less dapper than usual, and Doc admits that he can't sleep while the demon that cursed the Earps is out there.

Purple mist flows down the stairs and Doc tells Jeremy that it's fog, not smoke. They go upstairs and discover that all of the patrons are dead, drained of blood. Doc lashes out and something ropes his feet. A male vampire grabs Jeremy and entrances him, and then walks off.

At the local prison, Wynonna tells Michelle to start talking. She explains that there have been a lot of murders and they think it has to do with the cult of Bulshar. Wynonna reminds her mother that she told her that Bulshar put a curse on the Earps, and Michelle says that the voice tells her things about him. Wynonna warns that Waverly needs help, and Michelle screams that her daughters are off-limits and walks off.

Doc wakes up in the vampires' bus and finds himself handcuffed to a chair. The head vampire, Kate, says that they've heard that Doc was back from the dead, and talks about how Doc is a legend and they think he'd be a good recruit to their group of vampires. Kate says that they know Doc has a taste for everything, and that Doc has to prove he is who he claims. Doc wonders how they do it, and she turns on the battery that doc is hooked up to and starts torturing him as his feet sit in a bucket of water.

Wynonna talks to the warden and demands to see Michelle's medical records. He refuses, saying that Gus has power of attorney and Wynonna doesn't. Xavier arrives and says that Wynonna is a government agent, flashes his band, and demands the files.

Once they have the files, they wait outside and Xavier admits that he's been tailing Wynonna. he figured that she needed space after the baby, He points out that a lot of the files are redacted, and Wynonna explains that her father told her to tell Waverly that Michelle ran off and then died six months later. Xavier points out that Bulshar was locked up during many of the massacres, and they both figure that a cult is helping him. After a moment, Xavier gets out and Wynonna drives off. Petra is standing there and entrances him.

In the bus, Kate tells Doc that legends get tested. He tells her that she doesn't want to do it, and Kate doesn't care. She agrees to take a break, and says that they came to Purgatory to watch Bulshar regain his power. Kate says that everyone must endure, and says that they'll all be separated and Bulshar will take the old ones while the vampires consume the rest. Doc wonders if they're friends in the past, and calls her "Countessa'. Furious, Kate knocks him out and says that he's still an asshole.

Wynonna pulls up to the Homestead and sees fog pouring out of the barn. She goes inside and draws the Peacemaker, and a vampire lunges at her. Once she kills him, Wynonna runs inside and finds Waverly, Jeremy, and Nicole. She realizes that they're enthralled by the vampires, and Nicole knocks her out from behind. Waverly reminds the others that Petra forbid them from killing Wynonna, and says that they'll get her ready and then deliver her in a nearby coffin.

That night, the vampires arrive at the Gardner house to party. Jeremy congratulates randy, saying that he'll be a good vampire, and they hug. Waverly and Nicole come in, dressed for the party, and Waverly points out that they're together for now. Nicole says that nothing will tear them apart except hot European vampires. Waverly doesn't think that she can watch Nicole be a victim, and Nicole insists that she's a survivor.

An older vampire, Otto, tells everyone to enjoy themselves because it may be their last. She says that Purgatory is haunted but blessed, and it's a tragedy that the Triangle has been wasted on them. Otto says that "he" will return to save the place and they're there to watch him do so. Jeremy joins Waverly and Nicole, and asks where Wynonna is.

Xavier sneaks into the house and goes down to the cellar, and finds Wynonna locked up in the collar. He releases her and she discovers that someone has put a black dress on her. Xavier explains that he escaped a vampire on the road, and the vampires can control anyone with a touch. He gives Wynonna a BBD NEC kit filled with vampires, and the manual says that if the vampire is killed, the civilian glamoured by them will return to their senses. Wynonna and Xavier break up chairs to make more stakes.

Petra tells the group that everyone who is a descendant of the Earps should make their way to the VIP area. Waverly wonders what they she should do since she isn't really an Earp, and Otto tells them that the descendants will be offered up to Bulshar while the vampires eat the rest. Wynonna breaks through the window, and Petra expects how she plans to defeat Bulshar when she can't resist them. Unimpressed, Wynonna has Waverly say who her favorite vampire is and kills Petra when Waverly identifies her. That frees Waverly and Nicole from her spell, and Wynonna tosses them more stakes. They kill vampires, freeing more townspeople including Randy.

One vampires glamours Nicole, but Waverly kills her, freeing her lover. Wynonna grabs Jeremy and asks where Doc is.

On the bus, Doc manages to free himself from the pole he's handcuffed to. As he finds the keys and frees himself, Kate comes in and Doc grabs her. He removes her mask, and Kate says that she doesn't want him killed or turned like the others. Kate tells him to stay there and leaves, and Doc grabs his gun and crawls out the roof hatch. He goes after Kate as she runs from the house, and threatens to shoot her. Kate figures that he won't take the shot, and insists that she came back for him. Doc lets her go and she runs off into the night.

Doc jumps into the house through the window and kills the last vampire, Ebbe. Wynonna asks if he's okay, and Doc congratulates her on her form. Xavier captures Otto and ties him to a chair, and everyone draws their guns on him. He knows about the Earp curse, and says that Bulshar is there to finish what he started over a century ago. Otto refuses to tell them anything else, and Wynonna says that will be up to Bulshar and they're keeping the bus.

The next day, Otto finds the cult leaders and says that Wyatt's heir got in the way. The soldier says that there are many ways to serve Bulshar, holds open his mouth, and force-feeds him a clove of garlic.

Doc goes to the bar, and Wynonna joins him and asks for a whiskey. He pours two drinks and they share a drink to winning the fight and to Alice. Once they finish drinking, Doc kisses Wynonna. She wonders what got into him, and he says that he thought something happened.

When Xavier, Waverly, and Jeremy others arrive, they all have takeout and discuss what happened. Waverly wonders if Peacemaker protected Wynonna from being glamoured. Xavier claims that he was just resistant to the vampires' glamours, and tells Wynonna not to drink because she has to drive Waverly home. As they go, Waverly says that the slaughter really shook Nicole up.

Xavier goes to Pussy where Nicole is checking the bodies. She figures that the victims didn't even see it coming, and tells Xavier that she thinks there was a Cult survivor once: her.

As Wynonna and Waverly drive back to the homestead, Wynonna finally says that it's about Michelle. She shows Waverly a pass to the prison, and Waverly yells a warning. The truck crashes, and a man hauls Waverly away. Waverly yells that Wynonna is inside, but the man ignores her and drags her away.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 21, 2018

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